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Far Out Newz / Re: Is Synchronicity A Glimpse Into The 4th Dimension?
« on: September 23, 2018, 12:38:14 PM »
Thank you LD for your comments.

Hope all is well with you & your tribe...

You are welcome for the comments. 

Everything is great with my tribe as well. 

Far Out Newz / Re: Is Synchronicity A Glimpse Into The 4th Dimension?
« on: September 22, 2018, 07:07:07 PM »
Synchronicity is real, but I don't know the meaning of it.  It happens to me all of the time, or at least I observe it often.  It seems cheap, my experience of late...but everytime Iisten to a podcast, or watch a show on netflix I end up going to the place featured.  It's uncanny.  I'll get a load going to somewhere and then I'll happen to listen or watch something that takes place in that very place.  I haven't been able to make heads or tails of it. 

RE emailed me today, and I just the other day put an old wireless keyboard in my bag to take with me. 

We are all consciousness emerging to know itself.  We are all the same.  All one.  I think synchronicty is just realizing that and being present for it.  I think synchronicty happens every's just are you aware of it? 

Geopolitics / Re: 👮‍♂️ Why Police Kill So Often
« on: September 22, 2018, 05:13:44 PM »
I'm not sure I have much to add to this thread.

Somehow, per usual, I agree with both Eddie and Surly.  I'm not sure how that makes any sense.  I just see both sides and agree with them both.  It's like you guys are arguing just to be arguing. 

Cops do belong to a subculture as do medics, soldiers, truckers, techie geeks, musician, artists...what we do defines our outer purpose to a large degree.  Subcultures are themselves made up of a diverse group of all types of people with all types of past experiences which inform their opinions on the various sizes and shapes of but holes.  Which, by the way, all buttholes are the same color.

My points is that we are all people.  Whites have been mostly in charge historically, at least in the Western world.  White privilage is a real thing, but go to a white trailer park and tell them about that...see what they say.  It's hard just being human in this world.  It cost money to live.  What are we to do about the past injustices done to blacks and other minorities?  Does Jesus need to come back and be crucified again so that whites can go about thier lives without some sense of guilt for the past?  I've not once been racist in my life.  I might have dropped an N bomb a time or two, but I've cussed a cracka ass cracka just the same.  I just don't like stupid people much. 

What to do about race problems?  Grow up.  Grow up and see people as people.  Problem is that people are clanish and jingoistic.  They are nationalists and exclusionary.  They are affraid of the other and affraid of change.  But mostly they are simply affriad to be wrong.  Everybody wants to be right.  Everybody wants to believe that what they think and believe and do is correct.  Everybody can't be correct because there is right and there is wrong.  I'm not speaking of just morals either.  Morals and ethics can be debated.  There is a growing group of people thorughout they world now that believes that the Earth is flat.  They call themselves "flat earthers."  WTF?  They think they are right.  They are not right.  The Earth is round. 

Racists are not right.  They are hateful and stoopid.  Racists cops exists as do psychopathic killer nurses and a growing class of nut job gunmen .  Our world gone done and got itself in a mighty fine mess. 

I don't stance has always been that I'm human, and so is everybody else.  Well except for the lizard illuminati.  They are overlords who drink human blood and eat people to stay in power.  Damn lizard illuminati...I bet they are responsible for racism! 

Frostbite Falls Newz / Re: Frostbite Falls Daily Rant
« on: April 20, 2018, 09:01:45 AM »
And she was quite pulchitrudinous when she was young.

I had to Google that one.


How in the hell did you even learn that word to begin with Eddie? This is the first I've ever heard tale of such a word.

Doomsteading / Re: C5 Walks into a Diner...
« on: April 19, 2018, 05:45:39 PM »
Well I'm in Canton Mississippi, in my sleeper at a Loves after a 550 mile day which ended in the delivery of a 33,500 pound coil (which is light, the last one was 48,000).  I just read this entire thread.  Lot's of meat on this here bone, and I drank 3 Abita "Andygator" beers while I was at it (on my fourth now...they are 8% and I don't drink like I used to). 

I was thinking Bamboo before Eddie brought it up, specifically "Arrow Bamboo," or Pseudosasa Japonica.  It's of no use to C5 though cause it requires a temperate climate.  However, he could grow pachymorphic (clumping) bamboo from the genus Fargesia.  It's from the Himalayas and so has no problem with extreme cold.  Three days of 95 degrees (Fahrenheit) will kill it.  Most of the fargesias grow about 8 feet tall and around 6 to 8 feet in diameter (the family of canes).  They are around .25 to .50 inches in diameter.  Basically bamboo is not an answer for C5...he's already got his pussy on it.  However, Eddie could definitely grow some Boo, and watering it is only necessary for the first couple of months. 

As I read C5's description of Willow's ecological uses it was as if I was reading about temperate bamboo. 

Also, when I read his advice that the most important object to buy for teotwawki was a ladder, I thought of bamboo.  He said he made a ladder but it was too heavy (I imagine he used wood).  Japanese fire fighters traditionally used bamboo ladders.  Keiji actually taught me how to build a bamboo ladder with bamboo canes and cordage.  Bamboo is hollow, unlike wood, and so it's lite (or is it light?). 

C5 reminds me of me before I took to truckin'.  Fuckin' money...

I agree with just about everything I've read that he's written on this thread.  Community is definitely the most important aspect with respect to thriving in a post petroleum reality.  Murika is fucked due to this.  We don't have community, or much culture.  What culture we have is mostly Native, Mexican, and black.  Whites in Murika have anti-culture and Jeebus and that's about it.  Blacks will be cordial enough to whites, now, when BAU is operating, but I see the reality there.  At least in the south...there is a large percentage of blacks that would love to see the whites become the new niggers.  I learned while I was getting kicked out of the USN that the blacks are great under oppression.  Whites lose their fuckin' marbles under oppression, or massive hardship.  Not all whites.  I'm white.  I won't loose my marbles.  There are plenty of hard ass whites that can make it through the bottleneck.  I digress. 

Community...that's what is important for post petroleum survival.  We have no community (well with exception to the Mennonites and Amish).  The petroleum stops and Murika stops.  Lot's of people will die en masse.  How do you prepare for that?  I've come to realize that the best you can do is prepare for that eventuality psychologically.  Sure, you can do what C5 if proposing (and you should).  You should especially stock up on non-perishable foods and learn some permaculture.  As in, practice some permaculture with respect to plants, and learning to plant and care for them.  Perennials are best.  Bamboo can take care of most all of our needs.  It's an entire least it can be in a temperate climate.  It can be everything from child entertainment (children love all things do's their natural habitat after all) all the way to entire buildings, and it's also food (highest protein count of any vegetable on the planet). 

I'm with RE on this.  The main problem with respect to collapse is community.  That has to happen before teotwawki.  Hippie ecovillages aren't gonna make it IMO.  They are worried about lee lines and faeries.  Zombies will be worried about feeding their broods (and themselves) come collapse.  They won't have a problem bustin' caps in asses until the caps are gone.  So whatever "community" that will survive will have to have no problem bustin' caps in asses.  This has long been my problem with the permaculture community.  They want to smoke weed and hug each other while playing guitar.  That's cool, I'm all for that, but I'm also aware of the ubiquity of guns in my anti-culture. 

One last thing, before I drop the mic and run over it with my tractor trailer. 

C5 never mentioned physical health and fitness.  I'd argue that it's more important to be able to do a lot of push ups, pull ups, and sit ups then it is to own a ladder (which a zombie crack head can steel...).  I imagine C5 has failed to mention this because when one lives the way he lives being fit just happens.  I know, I experienced it myself.  I was in the best shape of my life a couple years after resigning from the Matrix and permaculturin' it up.  Then I quit smokin' weed and started driving a truck for money.  I gained 50 pounds.  Now I've developed a flatbed trucker road work out routine.  I work out daily and often on the road.  I work out on my flatbed trailer because there is no piss on it.  Watch for me, and you'll likely see me on any given interstate rest area doing push ups and sit ups on my flatbed.  I also do pull ups on the trailer.  I've recently bought a pair of running shoes and plan to start running (when I can find places that don't smell like piss to run at). 

My point is that next to food, being in shape is of the utmost importance for survival in a post petroleum world.  Community is the most important aspect...but community is non-existent in Murika.  Community is fucked in Murika. 

Lastly, Bamboo is the most useful plant to our species on this planet.   


Geopolitics / Re: Syria - superpowers eye-ball to eyeball
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:48:04 AM »
I might just be quite jaded, but I am highly suspicious of the way this attack on Syria played out.  Who announces their intentions days in advance?  And Putin's response? Taking it up with the UN Security Council?  Yeah, right.  I recognize Kabuki theater when I see it.

"Hey Vlad, I was thinking Thursday for launching the missiles at Syria."

"Oh, no, Donald, Thursday doesn't work for me.  Our allies need more time to evacuate the sites.  How about early Saturday morning?"

"Okay, will do."

Exactly.  Like I said before,  it's just news for the idiocracy to believe in.

FAQs / Re: Diner Code of Conduct
« on: April 12, 2018, 06:17:00 PM »
The whole site has become a farce.

No, it has not become a farce.  It's just that nobody happens to agree with you.  But then most of us disagree on most things.  All of us agree on some things.  I'm sure even you agree with someone on something.

I disagree with you on ww3 and that this site has become a farce.  This site is what it has always been.

FAQs / Re: Diner Code of Conduct
« on: April 12, 2018, 04:53:49 PM »

Crotchety Buddhahood.


Nice!  I shall aspire to reach Crotchety Buddhahood than. 

Geopolitics / Re: Syria - superpowers eye-ball to eyeball
« on: April 12, 2018, 04:48:45 PM »

And now the almighty RE has invented some new rules to prevent me from calling for a serious discussion of the most serious subject in the planet's history, underlining the very point i was making about nobody taking it seriously enough.  All to make sure he doesn't ever lose an argument again.  Pathetic, and should be undone.

How has RE prevented you from discussing something?  You are free to discuss whatever important topic you'd like to discuss here.  Start a thread, write a blog, and if anyone's interested a conversation will ensue. 

Also, who's not taking what seriously?  I assume you are referring to teotwawki, which is pretty much the main topic of conversation around here.  Unfortunately for you, it seems that most here don't think WW3 is about to kick off.  At least not on account of Captain Baby Cheetos and his attempt to swing his little boy dick around via Twitshit.  I don't think most of the world takes him seriously.  That's why he can tweet some stupid shit like "missiles are coming" and the only people who take it seriously are the nitwits in Murikan MSM and the idiots who take the MSM nitwits seriously.  Then when the Whitehouse news briefing happens "all options are on the table."  But what does it mean?  What does it mean that Dump said missiles are coming.  "It means there are a lot of options and we are looking at all of them."

Let me translate that for ya.  President Captain micro cheeto dick can twitshit till his little dick falls off.  He can tweeter whatever he wants to tweeter because nobody who matters gives a shit about his adolescent verbal leanings.  Russia and China certainly aren't going to do a damn thing because Dump twits something.  That's because they are plugged into the real .0001% of the population of this planet that actually calls the shots.  President Humpy Dump is just a side show for the afore mentioned % to entertain themselves with.  I still think Captain Dump is only POTUS because somebody lost a bet, or perhaps won a bet. 

As I said before, I don't see a WW3 even happening.  I think resources will become scarce and countries will be forced to deal with their own populations revolting for food and water and a livable climate.  They won't have time to waste killing other countries.  It's game on till the Earth decides it's game over for us, or until the gas pumps run dry.  Nobody wants nuclear war.  It ain't gonna happen.  If it was going to happen it would have happened back when JFK was still walking around, or shortly after he was assassinated. 

FAQs / Re: Diner Code of Conduct
« on: April 12, 2018, 04:29:32 PM »
Is it ok to make fun of crotchety old farts for being crotchety old farts?

Yes, especially if you're a crotchety-old-fart-in-the-making yourself.

LD has achieved Crochety Old Fart status in Middle Age, a tremendous achievement.  He's a Prodigy.


Well for some reason it feels like an honor coming from you, the head crotchety old fart in charge.  I consider this to be one of my most endearing achievements to date.  What does this mean for my future?  I mean, if I'm already a crotchety old fart at 38, what could I possibly achieve by the time I'm actually an old man? 

Master of cynicism? 

FAQs / Re: Diner Code of Conduct
« on: April 12, 2018, 06:43:00 AM »
Is it ok to make fun of crotchety old farts for being crotchety old farts?

Geopolitics / Re: Syria - superpowers eye-ball to eyeball
« on: April 11, 2018, 06:34:12 PM »

Even with WW3 maybe only HOURS away, you are still all laughing and joking about the possible Death of the World.

My take on the possibility of WW3 with Captain Cheeto at the helm is that it ain't gonna happen. 

Besides that, we have a global economy now.  That economy is balanced by all of the fuckers at the top across all of the nations.  Murika is the bully in charge of that with Captain Cheeto head bully in charge.  He makes a real good bully.  He's stupid and doesn't know it, and he's weak. 

Anyways, I listen to the Murikan news on satellite radio these days.  I do that to hear human voices in conversation because even I get lonely driving this truck.  I listen to Fox, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and NPR.  They are all full of shit, and I get a good laugh listening to their "fair and balanced" propaganda bullshit.  They are very good at getting you to believe their bullshit.  But it's all bullshit and it's bad for you.  I don't believe any of it. 

Yesterday I listened to the entire Zuckerberg hearing, and all of the Senators with their questions.  Interesting.  Apparently Swampbook doesn't sell to Suckerburg.  He also seems like a likable fella.  I found myself thinking, as I listened to our senators, that maybe democracy is working.  Maybe it's not a Corporatocracy running everything.  Then I laughed at myself for thinking something so preposterous. 

I don't think we are going to have WW3, especially not nuclear WW3.  Nobody wins with nuclear WW3, and that's why I think that.  Even the .0001% lose in that case.  They will all just "saber rattle" and take conventional pop shots at each other.  Captain Baby Cheetos will keep tweeting his digital diarrhea, and nobody will take him seriously with exception to the members of the global idiocracy. 

Eventually war will happen in Murika.  It will happen when gas and diesel stop being viable at the pumps.  When the fuel drys up for the masses we will have the end.  There will be massive civil unrest, looting, and rednecks and gangbangers out shootin' it all up.  When the gas dries up it's over.  Until that happens BAU will just keep on keepin' on in all corners of the world.  Unless, that is, the world shakes us off like flees with climate change or some over natural disaster with global scope. 

The only ends I see are two.  Either we run out of viable fuel or the biosphere puts an end to it.  We won't have global war, not until either of the two options I just mentioned happen.

Yes, and so is the NSA, FBI, CIA, MI6, KGB, MSS, Mossad...

Who is not aware of this?  ???  :icon_scratch:


Most are willingly delusional about this issue.  That's got to be my most used word, "delusional" applied to other people.  I try to dissuade myself from the denial of truth.  In this case, why yes, they are listening.  However, "they" is likely not a city full of people monitoring (I mean unless you are talking about the NSA's city where they do just that), on a personal basis, what we are each individually doing every moment of every day.  I think that is paranoid thinking.  What is listening is the singularity and all of it's algorithms and apps.  The Matrix is listening.  The machine is listening.  There is no humanity there. 

Swampbook is using your microphone to attempt to sell you shit!  Oh the inhumanity!  Fuck if I care.  I don't even pay attention to the adds.  Occasionally I laugh to myself at how stupid the adds are.  Usually it's because they have targeted me based on a search, or something I've changed in my life.  I'm sure it pays off for them in this idiocracy though.  "Eww, a shiny gizmo facade to go with my blinking singularity avatar on my smart phone,"  click, and it's bought and some digibits assigned to you go to someone else.  And?

As far as the NSA is concerned...well I guess as long as you aren't planning to go gun down a bunch of innocent children at your school, or shoot up a country music concert from your hotel, or blow up a bunch of people involved in a foot race than you have absolutely nothing to worry about.  Wait...

That sort of begs the question that if the NSA is listening and watching, and they aren't listening and watching to stop our kids getting shot up, or our brothers getting blown up, and well us getting shot up...just what the fuck are they listening and watching for?  The likely answer is that the military end of the MIC is listening to prevent foreign brown people from blowing us up here, and the industrial end (rather the corporate end) is listening to sell us shit.  It should be renamed the "military corporate complex." 

So do I give a shit about all of these MCC's that are listening?  Should I give a shit?  It seems my giving a shit about it isn't going to change it.  You pretty much have to have a smart phone to participate in our society today.  Unless you are going to squat on some land and grow fur while you rewild their ain't shit you can do about it.  Even as you squat and fancy yourself resigned from the Matrix the Fuckyoushima rains down on you. 

I really could care less if they are listening and watching.  I'll make sure the camera is pointing at my dick as I jack off.  Maybe they'll enjoy listening and watching me do that.  That's actually what I think about them and their snooping anyways, so it's fitting.   

Quote from: LD
To live communally means to deal with people's opinions and feelings on a close and daily basis.  However, a bigger issue to me is that kids need to know how to operate in BAU so long as it exists.  Basically BAU has cancer, and we are all a part of that body.  It's terminal.  We're going to die.  All that is left is palliative care.  I have embraced the reality of our collective cancer.  In the final days I'm going to go on living and try to enjoy the time I've got left.  It's too late to change and save anything.  The damage has already been done to a nice human supporting biome.  There is nothing but anti-culture remaining.  May as well enjoy what you can of it.  Learn to garden and buy preps, but do that knowing that you are likely deluding yourself.  It's almost guaranteed that War will finish of BAU.  The elite will have no choice at some point because the cockroach population has already gotten out of hand.

Brilliant comment, and true as far as I can tell. Please turn this into a blog article.

Ok, as RE would say, coming to a laptop near you...

Redditors: collapse is twenty years away, so keep on working and partying

Not unlike some Diners.  The nasty problems are always far enough away that you don't have to worry about them now.  You can always tell your grandkids that you didn't do anything because the timing of the collapse took you by surprise.

Or they could say they didn't have a retirement check coming in every month to pay the rent on a McShack in the Tropical Rainforest so they could play Robinson Crusoe while exterminating cockroaches with industrially produced poisons and saving the Pythons in the neighborhood while sneering at everyone else with the practical problem of making enough money to survive in Industrial Civilization.

Bingo... If you are younger with dependants still depending on you you must have a foot in both BAU and collapse if you want any collapse presence at all. I know many who fully gave up BAU but only a half handful who have come close to making it ;most burn out. I play a long game I make no apologies about that.  My life could stretch another 30 years. It gets a little rich sometimes being told how I should prepare for collapse by seasoned doomers whose horizon has shrunk to less than a third of that. I recognize my perceptions are shaped by my age and responsibilities but so are everyone's. There are many shades of doom.

This is THE issue with regards to collapse.  That is, what are you going to do about it?  What steps are you going to take to address the knowledge that our civilization is doomed?  Most bury their head in the sand and refuse to contemplate.  They come up with a comfortable defending thought such as "the scientist will figure something out," and then they go about their life as they always have.  Who can blame them?  It's all we've ever known at this point.  As a species, first world Murikans may as well be in a class of their own.  Raised on electronic entertainment, computers, climate control, cars, and fast food.  We are completely separated from the natural pathways that sustain us.  Even our food has become separated from nature and is no longer farmed by human hand but by machine and man made chemicals. 

To think you can just move to a foreign tropical land, where you don't speak the language, or know the culture, is just as delusional as simply staying the BAU course in your grid tied McHovel with your BAU job.  You can do that if you are a lone wolf, but if you got little wolf pups and a Mrs. Wolf in tow than you cannot do that.  Well, there are some cases where Mrs. Wolf is willing to live that type of life, but they are few and far between.  It can be done, and is being done, but a lot of factors have to line up.  Finding the Mrs. Wolf who's willing being the first major factor. 

Even still, I'm not so sure that this strategy is advisable.  I've come to realize that they only strategy that's going to work is community.  Land based and agriculture community.  In a word, Permaculture.  Permaculture holds all of the answers as a strategy to prepare for collapse.  It has the ethics and the hands on tactics.  It just about has everything but the new Mythology for the future.  The problem is that it has to function in a communal setting to really work.  It at least needs to be sanctioned by the government as the new pathway for society.  If everyone turned their yards into gardens and started keeping animals instead of paying TrueTurf to come spray their lawns with chemicals twice a year...

What are the chances of that happening?

So we are left with only lone wolf strategies.  Those won't work once collapse advances far enough.  At best they will make you a target for starving zombies.  You'll have to be willing to defend what you've built via killing people with gunz.  You'll be shooting at parents who are simply trying to feed their starving children.  Or maybe you'll just be shooting at thugz in gangs.  Either way, who wants to be shooting people to protect some taters? 

It won't work without community.  Murika is anti-community.  We only want community in small doses like at the church on Sunday morning, or at the baseball field when the kids play.  We don't want to be submerged in communities that work the land everyday and are forced to deal with human relations in a meaningful and tribal setting. 

Just about all we can do is to purchase preps and learn how to garden.  That really is the extent of what we can do to prepare for the collapse of BAU.  But then BAU isn't going to simply stop one day.  Unless it comes in the shape of war on Murikan soil (which is pretty likely at some point).  If we manage to stave off war, and collapse comes in some other organic fashion, than it will be by degrees.  That's pretty  much what we are already seeing.  More and more people lose their job to automation and offshoring, and they get absorbed by the government's mailbox digibit safety net.  That keeps them clothed, housed, fed, and insured medically.  A good bit more end up joining the burgeoning ranks of the jailed and the convicted in our jails and prisons.  Or they simply join the military. 

At some point I suppose that will hit a breaking point.  It's a catch 22 for the government.  If they cut the digibit supply to the downtrodden then they risk some type of rebellion.  Probably they will just keep increasing the amount of digibits to absorb all of this.  It's not as if digibits are held in place by any laws of physics or economics.  There is an infinite supply of digibits until the grid doesn't work any longer because there is no energy left to sustain it. 

I've chosen to drive a truck as my strategy.  I've chosen that because it provides me with as much digibits as I can get currently.  When trucking stops that's the end of BAU.  I don't see them automating it in my lifetime.  I don't see it lasting long enough to become automated.  We've probably got only a couple of years left before the trucks stop due to fuel becoming unavailable.  I'm hoping that's the case because there is a good chance that trucking kills me due to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.  It's almost impossible to stay healthy and drive a truck OTR.  You are sedentary for 10 hours at a time.  Even if you eat a good diet you will get fat.  I know, I know, eat eggs and bacon two times a day and see how long you last.  LOL!!!  Anyways, I digress.  My point is that trucking is something anyone with a clean driving record and a pulse can do to make a good living at the end of BAU. 

I'd love to go live in a tropical paradise with the cockroaches and pythons ( that I think about it...maybe not...and anyways my wife wouldn't have it because she is disgusted by cochroaches).  Hell, we could go live at Turtle Island.  But we aren't going to do that either.  Why?  Basically because we like air conditioning and electricity and public school.  We like craft beer and Mexican food and Netflix.  We like refrigerators and propane cooks stoves/ovens.  We like providing our children with Aikido lessons and braces.  Just being honest here.  I'd be willing to do away with all of that.  In fact, I'd be happy to do away with all of that.  The thing that keeps me from doing that is that I'd have to deal with people on a daily basis.  I mostly don't like people.  I'm a product of this BAU.  BAU's labeled my problem as Aspergers, but I'm fine just calling it a dislike of people and their stupid shit opinions and their feelings. 

To live communally means to deal with people's opinions and feelings on a close and daily basis.  However, a bigger issue to me is that kids need to know how to operate in BAU so long as it exists.  Basically BAU has cancer, and we are all a part of that body.  It's terminal.  We're going to die.  All that is left is palliative care.  I have embraced the reality of our collective cancer.  In the final days I'm going to go on living and try to enjoy the time I've got left.  It's too late to change and save anything.  The damage has already been done to a nice human supporting biome.  There is nothing but anti-culture remaining.  May as well enjoy what you can of it.  Learn to garden and buy preps, but do that knowing that you are likely deluding yourself.  It's almost guaranteed that War will finish of BAU.  The elite will have no choice at some point because the cockroach population has already gotten out of hand. 

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