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Waterless World-Transcript
« on: April 12, 2015, 06:11:02 AM »

Waterless World went up as part of the Go Fun SUN article.  This thread is for separate discussion of the Rant.

Here's the transcript:

Greetings Doomfans, and welcome to another edition of the Frostbite Falls Daily Rant, here on the Doomstead Diner.

Before getting into the latest rant, I'm going to do my first Official Plug for our Non-Profit organization, Sustaining Universal Needs, or SUN for short.  You can find the SUN website at  That's the number 4 in there, not the word Four.  We've begun fundraising for our first Land and Permaculture Education project, and any Donations to help realize this project are welcome and also Tax Deductible for you.  You can make Donations on the SUN website or at the crowd funding site Go Fund Me.  You can find that page at .  If you enjoy my rants and the Diner Blog & forum, this is a great way to help us get off the ground, so PONY UP!  Lol.

OK, on with the rant! Today I'm going to drift off the Geopolitical and Economic Doom to look at an even more threatening issue, the Global Water crisis.

Most people here in the FsoA probably are at least semi-aware of the Drought Issues ongoing in CA and most of the states west of the Mississippi as well.  Unless you're a regular frequent flyer of Doom websites though, you probably don't know about the even worse problems going on everywhere from Africa to China to Brazil.

Many people don't realize that a huge part of the problem in Syria stems from drought that has been ongoing there for years now, depopulating many towns that had been inhabited continuously  since the Biblical era.  The Water Refugees from these towns have been streaming into the larger Syrian Big Shities like Damascus, adding to the already large underclass of unemployed people there with No Hope.  This of course makes Fertile Ground for new Suicide Bomber Recruitment, since these folks have Nothing left to Lose anymore, and often would prefer to be released from this life and Go to Glory in the next one they believe in.  When Dying becomes preferable to Living, all you need is a little motivation to do the deed, and if you believe this will serve some Cause you also believe in, then you willingly and enthusiastically will send yourself, and a few of your perceived Enemies to the Great Beyond with you.

The massive level of drought that Syria has been experiencing for a decade is now only beginning to come to some other places, like Sao Paolo in Brasil, where water is portioned out a couple of hours a day or a few hours a day to the residents.  As you might expect, the wealthier people there have purchased Water Storage tanks, dug their own wells and so forth to stay Hydrated here as the general water supply dries up.  However, the wells they are digging are going down 1000 feet and more to find some water, and dragging it up from that deep takes a good deal of energy, not to meniton the fact it can become contaminated along the way if the well pipe isn't perfectly sealed.  Most of the time this is not the case, since that takes a lot of money to do, and even the rich folks don't have THAT much money most of the time.  You have to be a Fracker that can issue out Billions in Debt to even try to do this “right” going that deep.

Back here in the FsoA, Da Goobernator of CA Jerry Brown has put CA under it's first ever set of Mandatory Water restrictions, except of course for the Frackers who can continue to blow through 2 million gallons a day squeezing a little more Oil out of the ground there.  Gotta keep those jobz and tax revenue, even if people don't have drinking water and the Almond trees are dying.  Besides that, the restrictions are pretty much a joke, Golf Courses are supposed to “limit” their water usage to keep the Greens Green.  Excuse me?  Why are fucking Golf Courses using ANY water?  Same thing with people's lawns.  Make a Japanese Rock Garden for crying out loud, why are you watering your lawn in a fucking DESERT?

Meanwhile, up in the Rocky Mountains, the Snowpack which feeds water down to CA and to the Colorado River as spring arrives is at its lowest level ever recorded, so there's not going to be any help coming down from there as summer arrives.  This also doesn't bode well for the water level in Lake Mead, which last I checked was around 1083 feet and losing around a foot every 3 days or so.  At 1050 feet, the turbine blades start to cavitate and they have to shut down the power completely.  It's power output is already down 25% just from having less water pressure.

When, not if at this point they have to shut Hoover down, this knocks about 10% of the power generating capacity in that neighborhood, and there aren't any new fossil fuel or nuke plants being built to pick up the slack there either.  So pretty soon, besides being short on water, they're going to be short on electricity too, and those hot summer days in the desert can be mighty tough when the air conditioners shut down.  Those Casinos in Vegas are pretty unpleasant places even with the air conditioning turned on, without it the gamblers and show girls will be drenched in sweat and dropping like flies from Heat Stroke.

In order to combat the general lack of water in all the reservoirs in the neighborhood, just like in Sao Paolo people are drilling new wells and dropping straws down into the ground to suck up what is left of the Ground Water, and many spots are losing 30 feet a year at this point.  It's only a couple of years out before the groundwater is sucked dry, and that's only at current usage levels.  If they don't have reservoir water to use, they will use more groundwater to pick up the slack.

Already in the Central Valley, the Almond Trees are dying off, and it's becoming quite hard to find Almonds in the grocery stores.  Much of the other produce we eat comes from CA as well, and this will become progressively more expensive and progressively harder to find as well at any price.  Some of the stuff like Broccoli can and will be grown in other areas to pick up the slack, but nuts like Pistachios and Almonds are not going to be grown elsewhere very soon, if ever.

Economically, the early victims of this climatic change are the Ski Resorts in places like Lake Tahoe and Mammoth, where lack of snow has barely half the lifts operational.  Larger operators like Vail Resorts are snapping up some of these smaller resorts for pennies on the dollar at the moment, but ultimately if the trend continues, Vail Resorts itself will fail.

Skiing of course is hardly an essential enterprise, even though for many of the places Ski Resorts are located they are the main revenue source for the locals.  Nevertheless, this represents a “Canary in the Coal Mine” far as climate related economic enterprises are concerned, if a Ski Resort goes outta biz, to start with lots of people lose their jobs.  Then all the folks who bought their Vacation Homes around the resort with the idea they would have fun days a couple of weeks out of the year riding the Lifts up to the top and skiing down the mountain have little to do around there without the resort, and they wanna unload the Million Dollar vacation home they bought, except WTF is going to buy it?  If they can get pennies on the dollar for it they are lucky.

Similar real estate problems all over the Central Valley of CA are coming down the pipe as well, if you own a McMansion in Fresno, what fucking idiot is going to buy this place from you if you want to move out?  OK, maybe you can find some dimwitted Chinese Investor if you are lucky, but I think even the Chinese know by now that CA is drying up, so the RE values are going to drop like a rock here, and with that goes the property tax revenue for CA too.  This means more laid off Goobermint workers, who also gotta sell their McMansions into a collapsing market.  You can see where this si going of course, a LOT of people are going to be completely wiped out here.  GingTFO of Dodge at this point is becoming increasingly more difficult every day the drought continues, and it shows no signs whatsoever of stopping of even slowing down, rather it appears to be accelerating.

The fairly obvious economic problems that CA is going to suffer from in the next couple of years are quite obvious, but it's still more stuff there are absolutely ZERO contingency plans to deal with, other than dropping Californicators into FEMA Internment Camps, which seem to be sprouting up like Mushrooms all over that are of the country.  Problem with that?  Where will they get the WATER for the people in the Internment Camps?  Does anybody really think FEMA could handle 38M water refugees streaming out of CA?  They couldn't handle the caseload coming out of NOLA after Katrina!  One place you DEFINITELY do not want to find yourself in is one of these “Internment Camps” once the rush out of CA gets underway.  You're better off buying a Kayak and paddling for British Columbia, you'll have a better chance at survival pulling that stunt.

Don't forget to drop in on SUN to make a donation before the monetary system collapses!

And that's all the Doom, this time until next time, here on the Doomstead Diner.

Save As Many As You Can


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