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You may have noticed that in addition to your regular membership category, you also get categorized by how often you post up.  There are Dishwashers, Bussers, Waiters, Chefs etc on the Diner.  Obviously, any Diner needs all of these workers!

However, there can be ONLY ONE Chief Cook & Bottlewasher!  :icon_sunny:  It now takes 17,000 Posts to make it to Chief Cook & Bottlewasher!  I will keep upping this number as long as I am still above ground walking the Earth.


--- Quote ---However, there can be ONLY ONE Chief Cook & Bottlewasher!
--- End quote ---

Like wise with a Supreme Being. ONLY ONE!

Someone has to watch over the crazed Chiefs and Indians on the Diner. Someone whose infinite wisdom, impeccable judgement, majestic presence is akin to the Sun appearing amongst a colony of bats, illuminating their darkened world.

Often I wonder what it must be like to be an ordinary man, a cook perhaps, or a bottle washer, a Gold detractor, or a wooden nickel collector. Not that I would want to be an ordinary soul, rather than the Singularity, it's just that being the Supreme Being and looking at everyone from my distant perch in the heavens can be a tad lonely at times. You know the old saying "It's Lonely at the Top."

Oh well, such is Creation. Back to work at the Diner.


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