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Re: Azozeo's News Channel - The Spectrum of Consciousness
« Reply #30 on: February 12, 2015, 03:02:02 PM »
As you enter the Gene Keys you are stepping into a world of words. The words themselves are simply pointers
and codes that invite you to move into a state that lies beyond words. All words resonate within the chambers
of your body. They carry frequencies in and out of your being. If for example you take the word conflict and sound
it silently within your mind, it creates an electromagnetic pulse that is heard throughout your body. If you then imagine
the feeling that this word engenders, you send an even more powerful signal into the inner recesses of your psychology.
Remember, your DNA is so incredibly sensitive that it hears everything & responds accordingly.

At the end of this book you will find a table of words known as the spectrum of consciousness. These are the specific
word codes that relate to each of the 64 gene keys. You will learn that each gene key spans this spectrum and is divided
into 3 levels or frequency bands known as the Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi. (pronounced City). It is really a neuro-liguistic
alphabet, which is to say that as you apply these words & their meanings to your own life, they will deprogram & re-program
your genes with healthy high frequency electromagnetic signals.

I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel ****Quintessence****
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The 23rd Siddhi - Quintessence

Quintessence. It means the essence within
the essence. It’s a fractal word - it actually means the essence within the essence
within the essence and on into infinity. Everything has an essence. Everything is a
doorway to the same universal essence. You have a quintessence - it is the very
soul of who you are - the holographic heart of who you are. For millenia, mankind
has sought the quintessence. We have sought it through science, through religion,
through music, through the arts, through nature and through each other. We seek
it in the eyes of our lover, we sense it in the quiet heartbeat of a sleeping child,
sometimes, out in the wilderness, we may shout it out from the rooftops of the
The Quintessence is everywhere. It is in everything. It is the heartbeat of
consciousness. In all our legends and myths, we see the symbol of the
quintessence - it’s the hidden treasure, the gold, the pearl, the elixir of
my favorites is the Chintamani, from Hindu and Buddhist mythology. The
Chintamani is the wish-fulfilling jewel, a sacred object that grants anything to the
one who finds it. In the western traditions, it’s the holy grail. But the word
Chintamani because it carrries over this idea of the preciousness of the hands -
the root word ‘mani’ means jewel, but it also means transformation, and is the
same root for the modern word for hands - we even see it in the word ‘manipulate’.
So the Chintamani is a symbol meaning that the jewel of life is in our hands. You
can take that literally and metaphorically.
When you watch a Japanese tea master preparing tea, you will feel the jewels that
lie in your hands. Our hands are what allowed us to evolve we came
down from the trees, our hands became free to discover their deepest potential -
and as we unlocked our true intelligence, so our brain development echoed our
So the hands point the way to your quintessence, but they also are your
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel
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Spectrum of Consciousness Chart

Click on chart below to enlarge.
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I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel
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How Do I Transform my Shadow?

What does it actually mean to transform your Shadows? How do you do it?

Begin with a Gene Key. The best at the beginning is to take your Life’s Work. Read it, think about it. Look for the Shadow in the world. See it at work in the world. Then apply it to your inner life. How does it show up? What is your personal response to it? How does it make you feel? You needn’t make yourself tense. Just observe. Then just hold the energy of that Shadow and contemplate it. The next time you feel uncomfortable – maybe physically, maybe emotionally, maybe mentally, think how that Shadow might be responsible. Apply your intellect to the problem. Apply your imagination. Explore it inside you. Trust your intuition. Spend as long as you need on this process until your life shows you how the Shadow works inside you.

The process may be quick for some people. For others it may take weeks or even months. Be patient. The longer you have to wait, the greater the insight will be. Once you identify with the Shadow, then you begin phase 1 of transforming it.

The 3 Phases of Transformation
Phase 1 – Allowing

Allowing is when you become aware of a Shadow inside you. You may not like it. You may wish it was gone. You don’t have to like it or accept it yet. You just have to allow it. Allowing is very generous. You simply keep seeing it – however uncomfortable your behaviour makes you feel.
Phase 2 – Accepting

Accepting is deeper than allowing. Once allowing has gone on for some time, it begins to transform into accepting. Accepting a Shadow is powerful. It means that your awareness can catch yourself in the act, and even though you may not be able to stop yourself, your awareness surrounds the Shadow pattern.
Phase 3 – Embracing

Embracing is complete transformation. When you have embraced a Shadow, or a particular manifestation of a Shadow, then it no longer has a hold over you. You have transcended the frequency of its orbit. You will taste freedom and know that this particular pattern is leaving or has left your life for good. This is the dismantling of the victim pattern at a physical level in your DNA. At Phase 3 you may also become aware that Grace has been at work in order for you to have been able to transcend this Shadow.

All 3 of the above phases have their own rhythm and timing in our lives. There are no rules. Sometimes the progress seems quite slow and gradual. At other times, and with other patterns, you can move from Phase 1 to 3 with astonishing rapidity.

The most important qualities that help us in transcending our Shadow states are patience, self compassion and gentleness. This does not have to be a tense and difficult process. When you approach this work with softness, it will open up inside you like a flower. Because our society and upbringing tends to train us to become tense when faced with difficulties, these 3 precious qualities alone can change your life.
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel
« Reply #34 on: April 28, 2015, 05:36:33 PM »
I wanted to say I've been enjoying the Gene Keys stuff you posted. Thank you.
What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel
« Reply #35 on: April 28, 2015, 06:22:16 PM »
I wanted to say I've been enjoying the Gene Keys stuff you posted. Thank you.

Your Welcome...
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel 23rd Shadow - Complexity
« Reply #36 on: April 28, 2015, 06:39:12 PM »

The Transformational path of the 23
 Gene Key moves from Complexity to
Quintessence, and it’s the path of Simplicity.
The Shadow: Complexity
The Dilemma: Timing
People talk about intelligent design. The idea that life is imbued with a
consciousness and it cannot be the result of a random set of events. Some believe
that life is just too complex to have evolved naturally. Others believe only in
randomness, and that there is no inherent consciousness beneath the cosmos.
But you know I don’t see the universe through any set of beliefs. I am not a
specialist. Religious people can be as specialised as scientists, and the problem
with specialisation is that you only see the complexity. Until you can look at the
universe with wider eyes, you just can’t see the inherent simplicity of creation. To
me the universe is so obviously holographic. It repeats the same universal fractal
patterns over and over again but in different iterations.
And here’s a thing: most human beings don’t design their lives intelligently. We
don’t even design our lives at all. The 23rd Shadow is the Shadow of Complexity.
And you want to know what complexity is? It’s someone who blunders through life
reacting to event after event. We move too fast. We think so fast that we miss the
obvious. By the time most people are 40, they have already made their lives so
complicated that it takes the rest of their lives to get back to some kind of
The Gene Keys are a great wisdom for the young. They encourage you to take a
few breaths before you decide what you think it is you want to do in life. They
encourage a contemplative outlook. With a contemplative outlook, you will
consider what kind of life you would like to live, and then once you have a sense of
that, you design it for yourself. What a different kind of life that is from the life that
most people lead. Most people blunder along. They meet someone, fall in love, get
married, have kids, get a mortgage, get a job to pay off the mortgage, and then
they are 40 or 50. And it’s mostly over.
I’m not saying that any of that is wrong. I myself fall into that category. But when I
was young I didn’t have the Gene Keys and I didn’t know what I know now. The
Shadow has a tendency to make our lives complicated. If you have studied the
Venus Sequence in the Golden Path program you will see how I advise people to
find a relationship and stay in it, to ride out the hard times, to use them as
transformative opportunities. But most of us blunder in and then we blunder out
again, and the debris we leave behind is extraordinary - legal cases, divorce
proceedings, debts, childen divided and resentful for life, complexity upon
The 23rd Gene Key is one of the most topical and important Gene Keys of our
modern age. If you ever wanted to make your fortune in today’s world, you
wouldn’t have to go much further than this teaching. So this transformational
pathway is going to be nothing but practical.

You have to design your life, and that takes self disciline. It takes care. You have
to be thoughtful. Don’t be a blunderer. Don’t be caught up in this Shadow. Don’t be
a victim of the status quo. There is a fear in this Shadow of the Shadow itself.
People with the 23rd Gene Key may be haunted by their own fears - for example
the fear of a life where they are left out, locked out, abandoned, overwhelmed by
chaotic forces. It’s a deep irony of course, because this Shadow runs from itself
and then creates those very conditions. The 23rd Gene Key wants a clean life, a
simple life, and it so rarely creates that because it never slows down enough to
simply design its own life.
Think of all the so-called geniuses out there in the world. Great scientists, writers
and thinkers. Look at the mess they make of their lives. That isn’t genius. Not to
me. Genius is simplicity. Genius is someone who thinks about the quality of their
own life and the lives of those around them. Have you ever noticed that the
cleverest people are often the most deaf. They are kind of the most stupid!

Think about money - too little creates complexity, too much creates complexity. But
there’s a place in the middle that’s just perfect. Think about water - too little and
the body is stressed, too much and body is stressed. There’s a perfect balance of
water in the body. And if you are awake, listening, your body tells you. But
someone writes an article somewhere and tells you that its scientifically proven
that we need 4 litres of water a day, or whatever. And do you believe them? They
are complicating your life if you listen to them. There is a simple mechanism inside
you that tells you exactly how much water you need. Then you won’t drink too
much and cause all kinds of other problems. It’s the same with diet. There is a
massive billion dollar industry that tells you what to eat.
Have we gone insane? Is no one listening? Drink when you are thirsty. Eat when
you are hungry. Basta, as the Spanish say. That’s enough. And what shall I eat
you may ask? Well, how about experimenting? If you feel good eating one thing,
it’s good for you. If you feel bad, it isn’t. Do you need any further advice?
The problem is that the 23rd Shadow takes us so far down the road of complexity
because we don’t trust the simple, that we end up far, far away from who we really
are. That’s why people have midlife crises. Because the biological clock kicks in
and says: why aren’t you fulfilled? You have got to the middle and what have you
got to show for it?
And the thing is there is no need for big external change. What’s needed is many
small internal changes to get you back to the simple, the essential.
This is why I say we need pauses all the time - to listen inwardly - to be present
enough to hear the body.
So if you eat when you are not hungry, you create complexity. The body has too
much, you have to shed that somewhow to come back to balance. So live simply
in the first place. And the thing is you have to design a simple life. You have to be
wary of too much success. Too much of anything upsets the balance. Too much of
anything creates anxiety. And lucidity of mind requires all the elements within your
life to be in balance.
So remember this always. Complexity equals anxiety. Simplicity equals serenity.
So who’s better off, the billionaire or the contemplative? The 23rd Shadow brings
us a powerful focus in life - will this decision make my life more complex, or will it
keep it easy? That’s an art to master.
The dilemma of the 23rd Shadow is timing. I’m going to break with tradition and
talk about the dilemma through the lens of the Gift.
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel 49th Gene Key Reaction to Rebirth
« Reply #37 on: May 04, 2015, 07:17:13 AM »

The Shadow: Reaction
The Dilemma: Needs
The Transformational Path of the 49th Gene Key moves from Reaction to Rebirth
and it’s the path of Revolution.
This Gene Key has taken some penetration to get to the bottom of. I had to
contemplate it for a long time to really understand what it was doing inside me.
Then after some time, it just immediately became clear. It’s particularly
powerful because it’s part of the histidine codon, the wonderfully named, Ring
of the Whirlwind, which connects it chemically to the 55th Gene Key. So it’s the
coalface of the big mutation that’s occurring right now in our solar plexus
centre. It’s about ethical cleansing. That’s my inner joke. You’ll see why.
Because this 49th Gene Key is highly emotional and at the Shadow frequency it’s
about reaction, and the reaction patterns that govern our relationships and that
keep us fighting with each other. And it’s dilemma is needs. These needs are
different from the habits of the 38th Gene Key, which are more to do with our
human habit of struggling.
The needs of the 49th Gene Key are deep physical needs, urges that arise
constantly from our desire nature. They are so embedded in most of us that they
literally run our lives and they give us some kind of illusion of consistency. Our
need for food at a certain time of day, or the need to put your makeup on, or to
have a bath. And if you don’t do it, you feel wrong. We are so often a victim of
our needs. Let’s see how this works. Let’s say one of your needs is to have a
coffee every morning. That seems normal enough. Everyone else does it. Surely
we are allowed that I hear you say? Well, let’s say one morning you miss your
coffee because of some unforeseen circumstance. And you find that for the rest
of that day, nothing quite goes right because you didn’t get your morning fix.
You are trapped by that need. If you weren’t trapped, then missing your coffee
wouldn’t have registered. It wouldn’t have set off any mood in you.
And that is a very mundane example. The deepest ones are food and sex and
external love. If we don’t get those met we really react! And this is a subtle
tapestry inside us. All these hidden needs are like secret tripwires crisscrossing
our being, all across our solar plexus. So every time someone or something
triggers one of those needs, we lose our centre, because the solar plexus is our
centre. We are like a minefield of desires, and we are a victim of every one. We
don’t stand a chance for finding any kind of freedom with all that going on. This
is why the mystics have always said we have to pull out our desires.

When I was younger I went on a work exchange in Poland, and it was kind of an
interfaith thing. I won my place through writing an essay, and I was the
representative of the UK. We were all under 30 of different religions and from
all around the world. It was an amazing experience. I was basically a mystic. And
I was sharing my room with this crazy Buddhist monk from Bangladesh. A real
character. And one day I came in from working - we were digging ditches to bring
water to a remote village - and I came in in the evening and ran myself a bath. I
really needed that bath. I was hot and sweaty and muddy from a hard day’s
labour. And I came round the corner with my towel and there was Sibu the monk
sitting happily in my bath!
I was so annoyed with him. I didn’t say anything, I mean I’m English and he was
a monk! But I was annoyed to say the least. But for him, it was just a bath. He
came in, saw a bath running, got in it. For me, it was my bath. It didn’t take
long for me to get the joke, but this is what we do, it’s how we react. We set
ourselves these tripwires and then we invite people to provoke us. Our needs
create expectations, and those expectations often lead to disappointment. And
it’s all a sham. It’s all an illusion. All these emotional reactions are placed there
by us!
So the 49th Gene Key is bringing a new awareness into us that is digging into
these needs. Those who are working with the Gene Keys or other spiritual
systems will know what I mean. As you clear your solar plexus, as you see into
the true nature of your desires, these networks of needs become clearer inside
you, and you go through a kind of ethical cleansing in which the needs which are
pure (I’ll explain about them in the Gift) are sorted from those which are impure
and inessential and detrimental to our health and well being.
So it doesn’t mean you can’t have that coffee every morning, but it does mean
that you probably won’t need it every morning anymore, and that is a huge
difference, as you will see...because our needs are not really the problem -
that’s the dilemma. The problem is our emotional reactions when our needs are
unexpectedly unmet. Freedom, which is moving through this Gene Key because
of the 55th Gene Key, freedom is not to be a victim of our needs but to accept
them and our relationship to them in every moment. It’s only when you don’t
accept your relationship to your needs in any given moment that you find
yourself trapped. So this Shadow demands that you look deeply into your daily
needs, your need to eat, your need for sex, your need for attention, your need
for things to be going in a certain way, your need for certainty. That’s a deep
need we feel, but it’s one that we must eventually yield to. Uncertainty is magic
when we embrace it but hell when we don’t.

So examine the world of your needs. Whenever you find yourself emotionally
reacting, whenever you feel emotional discomfort of any kind, look immediately
at the source need behind it, and when you see it, your awareness will pull it
out from the base, like a weed, and though the need may remain, your reaction
will come to an end. That’s our work, alone, in relationships, in community. Be
vigilant. Hunt for your reaction patterns, and as soon as you see them, cut them
off, dig out the roots and you will gradually find yourself tasting a new kind of
life, and a revolution will occur in your being...
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel 49th gift - Revolution
« Reply #38 on: May 04, 2015, 07:21:35 AM »

The 49th Gift - Revolution

So we have all these needs inside us. Some come from below, and some come
from above. The 49th Gift is a sorter, a sifter. It filters our needs. The new
awareness coming through this Gift is magical - it sees a need arising from the
body, it watches the body address the need or not, and then it remains non
judgmental. It just waits and watches. Was the need essential? If the body needs
food, it is essential (well fairly). But often the body doesn’t need food, and yet
still we eat. The awareness notices this and it makes us uncomfortable because
we realise we have gone against the body and harmed it. Some needs are
essential and some are not.
Our soul or higher self also has needs. It needs self love, awareness. It needs
inspiration or wisdom or beauty. These needs also we often do not listen to,
especially since they are quieter in the beginning. But the 49th Gift begins to
sort them. It puts the essential ones in the in-tray and the inessential ones in the
out-tray. This is the revolution inside our being. It’s a process that is going on in
many of us now and it’s making us more and more uncomfortable! But that’s a
good thing. It’s a mystical cleansing of the emotional system. It’s why many
people who begin working with the Gene Keys lose a lot of weight very quickly.
And some others fill out to just the right amount. We are coming into balance
because we are throwing out old genetic patterns. It’s about pruning back our
desire nature because the solar plexus centre needs a new kind of environment.
it needs a cleaner, more open environment, less cluttered with old frequencies.
And some needs are really deep, they are addictive. And it takes a lot of
awareness to drop them. It’s a revolutionary process. I have this image of you
holding up a voodoo doll of yourself with all these pins in it, and one by one, you
are pulling them out, and each time one comes out, your breath sinks a bit
deeper into your belly, into your being, a bit more freedom opens up inside you,
a bit more inner space.
I really want to give you the experience in this Gene Key of what exactly is going
on inside us as we are awakening right now. It’s especially acute in our
relationships. They have become harder. I wonder if you have noticed that? But
they aren’t really harder, we are just more aware of the wound patterns, and
the more we let them go, the more subtle ones take their place. I know it
sometimes seems like an endless process, but it requires a really deep sense of
forgiveness, of self-forgiveness. The programming partner of the 49 is the 4th
Gene Key, and this is the Siddhi of Forgiveness. It’s one of the agents of Grace,
the 22nd Gene Key (you should read that one if you haven’t already). So in your
relationships whenever you do something or say something that causes someone
else hurt, your awareness comes in and shows you that you’ve actually just hurt
yourself. So give yourself the gift of the forgiveness. Let it in. Yes, you were
cruel, you were reactive, you were insensitive. But you are human. And you can
learn from it. The more aware you become, the more you will have to forgive
So the 49 is a new cutting-through awareness. It’s ruthless. In Human Design it is
known as the gate of the butcher. And that’s what it is like. It becomes more and
more accurate with its cuts. It’s a really, really good thing. It’s revolutionising
humanity. It’s creating a new inner environment for something extraordinary to
occur. And if you have the 49th Gift or are contemplating it, it’s Gift is to show
others what they don’t need and help them to see what they do need. It’s a Gift
that could turn a person’s life around, or make an ailing business suddenly
successful. As you give yourself over to this mutation, you will become much
leaner. Your body will become strong, translucent even. You will become immune
to society’s many tricks. Modern society in the West is so chock full of
distractions and marketing and most of it is utterly inessential. So the 49 is
saving us time, it’s saving us money, it’s making our lives so much simpler and
more beautiful. And then we are in a position to really enjoy life. We aren’t a
victim of our needs, so we can chose to eat that cake if we like, because it isn’t
an unconscious need, it’s an impulse, it’s a conscious choice. We know we don’t
need it, but we have it anyway, just because it’s the right moment and the right
kind of cake, and it’s fun to share those things with each other. It’s what life is
all about - to live well.
This is the revolution. To live a pure life and to live it well. It begins in the
individual and then it passes into our relationships and then into our family and
our society. Each time one person begins to awaken, they begin to stand out
from the crowd. They become a creative rebel. And their transformation is
electric. It is infectious. Some recoil, but others want to know how they can get
a taste of that dish. And they ask you, and you will tell them, and then they get
on board with you. This is a magical happening at a magical time in history. If
you are one of the awakening, and you are, then you will not be alone. You are a
whirlwind, and you will be used as a force to bring others into the same storm -
the storm of our future rebirth
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel 49th Siddhi - Rebirth
« Reply #39 on: May 04, 2015, 07:32:26 AM »
The 49th Siddhi is revolutionary. How could it be anything else, moving from
Reaction to Revolution to Rebirth? We have all heard many descriptions of the
awakened state. The masters will mostly tell us that individual awakening is a
process that leaves you utterly reborn. They call it the second birth. It is nothing
less than a complete erasing of the genetic imprinting of your birth. It is a reset
of your primary purpose, or a reboot of your DNA back to its factory settings
before you were born. And it is a transcendence of the actual genetic imprinting
itself. This wonderful last paradox has always delighted me - that human DNA is
actually designed to be self-transcendent. It is the means by which God comes
to know itself, so it cannot be fixed. It must mutate.
And the Ring of the Whirlwind, with the 55th Gene Key and the 49th Gene Key,
and its related amino acid histidine, is the place where the mutation first
begins. Mutation requires great heat, and the greater the heat the faster and
more dramatic the mutation. You can see this literally and metaphorically. The
metaphorical heat is the voltage of unconditional love that purifies the structure
of DNA so that it must adapt to the new frequencies. It will become a triple
helix, rather than a double. Since I’m not a geneticist I have no idea how this
will work, but it must because all life is a trinity. But DNA will use elements of
itself already in existence rather than invent something new. It will rebuild itself
like the phoenix from the brightening ashes of the old structure.

And literally, DNA needs heat. The whole planet needs heat in order for this
mutation to take hold across the entire gene pool of humanity, and indeed across
multiple species. As humanity sits at the crest of the visible hierarchies on our
planet, so our Great Change will ripple out to affect changes in all other life
forms, so bound together are we all. We are in no way separate, but intimately
linked and fused together as a single consciousness. So, we can expect some
dramatic changes coming, most probably from the sun. The sun is essentially our
father, and we are also intimately linked to its higher life. So when the sun
mutates, so does the earth and all her children.
Little has been spoken by the masters about collective awakening. What is
collective awakening and what do we mean by that? How will humanity be
reborn? This is the question that involves the 49th Siddhi. The 55th Siddhi is
about individual awaking but the 49th is about the collective version that arises
as a chain reaction coming out of the former.
Well, in a relatively short span of time, we humanity, and we Gaia, are going to
look and feel utterly different. Like the dragonfly or the butterfly we are going
to go through a series of moults that culminate in a complete rebirth. What
comes after has very little in common with what went before. Look at the
difference between the butterfly and the caterpillar! And we will exist in a
higher element - with a different DNA structure, with a collective awareness
that will spread like wildfire through our organism. This is the mythical 6th
Race, the Trivian human. Trivian refers to the integration of the holographic
truth of the trinity throughout creation. The three paths lead into the one.
That’s what Trivian means. So this next Age will be about the embodiment of
that. It is a process of coming into Synarchy. It begins at the core, and then it
spreads, like a Divine cancer. And there will be cells that resist it, that reject it,
that fight it to the last breath, but they cannot prevent the whirlwind. Those
that cannot mutate will be hurled out of the whirlwind for another evolution at
another time.
Old genetic material is leaving this sphere, even as you listen to or read these
words. And when the whirlwind has passed, Gaia will be reborn anew. That
which was not prepared to change will be absorbed back into the sun to
continue its evolution from a new kind of beginning. This is Divine Justice. It is
the great compassion of life that everyone begins again with a clean slate. It’s
just those cells that refuse the mutation into the collective that will miss out on
the party. And they will also have their day one day in a future now. It’s not
personal. It’s just about universal principles. The 49th Siddhi sorts the human
genetic material into fertile and currently infertile, into ripe and unripe. It’s
really as simple as that.
So we are going to see people who cling to the old ways, the old systems. And
we will see those who change so rapidly that the old ones are not able to
understand or keep up. It is a fractal detonation throughout the gene pool. And
there are also those who exist at the edges of the fractal, the cusp-dwellers -
the places where they may either fall inwards, safely drawn in by the centripetal
force of love at the core, or those who fall away, to be carried off by the
centrifugal force for another day. You will always recognise these people - they
will half-embrace the change, but will not quite be able to change enough
themselves. You must always keep the door open for such people as you cannot
tell which way they will go. They may just make it through before the door
shuts. Part of the compassion of the core fractal is to hold the door open until
the last moment because you never know what miracles may occur inside
people. And if it becomes apparent that they are not coming into the collective,
then you need not feel sad. Their time will be coming at another time, and you
may bow to them in respect as they leave.
Sometimes I hear people getting nervous around this kind of talk and you hear
people say, ‘well I’m not a group person’, or ‘we are not all one’ - that sounds
awful. But to say such things is just to misunderstand. You do not lose your
individuality in the union. On the contrary, you become more differentiated than
ever. It is only in union that true differentiation can thrive. The two belong
together. But our awareness is the union, not the form. The form remains
different, unique, varied, beautiful. But you will not be able to hide. No
personal thoughts, no personal feelings. Just the pulse of the collective ever
purifying you, ever elevating you, ever saturating you in waves of blissful
Yo u   c a n n o t   b e   a   l o n e r   a n y m o r e .  T h e   n e w   l o n e r s   w i l l   b e   t h e   l o v e r s .  T h e   s a c r e d 
couples will become the fundamental unit of the Trivian human. 2 people in love
are never 2 anymore, but 3 in one. The third is the awareness, the intelligence
of the love itself, and it paradoxically melds the 3 into one. No human is an
island. No one can be cut off from the whole. And families will be completely
new. No nuclear family like before. The nuclear family is a fusion laboratory. The
family becomes the unit of the collective, but it transcends its genetic ties, so
there is no obsession, no sibling conflict, no repeating wound patterns. There is
only the flow of love through the unit, and its magnification. The family of the
future will be the whole community, the fellowship. It will be a welcoming
friendliness that pervades all awakening humans. Everywhere you go you will
find this spirit. If you are working deeply with the Gene Keys for example, you
will discover this rare fellowship wherever you go and meet others working with
the Keys in their lives. The love is a deep recognition, it’s a cellular recognition.
Ah yes, such a time we are going into. Such a time. Very few are really aware of
how vast it is going to be - very few. The rebirth at the core of our DNA will of
course ripple out into the outer world. I have spoken about the future in the
55th Gene Key, and the potential changes to our way of life and being.
The future human, the Trivian human will look to us like an awakened genius,
and there will be thousands and thousands of us. Such a fellowship will change
the structures all across the planet, replanting with new systems that are hyper
efficient, that save energy, money, time, and needless suffering. The new human
is a recycling centre on every level. We recycle emotion, suffering and toxin.
And the earth has a lot of toxin. We have created a huge amount of toxic
material - of material that will not naturally biodegrade. We are going to find
new ways to return these materials back to their natural states. In this sense we
will become reverse alchemists, so that we can clean up the mess we have made
of Gaia.
I know this Siddhi is a long one. But I want to really do it justice. It doesn’t look
as though we can save the world from the direction we are going in now, I know
that. As Hamlet said “I know not ‘seems’”. Nothing is going to go the way it
seems. This awakening is coming. It’s right around the corner. It has begun. It
really took root in 2012, and it will break forth its very first shoots between 2012
and 2027. After 2027, the Trivian humans will begin to spread all across the
globe. It is an inner takeover, a loving takeover. And you needn’t believe me.
Time will tell whether my words are true. But if you are close to this Siddhi,
then you will feel what’s coming as well, and you should let your spirit rise up to
greet this new future. You must let it swell your heart and renew your effort and
your devotion to your highest purpose.
The Trivian human has a new matrix. It goes from 7 centres to 9 centres to 3
centres. It’s a mystery is that! The 9 is the transitionary vehicle. It’s really a 3
within 3. You see that in Human Design. But that matrix only serves until
awakening occurs, after which it is defunct. The new matrix is only 3 centres.
Fewer centres because higher voltage. Fewer centres because greater efficiency.   
I am talking about the birth of the Siddhic human being. It’s so fantastic that
most people can only assume I am speaking utter dreamspeak. But these movies
that the younger generation are all captivated by, they all depict humans with
magical powers. Why do you think that is pouring into the younger generations?
Siddhis are not all special powers, but some are. Most Siddhis are simply aspects
of deep compassion and clarity, but they still create huge changes in the
environment. If you even go to a place where a great master once lived you can
feel a palpable presence permeating the rocks and landscape. And if it’s there
when they are gone, imagine how powerful it is when they are present and in
numbers. The atomic structure of the planet will begin to change in response.
The hidden hierarchies within the earth, the Devic realms, who have been long
asleep, will reawaken and revivify the earth, the elements, the water, the air.
You simply cannot comprehend the vastness of the change that is coming. And of
course it comes in us through our hearts, through love. There is nothing but
compassion in this universe. It is the breath of God, the fragrance imprinted in
every cell by the stars. If you have felt it even once, you can never forget it. I
hope you can feel it’s frequency through these words. There is Truth here. There
is Truth being spoken by this voice. I offer it to any who are listening or reading.
Sometimes you just have to come out and speak the great secret. That’s what
this 49th Siddhi is for. So bless you for listening, and bless all those who can hear
the secret and know it themselves. And bless all those who have not yet heard it
but who will one day know it. And bless all those who will not hear the secret or
know it this time around. There time too will come. Thank you, thank you and
blessings to you all.
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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In an unprecedented move, Donald Trump’s incoming White House Press Secretary revealed Sunday that members of the alternative media, and even prominent bloggers may be allowed to join the White House Press Corps, and take part in press conferences in Washington.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Sean Spicer, said that owing to “off the chart” interest in the Trump administration, the president-elect is thinking about relocating press briefings to a room with a larger capacity.

Since 1970, all official press briefings have been held in the James S Brady room. Esquire magazine reported that the potential new venue could be the Old Executive Office Building, to the west of the White House.

“I know change is difficult sometimes,” Spicer said. “But sometimes change can actually be better.”

“There’s a lot of talk radio and bloggers and people that can’t fit in right now and maybe don’t have a permanency because they’re not part of the Washington elite media,” Spicer added.

“But to allow them an opportunity to ask the press secretary or the president a question is a positive thing. It’s more democratic.” he urged.

The reaction to Spicer’s comments from the Washington establishment has been predictably one of panic and alarm.

The White House Correspondent Association (WHCA) which oversees which media outlets are allowed to attend press briefings, said it would push against the idea of involving less traditional media.

Jeff Mason, the WHCA president and Reuters White House correspondent, said that in a “constructive” meeting with Spicer, he had “emphasized the importance of the White House press briefing room” because of how near it is to West Wing officials.

“I made clear that the WHCA would view it as unacceptable if the incoming administration sought to move White House reporters out of the press work space behind the press briefing room,” Mason said in a statement. “Access in the West Wing to senior administration officials, including the press secretary, is critical to transparency and to journalists’ ability to do their jobs.”

“We object strenuously to any move that would shield the president and his advisers from the scrutiny of an on-site White House press corps,” Mason said.

The Guardian, which is one of the only 49 outlets represented in the press Corps, published a report expressing derision over the idea of both Breitbart and Infowars having representatives allowed to ask the President and other officials questions.

The report suggested Breitbart was “racist” and made claims, repeatedly disavowed by Alex Jones, that he believes the Sandy Hook massacre to be a fake hoax:

    The president-elect’s campaign drew consistent support from numerous conservative talk radio hosts and internet conspiracy theory sites, for instance Alex Jones’s InfoWars. During the campaign, Trump took the unprecedented step of appearing on Jones’s site, known as America’s foremost conservative conspiracy theory outlet. Jones has previously dismissed the Sandy Hook massacre, in which 20 elementary school students and six school staff were murdered, as “completely fake”, and has branded the September 11 terror attacks an “inside job”.

    Trump was interviewed for around 30 minutes by Jones in December 2015, and later called Jones a “nice guy”. Jones claimed in November that Trump called him to thank him for his support after winning the presidential election.

In a related development, outgoing President Obama slammed the “corrosive nature” of talk radio and what he described as “fake news,” while throwing BOTH Trump and Hillary Clinton under the bus.

“You had two of the most unpopular presidential candidates selected by the two parties in history. Doesn’t that say something’s wrong, something serious is wrong?” CBS anchor Steve Kroft asked.

“It indicates that there is a lot of cynicism out there,”Obama responded, adding “It indicates that the corrosive nature of everything from talk radio to fake news to negative advertising has made people lack confidence in a lot of our existing institutions. I think it indicates, at least on the Democratic side, that we’ve got more work to do to strengthen our grassroots networks.”
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel
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JANUARY 13, 2017
Science has recently shed light on the fact that what we used to perceive as ‘human’ aura is actually real. All of our bodies emit an electromagnetic field, and this fact plays a very important role far beyond what is commonly known when it comes to understanding our biology, and the interconnectedness we share with all life.
For example, did you know that the heart emits the largest electromagnetic field of all the body’s major organs? These fields and the information encoded into them can change based on how we are feeling, what we thinking, and different emotions we take on. The heart even sends signals to the brain through a system of neutrons that have both short-term and long-term memory, and these signals can affect our emotional experiences. The emotional information that’s modulated and coded into these fields changes their nature, and these fields can impact those around us. As Rollin McCraty, Ph.D, and director of research at The HeartMath institute tell us, “we are fundamentally and deeply connected with each other and the planet itself.”

    Research findings have shown that as we practice heart coherence and radiate love and compassion, our heart generates a coherent electromagnetic wave into the local field environment that facilitates social coherence, whether in the home, workplace, classroom or sitting around a table. As more individuals radiate heart coherence, it builds an energetic field that makes it easier for others to connect with their heart. So, theoretically it is possible that enough people building individual and social coherence could actually contribute to an unfolding global coherence. (1)

The quote above comes from Dr. Deborah Rozman, the President of Quantum Intech.  We are living in exciting times when it comes to science, and although not emphasized and studied in the mainstream as much as we’d like, science is acknowledging that we are all part of a giant web of connections that, not only encompasses life on this planet, but our entire solar system and what lies beyond it.

So, what exactly is heart coherence? Well, it implies order, structure, and as Dr. Rozman puts it, “an alignment within and amongst systems – whether quantum particle, organisms, human beings, social groups, planets or galaxies. This harmonious order signifies a coherent system whose optimal functioning is directly related to the ease and flow in its processes.” Basically, feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation and other ‘positive’ emotions not only have an effect on our nervous system, but they have an affect on those around us, far beyond what we might have previously thought.

It’s similar to the studies that have been conducted regarding mass meditation and prayer. As far as their effects on physical systems, numerous publications have yielded statistically significant results. For a selected list of downloadable peer-reviewed journal articles reporting studies of this type of phenomena, mostly published in the 21st century, you can click here.

Another point that illustrates the importance of coherence is the fact that several organizations around the world have conducted synchronized meditations, prayers, intention experiments, and more. A number of studies have shown that collective meditations, prayer or focused intention directed toward a certain positive outcome can have measurable effects.

For example, one study was done during the Israel-Lebanon war in the 1980s. Two Harvard University professors organized groups of experienced meditators in Jerusalem, Yugoslavia, and the United states with the specific purpose of focusing attention on the area of conflict at various intervals over a 27-month period. During the course of the study, the levels of violence in Lebanon decreased between 40 and 80 percent each time a meditating group was in place. The average number of people killed during the war each day dropped from 12 to three, and war-related injuries fell by 70 percent. (1)

Another great example is a study that was conducted in 1993 in Washington, D.C., which showed a 25 percent drop in crime rates when 2,500 meditators meditated during a specific periods of time with that intention.

    Every individual’s energy affects the collective field environment. The means each person’s emotions and intentions generate an energy that affects the field. A first step in diffusing societal stress in the global field is for each of us to take personal responsibility for our own energies. We can do this by increasing our personal coherence and raising our vibratory rate, which helps us become more conscious of the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that we are feeding the field each day. We have a choice in every moment to take to heart the significance of intentionally managing our energies. This is the free will or local freedom that can create global cohesion. – Dr. Rozman (1)

The Global Coherence Initiative (GCI)

The GCI in an international cooperative effort to help activate the heart of humanity and facilitate a shift in global consciousness.  It’s primary focuses are to invite people to participate by actively adding more heart-coherent love, care, and compassion into the planetary field. The second is scientific research on how we are all energetically connected with each other and the planet, and how we can utilize this interconnectivity, which is very real, to raise our personal vibration to assist in creating a better world.

The hypotheses of the researchers and scientists behind this process are as follows:

    The Earth’s magnetic fields are a carrier of biologically relevant information that connects all living systems

    Every person affects this global information field. Large numbers of people creating heart-coherent states of love, appreciation, care, and compassion can generate a more coherent field environment that benefits others and helps off-set the current planetary discord and incoherence

    There is a feedback loop between human beings and Earth’s energetic/magnetic systems

    Earth has several sources of magnetic fields that affect us all. Two of them are the geomagnetic field that emanates from the core of the Earth, and the fields that exist between Earth and the ionosphere. These fields surround the entire planet and act as protective shields blocking out the harmful effects of solar radiation, cosmic rays, sand, and other forms of space weather. Without these fields, ice as we know it could not exist on Earth. They are part of the dynamic ecosystem of our planet

Think about the current state of our planet. We are definitely not in coherence, with all of the violence, war, hate, and greed that still plague our planet, we have a lot of work to do. We do not yet know how these thoughts, emotions, and feelings are affecting the entire planet, and what type of information these experiences are encoding into once electromagnetic fields, and how it is interacting with that of the Earth’s. Things are changing, however. There is definitely a shift within people who are desiring a better experience here on planet Earth.

These energetic fields are known to scientists, but there are still many unknowns. Solar activity and the rhythms taking place on Earth’s magnetic fields have an impact on health and behaviour. This is firmly established in scientific literature. (source)(source)

Scientific literature also firmly establishes that several physiological rhythms and global collective behaviours are not only synchronized with solar and geomagnetic activity, but that disruptions in these fields can create adverse effects on human health and behaviour. (source)(source)(source)

    When the Earth’s magnetic field environment is distributed it can cause sleep problems, mental confusion, usual lack of energy or a feeling of being on edge or overwhelmed for no apparent reason. At other times, when the Earth’s fields are stable and certain measures of solar activity are increased, people report increased positive feelings and more creativity and inspiration. This is likely due to a coupling between the human brain, cardiovascular and nervous system with resonating geomagnetic frequencies. (1)

The Earth and ionosphere generate frequencies that range from 0.01 hertz to 300 hertz, some of which are in the exact same frequency range as the one happening in our brain, cardiovascular system, and autonomic nervous system. This fact is one way to explain how fluctuations in the Earth’s and Sun’s magnetic fields can influence us. Changes in these fields have also been shown to affect our brain waves, heart rhythms, memory, athletics performance, and overall health.

Changes in the Earth’s fields from extreme solar activity have been linked to some of humanity’s greatest creations of art, as well as some of its most tragic events. (source)

We know how these fields affect us, but what about how we affect these fields? That’s the real question here. GCI scientists believe that because brain wave and heart rhythm frequencies overlap the Earth’s field resonance, we are not just receivers of biologically relevant information, but also feed information into the global field, thus creating a feedback loop with the Earth’s magnetic fields.

    Research is indicating that human emotions and consciousness encode information into the geomagnetic field and this encoded information is distributed globally. The Earth’s magnetic fields act as carrier waves for this information which influences all living systems and the collective consciousness.

This research, which is still in its infancy, has great ramifications. It will further push along the fact that our attitudes, emotions, and intentions actually matter, a lot, and that these factors within the realm of non-material science can affect all life on Earth. Coherent, cooperative intention could impact global events and improve the quality of life on Earth. Practicing love, gratitude, appreciation, and bettering ourselves as individuals is one out of many action steps towards changing our planet for the better.
So What Can You Do?

So, next time you are upset, angry, or frustrated, try observing yourself and how you react. It’s great practice to try and lose your buttons so they cannot be pushed, and work on your personal development. You have to do whatever you can to feel good, which could include exercise, eating healthy, minimizing electronics time, spending time with friends, animals, and more. You could practice being less judgemental, and work on your intentions by figuring out if they are coming from a  ‘good’ place. You could be more grateful, you could help others, and you can treat others how they want to be treated.

There are a number of tools you could use, like meditation, for example, to assist you with these action steps. Bottom line, if you are at peace with yourself, and have control over your emotions, you are helping the planet and others around you. If you are constantly angry, harming others or have negative intentions, you could be doing the exact opposite.

To further your research on this topic, an excellent place to start is the at the Institute of HeartMath. The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions, and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives.

Related article:

What Science Is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

(1) Heart Intelligence: Connecting With The Intuitive Guidance Of The Heart

I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel - Bull Elk/Gift Shop Estes Park Colo.
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<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel
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Thanks to

What are the Solfeggio Frequencies

Source: Power of Thought Meditation Group

Vibration is everything. And every vibration has its own frequency. By exposing the mind and body to the Solfeggio frequencies, you can easily achieve a greater sense of balance and deep healing.

The Solfeggio frequencies align you with the rhythms and tones that form the basis of the Universe.

Long associated with meditation music the solfeggio frequencies are reputed to be the original frequencies used by the Gregorian Monks when they chanted in meditation. The chant, based on the original six notes (396hz – 417hz – 528hz – 639hz – 741hz – 852hz), penetrates deep into the conscious and subconscious mind, drawing forth emotional reactions which we are sometimes unable to completely control. These original frequencies are said to have been ‘lost’ over the centuries with the introduction of various new tuning methods.

The solfeggio scale was ‘rediscovered’ by Dr Joseph Barber who said to have been guided intuitively to find a pattern of six repeating codes in the Book of Numbers. He found in Chapter 7, verses 12 through 83, number references that, when deciphered using a numerological technique, could be reduced to a single digit. This revealed a series of six electromagnetic sound frequencies which he determined to be the six missing tones of the ancient Solfeggio scale.

Why where the original frequencies tuning system lost?

The Solfeggio frequencies were lost because throughout history different tuning applications have been used. Ancient tuning practices used a system of tuning known as “Just Intonation.” The method of Just Intonation featured pure intervals between every note that were mathematically related by ratios of small whole numbers leading to a much purer sound.

The tuning practice adopted for western cultures from about the 16th century and used today is known as “Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament”. According to Joachim Ernst-Berendt, the 12-Tone Equal Temperament mistunes all consonant intervals except the octave. Our modern scale can create situations such ‘boxed-in’ thinking, stuffed and suppressed emotions, fear-based or lack consciousness, all of which then tend to manifest into physical symptoms called ‘dis-ease’ or disease.

Our modern day musical scale is out of sync when compared with the original Solfeggio scale. If we want to bring harmony in our lives, we need to replace the dissonant western scale with a web of subtle and clear intervallic relationships of the Solfeggio music. Let the music become once again a tool to raise human nature and a method to connect you with the Source.

The Solfeggio Frequency scale

174 Hz – The lowest of the tones appears to be a natural anaesthetic. It tends to remove pain physically , energetically as well as karmic energy.

174 Hz frequency gives your organs a sense of security, safety and love, motivating them to do their best.

285 Hz – This tone is useful when treating wounds, cuts, burns or any other form of damaged tissue. 285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency is said to be directly connected to our body´s, mind and soul´s blueprint for optimal health and physical wellbeing, due to its amazing ability to remember what should be and to return cells to its original form. It influences energy fields sending them message to restructure damaged organ. 285 Hz is about remembering and healing you, your internal organs and your energy.

396 Hz – Cleanses the feeling of guilt, which often represents one of the basic obstacle to realization, enables achievement of goals in the most direct way. It releases you from the feeling of guilt and fear by bringing down the defense mechanisms. This solfeggio frequency can also be also used as means of grounding, awakening, sobering and returning to reality.

417Hz – Next tone from the solfeggio scale is connected with resonation processes or processes of amplification. Re can “delete” person’s “alienation from God” and enable returning to the “right path”. This solfeggio frequency cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events. It can be used for cleaning limiting impression, which disables the person to achieve her life goals. When speaking of cellular processes, tone Re encourages the cell and its DNA to function in an optimal way. 417 Hz frequency energizes your body cells and helps to use their creative potentials.

528 Hz – Used to return human DNA to its original, perfect state. If it is used in a way described in Webster’s dictionary – by communicating the wanted effect and with energy support from the “light” – miracles will happen! Process of DNA reparation is followed by beneficial effects – increased amount of life energy, clarity of mind, awareness, awakened or activated creativity, ecstatic states like deep inner peace, dance and celebration. It also opens the person for deep spiritual experiences and spiritual enlightenment.

639 Hz – This frequency enables creation of harmonious community and harmonious interpersonal relationships. It can be used for dealing with relationships problems – those in family, between partners, friends or social problems. It can be used to encourage the cell to communicate with its environment. This ancient solfeggio frequency enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love. 639 Hz frequency can also be used for communication with parallel worlds or spiritual spheres.

741 Hz – Cleans the cell (“Solve polluti“) from the toxins. Frequent use of 741 Hz leads to a healthier, simpler life, and also to change in diet towards foods which are not poisoned by various kinds of toxins. It also cleans the cell from different kinds of electromagnetic radiations. Another important application of this sound frequency is cleansing infections – viral, bacterial, and fungal. This tone leads you to pure, stable and spiritual life.

852 Hz – Solfeggio 852 Hz is directly connected to the third eye chakra and can be used as means for awakening inner strength & self realisation. It is good for dissolving stagnate mental energy from to over-thinking. (mental activity) It is said to clear up energy blockages that before has hindered clear and strong communication with our higher self, spirit guides and spirit helpers. The 852 hz solfeggio to play either clean as is or as a background sound to other audio.

963 Hz – This tone awakens any system to its original, perfect state. It is connected with the Light and all-embracing Spirit, and enables direct experience, the return to Oneness. This frequency re-connects you with the Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. It will enable you to experience Oneness – our true nature.
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind

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Re: Azozeo's News Channel
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432 DNA Tuning and the Nazi-ization of Music

October 6, 2015

by Brendan D. Murphy, Global Freedom Movement, The Grand Illusion author

Not Quite Music to My Ears (An Intro to “Nazi-Rockefeller Tuning”)

It’s blatantly obvious to me, after over a decade of investigation, that humankind is the (largely unwitting) victim of a frequency war on our consciousness that has been waged for decades, if not millennia. The goal has clearly been to keep us as sheep-like, gullible, and subservient as possible—through multifarious means. In modern history in particular, there has been what Dr. Len Horowitz has referred to as the strategic “militarization” of music. This happened in 1939 when the tuning of A=440 Hz was adopted in the world of music. In 1910 an earlier push to effect the same change was met with limited success. Three decades later, the British Standards Institute (BSI) adopted the A=440Hz standard promoted by the Rockefeller-Nazi consortium—“at the precise time WWII preparations were being finalized by the petrochemical-pharmaceutical war financiers.”

This was the year (1939) that A=440 became the international standard. The American Federation of Musicians accepted the A440 as standard pitch in 1917, and the U.S. government followed suit in 1920.[ii] One must surely ask why Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels argued for this odd intrusion into musical creativity, persuading Hitler’s supposed enemies in Britain to adopt this “superior” standard tuning for the “Aryan/Master Race.” What did the Nazis (and their secretive US financiers) have to gain from this?

It is interesting, also, to note that in October 1953, despite the British and Nazi push for the arbitrary A=440 standard (which is “disharmonic” vis à vis the physico-acoustic laws of creation governing reality), a referendum of 23,000 French musicians voted overwhelmingly in favour of A=432Hz.[iii] Many, many musicians, through recent centuries have expressed their strong preference for the A=432 reference pitch. “This tuning was unanimously approved at the Congress of Italian musicians in 1881 and recommended by the physicists Joseph Sauveur and Felix Savart as well as by the Italian scientist Bartolomeo Grassi Landi.”[iv]

According to preliminary research, analysis, and professional discussions by Walton, Koehler, Reid, et al., on the web, A=440Hz frequency music conflicts with human energy centers3 (i.e., chakras) from the heart to the base of the spine [the lower four]. Alternatively, chakras above the heart are stimulated. Theoretically, the vibration stimulates ego and left-brain function, suppressing the “heart-mind,” intuition and creative inspiration.[v]

Interestingly, the difference between 440 and 741 Hz is known in musicology as the Devil’s Interval.

For maximum suppression of human consciousness, the frequencies we naturally resonate with, and which are the most biologically and psycho-spiritually enhancing, must be maximally suppressed. As far as many guitarists are concerned, A=432 Hz seems to be the most practical, optimal, and most bio-friendly resonant tuning we have, although many musicians have also favoured A=444. (A=444 Hz belongs to a different scale, where C=528 Hz.) Ancient Egyptian and Greek instruments have reportedly been found to be tuned to 432 Hz.

But there’s more: the cochlea, the part of the inner ear that converts acoustic impulses into electrical signals, has a seashell-like spiral shape. A bilateral cross-section of the cochlea is mathematically describable through the Fibonacci series (the Golden Ratio / Phi as manifested in nature).

According to Chas Stoddard in A Short History of Tuning and Temperament, this fractality/recursiveness allows octaves to be decoded at the same point in each layer of the spiral, and may therefore be why we can discern octaves at all (meaning, that without this cochlea design, we would just hear pitch rising or lowering, we would not be able to identify that, for example, 256 Hz is C, as is 512 Hz also C).[vi] The octave concept would be almost meaningless and sonically undetectable to us.

Somehow, Austrian genius visionary Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was on to all of this. He said: “Music based on C=128hz (C note in concert A=432hz) will support humanity on its way towards spiritual freedom. The inner ear of the human being is built on C=128 hz.” The fact that Phi/Golden Ratio is so key in morphogenesis (see TGI 1) in humans and throughout nature suggests that there may be an interesting yet little-known relationship between the galactic harmonic of 432 that shows up in our solar system and the Golden Ratio.

At leas432 DNAt A=432 is bio-neutral at worst, and is widely considered bioenergetically enhancing or healing if employed intentionally. Meditation music at 432 Hz is certainly relaxing and soothing, though I don’t consider there to be anything “transformative” about it, and transformative measures are what we so desperately need to intercede in our collective path at this time. As a musician and someone who uses the Solfeggio frequencies to perform DNA and kundalini activations for people who seek those healing and evolutionary services, I would actually go so far as to argue that, at this point in our history, the Solfeggio C at 528 Hz and not 512 Hz may be even more valuable to us in our search for reconnection to Self and Source—and most definitely facilitates people’s unplugging from the Matrix. It is widely associated with DNA activation, repair, and human transformation. See here for more on this topic.

Note the visible light spectrum and colour wavelengths (left). Look for 528 and notice where you land: in the region of the “green ray”, esoterically speaking. The higher harmonic of the green ray/frequency is absorbed and metabolised by the heart chakra vortex.

It is no coincidence that the wavelength of visible light at 528 nm is also green. The one is a harmonic of the other. If humanity needs to supercharge anything in our bioenergetic anatomy at this point, it is surely our heart intelligence, which conduces to compassion, empathy, and intuition. (We have more than enough of the cunning of the ego-driven cephalic intelligence.) Here lies a clue to the potency and importance of C=528 but I don’t want to digress too far.

To return to the main thrust now. Maria Renold, in her book Intervals Scales Tones and the Concert Pitch C=128hz, claims conclusive evidence that A=440Hz tuning (above scientific “C” Prime=128/256/512 Hz, where A=432 Hz) “disassociates the connection of consciousness to the body and creates anti-social conditions in humanity.” Modern “Equal Temperament (ET)” tuning was supposedly the excuse for musicians to play consonance, but, according to researcher Brian T. Collins (who strongly endorses Renold’s book), it actually diminishes perception of tone and resonant harmony.[vii]

Many people appear to endorse the view that, while A=440 music is more exciting (or aggressive, for some), it is more mind-oriented and disconnected from the human feeling centres, particularly the heart (which has by far the largest EM field of all bodily organs, including the brain, which it can actually entrain). Disconnecting the heart from the brain is—as history (and our present condition) shows us—catastrophic on a planetary scale, for many reasons, but fundamentally, it disconnects us from our innate wisdom and compassion as sentient beings, thus disconnecting us from each other and the other intelligent beings we share this planet with (not to mention the planet itself which is a living intelligence).

Ancient tuning practices employed the “Just Intonation” system of tuning. It featured “pure intervals between every note that were mathematically related by ratios of small whole numbers leading to a much purer sound.” From about the 16th century onwards, “Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament” tuning, according to Joachim Ernst-Berendt, commenced the mistuning of all consonant intervals except the octave.[viii]

As a guitarist (who writes music primarily on an electric guitar), I prefer to tune up to A=444/C=528 rather than further down-tuning to 432 (I already drop a full step down on the electric and one of my acoustics and don’t want to lower string tension any further). 528 derives from the ancient Solfeggio scale, as re-discovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo, a co-researcher and co-author with Dr. Len Horowitz of the well-researched and confronting book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (read it for proof of the Nazi connection to 440 tuning). At A=444 I can feel the resonance almost on a cellular level—the vibrations go right through me, and the guitar feels almost like a part of me. The tone is beautiful and bright; highly resonant. This is not the case when I use 440 Hz (standard Western tuning). Electric guitars, lacking a resonant cavity, don’t make the distinction as easy, however, that doesn’t mean that our cells don’t appreciate the subtle difference. More on the Solfeggio scale and why 528 is so important in a coming article.

The Curious Case of 4321

    Diameter of sun = 864,000 miles (432 x 2)

Interestingly 8+6+4 = 18 (1+ 8) = 9 the number of completion

    Diameter of moon = 2,160 miles (5 x 432 = 2,160)

2+1+6+0 resolves to a 9, as does 4+3+2 = 9 and 5 x 9 = 45 and 4 + 5 = 9 as well.

    Precession of the Equinoxes of Earth = 25,920 years (60 x 432)[ix]

2+5+9+2+0 also equals 9, while 6 x 9 = 54 and 5 + 4 = 9 also.

We see above an interesting relationship between the 432 and the number of completion arising as we look at this material. The numbers suggest that the “universal” or solar constant of 432 has to do with the “completion” (or completeness) of the manifest material world.

Interestingly, the leading acoustician in Beethoven’s time was Ernst Chladni (1756-1827), the godfather of cymatics. His music theory textbook explicitly defined C as 256/512 Hz, the “scientific” tuning. (The A above this C in this standard scale is 432 Hz.)

Perhaps this is to do with 432 squared—186,624 (1+8+6+6+2+4 = 9)—being within 1 percent accuracy of the speed of light, (186,282 miles per second, which also resolves to a 9!). The square root of the measured speed of light is 431.6(!) By deductive reasoning, we might speculate that “notes tuned relative to A432 harmonize directly with the light body [auric fields] allowing the vibrations to penetrate, and through entrainment, bring your energetic essence into balance. Entrainment is the tendency for a strong vibration to influence a weaker vibration.”

Inversely, A=440 tuning may produce a dissonant or “agitative” effect on the aura/mind1—and anything that disrupts/disturbs DNA will create contraindications in the aura due to DNA’s innate sound-light translation mechanism. The human aura, of course, is the closest thing we have yet been able to point to as “consciousness” or “mind” in the manifest measurable world, as I show in The Grand Illusion – Book 1.

Using 256Hz as the reference for C (where A=432), all occurrences of C are a power of 2. Interestingly, the Schumann resonance—earth’s electromagnetic “heartbeat” existing within the atmosphere between the earth’s surface and our ionisphere—ranges from about 7.83 to 8 Hz on average—very close to (and even the same as) 23. This isn’t terribly surprising if you consider the frequency of earth’s axial rotation: “Earth’s ‘pitch’ (cycles per second/Hertz) as it rotates is G, a fourth below the theoretical C that lies 24 octaves below middle C, when C=256Hz. So C256/A432 is in tune with the Earth’s rotation,”[xi] which is “in tune” with the speed of light, which is “in tune” with the diameter of the sun, which is “in tune” with the diameter of the moon, which is “in tune” with the precession of the equinoxes! That’s a lot of harmony, which is exactly what we should expect from a holofractal (scaled) plasma-based universe.

C#=544 Hz, NOT 554 Hz! A.K.A The Breakthrough that Didn’t Quite Break Through

In a ground-breaking research collaboration initiated in the late 1980s, biologist David Deamer and composer Susan Alexjander sought to directly ascertain the frequencies emitted by the bases of our DNA (A, G, C, T). They did this by directly measuring the infrared absorption spectra of DNA molecules. These DNA frequencies were then arranged as “scales” of tones, and subsequently used as the basis for Alexjander’s musical compositions.

The atomic bonds within these base molecules “bend, stretch, and rock upon absorbing infrared light with a specific frequency related to the energy and strength of the bond and the mass of the nucleus of the atom. A tighter, smaller bond from, say, hydrogen, will absorb light with a higher wavenumber (number of waves per centimeter), and a higher ‘note’ in the infrared spectrum.” A spectrophotometer was used to ascertain the frequencies of the different bases. Inside this device, infrared light with frequencies ranging from 600 to 3000 wavenumbers (in units of cm-1) was passed through each sample, being absorbed at specific frequencies, which the instrument plots as a spectrum. Once the wavenumber was identified, it was converted to hertz using the following equation: Frequency (Hz) = velocity (speed of light) x wavenumber

Because this process involves infrared light—not sound—frequencies, huge numbers (megahertz) were obtained, that, if translated directly into hertz would be far beyond human hearing (and thus useless for creating a musical composition, as intended). Recognizing that if they were to halve the numbers they were getting—and keep halving (decreasing them by octaves at a time) until the number fell within the audible range of sound frequencies, they would end up with the same notes only at much lower (audible) octaves. Each DNA base yielded 15 – 18 notes; 60 in all. Interestingly, it appears that none of the bases emitted an A#—it was the only note of the diatonic scale missing.

Once this data was collected, it was converted into a human hearing range and programmed into a Yamaha DX7 IID synthesizer. They needed to use a “special electronic keyboard…because the tunings that were derived were almost all microtones” (tones smaller than a regular semi-tone, the smallest interval generally used in Western music).[xii] This presented Alexjander with a formidable challenge regarding creating actual musical compositions out of these tightly-packed clusters of DNA base notes. At first, there was no seeming organization or order to what she was seeing or hearing, when experimenting with the 60 different microtonal DNA notes on her synth.

Then, after weeks and weeks of experimentation with different sound combinations, a “tonal center” began to emerge. One pitch in particular seemed to lend meaning and coherency to the challenging microtonal morass—a pitch common to all four bases: C#(!)

Adenine: 545.6 Hz

Guanine: 550

Thymine: 543.4

Cytosine: 537.8

Average DNA Hz = 544.2

This is where their project gets particularly interesting for those of us interested in sound-based healing, Just Intonation tuning, and the acoustic laws underlying creation.

You see, in today’s bastardized standard tuning (Equal Temperament), C#=554 Hz/A=440, and C=523. Look carefully at the frequency values of each DNA base above and you see that all four of them are fairly close to being tuned to this standard tuning (where A=440, the “Nazi tuning”). This C# “is positioned almost exactly in the center of the absorbency rates, and shows up as the average. This C# seems to act as a balancer for the entire spectrum of frequencies,” as Alexjander put it. She further observes that most of the gongs, bells, and drums of the non-Western world are tuned to this C# tonal center—as if we are collectively trying to subconsciously tune to something (natural cosmic harmonics).
In the ancient Just Intonation tuning system based on nature itself, C# is precisely 544 Hz—exactly what emerged as the dominant, central “organizing” DNA base frequency in Alexjander and Deamer’s research!

What made my jaw drop, however, was not that the four DNA bases’ tuning averaged out at 544 Hz, fairly close to standard tuning where C#=554 Hz (a discrepancy of only 10 Hz). It was, rather, the fact that when A=432 Hz, as in the ancient Just Intonation tuning system based on nature itself, C# is precisely 544 Hz—exactly what emerged as the dominant, central “organizing” DNA base frequency in Alexjander and Deamer’s research! Astonishingly, Alexjander and Deemer have apparently missed this crucial correlation. Apparently we have 432 DNA!

A432 Hz is the tuning of the Cosmic Keyboard or Cosmic Pitchfork, as opposed to the A440 Hz modern “standard.” It places C# at 136.10 Hz [544 Hz four octaves higher] “Om,” which is the main note of the Sitar in classical Indian music and the pitch of the chants of the Tibetan monks, who tell us “It comes from nature.” – Dameon Keller[xiii]

Now we are seeing a real basis for precisely why sound healing works—on every level of our beingness. It is a harmonic rule that whatever octave you are toning at, it will automatically resonate the other octaves of that note. So, even if you are toning vocally within the limited human vocal (or hearing) range, and you are toning into a chakra, if you have selected the “right” note, it can and will correct cymatic deformations in that chakra, even though the magnetic vortex of said chakra will be spinning at a frequency (and harnessing light at frequencies) far beyond the range of regular sense perception, and thus, invisible to most people. The law of harmonic resonance means that you will immediately affect light/matter on many octaves of the same note simultaneously. Because sound (vibration) organizes light/matter into form, it is potentially the most potent tool in a healer’s arsenal. Sound does strange and exotic things other tools cannot; “junk” DNA, for example responds to sound—codons can be turned on or off using acoustic vibrations, and our cell membranes (which are the “brains” of the cells) have antennae that detect sound vibrations and can pass them into the cellular matrix.

According to clairvoyant Barbara Brennan, former physicist and founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, when she uses her voice in this way for healing chakra deformities, the chakra will stand up and spin correctly almost immediately. From there, it only takes a few seconds once a chakra is corrected on the first/etheric level to then become the correct color on the second level (emotional body) of the field.[xiv]

Well known biologist Bruce Lipton has stated that, aside from the better known “lock and key” cell receptor sites, there are also antenna-like structures (“primary cilium”) on the cell membranes in our bodies that respond to vibrational frequencies:

     Receptor antennas can also read vibrational energy fields such as light, sound, and radio frequencies. The antennas on these energy receptors vibrate like tuning forks. If an energy vibration in the environment resonates with a receptor’s antenna, it will alter the protein’s charge, causing the receptor to change shape…Biological behavior can be controlled by invisible forces as well as it can be controlled by physical molecules like penicillin…[xv]

Lipton’s material illustrates something about the mechanisms involved in epigenetic change, in this case epigenetic shifts triggered by sound. “Toning,” as intuitive channeller Barbara Marciniak is informed by her apparently interdimensional Pleiadian muses, “is a key to releasing stored knowledge. It unlocks a doorway and allows information to flood into your body…n a very subtle way, it changes your perceptions.”[xvi]

Given that our DNA is tuned to the harmonic laws of creation—as seen in Just Intonation tuning—at C#=544 Hz, it makes complete sense that healing instruments like Tibetan sound bowls may be tuned to this natural scale.

I’ll be back later to share more about C=528 Hz and the importance of the Solfeggio frequencies. In the meantime, please remember that you are nonlocally and gravitationally connected to the resonant frequencies of the cosmos and that no one stands alone “outside” of the cosmos or cut off from everything (though they may feel like that at times). We’re all part of this huge resonant system, participating in dynamic feedback loops with intelligent subsystems such as the sun, the moon and the earth. Our sense of separation is strictly a brain-based “grand illusion.”

What readers are saying:

Brendan is the Chomsky of the Spiritual movement.
-Alistair Larmour, medical intuitive

The whole book was amazing and I am insisting that all of the trainers who teach my model read it as well as putting it on the Must Read list for my classes and telling them about it verbally. It is important. Thank you for this masterpiece. The world needs it.
-Lisa Schwartz

I believe that your writing is even more important than your admirers realize because it can help to awaken the influential leaders who already know that we must begin immediately to build a new paradigm. That cannot happen without a revised understanding about the true nature of consciousness. I know of no one who is grappling with the problem at your level. I will be sharing your writing with others.
-John Holum

[T]his is a really good piece of work, my friend! Good research, well thought out, impeccably reported, a real contribution to the field. I have forwarded it to several others; their reaction is the same as my own. Really well done. Rock on!
-Dave Yurth, scientist, inventor, author

A masterpiece…The Grand Illusion is mind-blowing.
-Sol Luckman, author of Potentiate Your DNA

About the author

Co-founder of Global Freedom Movement and author of the critically acclaimed “mind-blowing masterpiece” THE GRAND ILLUSION: A SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY, Brendan D. Murphy is a leading expositor of the new paradigm of integrated science and spirituality/sovereignty, and has been referred to as the “Chomsky of the spiritual movement.”. He is also a passionate advocate of accelerated conscious evolution through sound-based DNA and kundalini activation.

“Enough of the slave species legacy we’ve been playing out for millennia! It’s time to rediscover sovereignty, infinite consciousness and our multi-dimensional selves. Evolution is calling. Will we answer?” Get activated here:

Len Horowitz, Musical Cult Control,

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I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind


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