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We're up and getting ready to wrap things up and head home tonight.

Sorry we slept late and kept RE from accomplishing most of his goals. All my fault...that and the fact that he really isn't up to much other than issuing lots of orders. I'm not good at taking orders, but I made an exception this time. He has no clue how lucky he was. LOL. If I weren't such an old softie, I'd have left him to die out in the woods.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself immensely and I'm glad we got to sit around a campfire one more time. Not sure we'll get to do it again in this incarnation, but if not, maybe the next.

We both have been having a bad case of internet withdrawals, which can now be remedied (careful RE, that's too much bandwidth for a cripple  to eat after fasting for five days.)

"I have always been among those who believed that the greatest freedom of speech was the greatest safety, because if a man is a fool, the best thing to do is to encourage him to advertise the fact by speaking. It cannot be so easily discovered if you allow him to remain silent and look wise, but if you let him speak, the secret is out and the world knows that he is a fool. So it is by the exposure of folly that it is defeated; not by the seclusion of folly, and in this free air of free speech men get into that sort of communication with one another which constitutes the basis of all common achievement." - Woodrow Wilson

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No, the Google manifesto isn’t sexist or anti-diversity. It’s science


By now, most of us have heard about Google's so-called "anti-diversity" manifesto and how James Damore, the engineer who wrote it, has been fired from his job.

Titled Google's Ideological Echo Chamber, Mr. Damore called out the current PC culture, saying the gender gap in Google's diversity was not due to discrimination, but inherent differences in what men and women find interesting. Danielle Brown, Google's newly appointed vice-president for diversity, integrity and governance, accused the memo of advancing "incorrect assumptions about gender," and Mr. Damore confirmed last night he was fired for "perpetuating gender stereotypes."

Despite how it's been portrayed, the memo was fair and factually accurate. Scientific studies have confirmed sex differences in the brain that lead to differences in our interests and behaviour.

As mentioned in the memo, gendered interests are predicted by exposure to prenatal testosterone – higher levels are associated with a preference for mechanically interesting things and occupations in adulthood. Lower levels are associated with a preference for people-oriented activities and occupations. This is why STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields tend to be dominated by men.

We see evidence for this in girls with a genetic condition called congenital adrenal hyperplasia, who are exposed to unusually high levels of testosterone in the womb. When they are born, these girls prefer male-typical, wheeled toys, such as trucks, even if their parents offer more positive feedback when they play with female-typical toys, such as dolls. Similarly, men who are interested in female-typical activities were likely exposed to lower levels of testosterone.

As well, new research from the field of genetics shows that testosterone alters the programming of neural stem cells, leading to sex differences in the brain even before it's finished developing in utero. This further suggests that our interests are influenced strongly by biology, as opposed to being learned or socially constructed.

Many people, including a former Google employee, have attempted to refute the memo's points, alleging that they contradict the latest research.

I'd love to know what "research done […] for decades" he's referring to, because thousands of studies would suggest otherwise. A single study, published in 2015, did claim that male and female brains existed along a "mosaic" and that it isn't possible to differentiate them by sex, but this has been refuted by four – yes, four – academic studies since.

This includes a study that analyzed the exact same brain data from the original study and found that the sex of a given brain could be correctly identified with 69-per-cent to 77-per-cent accuracy.

Of course, differences exist at the individual level, and this doesn't mean environment plays no role in shaping us. But to claim that there are no differences between the sexes when looking at group averages, or that culture has greater influence than biology, simply isn't true.

In fact, research has shown that cultures with greater gender equity have larger sex differences when it comes to job preferences, because in these societies, people are free to choose their occupations based on what they enjoy.

As the memo suggests, seeking to fulfill a 50-per-cent quota of women in STEM is unrealistic. As gender equity continues to improve in developing societies, we should expect to see this gender gap widen.

This trend continues into the area of personality, as well. Contrary to what detractors would have you believe, women are, on average, higher in neuroticism and agreeableness, and lower in stress tolerance.

Some intentionally deny the science because they are afraid it will be used to justify keeping women out of STEM. But sexism isn't the result of knowing facts; it's the result of what people choose to do with them.

This is exactly what the mob of outrage should be mobilizing for, instead of denying biological reality and being content to spend a weekend doxxing a man so that he would lose his job. At this point, as foreshadowed in Mr. Damore's manifesto, we should be more concerned about viewpoint diversity than diversity revolving around gender.

Debra Soh writes about the science of human sexuality and holds a PhD in sexual neuroscience from York University.
At least for me it is.  Eddie dropped me off at the digs last night and he and his SO went for one last night of camping without the extra cripple baggage, which was starting to wear thin on Eddie.

The trip went more or less like clockwork, although generally a late clock every day.  I had hoped to check in at the various campsites around 2 PM, but we generally did not get to the next one before 6PM.  We also didn't cook up near the selection of Gourmet Meals I had planned.  We managed one set of steaks on the first night.  Eddie made one bacon & eggs breakfast. We made one bagels & lox breakfast (I bought the stuff, Eddie & Wife made the sandwiches).  The best meal was the restaurant meal  at the whale watching venue, excellent seafood.  We had King Crab, Crab Bisque, Salmon annd Scallops.

Highlights of the trip besides the fish restaurant were the Scenic Drive through Hatcher Pass with the RV and the hike along Curry Pass by Denali for Eddie & SO.  My highlight was surviving the whole Adventure and making it back home still above ground.  I basically was parked in the jump seat of the RV for the whole trip and I can tell you I am no fun to cart along on a camping trip.  On the upside I made it to the bathroom on time on all occassions and I ate more than usual.

Now I am going to try and get my Tombstone finished, and then I am planning no further "Last Great Adventures".  These things are just too exhausting and then I lay all this emotional baggage on them and inflate their overall importance to the end of my life.  The fact is here I am tied up & tidied up in my life about as good as I will ever be, I will lay down for one more long dirt nap under my tombstone and then that's it for RE, the story for this go-round walking the earth is OVAH.  The body is fucked up to beat the band and I can't wait to be let out of that meat package.  The brain has given up at least most of its great ideas, which nobody ever paid much attention to.  I am as thoroughly disgusted with the human experience today as at any time in my 60+ years walking the earth and will spend these last few moments as a member of the Still Living just going through the motions of life to in the end just a ticket to the Great Beyond.

My life was not the one I had expected as I became a sentient soul on earth in my early years.  I definitely could have and should have engineered a better one and not been such a perpetual non-conformist.  However no life I led would have made earth any better a place to live over the last 60 years.  As that goes, I lucked into a relatively good perch from which to observe the last years of this type of civilization living.  I personally enjoyed most of the bennies of living during the Age of Oil, had my own carz & motorcycles and flew on jets all over the globe.  Never had to go to war or kill anybody.  Never starved. Ate lots of really good food.  I would have liked a more comfortable path to the Great Beyond, but I wrote this ticket and I gotta live with the results of my life choices.

So now it is back to chronicling Collapse, insofar as I have energy and inspiration to do that anymore, until I finally do make that last crossing across the Great Divide.  I am soooo tired, I want the end to come so much now.  I don't want to be a burden to my friends with my problems; I don't want to end up in a Cripple Hospice getting my ass wiped and waiting to die.  I want to go to sleep tonight and not wake up tomorrow.  Is that too much to ask?

Surly Newz / Doomstead Diner Daily 8/20
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Doomstead Diner Daily August 20

The Diner Daily is available HERE with even MORE sections and stories:


News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

Opinion | Nixon, Clinton and Trump

[url=][/url] - I said on May 22 that I had no prior knowledge of the Watergate operation. In all the testimony, there is not the slightest evidence to the contrary. Not a single witness has testified that I had any…

“Forget Your Son”: Brazil Is Forcibly Taking Indigenous Children and Putting Them Up for Adoption - I practiced my greetings in Guarani several times before approaching Élida Oliveira. Élida, who doesn’t speak Portuguese, had arrived that morning in the town of Amambai, in the state of Mato Grosso …

In horrifying detail, women accuse U.S. customs officers of invasive body searches

[url=][/url] - Tameika Lovell, pictured in Queens on May 13, 2017, claims she was racially profiled and inappropriately searched at John F. Kennedy International Airport. (David Wexler) By Susan Ferriss | Center fo…

Shots were reportedly fired at the US embassy in Turkey

[url=][/url] - Shots were fired from a passing vehicle at the US embassy in Ankara, Turkey on Monday, CNN Turk reported. Bullets hit a window at the embassy's security post following the attack which occurred at 5 …

Trump compares Mueller probe to McCarthyism

[url=][/url] - (CNN)President Donald Trump on Sunday compared the special counsel investigation to McCarthyism, saying Robert Mueller made the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy "look like a baby." The Times reported McGahn…

Kavanaugh was concerned with his Federalist Society membership in 2001, emails show

[url=][/url] - In an email Kavanaugh wrote, "this may seem technical, but most of us resigned from the Federalist Society before starting work here and are not now members of the Society." Kavanaugh was worried tha…

Cohen, Trump’s Ex-Lawyer, Investigated for Bank Fraud in Excess of $20 Million

[url=][/url] - [Read The Times’s investigation into how Mr. Cohen built a shadowy business empire.] At this late stage of the inquiry, it is still possible that Mr. Cohen may plead guilty rather than face an indict…

Brazil to send troops to Venezuela border

[url=][/url] - Brazil is sending troops and extra police to the border town of Pacaraima where Venezuelan migrant camps were attacked and set ablaze. President Michel Temer held an emergency meeting on Sunday as re…

Geoengineering Could Lead to Lower Crop Yields: New Study - A new study has determined that spraying the skies with chemicals to combat global warming will likely come with the unintended side-effect of reducing crop yields. (CR) — Researchers with the Univer…

The Sahara Desert is getting bigger » Yale Climate Connections

[url=][/url] - The Sahara Desert covers an area of northern Africa larger than the lower 48 United States. And it’s growing even bigger. Over the past century, rainfall levels have decreased along the southern edge…

Defunct Nuclear Power Plant on California Coast Is a 'Fukushima Waiting to Happen' - (ANTIMEDIA) San Onofre, CA — A nuclear power plant in Southern California that was shut down in 2012 continues to leak radioactive material and poses a threat to nearby communities. The aging San Ono…

A dozen monthly wildfires in the Arctic Circle? That's the new reality of climate change

Article Image - In July of 2018, there were 11 wildfires occurring north of the Arctic Circle. It is a fitting visual backdrop to the recently published study led by NASA that concludes that the Arctic carbon cycle …

Michael Cohen's attorney says he's talking to lawyer who brought down Nixon

Lanny Davis pictured. | AP Photo

[url=][/url] - "I wanted to gain from John’s wisdom,” said Lanny Davis, Michael Cohen's attorney, said of his contact with former Nixon White House counsel John Dean. | Joseph Kaczmarek/AP Photo Lanny Davis, an att…

A US Company Is Injecting RFID Microchips Into Employees... and "They Love It" - (ZHE) — Wisconsin technology firm Three Square Market has injected 80 employees with their own brand of RFID microchips over the last year, and according to MIT Technology Review, “they love it.” The…

Too few ‘fire bombers’ as Western states burn this summer

[url=][/url] - In California, an airtanker drops retardant while battling the Ferguson Fire near Yosemite National Park on July 21. (Noah Berger/AFP/Getty Images) By Jennifer Oldham August 19 at 6:24 PM DENVER — Th…

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Conspiracy / Re: Monkeys on Typewriters
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Conspiracy / Re: Monkeys on Typewriters
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If you don't think "Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies," then yo've never visited the site.

Check in with the Sandy Hook parents and let me know what they say.
This is a good one diners...

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Diner TV / Kevin Spacey Movie Earns $126 on Opening Day - Power of The People
« Last post by azozeo on August 19, 2018, 07:03:31 PM »
The movie “Billionaire Boys Club,” which features disgraced actor Kevin Spacey, made just $126 at the box office on its opening day Friday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sources told THR that the film, which opened in 10 theaters in select states, that the total marked “the worst showing of a film” starring Spacey. THR notes that the total averages out to fewer than two tickets sold for the film per venue.

The film’s poor showing comes months after Spacey faced several accusations of sexual harassment from coworkers on the hit Netflix series “House of Cards.”
Surly Newz / Re: The TRUE cost of "Low, Low Prices Ever Day."
« Last post by azozeo on August 19, 2018, 06:22:47 PM »

You know, we diners should really put our best BITCHFACE on & ride this War-Mart is Evil thread into the sunset.

Hope it catches ablaze to JQP/J6P

I'm all in. Neither Contrary not I EVER darken the door of Wal-Mart. And haven't for years.

If their business practices aren't enough, the fact that they externalize they expenses to their surrounding communities should be enough to push you over.

Don't know if Wal-Mart will give you cancer, but Wal-Mart is cancer to a community.

Ya' think ?

Every time I see there ads or buildings, this Kodak moment crosses my mind.
How 4th Reich can you get ?

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