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Re: Ford Fusion Energi review
« Reply #15 on: September 18, 2015, 01:52:16 PM »
Big Road Trip report

Because I bought the Energi used, and to do two jobs in one car, it is important that it does both jobs well. As an EV it is doing fine, bigger than the Volt, comfortable, turns out I am getting close to 25 miles per charge instead of the advertised 20, but currently conditions are optimal, the temperatures are moderate, suburban running around and staying off the main secondaries and interstates is perfect for this type of car.

But I didn't buy it to be just an EV, I've got more than a million road miles to my name (closer to 1.1 million at this point) and this car is required to ROADTRIP!!!! So road trip #1 involved EVing as much of the Blue Ridge Parkway as possible, enjoying the cheap gasoline prices, reveling in the economic consequences of what current abundance has wrought to us roadtripper types.

44 mpg was the damage across the entire trip, 34-38 on interstates with the ICE constantly running, 60+ on the Parkway itself where I could charge the car going downhill, and then EV up the next uphill with only a little ICE help. Running through the Shenendoah valley at 60-65 mpg speeds I was able to hit 55 mpg over hundreds of miles without even trying hard. I would say that 60% of the trip was interstate and high speed, the other 40% slower, such as dropping into Romney WV to see if I could find Thom wandering the streets looking forlorn that collapse still hadn't arrived to that particular hick town. I did stop at the DQ though, just had to have some ice cream.

I've slept in the back of the car, had it on the road for 20 hours at a time testing seat comfort, of those almost 4000 miles some 1300 of them were EV, and only for the first time right before I left did I do my first "commercial" charging, went to grocery store, used my Chargepoint card, collected some 0.25 kW, snapped a pic for friends proving that I don't need to charge only at home, and can avoid jihadie support stores and STILL get free fuel (the electricity was free at this commercial charging point). Trunk is a pain though, you just can't get that much in there once you put in the spare and tools.

I've been a motorcycle guy since I could first drive, but I have to admit that there is a certain attraction to tooling down the Cherohala Skyway, dead silent except for the whistle of tires on pavement, looking out over the Smokies, going for miles with no need for combusting hydrocarbons, taking advantage of that monster battery in the back soaking up all the kinetic energy it needs, this thing beats a hybrid all to hell just because of what it can do on downhill runs. If I lived in hilly country you could get 60mpg without ever even needing to charge the car, charging the thing is just icing on the cake, infinite mileage being better than even 60 mpg of course.
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