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Blast from the Past: Meet the Diner Admins
« on: November 12, 2017, 03:37:34 AM »

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on November 12, 2017

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It has been a really bizzy last month for me, with several big projects in the works.  This week particularly bizzy since I am prepping up for a jet setting trip down to the Lower 48 and  burning some Jet Fuel to visit over the Thanksgiving holiday with friends, as well as meet with the Stone Cutters who I contracted with to do my Tombstone, which is a totally Custom Job.  Finding people who would take on this job was not EZ, believe you me!  I will have more on the Tombstone once we have everything nailed down, and at least have the stones ordered up.  It will take a while to be finished, probably 4-6 months.  I hope to stay alive long enough to see the IRL rendition of the copious number of 3D drawings I have made to get it explained to the Cutters.  These guys are CHAMPION CUTTERS!

…at least they appear to be so from all the conversations and exchanges I have had with them to date, but I really must get down there to see them in person and check out the facility.  I just HAVE to see the CNC machines they are using to cut this Granite!  I wasn't even sure what I designed could be cut in Granite, but my chief CAD man says no problem, we can do it.

Besides the Tombstone Project    I have been working hard  at Archiving the Diner, so that after I Buy My Ticket to the Great Beyond  all this shit written about the Collapse of Industrial Civilization doesn't instantly ALSO go to the Great Beyond once the bills for the Server stop being paid and/or the Internet Goes Dark !  So between these two projects, I haven't had a whole heck of a lot of time to do any writing.

So, to fill in here for the next few weeks I am reaching into the vast Diner Archives to republish some older articles, videos and audio.  I am kicking off here with one of the first vids we did on the Collapse Cafe ,  which was just a brief historical chat about the founding of the Diner between myself and my long time partner in Collapse Crime and fellow Admin, Surly.  This one is just chock full of technical goof ups and problems, as I still was not too familiar with the software Google was dishing out at the time and not used to engineering and trying to listen, think and talk about Collapse at the same time.  lol.  So it never got published on the Diner Blog, although it did go up on Diner YouTube.  But I am putting it up anyhow, because this is how the Vids got going.  The whole last half of the chat got lost due to a YouTube gllitch too, so there's only about 7 minutes worth here.  They get a bit better in later recordings on the techy end fortunately, and further ones I republish will be technically more tolerable, although I wouldn't go so far as to say professional. lol.

It's only around 4 years old.  Amazing how much better condition I was in such a short time ago.  When your health goes south, it can go fast indeed.

Once I get back up here to the Last Great Frontier and have my crippled ass safely esconced again back in my digs, I'll get back to the bizness of chronicling collapse here on the pages of the Doomstead Diner .  I'll also get back to recording new rants on the topic as well, since I have several requests for these to make a comeback.  As for the videos, I don't think I will make too many more of those, at least not ones where my corporeal self appears on camera.  I look like shit and can't stand watching them.

Now, hopefully I can stay above ground until the end of the month at least to get the meetings with the Cutters done.

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