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Waking up buried in mud
« on: February 23, 2012, 11:41:55 AM »
Waking up can be a real bummer.  Here we are in a great big mess.  No wonder so many folks just don't want to know, hear about it, or ever wake up again.

For those of us who choose a proactive response, the question is what action to take.  Does one cling (till the last breath) to employment?  ..Even knowing that every paycheck one takes home enriches somebody else even more..and not a nice somebody else.  Or does one deliberately step off of the economic cliff; apparently imagining the rapid descent can be controlled?  This is even less appealing with kids in tow.  We know the current, centrally controlled system will fail and that avarice seems to be on the rise at least within the halls of power.  The rickety half-solutions governments pretend to provide are already overwhelmed.  I simply do not start any day without wondering if I will finish this day wishing I had gotten my family to some more sustainable place with some hope of providing food and shelter and relative safety.  Color me haunted.

But when one wakes up buried in mud, maybe thinking takes a back seat to action.  If I have to do something to settle all this angst, I guess I lean toward the doomstead with it's hoped-for survivability.  Then the only question becomes how to do it; how to manage to survive or how to die. 

Nonviolence is a theme that runs through the resistance.  So is violence.  Nonviolence is imperative to the Occupy resistance, while information highways are choked with ways and means of arming up.  My son, immersed in medical studies with the intention of saving lives, keeps asking me when we are going to get a gun.  We used to have a gun and along with it, the option of not having a gun.  We may not have that option anymore.  However I don't want to close the door on nonviolent survival.  Do I want to survive by violence?

I'd like to discover nonviolent doomstead defense -creative and even humorous ways to defend or conceal a dwelling place.. What do people avoid?  Could one cloak a doomstead in the guise of a charismatic church seeking donations?  I'd very much like to hear anyone's thoughts.

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Re: Waking up buried in mud
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2012, 06:04:49 PM »
Hi Nobody,

Here are a couple of thoughts right off the top of my head.

Ok, so the first idea to avoid detection is to hide in plain sight, right wherever you are. You can harden your home through various techniques - board-up or place security bars over low windows, strengthen your door jamb ( ). Add a dog and keep your garden / preps out of sight. Don't cut the grass, keep the place looking unlived in. Plant a few nasty prickly bushes under windows, build a privacy fence. Run the woodstove only at night, keep curtains drawn and cover with black plastic bags, keep the lights off. Stay out of sight as much as possible during the day. Never go out alone. Work with neighbors to create a neighborhood watch or move in together for added security; buy yourselves a set of short wave radios. Pray the cops will come if you dial 911. In fact, pray that the phone lines are still functioning so you can call the cops.

If you really feel the need to bug out, think about staying mobile to avoid the urban violence. If you have a vehicle that can pull a trailer or a camper, find a safe place to park it. It could be an acre of land you buy, a rural campground, relatives property, etc. Have the necessary equipment to set up camp wherever you go: water filters, bucket, fire starters, sleeping bags, a good tent, couple of tarps, rope, cooking stove, flashlights and a small photovoltaic for recharging, axe, bow saw, etc. This is especially great if you can pre-position a few things like buried food, a fire pit, a well with a hand pump, a cord of seasoned firewood, etc. Maybe you can get a few other families interested in this idea. Security in numbers. Go into town in small groups to get what you need.

If you want a longer term, physical bug out structure, you could buy an existing house but it's best if it can't be seen from the road. An old barn might be better. You can use tarps, stacks of wood, a wall of old tires, embankment of earth, anything laying around to disguise the structure.  You can plant Leland cypress or something else that grows fast to help screen it. If you have a long drive way, drop a couple of trees across it, dig a deep ditch, or park an abandoned car in the way. Just try to discourage the curious and slow them down. Use farm fencing to your advantage. There's a guy on YouTube called SouthernPrepper1 who is x-military and he covers all this in great detail. If you are out in the country, you'll need a gun, or two...

For a completely non-violent approach, your best bet might be to buy raw land and hide out. Don't put in a 'driveway', find a secluded spot or on a high point where you can keep an eye on things. Think about a minimal structure buried into the hillside, low profile. I've seen videos on YouTube of folks who have buried metal shipping containers. Rent the movie 'Take Shelter.' Ride out the storm in your shelter and hopefully things will settle down before you run out of supplies.


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Re: Waking up buried in mud
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2012, 01:02:18 AM »
Pray the cops will come if you dial 911. In fact, pray that the phone lines are still functioning so you can call the cops.

Do you really WANT the "cops" to come Save you?  Said Gestapo are the same folks who currently are engaged in trashing OWS encampments, and one suspects they will become increasingly corrupt as their Paychecks no longer pay da bills.  Cops even in the best of time are a Protection Racket run by Property "Owners" to protect their "Property Rights".  If you want their "Protection" once TSHTF and Da Goobermint is no longer paying them Money that will buy anything, you'll have to Pay them directly in some way.  Like hand over some of your Preps, or part of your Produce from your Hydroponics setup.

You can't depend on Cops, you have to form up your own defenses against the Zombies.  If you are fixed in location, the ideas you present for Fortifications are good ones, but you stil have Numbers Problems to deal with in most places.  Unless you have sufficient numbers yourself to Protect and Defend a fixed location, you have to stay as Mobile as Possible as long as Possible.

Defending any Doomstead against both Da Goobermint and the Zombies is a task that will take a decent size group of Doomers to carry out.  You can't go this one alone.  You must form up a tribe,clan, phyle, group or gang, whatever you wish to label it as.

Save As Many As You Can


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