AuthorTopic: Was Easter Island a Prelude To 'Earth Island'?  (Read 5604 times)

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Was Easter Island a Prelude To 'Earth Island'?
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:30:38 PM »
Somethings going to give, and it's going to give big time. The human footprint is squashing our delicate planet under its bulky and top heavy weight.

Population overshoot and collapse is not a new phenomenon by any means. It has happened in the past with animal as well as human populations. But are we doomed as a species to overshoot and collapse? Are we by our nature, destined to follow the Easter Islanders?

It is a worthy question deserving of serious contemplation.

At first glance, it seems ludicrous. We are so much more intelligent and capable than the animals and even the former inhabitants of Easter Island. Our technology and bottomless pit of ingenuity will surely save modern man from this predicament.

But as we take stock of the 'progress' of our modern civilization and its degrading condition, it is quite apparent that we are not interested in preventing a global re-enactment of Easter Island, but instead, are more interested in business as usual. Our way of life seems to be non-negotiable in the public sphere.

Solutions that involve allowing us to remain a culture of consumption seem to be the only viable options presented by politicians and scientists alike. No one wants to admit that we may not be able to continue on as we have.

It's understandable. We have gotten comfortable with our newly created synthetic environment and entertainment devices.

So from my perspective, as I look back through history, overshoot and collapse seem to be a common condition. I haven't found an example of a society that came close to overshoot and then suddenly changed in a way that allowed their society to continue sustainably.

Are we destined to follow the path of the Easter Islanders? I would say it is statistically, the most likely outcome.
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