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Late Summer Apex
« on: August 12, 2013, 08:43:52 AM »

Off the keyboard of William Hunter Duncan

Published originally @ Off The Grid In Minneapolis Aug 12, 2013

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It was reported last week that TEPCO, the corporation responsible for the “clean up” @ Fukushima, has been lying about nuclear contaminated water discharging into the ocean – that contaminated water is now, and has been for some time, pouring into the ocean, some 200 tons a day! It has also been reported this week that no less a personage than Hillary Clinton, assured Shinzo Abe and his nazi cohorts, secretly, that America would continue to purchase Japanese sea food, that the Federal government would not test it for contamination. Which means there could be nuclear contaminated sea food in America’s food supply.

Where has this readily available information come from? Well, aside from the links, I can tell you where it did not come from: your friendly corporate-owned Main Stream Media (MSM). I mean, they are reporting on the spill, sort of, but not the extent of it, nor the extent to which Fukushima is a disaster IN PROGRESS, with no discernible strategy to fix the predicament other than lying about it being a predicament that has no available fix.

Meanwhile, the NSA is collecting data on every American, maybe even every keystroke as I type this. And Americans collectively yawn.

As for Hillary, I’m not sure what kind of strategy it is to turn a blind eye to the potential poisoning of Americans, if she wants to be president. But then, poisoning Americans is probably not enough to prevent a little more than half of American voters to elect her (instead of that other evil candidate.) How are they going to know anyway, if the MSM won’t report it? After all, every branch of government and the MSM will line up to assure Americans they are not being poisoned, no matter what the evidence, as evidenced by the 100,000+ chemicals readily circulating in the biosphere. And Americans, so inured to chemical usage generally, even if they knew what Fukushima was, even if they knew their government was allowing potential nuclear contaminated sea food into the food supply, would probably not stop eating it, if they are accustomed, imaging as they tend to do that the government exists to protect them, whatever the evidence. If Americans will believe every word out of the FBI as if it were the gospel of God Himself, then they certainly aren’t going to question the government saying the food is safe, or fracking does not pollute the water supply, or the NSA and secret courts are defenders of liberty. LOL

I mean, this is the Apex of humanity? We are the most evolved people who ever lived? The possibility of devolving is about as readily acknowledged, as economic de-growth, or that this civilization will collapse as all civilizations inevitably do. That de-volution might precede civilizational collapse, does not occur apparently, to a people who allow a “bio-tech” corporation to be put in charge of the food supply, which corporation conspires with this government, not to let the people know when their bodies are taking in genetic material manipulated by said bio-tech company. That we are being poisoned, fattened and weakened by TPTB is not cause to alarm, apparently, to a people poisoned, fattened and weakened, otherwise gorged on the entertainments.

So something like 20% of the economy is dedicated to Health Care for the poisoned, fattened, weakened and misled, and about 20% of the economy is Law Enforcement police state building and maintenance, to keep the poisoned, fattened, weakened and misled that way, and war making, and the rest of the economy is basically about making people sick, and people buying cheap toxic consumer garbage. But hey, America is the GREATEST!

I mean, I get to write this stuff, and not get hauled away to some legal, secret prison, never to be heard from again – as long as no one is listening, of course. Which, no comments on my last two posts, something like 76 listens on the Toby Hemenway podcast after a week, that’s not nobody, but not enough thankfully, for government minders to come snooping around building a case to muzzle me. LOL See, talking about the Goddess has it’s perks – hardly anyone will take you seriously, including, probably your government, unless there were like, millions of you taking action. Actually, I expect there are in fact millions of you, taking action in small ways, at the fringes. Most of you, less poisoned, less fattened, less weakened, less naive than your average consumer. LOL

Enjoy the rest of the summer. I don’t recommend sea food at this point, though. Nor the MSM. Or the Federal government. Or any corporation, bank, or any law enforcement agency. They are all in on it. ;)  LOL.


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