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And then the police will shoot them.

(Apologies to Andy Warhol)

Several things are particularly interesting about the latest Baltimore shooting of a black woman by police.

The first story I read detailed how Korryn Gaines tried to bully the officer who stopped her for a traffic violation back in March of this year. She was videoing the entire traffic stop, and basically daring the the cop to try to make her do anything she didn't want to do. She was using her child as a prop, refusing to let go, then accusing the cop of trying to take her kid away, etc.

All angry black woman schtick, in his face, cameras rolling. Telling him the law didn't apply to her.

Later I learned that she didn't have a license plate at all, but had a cardboard sign stating that she wasn't legally obligated to have one.

A light bulb lit up for me at that point. She was spouting the rhetoric of the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

A few journalists made the connection too.

Now we know she was also live-streaming herself with police during this week's police standoff, right up until the time she was killed.

This is when it began to click with me, about how this recent round of race related violence of the past year or two (and not only that but also mass shootings and terrorist acts) are not just more visible to the public because of social media. They are being DRIVEN by social media.

Korryn Gaines had a radical agenda she probably was exposed to on the net, and she was deliberately provoking police officers to engage her, so that she could appeal to her social media followers in real time, gain fame and garner support for her sovereign citizen ideals, and ultimately make herself a martyr.

A lot has been written about the downside of Web 2.0. Jared Lanier is one of social media's most vocal critics.

His criticism aims at several targets which concern him and are at different levels of abstraction:

any attempt to create one final authoritative bottleneck which channels the knowledge onto society is wrong, regardless whether it is a Wikipedia or any algorithmically created system producing meta information,

sterile style of wiki writing is undesirable because:
it removes the touch with the real author of original information, it filters the subtlety of his opinions, essential information (for example, the graphical context of original sources) is lost,
it creates a false sense of authority behind the information,

collective authorship tends to produce or align to mainstream or organizational beliefs,
he worries that collectively created works may be manipulated behind the scenes by anonymous groups of editors who bear no visible responsibility,

and that this kind of activity might create future totalitarian systems as these are basically grounded on misbehaved collectives which oppress individuals.

Lanier's book You Are Not A Gadget is what convinced me to give FB a total pass myself.

I think we will increasingly see that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also staging grounds for violent behavior only fomented in the past in public mob environments. As I showed in my earlier post, the rise of mass shootings in America since 2008 correlates perfectly with the meteoric rise of Facebook users over the same time.,7715.0.html

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