AuthorTopic: Part 3) An Analysis of the FBI Video of the Road Block resulting in Lavoy Finicum’s Death.  (Read 696 times)

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Peter Offermann  
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February 5, 2016

At the end of part 2 we were examining the period of time that Lavoy’s truck comes to a stop in the snow.

Here again is the last frame of his truck before the big blur.


Take note of the perspective here and try to visualize where the camera platform is. What I see is that it is to the left of the road on the uphill side and almost even with the truck and almost directly overhead.  Even if the image is zoomed out further the platform location would not move back far or cross the road because of the steep angle of the shot.

Next comes the big blur for about 1 second.


Not shown previously…. Below is the first frame after the blur stops.


The above location is at the start of the last curve and well to the right of the road.

As the camera slowly pans up from there and again shows us the truck we get a better reference of where the camera platform is in this frame.

first after return to truck

Compare the back of Lavoy’s truck in the first frame and this one. The current camera position is well behind the truck and far to the right as shown in the second frame.

Taking into account camera zoom how far apart do you think to camera position in the first and last images are?

My estimate is at least 700 feet.

According to the blur the platform has slightly less than 1 second to change places. It then takes another 2 seconds to pan back up towards the truck.

Unless the platform is able to teleport or time travel this is impossible.

There are only 2 possible explanations.

1) A section of video was cut out during this period.

2) There are two camera platforms.

I am currently leaning towards 2 platforms. With only 1 platform it didn’t makes sense for the camera to move away from the action at the critical moment but if their was a second camera close in covering the action then the first camera is free to zoom back out and cover the police vehicle arriving at the scene before again covering the truck.

Either way this video has been altered from the original. Either a section was taken out or 2 sperate videos were spliced together under the cover of the blur.

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I notice you put Part 1 & 2 on the Blog, but not part 3.  Any reason for that?

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