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Minutes after the Saddleridge Fire reached the backyard, Andro Mammo drove his siblings away from the flames behind their northern Los Angeles home as fast as he could.
"When I looked out in my backyard, I saw flames and I saw how close it was, and my number one instinct wasn't to grab clothes or anything, but it was to get my little brother and my little sister," Mammo recalled.
The wind-driven wildfire has forced about 100,000 people like Mammo's family to evacuate, closed portions of at least three major freeways and damaged dozens of homes since Thursday.
Firefighters were scrambling to battle the Saddleridge Fire after it grew to 7,542 acres on Friday and was only 13% contained, said officials with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Since it started Thursday, the blaze has spread rapidly into northern Los Angeles neighborhoods and was moving north toward Santa Clarita, fueled by strong Santa Ana winds, with gusts around 60 mph.
This is just one of the several blazes in Southern California fueled by one of those fires has left at least one person dead, and many parts of the region are under red-flag warnings — meaning there's a high risk of fire — into Saturday afternoon.
At least 25 homes — many in the Porter Ranch area — have been destroyed and more than 13,000 residences in the San Fernando Valley are in threatened by the wildfire, California governor's office said.
Live updates: Fires around northern Los Angeles
Moore pleaded with people to leave if they're told to do so.
"I saw people firsthand (in evacuation zones) attempting to fight the fire with garden hoses," far outmatched by the flames, Moore said at a news conference. "Those individuals placed not only themselves in imminent peril," but also first responders "because of our need and desire to try to rescue them."
"If you stay in those areas, we cannot guarantee you that we'll be able to find you and rescue you if you're overcome by flames," Moore said earlier.
The Saddleridge Fire jumped two freeways
The Saddleridge Fire started around 9 p.m. ET and jumped the 210 and 5 freeways, and some parts those roads and the 405 were closed as orange embers lit up the night sky. By late Thursday it had gutted 60 acres; just hours later, it had grown to more than 4,000 acres, fire officials said.
The fire's cause was not immediately known.
Hector Landeros, who lives in northern Los Angeles' Sylmar neighborhood, said he heard fire trucks and police cruisers speeding through the streets as the massive flames got closer.
"In some areas, the streets have started to empty but at the front lines people are watching, waiting on the sidewalk not really knowing what to do," he told CNN early Friday. "There are a lot of people trying to get into their neighborhoods."

The Saddleridge fire flares up near a firefighter in Los Angeles' Porter Ranch neighborhood.
Shaun Butch said he saw flames on both sides of the freeway while driving on Interstate 5.
"Everything was engulfed in smoke and visibility was so low it was hard to drive. Everyone on the Interstate 5 north was stopped and trapped. Still was able to barely get through on the Interstate 5 north."
Patsy Zamora said as she drove on the freeway with the fire next to the truck route, she could feel the heat through the windows.

A helicopter drops water while battling the Saddleridge fire in northern Los Angeles on Friday.
In Porter Ranch, firefighters from neighboring Orange County arrived just in time to stop the fire from charging into Francisco and Flora Villalta's house Friday morning.
A CNN crew watched as firefighters shot water through the spaces of the Villaltas' fence — halting the flames right at the property's edge after they came up the nearby hills.
"I was just crying, because (I thought) our house is gone," Flora Villalta said. "But then ... the fire truck (came). We were praying for someone."

A firefighter sprays water as a fire inches toward a home in Los Angeles' Porter Ranch area on Friday morning.
In Sylmar, Mojdan Darabi's husband was spraying their house and yard with a garden hose, CNN affiliate KABC reported. They both stood outside, anxiously watching flames in the nearby hillsides.
"Yes, I'm worried, but I'm just shooting water everywhere to stop the fire from over here," the husband said.
Poor air quality prompted school closures
Classes were canceled at about 40 schools in the Los Angeles area after poor air quality was reported, Sgt. Rudy Perez with Los Angeles School Police Department said.
Perez said all the schools in the San Fernando Valley were closed midday and all after-school activities were canceled Friday.
A number of colleges and other schools also closed Friday because of the fire, including California State University Northridge and Los Angeles Mission College in Sylmar.
The Los Angeles Unified school district closed dozens of schools and said bus service throughout the district would be delayed.
Classes in the Santa Clarita area also are being canceled, officials said.
A woman leaves her home with her cat as the Saddleridge Fire threatens homes in Los Angeles' Granada Hills area on Friday.

It's one of multiple fires in the region
The Saddleridge Fire is one of several burning in Southern California.
Another blaze -- the Sandalwood Fire in Calimesa, some 70 miles east of Los Angeles — has killed at least one person, according to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Details about that death weren't immediately available.
The fire, which started as a trash fire that spread to vegetation, has destroyed at least 76 structures since it began Thursday afternoon, Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said. It has burned more than 820 acres and was at least 10% contained by Friday morning.

The Sandalwood Fire in Calimesa has destroyed 74 structures.
Capt. Fernando Herrera of Cal Fire Riverside told CNN affiliate KABC the blaze "completely went out of control" due to the Santa Ana winds.
"It started just eating up vegetation as fast as the eye can see," he said.
Residents are under mandatory evacuation orders, and 250 firefighters are assigned to the area.

Less than 20 miles away in Moreno Valley, the Reche Fire has burned at least 350 acres and was 40% contained. The fire went from 100 to 200 acres in about 90 minutes, before nearly doubling two hours later. Mandatory evacuations have been issued in surrounding areas, and the cause is under investigation.
Southern California Edison cut power to almost 24,000 customers Thursday to prevent wildfires caused by high winds downing live power equipment.

In Northern California, utility Pacific Gas & Electric also cut power to hundreds of thousands of customers this week, similarly hoping to prevent wildfires during windy conditions.
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Typhoon Hagibis makes landfall in Japan, leaving at least one dead
« Reply #14296 on: October 12, 2019, 06:51:52 AM »
Typhoon Hagibis made landfall Saturday night local time, as the country braces for hurricane-force winds which has killed one person and injured 33.
The Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) said the typhoon made landfall just before 7 p.m. local time on the Izu Peninsula, southwest of Tokyo.
The agency called for the public to remain vigilant for rain and gusts of wind, after it issued an "Emergency Weather Warning (Level 5)."

The warning was issued for towns and cities in 12 prefectures including areas in Tochigi, Ibaragi, Fukushima, Miyagi, and NIigat.

"It is a level 5 situation; some sort of disaster may have already taken place," said JMA weather forecaster, Yasushi Kajiwara. "People are strongly advised to act to protect their lives right away."
Japan's Fire and Disaster Management Agency (FDMA) confirmed 33 people had been injured and that one person had been killed in Ichiara City. It also said one person was missing in Gotenba City.
The storm, which comes as the country hosts the Rugby World Cup, also meant that two matches -- England-France and New Zealand-Italy -- had to be preemptively canceled. World Cup authorities also said they were evaluating whether additional matches Sunday would need to be called off.
Evacuation advisories affect tens of millions
Evacuation advisories have been issued throughout much of the Tokyo region, affecting tens of millions of people. The Japanese capital is in lockdown, with usually busy streets abandoned amid torrential rain.
At least eight prefectures have ordered evacuations totaling 936,113 people, the FDMA said, and 292,770 households are without power, according to Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and Chub Electric Power Company.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport said it was considering discharging water from three dams due to heavy rain which could possible cause flooding downstream.
The storm had weakened as it approached Japan but still remained highly dangerous, with maximum winds of up to 195 kilometers per hour (122 mph) -- equivalent to a Category 3 Atlantic hurricane.
All flights to and from Tokyo and nearby airports have been canceled until at least Sunday morning. All bullet trains between Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka are also canceled, as are most non high-speed trains.
Local police said a 49-year-old man in Ichihara City, Chiba prefecture, was killed when a tornado flipped his car Saturday morning.
At least five other people, including three children, where injured as the tornado swept through the city, which lies around 30 kilometers (18 miles) southeast of Tokyo, fire authorities said.

Rugby chaos

While authorities made clear that the decision to cancel games was necessary to ensure the safety of players and fans, many were critical of the tournament's inability to reschedule games and apparent unpreparedness for the extreme weather -- despite the World Cup being held during typhoon season.
In canceled games, two points will be awarded to each team, in line with tournament rules. This could have an effect on who qualifies for the next round of the competition, particularly in Pool B, which includes hosts Japan.
While Ireland's Pool B match against Samoa will go ahead Saturday in Fukuoka prefecture, no decision has been made around Japan and Scotland's crunch match on Sunday, due to take place in Yokohama, a city south of Tokyo which lies in Hagibis' path.
A win for Scotland would see it draw level on points with Japan, after which bonus points -- awarded for scoring four or more tries or losing within seven points -- would come into play to decide who reaches the quarterfinals.

A cancellation -- and a draw -- would see Japan qualify in second place and face New Zealand in the quarters. Ireland would top the group and face South Africa in the final eight if, as expected, it defeats Samoa. If the match goes ahead and Japan wins, it could take the theoretically easier game against the Springboks and leave Ireland to face the All Blacks.
Meanwhile, all activities scheduled for the Japanese Grand Prix were canceled Saturday, according to Formula One. Efforts are underway to ensure the race proceeds Sunday if the weather improves.
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California governor signs bill requiring medication abortion at public colleges
« Reply #14297 on: October 12, 2019, 06:56:38 AM »
California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill on Friday requiring that public universities provide medication abortion on campus.

 "After three years of working to expand access to medication abortion at our public universities, I am thrilled that Governor Newsom rejected the misguided paths that other states have taken in limiting access to abortion care," state Sen. Connie Leyva, who wrote the bill, said in a statement. "Abortion is a protected right, and it is important that everyone -- including college students -- have access to that right, if they so choose."

The College Student Right to Access Act requires that public colleges in California -- the University of California and California State University systems -- that have student health centers on campus also make available medication abortion.

The bill says abortion services will be administered by trained medical professionals at the health centers.

 Medication abortion involves taking two pills -- mifepristone, which stops the production of progesterone, and misoprostol, which induces a miscarriage-like abortion -- over a 48-hour period. It is approved for use by the FDA up to 10 weeks into a pregnancy.

Nearly a quarter of all abortions were medication abortions done at or before eight weeks' gestation in 2015, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

 "We are grateful to see the College Student Right to Access Act signed into law so students who are struggling to make ends meet will not be forced to choose between their academic and financial well-being and accessing an abortion," Adiba Khan, co-founder of Berkeley Students United for Reproductive Justice, said in a statement.

The California Legislature had passed this bill in 2018, but Newsom didn'tt sign it, effectively vetoing it. After the Legislature passed it again this September, Newsom signed it within the 30-day time limit.
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China’s Facial Recognition Will Monitor 800M+ Internet Users—From December
« Reply #14298 on: October 12, 2019, 07:08:08 AM »

China has a facial recognition obsession—we all know that. The country can’t seem to get enough of the tech, and what they can’t do in reality, they embellish in the media. Even as the country’s leading facial recognition developers are blacklisted by the U.S. for human rights violations, the country is expanding its use of the technology.

But in late September, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced a use for the tech that really does push its scale and invasiveness into areas so feared by privacy advocates around the world. MIIT quietly announced that from December it will use facial recognition to police 800+ million mobile internet users.

MIIT has spent the last few years expanding a scheme to link “real names” to the purchase and ongoing use of mobile devices. Registering a SIM is done with proof of identity, the SIM ties to the activity on the device, everything is linked. Sounds fun. But as a scheme it’s full of enforcement holes—not for much longer.

From December 1, MIIT will mandate “innovative use of AI” to add technical identity assurance to physical sales channels—citizens will have their faces checked against enrolled imagery to make sure there’s no mischief taking place. The claim is that this will “safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens' cyberspace.”

MIIT also claims the move will combat fraud and help the government respond to ambiguous “new challenges,” following on from its use of similar technology to enforce its “anti-terrorism and cyber ​​security laws.” The use of facial recognition for social profiling and the oppression of minorities didn’t make the announcement.

These “positive” use cases for facial recognition figured heavily in China’s furious response to the U.S. blacklisting its champions. “There is no so-called ‘human rights issue’ in Xinjiang,” decried the People’s Daily on October 11. The official mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party accused the U.S. of “repeatedly turning a blind eye to facts, distorted black and white and made groundless accusations against China, which are merely excuses deliberately created to interfere in China's internal affairs.”

According to China, the use of facial recognition in Xinjiang has helped “prevent extremism and terrorism at their root—to protect human rights.” The People’s Daily claims the tech has widespread public support in the province and has “contributed to the international fight against terrorism,” With no violent terrorist acts for more than three years, it concludes that “the provocative act of the U.S. against justice will be despised by the world.”

The expanded U.S. blacklist has wrapped up China’s two leading surveillance camera manufacturers, Dahua and Hikvision, as well as the country’s three facial recognition champions: SenseTime, Megvii and Yitu. All of those entities now lose access to U.S. companies and tech, they also need to manage the repetitional challenge of a human rights sanction in their work outside China. SenseTime and Megvii, in particular, have publicly distanced themselves from Xinjiang’s surveillance programs.

This latest dystopian use of facial recognition in China itself pushes the technology into a frightening place. As the West ties itself up in knots over this “Big Brother” tech for tame use cases by comparison, the real front line against dystopian surveillance in the East and not difficult to find. The technology promises to make enforcement of “real name” registration much harder to avoid or defraud. MIIT has been on a mission to make this work since 2010, this time they may finally crack it.

Many countries require ID to purchase SIM cards or mobile airtime. There are good security reasons to control access to communications—to a level. But there doesn’t seem to be any other national scheme looking at biometrics to strictly enforce such restrictions at anything like this scale. According to MIIT, this will “lay a solid foundation for comprehensive management of cyberspace.” Maybe it will, but it will do so much more besides.
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Recessions As We Know Them Are A Thing Of The Past
« Reply #14299 on: October 12, 2019, 07:15:48 AM »
One of the scariest terms used in investing is the phrase "It is different this time." Usually, when things do not seem to be working as they should, and the market goes up without explanation, people begin to think things have permanently changed from the way they used to be. For example, the dotcom era. While the NASDAQ market was going up over 80% in 1999, even though many companies were not making any money, people explained things "were different this time." When you see those words, as an investor, you should begin to run.


...I am beginning to wonder if we can use that term when it comes to recessions. For as long as business has existed, we have had cycles of boom and busts, growth and recessions. How can I begin to even think about saying this time is different? The answer to that question is within the past 10 years. For hundreds of years before that, something called Quantitative Easing had never been a part of the picture.

Let me explain: Quantitative easing is a policy in which the Federal Reserve purchases government securities (bonds) from the market in order to lower interest rates. So with the stock market falling in December 2018 the most it had ever fallen, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, with his tail tucked between his legs, turned 180 degrees from his previous month's comments and stated the Fed was there, unafraid, with the power to add to its balance sheet (quantitative easing). The stock market has soared and not looked back. I am not saying we will never have another recession, but I am saying the future of economics is going to be different now that global central banks have discovered the power of Quantitative Easing.

In case you have been asleep since March 2009, the economy and market has been in the longest expansion in the history of America. Is it possible that the introduction of quantitative easing during this time has changed things for the economy going forward? As in...forever?

The evidence in Japan makes one think it is worth watching. Take a look at the chart below, and really study it! The red bars show recessions in Japan dating back to 1998. The length of them shows the depth of the recession. The bigger the red line, the deeper the recession. The grey squiggly line is the Bank of Japan balance sheet. As it goes up, it means the Bank of Japan is buying assets (Quantitative Easing) in the marketplace. What you will note is from 1998 to 2012, the bank increased its balance sheet by about 50%. During those 14 years, there were 16 recessions, or about one recession every 10 months. But then look at what happens from 2012 to today. The balance sheet increased by 300% in a matter of seven years! Common thinking would conclude the entire Japanese market would fall apart and the "system" would implode. At least that is what we are always told. Instead, what you see is only three recessions in the past seven years (one recession every 2.25 years roughly), and the three recessions that took place lasted only for about one quarter and were VERY shallow. In fact, all three recessions in the past seven years register as the lowest in size of the 19 recessions over the past 21 years.

When it comes to recessions in the United States, the chart below shows that the frequency of recessions has collapsed over 60% since 1871, from 48.3% of the time to 15.2% of the time:

This chart is only through 2010, but it doesn't matter. There hasn't been a recession since 2009 in case you missed it. We are currently in the longest US Expansion in History! The grey lines in the chart above are quite a bit more frequent before 1930 in case you didn't notice. This brings me to my next point:

Being off the gold standard has been awesome for stocks!

In 1933, the country effectively abandoned the gold standard. Having a more fluid currency allowed our country to react better to excesses and imbalances. This isn't to say that we have gotten it perfect. There are times when the excess is a bit too much (2000) and other times when liquidity is tight (2008). You can see by the chart that after abandoning the gold standard in 1930, the recessions became less severe and less regular. Fast forward to 1970 and you will see from that point on the recessions got even further spread out. I would argue this has everything to do with the US completely severing the link between the US dollar and gold in 1971.

Up until the great financial crisis in 2009, the US had only dabbled in QE, having never really used QE as a tool to stave off or reverse a recession. In 2009, the floodgates were opened:

When you overlay the S&P 500 against the Fed balance sheet, you will find the stock market performing very well. Since the end of 2018, the Fed balance sheet has been dropping, making one ask if it is a shock that the stock market hasn't really gone anywhere for the past 20 months?

Since going off of the gold standard, the US economy has seen shorter and less frequent (although arguably more violent) recessions. When you combine being off the gold standard with QE though, the economy is now reaching a new, never-seen-before level. We are now in the longest expansion in history, which is similar to what Japan has been experiencing since it enacted an aggressive QE program:

In order to answer the doom and gloomers who will argue hyper-inflation is just around the corner and this is all a facade, they will argue that although the stock market is up hundreds of %, the US dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power over the last XYZ years. On the surface, this seems like a logical statement. Everyone knows that you could buy a candy bar 30 years ago for 5 cents, while that same candy bar today costs $1.00.

Left here, this argument seems convincing and causes the uninformed angst that can lead to anger and a desire to buy a bunker stocked with ammo. It is best though to live in a world of full truth, which brings balance and perspective one may not have had.

I like to ask a simple question to prove my point when addressing this half-truth. It goes like this:

"If you had to work for 10 minutes today to earn 1 gallon of gasoline that costs $4 per gallon, are you richer or poorer today compared with having to work for 20 minutes to earn a gallon of gas X years ago when gas cost $2 per gallon?"

You see, most who make this argument of a devalued dollar forget to mention that we are making many more dollars per hour to do the same job. Sixty minutes of labor in 2019 is the equivalent of 60 minutes of labor back in 1980. That is the constant. While the price of that candy bar has skyrocketed, the amount of dollars we get for 60 minutes of labor has also skyrocketed.

Just to prove my point, let's take a look at an ounce of gold the last time it went through a parabolic spike in 1980. The average price of gold in 1980 was $615/oz. Back in 1980, the minimum wage was listed as $3.10 per hour. This means it would require the minimum wage laborer to exchange 198 hours of labor (before taxes) to earn that ounce of gold. Today, with gold sitting at $1,480/oz. and the minimum wage at $12.00 here in California, the minimum wage worker need only exchange 123 hours of labor to earn that same ounce of gold! So while the price of gold is in fact up 140% during this time frame, the amount of dollars earned per hour for the minimum wage laborer has gone up FASTER than the price of gold. A minimum wage worker can work 37% LESS HOURS to buy an ounce of gold today compared to 1980 when the price of gold was almost 60% less! I realize I am cherry picking data points here, but the thrust of the point should not be missed... just throwing out the price of goods and services without the corresponding recognition of the wage increases is ignorant at best and deceptive at worst.

Oscar Wilde from Lady Windermere's Fan states it best:

    "What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing..."

Not to be outdone with the blasting of the truth canon:

    "The real price of everything, what everything really costs to the man who wants to acquire it, is the toil and trouble of acquiring it... But though labour be the real measure of the exchangeable value of all commodities, it is not that by which their value is commonly estimated... Every commodity, besides, is more frequently exchanged for, and thereby compared with, other commodities than with labour."

    - Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1776

While the prices for cars, gas, food and candy bars have gone up, the key point is that productivity and wages have more than compensated for this increase. Instead of looking at the price of everything, as the quote above argues, learn to price everything in hours of work it takes to get it! Your anger and stress level will drop instantly.

Market gurus across social media are looking at the Fed's announcement yesterday for QE4 (which they wrongly say is not QE - but that is a different point) and are using all the normal doom and gloom cliches:

"The Fed is kicking the can down the road"

"Blowing a bigger bubble"

"This will not end well"

"The eventual crash will be worse"

Blah, blah, and more blah. We have been hearing this for a decade, and while they have been certain and dogmatic in their views, the only thing we are certain of is they have been wrong. Of course, they will never admit that. It is always a "just wait" comment that will keep those uninformed out of the stock market even longer.

4.5 years ago, in the midst of all the comments of the impending collapse of the market, I wrote on this very website and article that stated QE Was The Foundation For Continued Higher Asset Prices.

While many thought I was nuts back then, history has shown the doom and gloom crowd to be wrong, and me to be right. 4.5 years is a pretty long time to "just wait".

With the stock market is BARELY off all-time highs, investor sentiment is in the pits and fear is rampant.

Macro Charts (@MacroCharts) just produced a great chart showing that investors have been selling stocks at a relentless pace for almost two years. In fact, this week saw almost $14 billion of equity outflows, which is in the bottom 3% of all weeks since 2007!


Since we left the gold standard in 1933, recessions have become further and further apart. Since we completely de-linked gold and the dollar, recessions have been even less common (although more violent). Since QE was introduced as a normal tool for the Fed, recessions have gone away and the longest expansion in history has taken place. This isn't an argument that we will never see a recession again, but if Japan is a good test, those recessions could be much short and less severe than what we have ever known. Things are different this time, because the story is different with QE. We have never seen it before, so how can anyone say with confidence it will be worse this time?

What actually works the way it has been working instead?

We are in a 20-month consolidation phase near all-time highs, with people scared to death of another crash. This is the perfect set-up for a massive rally to take place that will confuse people. My guess is the market is about to go higher than anyone would have predicted.

Now that the Fed is back into the QE game, I have to ask you, are you going to miss the rally yet again?
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Judge Rules Trump Can't Use Emergency Funds To Build His Stupid Wall
« Reply #14300 on: October 12, 2019, 07:21:02 AM »
A federal judge in Texas ruled on Friday that Trump cannot use emergency funds to build his wall

Breaking news out of Texas late Friday afternoon. A federal judge ruled that Donald Trump cannot use a (fake) national emergency declaration to funnel funds from other areas of the government to build The Wall.

U.S. District Court Judge David Briones’ stated in his ruling: “The Congressional language in the [bill] reveals Congress’s intent to limit the border barrier funding" and found Trump's funding scheme "unlawful".

It is unclear whether this block will actually take effect, because back in July the Supreme Court blocked similar rulings that set out to block further expansion of the wall in California and Arizona.

The DOJ had no comment.
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2 Miles From Us : Potterfield plans MidwayUSA move
« Reply #14301 on: October 17, 2019, 09:21:13 AM »
MidwayUSA owner Larry Potterfield wants to move his enterprise to the southeast corner of Route J and U.S. 40 so he can expand the business, which sells ammunition, hunting and shooting accessories and outdoor equipment.

Potterfield told neighbors bordering the property in an Aug. 22 letter that he intends to seek rezoning of the property.

"We have come to the point where it is no longer feasible to expand the logistics portion of the company at its current location and therefore we would like to relocate the logistics operation to the 40 & J property to allow for expansion," he wrote.

At around 190 acres, the property at Route J and U.S. 40 is about 171 acres larger than the current headquarters at 5875 W. Van Horn Tavern Road. The land is zoned for agriculture, and Potterfield will ask that it be rezoned for planned industrial use.

Potterfield said in a message to the Missourian that he intends to turn in a formal rezoning request to the Boone County Office of Resource Management on Monday. He expects the Boone County Planning and Zoning Commission to take up the request in October.

While no formal permits or applications have been filed with the county, representatives of Crockett Engineering shared a conceptual plan with the county and met with officials to discuss it in June.

This plan proposes a 1 million-square-foot warehouse, which would be built in three phases. It also includes multiple parking lots and three multi-story buildings. Tim Crockett told the county that the exact uses of those buildings has yet to be determined.

Crockett said the first phase of the development would be only for storage, though distribution will most likely be a function of the headquarters down the line.

“The ultimate idea is that this will be the long-term campus that will have distribution, warehousing, office and potentially everything at this location,” Crockett said at the June meeting.

County planner Thad Yonke said the major concern with the conceptual plan is the proximity of the warehouse to residential neighbors. Crockett said during the meeting that the warehouse wall would be at least 40 feet tall.

Potterfield told the Missourian that the current plans remain "essentially the same."

The company is conducting a study to determine the traffic impacts of the new development.

Potterfield declined further comment for the time being.

MidwayUSA has been in operation at its current location for 30 years, Potterfield said in his letter to neighbors. The company employs about 350 people.

Steven Andriano, who lives up the street from the property, said he wasn't aware of the details of the relocation. He said he doesn't have any concerns with the move.

Gary Frisch, who lives on Route J across from the proposed new development, said he opposes the plan because he fears it would harm his property value. He said the proposed warehouse would sit right in front of his house.

“When we moved out here in '93, this was an all-agricultural area,” he said. “We just thought because of Boone County’s zoning, everything was agricultural, and we wouldn’t be faced with a situation where it would be changed to industrial. We thought the zoning would protect us from that."

He and his wife, both 75, plan to sell and move to a smaller house in the next few years. He fears that finding a buyer to live next to the development will be difficult, and anyone who buys would only do so at a lower value.

He said he also worries about increased tractor-trailer traffic.

Frisch said he and about eight other neighbors plan to speak at the public hearing for the proposed plans.


Larry Potterfield's net worth is $8bn

With trophies galore!

Go to this web page to see them ALL! I can't post them because the Mother Fucker might sue us for copyright infringement.

Larry Porterfield, CEO, MidwayUSA

WINNER – Master Entrepreneur

Larry Potterfield



Larry Porterfield has learned throughout his career the importance of leading by example in order to drive change.

As CEO of MidwayUSA, a catalog and Internet retailer of shooting, hunting and outdoor products, he has led his team to double-digit business growth and improved operational performance by doing exactly that.

When Potterfield realized that the company’s operational model was not going to support the kind of business growth that he anticipated over the next decade, he suggested a new criteria called the Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence — an approach that includes cutting-edge leadership and management principles and technologies — to help the company scale for growth.

However, he soon realized that every attempt to implement the Baldridge approach was failing to gain traction.

It was when Potterfield read “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell that he realized what he needed to do to successfully transform the business.

According to Gladwell’s research, it takes just 10 percent of a group to effect massive change.

While Potterfield knew that he needed to lead by example, what he was missing was a dedicated team that was invested in driving the operational transformation.

So with Gladwell’s lesson in mind, Potterfield recruited 10 percent of the company’s workforce — 27 managers in all — and began educating them on the Baldridge criteria, showing them why it was an effective approach and why they should get behind it.

In 2006, Potterfield’s strong team of supporters began advocating the new criteria across the organization, and soon, the enthusiasm was spreading.

Potterfield’s successful leadership of the operational transformation culminated in 2009, when MidwayUSA received a national Baldridge award.



MidwayUSA is a privately held American retailer of various hunting and outdoor-related products. The company is headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, and sells in the continental United States. The company markets online.

Ely Arms, Inc., the original name of MidwayUSA, was a well-planned, small start-up gun shop in Columbia, Missouri – opening on June 18, 1977. Larry Potterfield, with his next younger brother Jerry, opened the business in a 151 square metres (1,630 sq ft) metal, pole-frame building. Jerry sold his half interest to Larry in 1980 and returned home to farm.[1]

The mail-order division was started quite modestly later in 1977, with a small offering of ‘hand-made’ 8mm Japanese pistol ammunition and 25 Remington rifle ammunition. In 1980 Midway received the first shipment of what was to be a total production run of 500,000 rounds of 8mm Nambu brass, produced by B.E.L.L. Labs of Chicago.[2] Much of this brass was loaded into ammunition and can still be found at gun shows in a bright orange box. The first press releases were under the name Ely Arms, Inc., which turned out to be in conflict with the Eley Division of Kynoch Industry; the term Eley was trademarked. So the name Ely Arms, Inc. was changed to Midway Arms, Inc., to avoid the conflict. The name Midway comes from the small community of Midway, in which the business was originally located. The name MidwayUSA was adopted as a dba in April 1998. Starline Brass was just starting up in the mid-1970s and MidwayUSA became their first distributor of bulk pistol brass, and in turn, the grandfather of the bulk components business in the United States. Winchester began selling bulk components to MidwayUSA in 1984 and Remington came on board in 1987. The Volker-McClure act was passed in 1986, modifying the 1968 Gun Control Act to allow the sale of cartridge cases directly to the end consumer and MidwayUSA immediately changed their model from business to FFL, to also include business to consumer.

In 1987 the business began adding other reloading products, the first of which was Lee Precision.

Computerization played a major role in the development of MidwayUSA; Potterfield had one computer class in college, and in 1982 he purchased the Company's first computer, an Apple III. In 1986 he bought the first IBM; in March 1987 they began networking their computers together.[3] All of this is the basis for the very significant Information System and Website Management Departments at MidwayUSA today.

In 2014 MidwayUSA became an online only retailer moving away from mail orders and the master catalog upon which the company was built.
Modern Management Practices

MidwayUSA is a proponent of the use of Modern Management Practices in business management. Modern Management Practices include Baldrige, Lean, ISO and Six Sigma. MidwayUSA received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2009,[4] and 2015,[5] and is one of only seven organizations to earn the award twice since the first award cycle in 1988. The 2015 Baldrige National Quality Award was a follow-up to MidwayUSA's receipt of the Missouri Quality Award from the Excellence in Missouri Foundation in 2015, an award the organization also received in 2008.[6][7]

NRA support
Larry and Brenda Potterfield created two programs[8] and several educational endowments in the National Rifle Association (NRA) Foundation. Brenda also served as the Vice President of the NRA Foundation's Board of Trustees. Since 1992, MidwayUSA has asked customers to round up the total of each order and donate the change to the NRA/ILA.[9]


He will destroy a huge field of corn at an intersection that has semi tractors speeding at 65 MPH, that has caused fatal accidents several times in the past.

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This Donald Trump Letter Proves He's Crazy
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<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
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F1 champion Lewis Hamilton says he feels like ‘giving up on everything’
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Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton wrote he feels like "giving up on everything" in a series of emotional messages on his social media account.

Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton wrote he feels like “giving up on everything” in a series of emotional messages on his social media account Tuesday.

The Mercedes driver, who leads this season’s title race as he chases a sixth world crown, labeled the world “a mess” before encouraging people to go vegan in his Instagram story, which is no longer available to view.

“Honestly, I feel like giving up on everything. Shut down completely. Why bother when the world is such a mess and people don’t seem to care,” he wrote to his 13.1 million followers.

“I’m going to take a moment away to gather my thoughts. Thank you to those of you who do give a damn about the world.”

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The climate crisis and the global ecological crisis are the direct results of severe ecological ignorance; in other words, generations of people not living within the Earth’s limits and not living in a way which maintains or increases biodiversity. Essentially, the state of the world is a reflection of cultures rooted in both ecological ignorance and ecological hostility. Put another way, the climate crisis is a result of generations of people who didn’t and still don’t know (or care) how to live within the Earth’s limits. It’a also a result of historical ignorance – not knowing our past, and how we once did have ecological intelligence. This is a big problem, because the people now devising solutions to the climate crisis were all raised and educated in ecologically and historically ignorant cultures, in schools which promote ecological ignorance and especially ecological hostility, and they are still ecologically and historically ignorant, which means that any proposed solutions will solve nothing. (Bowers 1993, 1995, 2000, 2001)

This is exactly the case with the current feverish calls for so-called “renewable energy”, which is only possible with a great deal of ecological ignorance. The fact is, any attempt to replace the current fossil fuel infrastructure with a renewable energy infrastructure guarantees extinction for life on Earth. Sometimes these attempts are called a “Green New Deal”. But any version of building renewable energy or “green new deals” will make the current miserable state of the planet even worse. Of course, it’s also true that doing nothing guarantees extinction. But taking idiotic action only guarantees making things worse. The only effective solutions are always overlooked because they require questioning the very “need” for energy and our entire civilized way of life. But one thing at a time. Let’s focus for now on the persistent fantasy of renewables and Green New Deals (GNDs).

Whichever renewable energy plan you look at, the differences are only superficial, since they all make the same assumptions and leave many institutions unquestioned – which means that nothing will change and climate change (and the state of the world) will continueto get worse.First of all, the push for renewable energy does not challenge capitalism. Capitalism, in essence, is the exploitation of everything and everyone for the benefit of a handful of rich, mostly white, men. (McMillan 2015) Any GND would allow capitalism to remain in place,giving it a nice, green face-lift, often calling it “socialism”. Corporations remain, along with their psychopathic, profit imperative. (Bakan 2005) If the GNDs actually threatened corporations, it wouldn’t even be discussed. The money economy remains, along with wageslavery. All those solar panels and wind turbines still leave the greedy psychopath elite in place, ruining life for everyone else, though it does offer some reforms to try to hold back and mildly restrain the murderous elite, just enough to make sure the masses don’t revolt – much like the actual purpose of U.S. President Roosevelt’s celebrated New Deal back in the 1930s. In other words, put all the solar panels you want, the majority of us will continue to be exploited just the same, in the exact way Karl Marx described in 1844:

    First, the fact that labor is external to the worker, i.e., it does not belong to hisessential being; that in his work, therefore, he does not affirm himself but denieshimself, does not feel content but unhappy, does not develop freely his physical andmental energy but mortifies his body and ruins his mind. The worker therefore onlyfeels himself outside his work, and in his work feels outside himself. He is at home when he is not working, and when he is working he is not at home. His labor istherefore not voluntary but coerced; it is forced labor. It is therefore not thesatisfaction of a need; it is merely a means to satisfy needs external to it. (Marx 1844)

And those needs “external to it” are the needs of the elite. Clearly, nothing has fundamentally changed in the last 170 years, and renewable energy and GNDs won’t change anything, either. But nothing has fundamentally changed in the last 6,000 years, which is why capitalism is not the root cause of climate change, ecological destruction and social miseries, but rather just a symptom of a larger sickness. Any analysis which stops at capitalism will lead to ineffective solutions. The disease that needs to be dealt with is the social arrangement we call civilization. This will become clearer as we review the other taken-for-granted assumptions which renewable energies and GNDs fail to consider.

The obsession with renewable energy also does not challenge our grossly pathological addiction to energy. With our lack of historical perspective, most of us don’t realise that the fossil fuel age is only 200 years old. Fossil fuels are the most concentrated and easily-exploited source of energy humans have ever found. There is no replacement. (Nikiforuk 2014) Before fossil fuels, for several thousand years, civilised humans relied on animal slaves and human slaves. That was cruel and wasn’t sustainable, either. But for the two million years before even that – for 99% of human existence on Earth – humans relied only on the energy they could get from their own two hands, and the hands of their friends and family – and there was no such thing as slavery. This is the way of life that we know as hunting and gathering. That, in fact, was the only sustainable way of living humans have ever developed. (Diamond 1987; Ingold 1994; Sahlins 2009; Suzman 2017; Woodburn 1982) As Sahlins writes:

    Hunter-gatherers consume less energy per person yearly than any other group ofhuman beings. Yet the original affluent society was none other than the hunter’s,where all people’s material wants were easily satisfied. (Sahlins 2009)

With historical intelligence we’d recognize that once humans decided they needed more energy, society became hierarchical, coercive, all of modern life is a form of slavery, whether we’re working in a mine in the Congo or China for rare earth metals needed for modern gadgets and solar panels, or working in a sweatshop or factory where all our products are made, or whether we’re doctors, lawyers, plumbers, waiters, or other wage slaves. Modern life is slavery, just as capitalism is slavery and was only made possible through slavery (Williams 1994). This is something we must keep in mind when we attempt to envision what a healthy society would look like. If you want energy, you’ll be enslaving someone or something.

Current demands for “100% renewable energy” miss the fact that any demand or expectation for more energy is pathological. Instead, we should be aiming for zero-energy living. That means that if we can’t do it with our own hands and the help of friends and family, then we don’t need it. Unfortunately, this contradicts both the requirements of capitalism and the requirements of civilization (see below) and is beyond what most people are capable of considering.

Since renewable energy and GNDs question neither capitalism nor energy use, it makes sense that it relies on industrial solutions to industrial problems – which, being industrial, still rely on extraction (mining and drilling), fossil fuels, toxic chemicals, factories, resource wars (as they usually are), and the use of militaries and governments to force people to do the mining, soldiering, and all the other slave work that has to be done, that no one would ever willingly choose to do. There is widespread denial and/or ignorance of what it takes to make solar panels and wind turbines. Where do we think the 150-200 tons of steel comes from that makes up each wind turbine? Or the rare earth metals that go into each solar panel? Or the toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of our beloved renewables? (Driesson 2011; Fisher 2013; Fitzner 2018; Kelly 2017; Parrique 2019; Sadasivam 2019; Shellenberger 2018; Vartabedian 2012; Zehner 2012) Would you want to work in those factories? Would you send your kids to work in the mines? Of course not. So why the hell should anyone else?

There is also widespread ignorance of just how much of the planet would have to be covered in panels and turbines to meet our current pathological needs – which is only possible with total disregard for the natural world – i.e., ecological ignorance and ecological hostility. Or the fact that renewables, for many technical and other reasons, simply cannot replace our dependence on fossil fuels, no matter how much we fantasize (Friedemann 2019, 2019; Gorman 2009; Huessmann 2011; Shellenberger 2019; Trainer 2010; Waldermann 2009).

Thus, renewable energy and GNDs mean continued growth. An industrial-capitalist solution can only mean more growth or else they would never suggest it. The fact that everything must be replaced with solar panels and wind turbines means that there is still endless amounts of manufacturing to be done. More production, more production, more production! That means endless amounts of mining, drilling, chemical-making, and warring – all very good for business as usual, which means more profit for the psychopathic elite and more control of domination over everyone else.

Just consider, that while politicians pretend to care about climate change and hold large international conferences, fossil fuel use keeps on increasing and increasing and increasing. There is absolutely no intention or plan to reduce fossil fuel use 28% increase in global energy use in the next twenty years, with 83% of that coming from fossil fuels and nuclear power (EIA 2017). Air travel is expected to nearly double by 2036 (IATA 2017). Plastics production is expected to quadruple (Qualman 2017). That’s the reality.

Renewable energy and GNDs do not question the industrial economy, a world full of meaningless jobs, or the entire notion of “jobs” to begin with – now they promise us more jobs! We’re still forced to pay to live on the planet (a first for any species), made possible only by allowing ourselves to be endlessly exploited and abused by others, and we’re still forced to spend our lives doing meaningless work when we’d rather be doing something else. Does meaningless work feel better when it’s called a ‘green job’? You see, it’s business as usual.

But let’s get serious. Renewable energy and GNDs do not question the root causes of climate change, which are also the root causes of all the misery, oppression, and endless destruction we face. In other words, this renewable energy ideology does not question civilization. Since most people have never stopped to consider what civilization means, let’s define it: it is a social arrangement based on living in cities, always reliant on someone else to bring us our food, made possible only through agriculture (developed 10,000 years ago), and always suppressing how we evolved to live. The denial of the wild and the attempt to control the wild, which is the suppression of how plants and animals evolved to live, is domestication, which is agriculture. We, like our cows and sheep, have been domesticated.

Civilizations arose a mere 6,000 years ago, after two million years of humans living as hunters and gatherers. We’ve been taught to believe that civilization was a beneficial social arrangement, as some form of “progress.” This is the biggest lie of all. As historian Clive Ponting (p. 108) points out,

    An existence under the constant threat of starvation and in the face of the daily reality of an inadequate diet and malnutrition has been the common lot of most of humanity since the development of agriculture. (Ponting, p. 108)

Richard Manning (p.68) writes:

    The best evidence that hunger was a way of life in agricultural societies is the persistence of famine. Indeed, accounts of famine, like history itself, date to the beginning of agriculture. (Manning, p. 68)

Anthropologist Marvin Harris (pp. 234-235) describes it this way:

    Century after century the standard of living in [ancient] China, northern India,Mesopotamia, and Egypt hovered slightly above or below what might be called the threshold of pauperization…The ancient empires were warrens full of illiterate peasants toiling from morning tonight only to earn protein-deficient vegetarian diets. They were little better off than their oxen and were no less subject to the commands of superior beings who knew how to keep records and who alone had the right to manufacture and use weapons of war and coercion. (Harris, pp.234-235)

Even today, one billion people are hungry – and the rest largely are suffering from malnutrition and the brain damage that results. They may get enough calories, but it’s not real food.

Civilization has note and civilization spread, not because it made life better and everyone said, “Hey, let’s become civilized! It’s so much better!” Rather, as Richard Manning says, it “spread by genocide.” (Manning, p.45) Agriculture spread because agricultural societies were vastly superior in one key way – they were much better at killing. Agricultural societies all have large standing armies, while hunter-gatherers do not.

Furthermore, without historical intelligence we would be unable to question the institutions of hierarchy, violence, and exploitation which go along with civilization and only exist in civilizations: kings and queens, an elite, bureaucrats, courts, prisons, police, militaries, endless wars, taxes, slavery, etc. – which humans never needed for two million years, and which we still don’t need. But if it’s civilization we insist on, then that’s what we get. Especially slavery.

It’s no surprise then, that the history of civilization is also the history of child abuse (deMause 1988). Children, like women, became objects of male ownership whose value was simply as cheap, expendable agricultural labour. Modern treatment of youth and compulsory schooling are an extension of that abuse and the world reflects exactly that (Gatto 2002, 2010; Mwanzia 2013; Narvaez 2010, 2014). On the other hand, hunter-gatherer childhoods were characterised by freedom, play, leisure, joy, caring adults, a deep connection to the natural world, and a meaningful, nurturing culture (Friedman 2010; Gray 2015; Hewlett and Lamb 2005; Narvaez 2013). To simply think about switching energy sources to continue the same way of living is clearly insane. Solar-powered child abuse is just as bad as fossil fuel-powered child abuse.

Along with not questioning civilization, our addiction to energy does not question human superiority – the pathological idea that humans are superior to all other life forms (Jensen 2016). This myth is necessary which makes it possible to also accept the overpopulation of the planet. Ecological ignorance plays a huge part, too – which is very easy when people live in cities. What else could we expect but ecological destruction if we keep multiplying and multiplying? The Earth has only so much space. That’s why humans and their livestock now make up 96% of all mammals by weight (Carrington 2018). It’s besides the point whether you’ve got a big ecological footprint or a small one. Ancient civilization had much smaller footprints but all destroyed their environments (Diamond 2005; Redman 1999; Tainter 2017). The simple ecological fact is, more humans means less of every other living thing. This is not a difficult concept! (Unfortunately, it is a difficult concept for those raised in cities and educated in schools.) This is the reason why by far the most effective personal lifestyle choice in regard to climate change (and all other ecological problems) is having less children – not becoming vegans or using solar or driving an electric car (Wynes 2017).

Tied very closely to the idea of human superiority and overpopulation is patriarchy — also unquestioned by renewable energy. Patriarchy means the domination of women by men. This is also quite new in human history – again, only as old as civilization itself, and inseparable from civilization. (Lerner 1986; Zerzan 2018) This is not just a coincidence.

Since our obsession with renewable energy does not question any of these other assumptions, we’re right back where we started: endless oppression, misery, and environmental destruction – along with our own extinction.

Politicians and climate activists in the U.S., Europe and the other neo-Europes have been confusing the public (and themselves) by interchanging the “Green New Deal” term with references to wartime economic mobilisations that the U.S. enacted during World War II. President Roosevelt’s New Deal was an attempt to save capitalism from itself, and World War II was a further attempt to strengthen American and Western capitalism. There was no benevolent reason to the New Deal. Roosevelt was saving business from its own insatiable greed. Furthermore, we should never forget that governments love wars – wars are good for business! But climate change is beyond their ability to solve, because wars are good for the economy, whereas an adequate response to climate change would be to shut down the global economy and reduce overall consumption by 95% – and that will never be allowed to happen by governments or corporations. Not even a 1% reduction would be allowed. The elite never relinquish their wealth and power, never. They would rather kill – anything and anybody.

Believing in capitalist reforms such as renewable energy and Green New Deals is a tragic waste of time and energy, and it’s sad to see so many well-meaning and caring (but well-schooled) activists drooling over solar panels and begging governments to solve their problems. If a concerted effort was actually made to replace all energy with the so-called “renewable” energy sources, that would not only not halt the ongoing process of climate change or mass extinction, but guarantee the end of life on Earth, because the entire endeavor is based on increased extraction and production, as noted above, and does not challenge this diseased modern way of life based on energy addiction, civilization, patriarchy, human superiority, endless wars, and so on.

No adequate solution to climate change will ever come from bureaucrats or corporations – never. They’ve already known about it for 30-50 years and fossil fuel use has risen exponentially in that time. People who organize and join in protests and disruptions that are based on “demands” of the government must realise this. Environmental groups are “demanding” a healthy response from psychopaths who have been unable to make healthy responses for 6,000 years. No government, ever, has brought about a healthy society, and it’s not about to happen now. Historical intelligence would make this clear to us. No government will ever reduce fossil fuel use.

There’s a reason why billionaires are donating more than 60 million dollars to these climate groups – because they don’t fundamentally challenge anything (Conley 2019). Climate activists who dream of negotiating with bureaucrats and corporate executives have not learned a thing from history. It’s a game that the elite always win. One does not negotiate with psychopaths. The American Indians did, and the U.S.government broke every single treaty it ever signed (Dunbar-Ortiz 2014; Forbes 2008). Slaves in North America did not negotiate away slavery with their slavemasters. The Jews did not negotiate an end to the Holocaust with the Nazis. They either allowed themselves to be killed – or they took action. Does one negotiate the terms of being murdered with a murderer? Does one negotiate the terms of being raped with a rapist? Have we forgotten what self-defense is? (Churchill 2017; Gelderloos 2007, 2013)

Instead of relying on “leaders”, we are the only leaders we need. Our only chance is to organise among ourselves, taking things into our own hands. It would also serve us well to pay attention to those indigenous cultures which still exist and which have existed for countless generations, those which reflect a way of life which humans lived for 99% of our time on Earth, which was based on ecological and historical intelligence. We never evolved to live this meaningless, alienated, pathetic, and pathological existence. (Historical intelligence, by the way, is only possible in cultures based on the oral tradition. Writing destroys historical knowledge and makes people easier to control and manipulate.)

The path to solving climate change will take real courage. Courage. It means that we must come to terms with our own history on Earth, to learn from indigenous cultures based on the oral tradition, and to realise that the social arrangement known as civilization, with its always-pathological elite, corporations and bureaucrat servants, will forever be the enemy. We must look beyond civilization to social arrangements that have been proven, over hundreds of thousands of years, to be healthy, meaningful, and ecological intelligent. To get there, the wealth and power of the elite must be destroyed. Any proposed solution that leaves them in existence, or that leaves civilization intact, will fail and waste everyone’s time and energy.

It’s time for ecological and historical intelligence.

And it’s time for self-defense.
NECROCAPITALISM at ‘Rolling thunder. Shock. A noble one in fear and dread sets things in order and is watchful.’ I-Ching (Hex.51)

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The pernicious myth of a Caucasian race
« Reply #14305 on: October 19, 2019, 12:18:10 PM »

Anthropologists have for centuries studied human skulls and drawn conclusions about human origins — some of them inaccurate.

In the vocabulary of ethnicity, some designations are obvious. African Americans are of African descent; Latinos have Latin American roots. But what about Caucasians? If a Native American told a Caucasian to “go back where you came from,” where would that person go?

Geographically, Caucasia is a region of Russia, a place from which few white Americans come. Yet the term Caucasian remains in wide use as a synonym for a white person.

The classification dates back to 1795, when Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, a respected German physician and anthropologist, conducted research in which he measured skulls, a then-common practice for comparing disparate human groups.

His views on race were complicated. While studying a female skull from the Caucasus region, he was struck by its symmetry and fine features, describing it as “handsome and becoming.” He believed the white race was the most beautiful human type — a common Enlightenment belief shared by Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin — and he made a logical leap. If the white race was the most beautiful, and this was the most beautiful skull, then its place of origin — the Caucasus Mountains — must be the birthplace of the white race: hence, the term Caucasians.

Blumenbach’s ideas were a reflection of the unconscious bias and white racial pride of his era, and when he created the first racial schema of five races, he placed Caucasians at the apex. Yet in some ways he was surprisingly progressive. He believed in “the unity of humankind,” arguing that individual members of all groups had equal capacity for intelligence, creativity and organization. In fact, he was often mocked by his fellow scientists for his generous views of equality regarding nonwhite groups.

Blumenbach also correctly hypothesized that humans of all races descended from a common ancestor (monogeny) rather than from multiple origins (polygeny), a key debate of his time. The geography of human origin, of course, he got wrong. The overwhelming majority of scientific findings since Blumenbach’s time — DNA, the fossil record, the human genome — point to humankind emerging from Africa.

In the years following Blumenbach’s suppositions, they came to be widely cited as proof of white racial superiority, especially in the young republic of the United States. Over the next century, scholars gave scientific cover to the idea that racial groups had distinctive genetic character traits. The new American nation absorbed Blumenbach’s racial theories, and they remain ingrained in our legal history, racial ideology and national identity.

Europeans today rarely invoke Caucasian as an ethnic identity, so why do Americans? Here’s my simple theory: Being Caucasian provides white Americans with an origin myth. Since there is no official “White Land,” to say “I’m Caucasian” has the mystical ring of geography to it. The word “Caucasian” functions as an almost magical word referring to a distant, unknown land from whence white people come. The myth also had a key historical function for white ethnics: During the heavy immigration through Ellis Island, groups then considered racially distinctive — Jews, Italians, Syrians — could invoke Caucasian as a racial identity and thereby downplay ethnic differences.

The story of our current usage of Caucasian is one of myth living on in defiance of science. Using the term Caucasian is no more scientific than, say, calling people of short stature Hobbits — another fictional race with European origins.

Language matters: To stop using the word Caucasian would be a first step toward undoing our attachment to color-coding humankind, something that has been at the root of at least 300 years of identity and ideology. As the U.S. continues to grapple with race and racism, it’s time for the nation, its police officers and its media to stop being complicit in using a term based on a discredited 18th century theory rooted in false notions of white racial superiority.
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Michael Moore Endorses Bernie Sanders, Explains Why Not Elizabeth Warren
« Reply #14306 on: October 19, 2019, 12:40:28 PM »
Oscar-winning activist filmmaker Michael Moore endorsed Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and explained to MSNBC’s Ari Melber why he chose Sanders over Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

On Friday night’s edition of MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, Moore broke the (perhaps unsurprising) news that he is endorsing Sanders, and claimed that he was the first person to ever put Elizabeth Warren in front of a camera.

“Have you decided who you’re backing in the Democratic primary?” Melber asked.

“Yes, I’ve decided that I’m going to show up publicly tomorrow at the Bernie is Back rally near the Queensboro Bridge here in New York,” Moore said.

“You’re endorsing Bernie Sanders…” Melber said.

“…and I’m endorsing Bernie Sanders, yes, Moore replied.

“Let me put put the question like this, because people know you well, know your politics. I don’t think you were looking equally everyone in the field, but briefly, why Bernie Sanders over Elizabeth Warren?” Melber asked.

“Well first of all, I endorsed Bernie 30 years ago when he first ran for Congress,” Moore said, and joked that his key endorsers then were “Two guys that made ice cream for a living, Ben and Jerry, and … one guy who ate ice cream, me.”

“So why not Warren?” Melber asked.

“Well, listen I love Elizabeth Warren, frankly, I am, I believe, the first person that ever put her in front of a camera,” Moore said. “She has been in two of my movies, I first met her back around 2005, and I thought that this woman needs to be running this country. I thought that way way back then.”

“But not now,” Melber said.

“Well, listen, there’s a lot of people, it’s like you, people are for Elizabeth, people are for Bernie, why me for Bernie?” Moore said. “Because Bernie understands that capitalism and the greedy form of capitalism especially that we have now is at the core of so many of the problems that we’re talking about, and he’s not afraid to come out and just say that, that that’s the problem.”

Moore also criticized Warren over capitalism during the last debate, tweeting “Senator Warren (whom I love) just said she believes in ‘accountable capitalism’. There is no such thing. The only thing capitalism is accountable to is weath and more wealth for the wealthy. It’s only mission is to economically enslave the citizenry so the rich can get richer.”
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Jane Fonda Gets Arrested Again
« Reply #14307 on: October 19, 2019, 12:54:12 PM »
Legendary actress and activist Jane Fonda doesn't mind being arrested if it's the consequence for fighting for the greater good. Last week, the 81-year-old was charged with "unlawful demonstration" after being caught outside of the U.S. Capitol as part of a group protesting climate change. This week, on October 18, she did it again — marking the second Friday in a row that she's gone head-to-head with the police.

This time around, Fonda definitely won't be lonesome in the slammer as she was in the company of her Grace and Frankie co-star Sam Waterston. Eva Malecki, spokeswoman for the Capitol police told The Hollywood Reporter that the two were "among 17 individuals taken into custody by Capitol police for allegedly unlawfully demonstrating." But all of them were charged for "crowding and obstructing or incommoding."

Fonda is fearless when it comes to demanding that the government push for the Green New Deal, and has gone as far as moving to Washington, D.C. from California to prove a point and take action.

"I wasn't doing enough. I drive an electric car. I recycle. I've gotten rid of plastics. But that's a good starting place. It's not a good finishing place. This collective crisis requires collective action so I decided to use my celebrity to try and raise the sense of urgency," Fonda told CNN in an interview. "And I moved to Washington, and I'm gonna get arrested every Friday."

Fonda's launched a whole initiative called "Fire Drill Fridays." As she posted on her official website last week, this goes beyond just going to demonstrations. She wants to educate people.

"You can go to our website, or follow our Thursday teach-ins on Facebook at 7pm EST. @firedrillfriday. This will be live-streamed with the celebs, scientists and folks most impacted by climate change who live in frontline communities," she wrote. "We will discuss in more depth the issues we will focus on the next Friday morning and take your questions. I really hope you join us for these teach-ins. The issues are complex and we all need to understand them better…I know I do.."
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Tulsi Nails it on National TV… US Regime-Change Wars
« Reply #14308 on: October 20, 2019, 06:08:55 AM »

No wonder Democratic Party bosses and mainstream media are trying to bury presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard. She is the only candidate, perhaps the only politician in the US, who is telling the American public exactly what they need to know about what their government and military are really up to: fighting illegal regime-change wars, and to boot, sponsoring terrorists for that purpose.

It didn’t come much clearer nor more explicit than when Gabbard fired up the Democratic TV debate this week. It was billed as the biggest televised presidential debate ever, and the Hawaii Representative told some prime-time home-truths to the nation:

“Donald Trump has blood of the Kurds on his hands, but so do many of the politicians in our country from both parties who have supported this ongoing regime-change war in Syria that started in 2011… along with many in the mainstream media who have been championing and cheer-leading this regime-change war.”

The 38-year-old military veteran went on to denounce how the US has sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists for its objective of overthrowing the government in Damascus.

It was a remarkably damning assessment of US policy in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East. And it was by no means the first time that Gabbard has leveled with the American people on the brutality and criminality of Washington’s so-called “interventions”.

The other 11 Democratic candidates on the stage during the TV debate looked agog after Gabbard’s devastating and calmly delivered statement. All the others have proffered the false narrative that US forces are in Syria to “fight terrorism”. They deplore Trump’s announcement last week to pull back US troops from northeast Syria because, they say, it will undermine the fight against Islamic State (IS or ISIS) and other Al Qaeda affiliates. They also condemn Trump for “betraying Kurdish allies” by his partial troop withdrawal.

President Donald Trump talks about “ending endless wars” and “bringing our troops home”. But he still premises his views on a credulous belief that the US under his watch “defeated ISIS 100 per cent”. In that way, he essentially shares the same corny view as the Democrats and media that America is a force for good, that it is the “good guys wearing white hats riding into the sunset”.

On the other hand, Gabbard stands alone in telling the American people the plain and awful truth. US policy is the fundamental problem. Ending its regime-change war in Syria and elsewhere and ending its diabolical collusion with terror groups is the way to bring peace to the Middle East and to spare ordinary Americans from the economic disaster of spiraling war debts. American citizens need to know the truth about the horror their government, military, media and politicians have inflicted not just on countries in the Middle East, but also from the horrendous boomerang consequences of this criminal policy on the lives and livelihoods of ordinary Americans, including millions of veterans destroyed by injuries, trauma, suicide, and drug abuse.

Following the TV debate this week, it seems that Gabbard won the popular vote with her truth-telling. A major online poll by the Drudge Report found that she stole a march on all the other candidates, winning approval from nearly 40 per cent of voters. Top ticket candidates Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden were trailing behind with 7 per cent or less.

Gabbard has clearly struck a deep chord with the US public in her honest depiction of American wars.

Despite her shattering exposé and seeming appreciation by the public, most mainstream media tried to bury her after the TV debate. Outlets like Vox and CNN declared that Warren was the winner of the debate, whose talking points were mainly about domestic policy issues. Like the other candidates, Warren plies the propaganda narrative of US forces “fighting terrorism”. Vox even slated Gabbard as “a loser” in the debate and claimed she had made “blatantly false” statements about the US’ role in Syria.

Other mainstream news outlets chose to ignore reporting on Gabbard’s demolishing of the official propaganda about American wars. Earlier this week, CNN and the New York Times smeared her as a “Russian asset” and an “apologist for Assad”, referencing a visit she made to Syria in 2017 when she held talks with President Assad.

The Democratic National Committee is claiming that Gabbard does not have sufficient support in polls it deems worthy for her to qualify for appearing in the next TV debate in November.

International events, however, are proving the Hawaii Representative right. US troops, as with other NATO forces, have been occupying Syrian territory illegally. They have no mandate from the United Nations Security Council. The pullback of US troops by Trump has created a vacuum in northeast Syria into which the Syrian Arab Army is quickly moving to reclaim the territory which US-backed Kurdish fighters had de facto annexed for the past five years. Several reports show the local people are joyfully welcoming the arrival of the Syrian army. The scenes are reminiscent of when Syrian and Russian forces liberated Aleppo and other cities previously besieged by terror groups.

America’s war machine must get out of Syria for the sake of restoring peace to that war-torn country. Not because “they have defeated ISIS 100 per cent”, as Trump would conceitedly claim, nor because “we are betraying Kurds in the fight against terrorism”, as most Democrats and US media preposterously claim.

Peace will come to Syria and the Middle East when Washington finally ends its criminal regime-change wars and its support for terrorist proxies. Tulsi Gabbard seems to be the only politician with the intelligence and integrity to tell Americans the truth.
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The Democratic Party Should Suspend Hillary Clinton
« Reply #14309 on: October 20, 2019, 06:14:17 AM »
Trying to keep Russiagate alive by any means possible...
Hillary Clinton has gone mad:

    Hillary Clinton appeared to suggest that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) is the “favorite of the Russians” to win the 2020 presidential election and is being groomed by Moscow to run as a third-party candidate against the eventual Democratic nominee.
    The Russians already have their “eye on somebody who’s currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate,” she said, in an apparent reference to Gabbard.

    “She’s the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her, so far,” Clinton told David Plouffe, the podcast’s host and the campaign manager for former President Obama’s 2008 campaign.

    “And that’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she’s also a Russian asset,” Clinton added, referring to the 2016 Green Party presidential candidate.

The responses were appropriate:

    Tulsi Gabbard @TulsiGabbard – 22:20 UTC · Oct 18, 2019
    Great! Thank you @HillaryClinton. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain. From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a …
    … concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why. Now we know — it was always you, through your proxies and …
    … powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine, afraid of the threat I pose.

    It’s now clear that this primary is between you and me. Don’t cowardly hide behind your proxies. Join the race directly.


    Dr. Jill Stein @DrJillStein – 20:30 UTC · Oct 18, 2019
    In light of the latest slanderous allegations from @HillaryClinton, I challenge her to a debate. It’s past time to give the American people the real debate they deserved in 2016, but were denied by the phony DNC/RNC-controlled Commission on Presidential Debates.

    Dr. Jill Stein @DrJillStein – 20:51 UTC · Oct 18, 2019
    It’s a shame HRC is peddling conspiracy theories to justify her failure instead of reflecting on real reasons Dems lost in 2016. You can slander progressives as “Russian assets”, but you can’t hide the fact that the DNC sabotaged Sanders & elevated Trump to set the stage for HRC.

    Dr. Jill Stein @DrJillStein – 21:12 UTC · Oct 18, 2019
    HRC’s rant is exhibit A for how the establishment is using the new Cold War to crack down on dissent & feed the war machine. Instead of addressing the crises working people face, they’re painting progressives as the enemy. It’s as if they’re trying to lose to Trump again.

    Dr. Jill Stein @DrJillStein – 21:43 UTC · Oct 18, 2019
    If HRC really believes all independent campaigns are Russian plots, why isn’t she calling for #RankedChoiceVoting to make it impossible for evil foreigners to “split the vote”? Until she does, all this Russia hysteria just looks like cynical McCarthyist left-punching.

The Streisand effect of Clinton’s shoddy remark will help Tulsi Gabbard with regards to name recognition. It will increase her poll results. With Joe Biden faltering and Elizabeth Warren increasingly exposed as a phony Clinton copy, Bernie Sanders could become the Democrats leading candidate. Then the “favorite of the Russians” smear will be applied to him.

Clinton should be suspended from the Democratic Party for damaging its chances to regain the White House. But the Democratic establishment would rather sabotage the election than to let one of the more progressive candidates take the lead.

Voters do not like such internal squabble and shenanigans. The phony Ukrainegate ‘impeachment inquiry’ is already a gift for Trump. Messing with the candidate field on top of that will inevitably end with another Trump presidency.
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