AuthorTopic: Vision Statement for the' 'Stead  (Read 5888 times)

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Re: Vision Statement for the' 'Stead
« Reply #15 on: November 17, 2013, 03:28:55 PM »
And thank you JDW for the interesting info without unknown insider jargon. As we move into really getting things done and unplugging, you are an invaluable asset.

Those streetlight poles would look cool, grab em I reckon. As you have a front end loader, you can set up a V shape on the front to rest the top of pole in dig the hole next to the bottom end then strap or chain around the pole into the V slot on the loader, slowly lift up the end, then drive forward slowly and the base end should fall into the hole and then drive forward until it is upright held in place by your raised loader. Check with long level and cement into place. You DO NOT want to hire a crane, that is very costly.

On your solar experiments, heres something Ive learned. The more volts = less current = greater efficiency is the best way to go, plus having more grunt on tap when you want it.

see below the blue 24V are about 1/3 cost as the yellow 12V next to them but do the job fine  all week so far and that includes, WAECO 80L fridge and laptop at night, and running cement mixer and angle grinder and drill during the day on the weekend. They are also 1/3 the weight so could fit in the trunk of a car or if take out backseat in the back. I mention that because Lithium batts are lighter but twice the price and dont last forever, so those can be used for home uses and then later to get more years of life out of an EV with permanent magnet brushless motor.

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Re: Vision Statement for the' 'Stead
« Reply #16 on: November 18, 2013, 10:39:53 AM »
I like 24 volts too, UB. Less voltage drop using smaller diameter wiring, which is cheaper. 12Volts is fine for an RV or a bug-out system with very short wiring runs, but the further the panels are from the load (like appliances)  the more unwieldy a 12V system gets. Remember the Cali guy with the fridge I showed you? He had to use welding cable to run the fridge off his 12V system. The run was maybe 30-40 ft.

I bought some 4/0 cable today. It was nearly $12 a foot. I actually am going to spend more on wiring my portable bug-out system than what I paid for the panels. Un-fuckin'-believable, actually. If I had time I'd scavenge used wire from somewhere. ( I am buying extra wire so I can run the bug-out system at 12 OR 24 Volts DC into the charge controller. With the MPPT controller, either is allowed, and I thought I'd show both ways.)

There will be video for the SUN site and here, eventually. Maybe in a couple of weeks.
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