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Frostbite Falls Newz / 🌎 New Global Collapse Forum
« on: April 12, 2021, 11:36:08 PM »
I started a new Forum to discuss Collapse Issues on Free Space.

When the Diner goes off-air (which it will if nobody pays for the server), we can continue to occasionally chat over there.

Friday I have my Medicaid Assessment hearing to hopefully get the additional aid I need to get a prosthetic and also to get out of the prison I currently remain in, now in my 4th month of incarceration here.

Rules have changed again and now I am theoretically able to go out, however currently I have nobody to come take me out on trips.  Once I have a prosthetic perhaps I can go out myself, but not as of yet safely.  Winter also is slow letting go and there is still ice and snow everywhere.


History / The last Hunter-Gatherers in Britain
« on: February 16, 2021, 01:10:03 AM »
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Diner Anniversary Party Board / Diner 9th Anniversary
« on: February 14, 2021, 08:31:17 PM »
Well,without much fanfare this year we reached our 9th year discussing issues of collapse.  A reminder to all that if you want the Diner to stay up another year, you guys will have to fund it.  I am flat broke.


Seasteading / ⛵ Thomas Cochrane: Craziest Sea Captain in History
« on: January 24, 2021, 06:26:45 AM »
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History / Into the West
« on: January 04, 2021, 08:57:14 PM »
Over the past few weeks since I haven't had the energy to write I filled in my awake time watching "westerns", particularly the ones made by John Wayne in the 1930s.  In these early films JW built the character he played for is whole career, along with war hero films.  The films are very stylized with a whitewashed view of the west circa 1860-1890 or so including the Civil War.  The sets in these films are very stylized and "clean", as in everyone is neatly costumed and dressed and it looked familiar to the modern eyeballs of the viewers.  It's all terrifically unrealistic, including the sets which are as neat and clean as the costumes.  The films invariably have a happy ending where JW nabs the bad guys and gets the girl.

In contrast to this following it I watched a 6 part miniseries "Into the West" which is basically a more realistic version of "Dances With Wolves" and takes the Native Americans eye view for the most part.  It tracks the white settlement of the West from around 1825 to 1900.  The series is very depressing overall but worth watching.    You get a good view of how inexorable this flow was into our modern world and how doomed it all is in the end.  It's quite long but divides nicely into 6 parts of 1.5 hrs each.  I highly recommend this series.  Here is Part 1:

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Doom Psychology & Philosophy / How many True Friends do you have?
« on: December 14, 2020, 05:14:24 AM »
iI have a theory this ls determined by 3 factors:

1- Your age
2- Your net worth
3- whether you are married/single and have kids or not.

To be considered a True Friend, you must:

1-Trust this person with sensitive information (secrets)
2- Trust this person with large sums of money (how much this is depends on your net worth)
3- Donate a Kidney to this person if he/she needs one
4- Communicate with this person on a regular basis.  Talking, emaild, forum and texting all count
5- Be aware of this person's moral, ethical, religious and political beliefs and be accepting of them (you do not need to believe them yourself)
6-  This person may NOT be your spouse, child or other blood relative

For myself, I currently count 4 people in this category.

Discussion welcome.


History / Why Was Churchill So Concerned About The Africa Campaign?
« on: December 14, 2020, 04:31:14 AM »
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The Kitchen Sink / If One is Good, is 2 Better?
« on: November 30, 2020, 05:31:00 AM »


Medicine & Health / Amputee Doomer
« on: November 08, 2020, 02:40:59 AM »


Off the keyboard of RE

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  November 8, 2020

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As I am sure you have noticed if you are a Diner regular, my Blog and Vlog production has dropped off to near zero over the last few weeks.  This because I have been on an accelerating downhill health curve and finally had to bite the bullet, going the Full Monte with my right leg, which got hit first and hardest by Cellulitis.  3 weeks in hospital followed by 3 weeks in an extended care facility (torture facility) with daily very painful wound care failed to make any real progress, and shortly after returning home I began to experience extreme pain once again.  My electric wheel chair that I depended on to keep some semblance of normality and independence also crapped out on me about a week after I got home and I got stuck in my new hospital bed just like in the Torture Facility, except I had even less help at home.

So I finally called it quits and called 911 to send an ambulance and bring me back to hospital, pretty certain they would admit me and that the only solution was an amputation.  My hope was for a Below the Knee (BTK) saw job, but after an examination by the surgeon and his review of my records, he told me there really wasn't enough healthy tissue to safely cover the remaining limb and I would end up just having to return and do it all over again with an Above the Knee (ATK) cut.  Despite the fact this procedure ends witha much more difficult prosthetic, I agreed with his assessment of the situation and told him to go ahead and cut off the whole fucking thing.

I had the Wound Care dude shoot a couple of pics this week in the middle of a dressing change, so now you get your first look at an Amputee Doomer, with the Staples currently holding the skin together over a sewn together hamstring and quadracep muscle.  Normally right now this is currently covered all the time by lots of gauze and elastic bandage material.

The whole healing process for this is very long, before I can even be fitted for a prosthetic, and at the moment it is unclear how it is all going to get paid for, so this story has many more chapters to go, but most of them will not get written.  Even writing this short synopsis was quite difficult for me, and working up the energy to write it this week was a  trial, so don't expect too much coming off my keyboard for the forseeable future.

I have handed off primary responsibility for Admining the Diner Blog to Irv Mills and the Diner Forum is primarily being Moderated by K-Dog.  I am still Admin of our YouTube Channel at, although like writing for the Blog I am unlikely to produce too much material for the forseeable future.  Just have to see how that goes.

I can't write this post without at least a passing reference to the recently completed POTUS Election, where Uncle Joe Biden has nominally been declared the victor over Donalditry Trumpovetsky, which is good although Uncle Joe won't be able to stop the trajectory of collapse plus he is nearly as corrupt as El Trumpo.  The main problem though is the race and the results were sufficiently close that die-hard Trumpovites will always claim the Dems cheated.  All sorts of interesting questions are out there, such as will he get prosecuted for tax fraud after leaving office in January?  It also leaves open the possibility he will run again in 2024 and spend the next 4 years crticizing the Dems and Uncle Joe, who are bound to screw up.

Anyhow, at least for now he won't get to ride in the new 747 Air Force 1 due for delivery I think in 2021. 🙂


Sing to the tune of "Refugee" by Tom Petty (parody lyrics coming eventually)


Seasteading / The Mystery of the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
« on: October 14, 2020, 09:26:02 PM »
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The Kitchen Sink / COVID Care Comparison: Rich vs Poor
« on: October 14, 2020, 06:22:00 AM »


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Published on The Doomstead Diner  on October 14, 2020

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Economics / 🍽️ Official Death of Restaurants Thread
« on: October 08, 2020, 06:29:29 AM »
We have had a "Death of Retail" thread for a long time covering the BK of numerous chains and Bib Box stores going outta biz,even predating COVID.  We also covered retaurants and chains in that thread, including such Notables as the Stage Delicatessen in NY Shity and Chucky Cheese Pizza.  I decided it's high time restaurants had their own Collapse thread.  Kicking us off is the BK of Ruby Tuesday's, another of those Bar-Restaurant chains along with TGI Fridays and Red Robin that took off in the 1980s.


Ruby Tuesday files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection: 185 restaurants closed
Nathan Bomey

Hobbled by the pandemic and facing the same long-term challenges as other casual dining chains, Ruby Tuesday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection early Wednesday.

The company hopes to use the debt-cutting process to improve its finances and stay in business, saying in a statement that it had "reached an understanding with its secured lenders to support its restructuring."

But CEO Shawn Lederman said in a court filing the company has permanently closed 185 restaurants that had shut their doors during the coronavirus pandemic. That leaves the chain with 236 company-owned and operated locations, as well as an undisclosed number of locations run by 10 franchisee groups.

"We do not anticipate any additional restaurant closures at this time," Ruby Tuesday chief marketing officer Jenifer Boyd Harmon said in an emailed statement. "We remain committed to providing our guests with safe, quality experiences at all our current locations."

What happens to you if there's no stimulus?Here's what the stimulus could have offered to Americans.

Fruit recall:Watermelon, apples, other produce sold at Walmart stores in 9 states recalled for listeria

The move comes as sit-down restaurants have been battered by the pandemic, which has reduced their seating capacity and scared away many patrons.

A Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Columbia, Missouri.
But Ruby Tuesday had been struggling for years with increased competition from fast-food and fast-casual companies, as well as reduced traffic to its mall-based locations and the rise of new food delivery options, Lederman said.

The company specializes in ribs, steaks, seafood, chicken, appetizers and a garden bar. Based in Maryville, Tennessee, the company has about 7,300 employees, including 7,000 who have been temporarily furloughed.

“This announcement does not mean ‘Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday,'" Lederman said in a statement. "Today’s actions will allow us an opportunity to reposition the company for long-term stability as we recover from the unprecedented impact of COVID-19."

Ruby Tuesday traces its roots back to its founding in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1972 near the campus of the University of Tennessee.

In 2017, with about 541 restaurants, the company went private in a sale to private-equity firm NRD Capital Management.

McDonald's menu additions:New blueberry muffin, cinnamon roll and apple fritter arrive at restaurants Oct. 28

It quickly ran into trouble as sales suffered. Ruby Tuesday defaulted on its debts in the two quarters before the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in March.

In recent months, Ruby Tuesday has renegotiated leases and loan agreements and slashed corporate costs in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy according to a court filing.

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But the company, which relied on sit-down dining for more than 90% of its sales, was not able to adapt quickly enough to the pandemic despite moves to expand delivery and takeout, launch "virtual kitchens" and sell raw food through its website.

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  on October 7, 2020

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Before going on to the closing act of this ran't, I just want to express my thanks to the Lurkers and Viewers who don't post up much but when they do contribute they carry a Big Stick and they don't do it for the accolades or attention.  Today's thanks go out to a Lurker from Poland and to another Krippled Kollapsnik doing the ExPat Tango down in Old Mejico.  They are probably among the most financially challenged Diners, yet they gave among the largest of Donations this weekg.  One thing you will always find true is that the poorer someone is, the more generous they are.

OK,  let's get back and close out the rant.







Seasteading / Ships in Horrible Storms
« on: October 06, 2020, 09:51:49 AM »
Hey Judy!  I have an idea!  Let's go Sailing!   :icon_sunny:

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  on October 5, 2020

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See the source imageIn a long awaited and expected irony, the Denier-in-Chief has been diagnosed with Coronavirus. Trophy Wife Melania has as welll, and so apparently has about half the White House staff. Former NJ Gubernator Chris Christie has it and a whole Gaggle of Senators running for re-election do also . The main question is who will drop dead before election day, and also whether you can vote for a corpse?

At the left here you see a Photo Op for TEN of The Donald's doctors, possibly more including docs who got cropped out of the pic.  Out here in the rel world of the not rich, not famous and not politically powerful, you don't even have 10 CNSs ("Certified Nurse Assistant") per patient, in fact just the opposite, each CNA has about a dozen patients to shuttle around to for changing bedding, cleaning shit buckets and so forth.  At my current Jazzed up nursing facility, these folks aen't even the lowest on the totem pole, we have something called "Neighborhood Helpers" who are below them.  This because apparently not enough people are qualified to make it through a 2 week training class to learn how to change your sheets and properly wipe your ass with Shield disinfectant wipes.

Any given facility of this type has exactly ONE MD or DO nominally "in charge" as Medical Director, and then a couple of Nurse Practitioners and/or Physician's Assistants who also can write prescriptions a pharmacy will fill.  The Nurses themselves work usually 12 hour shifts 3 days a week and they basically cruise around non-stop with a cart, make copious and formula notes to your chart   and then head off to the next COVID patient room to Rinse & Repeat.

At the end of your 12 hour half-day shift you strip off the layers of PPEand hope not to bring home the dreaded virus to your Kindergarten age Girl Scout Brownie and your HS age Quarterback with his first shot at making the Starting Team in a neighborhood where NOTHING is of greater propriety than football.

As for me, I am still doing the Fundraiser for my Hospital Bed for when I hopefully get released out of here at the end of the month.  $300 raised so far, $1900 to go!

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