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The math to be of drugs
« on: July 17, 2017, 07:27:10 PM »
The title is ambiguous on purpose. Drugs allow the brain to achieve different perceptual states where different information is selected from the external environment as well as being accessed within the brain's own environment, and there are different subjective experiences in relation to this different informational space. Does the claim that "drugs are bad" include the claim all such possible neurological configurations under the influence of all possible dosages and frequencies are somehow sub-par or otherwise provide no utility whatsoever to life in relation to the sober mind or otherwise?

The point is that once the logic of the intelligence of drugs catches on - and this will take a while since this species isn't smart - there will be an explosion in the "memetic space", though I don't like the word "memetic" anymore. That means ideas in the sober mind will be competing with ideas in the other states of consciousness, and there is cross-talk between states. Of course, we know which states of mind have the upper hand here. Also, I know what smart is. It involves being able to change one's mind because your "identity" is tied to processes that are updated through evidence, which is to say, fundamentally, repetition, and not fantasies, ideologies, religions, or whatever. It's just getting the brain to copy whatever patterns are out there in a form that can be "in here". This is an ideologically neutral activity. It's when you start saying that we use such patterns to help us consciously survive that ideology enters the picture. Pattern formation itself and even survival itself are neutral processes.

This whole species taken together is wrong on so many levels you could fuck a supercomputer to death trying to figure out just how fucked we are. And we make ourselves less intelligent through public education, terrible universities, wasted communication channels such as television, radio, internet, and computational power more generally, massive disinformation industry wings of government as well as private contractors, absurd intellectual property management, economy rooted in poor health practices that negatively impact brain function, profit-industry of prospect-killing prisons, etc.

Oh, but don't do drugs! How about this species die in a :icon_sunny:? Oh that's right - it will probably destroy itself before that happens.
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