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Kollapsnik Radio Begins!

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To go along with the Kollapsnik Radio program, I created the Kollapsnik Skype ID for call-ins to the show, but it also needed an email addy on Google, so I can also do Google+ Video Hangouts specifically for this show, and also to have a seperate email addy for Listeners to contact the show.

Unfortunately, the Kollapsnik AT Gmail DOT com addy already taken, so I had to come up with a new one.

The NEW Email for the show is Kollapsologist TM AT Gmail DOT com!

As a fully accredited Kollapsologist TM from Diner University with a Ph. D. in Kollapsology TM granted after 6 years of Post Graduate study in the field and a 10,000 page Peer Reviewed Dissertation on the Diner, I felt this was an appropriate email addy.  :icon_mrgreen:

Besides that, it's easy to remember.  :icon_sunny:

Dr. RE

Proctology has met it's match.


--- Quote from: azozeo on April 11, 2015, 01:15:31 PM ---Proctology has met it's match.

--- End quote ---

Detailsbend over2bend over2
You're a great Straight Man AZ!  :icon_mrgreen:



You know he gets off to this stuff !

I am now at 100 Kollapse Music Tracks Converted & Downloaded!

I can't see why anyone buys Music at all anymore.  On a Music level, this is as good as Books Great Choice was for downloading E-books.  Actually better, since I had to pay for a monthly membership there of around $30 for a couple of months while I was downloading the books.  This is completely FREE.

Also remarkably, this has used up very little bandwidth.  The only issue with it is it is time consuming to do it.  However, it does not take any more time than listening to the music, so if you feel like listening to something, you just do the convert & download while listening.  You can actually do that in less time than it takes the track to play.  I'm doing about 20-30 a day right now, but this is a lot. At average 4 min/track, that is 2 hours worth of time.  Normally, you might do 5/day to collect up your Music Library.  20 minutes/day listening to your favorite music.  In a year, your collection would be upwards of 2000 Tracks.  I don't think I have 2000 tracks I want in my playlist, but I suppose I could go that deep if I added more songs from favorite artists.

I definitely have plenty of music now for the show to begin with, just I haven't figured out yet what is the right balance of Music to Talk? Thoughts welcome on this question.  For the short <30min Shows, I'm thinking I will do what we first did with the Podcasts, and Sandwich the Talk with a Music track at the beginning and another one at the end, and maybe one more midway.  The only difference is when we did that, we just used a 30sec-1min snippet of a song and then faded it.  In this case, I will use the full tracks.

So far, I have had zero copyright issues on Spreaker with the tracks I loaded there.  Not sure if this will become a problem if the show gains listenership though.

In other Kollapse Audio Newz, Monsta & me did a Podcast with Gail today recapping her China trip, and covering some other topics too.



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