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New British Story On The Wuhan Lab Leak Theory
« on: June 04, 2020, 07:03:13 AM »
I believe that I have a reasonable right to continue to suspect that the often de-bunked Wuhan Lab Leak theory on the pandemic origin has some truth to it. All the evidence is smoking gun that I know of....and I doubt we'll ever know for sure. But there is a new story coming out of the UK that once again raises some of the same questions I've raised over and over here,

To me, it's a "preponderance of the evidence"  situation.....the Chinese themselves have now said that the wet market origin theory is wrong....I suspect they changed the story because there was never a shred of evidence that it was true in the first place.

So I ask myself.....would the Chinese lie if they DID leak a nasty virus out of their lab accidentally and kill a few hundred thousand people across the world ?.....and I find myself thinking....YES,,, they probably would lie about it..

I don't trust the world science bureaucracy not to help them cover up, either, because there are very obvious reasons they would want to at least give China the benefit of the doubt....and there are also economic incentives to give China a pass.


Some quotes from the story yesterday in the Telegraph.

Entitled "A Reconstructed Historical Aetiology of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike", the new study, seen by The Telegraph, suggests the virus is "remarkably well-adapted virus for human co-existence" and is likely to be the result of a Wuhan lab experiment to produce "chimeric viruses of high potency".

The paper concludes: "Henceforth, those who would maintain that the Covid-19 pandemic arose from zoonotic transfer need to explain precisely why this more parsimonious account is wrong before asserting that their evidence is persuasive, most especially when, as we also show, there are puzzling errors in their use of evidence."

Correspondence seen by The Telegraph shows that, in April, the initial paper was rejected by leading academic journals including Nature and the Journal of Virology, which deemed the research "unsuitable for publication".

Much of the paper was watered down to remove explicit accusations against China, and the rewritten study was then judged to be of sufficient scientific merit to be accepted for publication in the Quarterly Review of Biophysics Discovery, a journal chaired by leading scientists from Stanford University and the University of Dundee. -.

They're saying what I said.....which is that the onus should be to prove that the virus DIDN'T get leaked....since a reasonable view is that it probably did. But the Chinese have  now taken the stance that although the Wuhan lab did have 3 bat viruses in culture,,,that all were and are substantially different from COVID-19.

This is far from persuasive, to anyone exercising scrutiny, however. I continue to believe that they had it, one of their grad students probably infected him or herself, and took it out shopping to the wet market.  And when the authorities found out, they engaged in a massive cover-up....because it was the easiest way out.

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