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Fantasy New World Order Blogger Goobermint!
« on: January 10, 2015, 03:18:04 AM »
OK Diners, here is your chance to VOTE into Office the Bloggers you would like to see IN CHARGE of handling the spin down off Industrialization for Global Civilization, and what Positions of Power you would drop them into!  :icon_sunny:

You may choose from any Bloggers you like to fill the Power Positions of the New World Order.  Some suggestions of Bloggers for PPs are

Gail Tverberg
Steve Ludlum
Chris Martenson
James Howard Kunstler
Charles Hugh Smith
Dmitry Orlov
The Saker
Brandon "Lexington & Concord" Smith
Tom Lewis
Pepe Escobar
Guy McPherson
Jim Quinn
Raul "Ilargi" Miller
Yves Smith
Karl Denninger
Mish Shedlock

and of course the local Diner Bloggers too!


Don't feel limited to this set of choices on the Ballot either!  You can write in your own Candidates!  You can also vote on which Bloggers should be declared ENEMIES of the State and sent to the Gulag in Texas!  LOL.

Offices to be filled here in the New World Blogger Order are to start with:

Dictator for Life
Chief Justice & Lord High Executioner
Secretary of the Global Treasury
Chief Propagandist
Environment Tsar
Energy Tsar
Health Tsar
Education Tsar
Death Tsar
SEC Regulator
High Priest of Morality
Carbon Emissions Regulator
Nuke Puke Regulator

You are not limited to Bloggers, you can Nominate anyone for any position, and YOU can make up Positions to fill for the Nominees!

Let's hear who YOU would trust the Future of the World to if Voting really made a difference and you could drop anyone you wanted into  to effect changes here!

This thread presupposes you MUST have a Power Elite making decisions, you CANNOT weasel out here by saying that you want Anarchy and No Leaders.  You MUST PICK somebody to play the game!

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