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Re: MKingate
« Reply #75 on: March 13, 2014, 06:18:27 AM »
WTF going back to the start of this thread MKing made a bunch of false and ignorant dismals on the relevance of net energy and EROEI.  Now all those posts are gone.  It pisses me off because i am now aware of a proven methodology for calculating EROEI in the economy and i could really call his BS but his comments have been deleted.

You can see a string of my early responses to his nonsense starting with this one, but his BS is not there anymore.

Doesn't at all dissprove peak oil that we have a temporary glut on supply.  Net energy yields are the real variable to track, that we can produce more gross amounts doesnt mean shit if net energy yield per barrell is continually declining.  There was enough surplus capital available for low net energy to be pulled from the ground, but there is not enough consumer capital for it all to be spent, and the reason for that is that net energy per capita is in deep decline and that means surplus wealth is in decline.  So the system will surge and pulse and just cause we got a short term glut does not at all mean we got long term energy growth, its just noise in a system of large scale temporal patterns, general trend of per capita energy decline availability remains.

Hmmmm? I wonder what would make Mr Oil Expert go back through his posts and delete the record of what he has said here? I thought everything he has said here about oil and gas was the Truth (with a capital T). LOL  :icon_mrgreen:


THe senate committee on energy etc evidence

Definitely a lot of Fuzzy Accounting going on in the Fracking Industry.  Check out the new Frackonomics articles and papers now up on the Doomstead Diner!


The question remains, what would make a self-proclaimed expert on these issues, throwing pearls of wisdom to the swine gathered in these pages, go and erase his evidence trail?

Motive drops right to the bottom line, IMO.
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