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Moderation rules
« on: January 07, 2015, 10:27:54 AM »
Taken from previous post to roamer in "Peak Oil" thread. Mostly so I can find it when I need to refer to it.

Quote from: RE on December 28, 2014, 11:22:04 PM
Quote from: roamer on December 28, 2014, 10:44:14 PM
RE,  Why are you you not letting all MKing posts go through?  I for one would like to see the censored ones.

I don't read Moriarty's Posts.  I turned over the job of Moderation of his stuff to the rest of the Admin staff.  It's their decision what to publish and what to DNF.  I made a few suggestions of guidelines and trolling behavior that is destructive, but I don't do the moderating on this stuff anymore.  It's toxic sewage.

Also, as I have mentioned on numerous occasions, Moriarty really should set up his own Blog.  He clearly has a lot to say and enjoys pitching out his opinions in the commentary of Other People's Blogs, so in order to fully develop his material and present it to the public at large in a format where he can't be moderated, the solution for him is to create his own Blog.

He could call it "Fracking Filosophy" or "View from the Bottom of the Hole".  :icon_mrgreen:

Just like me, Moriarty got pitched off TOD and other sites because of his trolling behaviors.  The only solution for a Blog & Forum Troll to pitch his spin without getting shit canned in some way is to set up his own Blog and/or Forum.  He doesn't seem capable of grasping this simple fact of life though.


OK, Roamer, you asked, so here is one answer.

RE won't read MKing's trash anymore for a good reason: Emmie was writing, not to post, but to annoy and hurt RE with gratuitous personal insults. So, employing CFS, RE decided he wouldn't read this crap anymore. Which leaves it to the other admin staff to don the hazmat suit and deal with Emmie's oeuvre.

I generally log onto the Diner a couple times a day. Believe it or not, I have other things to do besides serve as Emmie's towel boy. But I generally get around to moderating his posts. I end up pitching the majority of them because they fail to adhere to the rules as defined by RE back in the day. And as I told MKing, RE is a far nicer person that I; left to my own devices, I would have banned his ass years ago, in the wake of his argument that the Japanese deserved what they got in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that dropping the atom bomb was "wartime necessity."

Here are Emmie's rules for posting. When he writes to topic, his posts get approved.  when not, not.

Posts that go ad hom on specific posters, forum members and/or other writers
Posts that complain about moderation
Posts that complain about moderators
Posts that puff himself up, that brag about his wonderful life, the extreme deluxeness of his life and career, or how life on the oil patch is sole arbiter of manhood
Posts that cite academic papers he has supposedly written written without the citation and link to the papers
Posts that reference stuff he wrote on the Oil Drum without links to those posts
Posts that trumpet his supposed status as a greenie driving an EV when his job is to locate places for an energy company to drill holes in the earth, and then accusing everyone else who does not drive an EV of hypocrisy
Posts that question the academic training of other people without providing his own CV
Posts that recommend that other people go to the overpriced energy conferences he gets paid to attend and shill at, then blame them for not being there
Posts that speak less to topic and more to a general snarkiness in tone and disrespect of posters, bloggers and other scientists like David Hughes without citations of what he thinks is wrong with their analysis and his version of what the correct analysis is, complete with evidence. 
Posts directed to specific admins, including RE.

Posts that disagree with the prevailing tone of this blog without resorting to what can only be called the usual ad hom are generally approved. The fact that four out of five times, Emmie seems unable to write without violating one of the above speaks volumes.

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Re: Moderation rules/open post to MKing
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2015, 10:33:26 AM »
Like today.

Write all you want. Criticism of other posters/bloggers/writers and the process of moderation will result in the outcome you seem to desire.
Apparently so you can strike the pose of aggrieved victim.

Doesn't matter. DN&F it is.

Maybe you'll learn. My money says you won't.

It's not why you're here.
"...reprehensible lying communist..."

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Re: Moderation rules
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2015, 01:11:37 PM »
Well said!  :emthup:

Surly said to MKing
: It's not why you're here.
BINGO!  :emthup: :emthup: :emthup:  :icon_mrgreen:

Mking is not alone in using mocking and snide comments to undermine the credibility of other diners.

But he is more consistent than the others. The 24/7 motor mouth attempts to catapult the propagander are obviously part of a mendacious agenda.

I'm glad I am not a censor here. I would have to take blood pressure pills from reading all the crap that merits the circular file.  :P 

I am indebted to you for wading through the hip boot deep shit. It enables me to fire some ego deflating truths at these windbags (see my post today about SLB stock.  ) that they CANNOT dance around.

Their GOD is their WALLET. Their "faith" in their predatory capitalist profit over planet wet dream is undermined when proof of their stupidity in investing manifests itself. 

Anything I can do to wake these arrogant fools up to their suicidal mindset is good for all of us.  :icon_sunny:
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