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Biden VP Search Exemplifies Party Narrative
« on: May 19, 2020, 08:35:35 AM »
I will vote for Joe Biden, assuming he gets the Democratic nomination. I voted for Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.....because he was clearly the best candidate the Dems had in their giant stable of diversity.....not surprisingly, my guy lost.

As I said over a year ago, my only expectation about the coming election was that I expected the Democrats to nominate their worst possible candidate......but it turned out they had so many bad candidates, it was hard to say that Biden was the worst. He was certainly the default candidate, the one the party machine wanted. A known quantity and a member of the Senate good old boys club....

I think the black vote was decisive in his primary win....but he also appeals to older white democrats who might have been hesitant to pull the lever for the black candidates, the female candidates, the socialist candidate, the gay candidate, or the closet Republicans.

So now he gets to pick a running mate.....and he jumped up immediately and promised to pick a female.....which in itself is a preemptive attempt to deal with the party's obsession with promoting candidates from special minorities who are presumably underserved by Vice Presidents....and of course the presumption is that he will pick a black woman. Although some think he might pick Elizabeth Warren...sort of a consolation prize because she just wanted a female POTUS so badly....

I'm not opposed to a black woman becoming Vice President. is such an obvious move of political expediency....and I doubt Biden really thinks he's likely to drop dead and leave his pick in charge. As John Nance Garner once said, the Vice-Presidency is worth about as much as a bucket of warm spit....that's the quote, although I expect it got sanitzed by somebody.

It's about the votes...but I would be surprised if he goes a different way. He will dance with them what brung him, as Molly Ivins used to say.

There are problems....if Biden were to choose Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren, that would just risk tipping the Senate even further to the right. Warren's seat would be open to being reassigned by Massachusetts Republican governor. Harris's seat would be challenged in the next mid-term.

I actually think Harris is competent and pretty main problem is with the rest of the black women on the short list.  I doubt Biden will choose Harris because she is a sitting Senator. She has expressed interest in being Biden's AG pick...also not a bad choice, but the same problem applies.....Biden's wife was pissed that she tore into him in the debates, and has said negative things about her.

Stacy Abrams is typical of the younger generation of ambitious black looks to me like she was fast-tracked all the way through her career..she is in favor of reparations for black people.....a complete non-starter for many white voters.....and another place for Trump to drive a wedge.

Val Demings is on the list. She is a former cop who is a junior US representative from Florida....she voted to outlaw late term abortions, which might be. a problem for her selection with the party.

Susan Rice would be my second choice behind Kamala Harris.....she has better credentials than anyone else. I do think that her association with Obama would give Trump and his minions some ammunition....but the association might help her too.  She is possibly too intelligent and too outspoken and honest to win an election. Black people might think she is too educated and too privileged......even though black people can't be privileged, of course.

The elephant in this room is the obvious one........the best VP candidate to beat Trump would be Bernie.

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