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Re: Give A Fuck
« Reply #30 on: June 06, 2020, 06:57:09 AM »
I'm knee deep in the fundamentals of electricity right now and it's so neat thinking that all around me electrical forces are at work.

Don't forget to study Maxwell's Equations.  Did you take Calculus?


Nope I actually didn't take many science or heavy math courses past grade 10 and I regret it. I got a great average but it was because I was taking music, outdoor ed, and some other not so challenging stuff. I'm catching up now though slowly but surely. The only Maxwells I know of is the coffee brand. Looks like I have some learning to do.
Maxwells equations are interesting but at this level V=IR and P=VI is about all you will need to know. Some higher math is good for capacitance and wave forms for ac  but once you memorize it you'll never use it as it's usually pulled from tables or provided to you or measured with meters. Voltage drop is a real calculation but I end up using online tools for it. I struggle with higher math. I could do it in the day but mostly through rote memorization not through understanding. Same with physics and chem. Are you going to do a pre apprenticeship cam?

I'm kind of conflicted about it. My uncle who builds houses for a living asked his electrician who works for him and they both agreed pre-apprenticeship programs weren't worth the time. They recommended applying to businesses and getting started on an apprenticeship immediately. On the other hand, my dad talked to a guy at work who went the pre-apprenticeship route (I think) and he was happy with it. I think he ended up getting in with Ontario Power Generation or Hydro One due to the references he got from his profs. Right now I'm kind of stuck. I think I'm gonna call the ministry of college and universities (something the pre-apprenticeship guy recommended) and get some more input from them. My resume and cover letter are basically set either way.
my experience has been the pre apprenticeship guys end up with better apprenticeship placements. So apprenticed to a company that does say industrial, high end residential and commercial versus a residential only electrical company and you end up drilling holes in framing for 2 years... it is a hard call. Money now or maybe better options down the road... Let us know how it works out...
Full disclosure I did a pre apprenticeship in BC and it was totally worth it. I landed a great placement right out of school. BC is different than Ontario ; journeymen are mandated and there is a great apprenticeship program. That is carpentry electrical is a little different.
Thank you for your input I really appreciate it. I think I might be leaning towards the pre-apprenticeship program with your thoughts now too. I'm just hoping the programs will be running this year. My gut says they will be, just with all sorts of precautions in place.

My two cents, if you can get some papers that say you are educated it generally gives you at least a little bit of an edge on the competition without the papers.  Just have to be weary about going into debt for said papers.  Generally you are taught how to do something, then you get in the field and start doing it only to find out that it's not done that way.  Sometimes not even close.  Sometimes school is pointless where trades are concerned.  As long as you don't have to go into much debt it's usually worth getting the paper though.

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Re: Give A Fuck
« Reply #31 on: June 06, 2020, 12:46:43 PM »
Thanks LD I appreciate it. I think I'll call some colleges and ask whether they'll be running trades programs or not this year. I know my local university is running online, but college is different because a lot of the programs (including electrical) require hands-on experience.

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Re: Give A Fuck
« Reply #32 on: June 06, 2020, 02:02:15 PM »
At the moment, I occupy a place which is neither hopeful nor hopeless -- which is both (and equally) hopeless and hopeful. A no-man's land. A place where you arrive when all that you've served diligently for a whole lifetime (I'm old enough to say that now), has amounted mostly to nothing.  I'm neither dead nor alive. I'm neither joyful nor depressed. I'm in a place which is no place, which no longer has meaning and yet is alive with meaning. I live with purpose in a void.  Despair and resignation are not for me, and yet I'm at the end of the plank which I had to walk. And I'm looking down at the sharks below.

Maybe the sharks know something, but standing here I'm neither able to believe in the purpose I have devoted myself to nor to deny and ignore it.

Nice to have you back JRM.

I feel your pain dude.  I went through the same phase.  Interestingly it corresponded with my year or so long walkabout from the Diner.  Collpase can be a mental bitch for sure.  Carol Baker (I think is here name) marketed herself as a collapse shrink.  I read her shit for a while ten years ago. 

My wife and children keep me going.  That's a great benefit with a nuclear family.  As a man it provides me with purpose.  Regardless of how fucking hopeless society seems I have a real purpose.  I am a provider.  It brings me joy to be able to provide well for my family.  I enjoy dropping $600 at costco to stock the pantry/fridge/deep freezer.  I enjoy providing a life where my wife does not have to work so that she can be there for my children everyday.  Especially during a pandemic.  I just point this shit out because it's a difference between me and you.  I suppose it's what got me out of the funk. 

My problem with you in the past has always been that I felt you were out of touch with the reality of what is likely to occur with the people in our society.  I felt you were too hopeful.  Not realistic.  I was that way to.  Permaculture only works as a game changer if you have actual community.  Community is anathema in the fsoa. 

Anyways, I'm not trying to be backhanded here with you.  Just being honest.  I don't pull punches. 

For what it's worth, I'm glad you are back.  Stick around.  :emthup:

I'm not "back".  I pop in here only very occasionally now.  I'm not much invested.

"Not realistic."

That's the problem -- and I know it all too well.  Too few people are actively countering the dominant culture and its crappy, pathetic ethos of domination, control, oppression, etc.  Being that there are so few of us, the madness continues.

Nuf said.
My "avatar" graphic is Japanese calligraphy (shodō) forming the word shoshin, meaning "beginner's mind". -- -- It is with shoshin that I am now and always "meeting my breath" for the first time. Try it!

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Re: Give A Fuck
« Reply #33 on: June 06, 2020, 02:06:57 PM »
I said "nuf said". But I didn't say quite nuf.

If money is our only reward, then we will not do necessary work which isn't paying.  Maybe you -- or anyone here -- can answer "but we need money to live". That's true, unfortunately. But we need a LOT less of it than we imagine we do -- almost everyone.  We're selling our individual and collective souls for what we take to be "security" -- but it makes us all less secure each day, month and year that we make that tradeoff.

These days, almost all money is accessible by participating in a way of life that is destroying our social and ecological well-being.  You know it. I know it. We all know it.

I prefer to at least attempt a rebellion against that, even if my results are piss poor -- and they are.
My "avatar" graphic is Japanese calligraphy (shodō) forming the word shoshin, meaning "beginner's mind". -- -- It is with shoshin that I am now and always "meeting my breath" for the first time. Try it!


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