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Wonder how much of this is going on.  My mind is so screwed up from all this cyber shit going on I can't even decide if it's good or bad anymore. What a mess this Cyber warfare is to try and figure out.  :icon_scratch:
Somerville company uncovers attempts to sell sensitive U.S. military documents on the dark web

I suspect far, far more than we ever hear about, read about, or know about. Cyberwarfare and industrial sabotage are notoriously cost effective, meaning cheap for the perps. There's no way to know how many efforts are made for each that finds its way to our field of view, but I'd make a blind guess of 1:100. That may be low.

Yes, Imagine the taxpayers blowing 50 billion for a new weapon, and a hacker sells it to someone for a couple of hundred grand. 

Wondering also if it's a good or bad thing. Who would want to try out a secret weapon if he had a strong inkling the enemy knew all about it and was waiting with a deterrent and counter punch.  :icon_scratch:

It wasn't 200 grand.  GO wrote some fiction there.  Did he read it from the original memo and perhaps the paper got it wrong?

The excerpt from the article at the B. Globe:   
...said he found a posting on a hacking forum offering to sell documents from the U.S. Air Force with information on the MQ-9 Reaper drone for just $200. The documents...

Somebody is going to risk life in prison for $200.  A days pay? No, that is not going to happen.

It is one of those.  A story planted in the B. Globe without evidence there for you to emotionally believe it if you want.  It is meant to sow conformity and patriotism.   If it were true the FBI would not be letting anything out in the Boston Globe.  Think, they would be investigating the crime and setting honey traps.  They would be telling us why?

It is there to sow conformity and patriotism.  It is there to manipulate.  It promotes a meme.  It would be an irresponsible thing to disclose if true.

How easily we are deceived.

Thanks for the correction K-Dog on the 200.

Your take on the matter certainly sounds reasonable as well and while I tend to agree with it is still conjecture.

Wish there were a truly reliable trustworthy news source we could feel confident in. 


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