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The Alaska Snowbird Trail
« on: July 27, 2017, 02:08:35 AM »
Discussions here on the Diner regarding how best to live the OTR Life at the End of the Age of Oil have led me to do some beginning planning for the Last Great Adventure of my life in this Meat Package.

I live in Palmer, AK, and I like it a lot.  It's kind of a sleepy little town, but it has all the services you might want as a child of industrial culture.  Walmart. Check.  Multiplex Movie Theater. Check.  Chain Restaurants, Big Box Stores. Check.  It ALSO has lots of small farms around it so in a SHTF scenario, some food may still be available.  We're close to large commercial fishing grounds also.

I also have a very good and reasonable deal on my digs, a 1 bedroom apartment with a nice porch that serves as my Workshop. It is on the ground floor and I can roll my Ewz Electric Scooter right in and out of the place to go shopping for preps.  I live very close to the Regional Medical Center which takes care of my ever increasing Health Services needs, courtesy of Medicaid for a while and beginning in September courtesy of Medicare.  It's a pretty good setup for a Cripple.

But, it gets a little BORING, and it will be even MORE boring once I get my case with the SSA resolved.  Admining the Doomstead Diner does keep me somewhat Bizzy and entertained, and I can always write something to fill up the hours in the day but this shit I can do anywhere thanks to the marvels of modern technology.  Do I really want to finish my last days on Earth holed up in a 1 bedroom apartment in Palmer, Alaska? ???  :icon_scratch:

Answer to that: NO I DO NOT!!!! I am a Nomad, always have been.  This way of life I have been living the last decade is anaethema to me, and I do not want to finish my life this way.  I want to be OVER THE ROAD, one more time where I really belong and am comfortable.  I want to die going from somewhere here to there, not stuck in one spot on the face of the Earth.

With all that in mind, I have begun the planning for this Last Great Adventure of my life.  My Boondocking series and my I Spy Doom video series are all about developing my systems properly for living OTR this time.  I am a Cripple now, and things are not so EZ to do when you are crippled.  Everything has to be thought out and figured out in advance, right down to how you will get into and out of the Van.

I have most of my systems figured out now, although changing circumstances in my health throw monkey wrenches in periodically, so always readjusting there.  All else being equal at the moment, I think I can still pull this off.  So it is on now to planning the routes and just where to GO to enjoy the last days of the Age of Oil?

Alaska is only a really good place to hang out in a vehicle from about April to October.  Winter here just gets too fucking cold.  It's possible to handle it, but it is a pain in the ass and why DO that if you are a Mobile Nomad? ???  :icon_scratch:  So you have to plan your EXIT STAGE LEFT from Alaska in around September, when many of the parks up here start shutting down.

Your ESCAPE ROUTE for the winter is this:

Snowbird Alaska
Snowbird Alaska

There is only ONE land route out of Alaska, the Al-Can.  Once in the Great White North of Canada, you get a couple of choices, but they aren't too different from each other.  Once you make Seattle, the entire FSoA is now at your Fingertips courtesy of the Eisenhower Interstate.  I know it, I drove every last mile of that road system both East-West on the even numbered roads and North-South on the odd ones.   Local roads are often more interesting, but if you want to put some miles down in a day and cover some ground, you can't beat the interstate except in a plane.

On leaving Alaska, my first destination would almost always be Seattle, although I can see circumstancs I would go Trans-Canada and not drop down to the Lower 48 until I hit the East Coast.  Overall though if you ever drove the Trans-Canada Highway, this one is a boring piece of shit road also.

The ONLY thing I don't look forward to on this adventure is eating Truckstop food again.  I survived it once though, so I probably will live through it again.  Something else will kill me.



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