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Economics / Re: P O O F ! Goes The Crypto. $400,000,000 vanishes
« Last post by moniker on Today at 12:16:58 AM »
I think it was Knarf who posted some article that showed that the vast majority of bitcoin holdings were fairly meager amounts monetarily, while the number of large dollar crypto accounts was vanishingly small. That explains a lot.

It's millions of Chinese trying desperately to offshore whatever modest savings they possess, in any way possible. that's what's driving crypto.
Joseph Farrell has a recent post that the cabal is behind it. I would have to agree if coverage on main and alternative media is analyzed. Looks like a sophisticated psyop Also Lynette zhang gets it right when she says it’s a prelude to the nwo monetary system.
Economics / Re: P O O F ! Goes The Crypto. $400,000,000 vanishes
« Last post by Eddie on November 20, 2017, 08:33:37 PM »
I think it was Knarf who posted some article that showed that the vast majority of bitcoin holdings were fairly meager amounts monetarily, while the number of large dollar crypto accounts was vanishingly small. That explains a lot.

It's millions of Chinese trying desperately to offshore whatever modest savings they possess, in any way possible. that's what's driving crypto.
Did not realise DD had become a gossip column.


Did not realize you had morphed into a trolling lurker pitching one-liners.


Seriously, the thing that's interesting about this is that it's just another case of registering mass dissatisfaction toward some powerful person (always male) taking sexual advantage  (allegedly) of a woman or woman substitute (LGBT). Punishing males who use whatever power that luck, inheritance, business acumen, ruthless ambition or fame might have conveyed to them in order to coerce women into giving it up.

In fact Guy seems to have been ahead of the curve, this having started before Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Al Franken, etc. The truth is that almost ALL the men in the US legislative branch have considered it a job perk to be able to grope women and make fools of themselves with impunity. Hello.

Now, I suppose they'll all be outed, one by one, or maybe in groups. Maybe they'll begin to be proactive and confess before being fingered by their former interns and aides.

All this is, is the power of mass media (including social media) used as a means of identifying the next human sacrifice to the God's of mass disapproval. To me it's nothing more than a high tech way of choosing a victim for a virtual reality public stoning. Very cathartic. Not that different than a public hanging, or perhaps throwing some Christians to the Lions in the Coliseum.

Another good reason to stay under the FB radar.

Agelbert Newz / Grizzlies ‘Saved His Life’ and Now He Fights To Save Theirs
« Last post by agelbert on November 20, 2017, 08:21:43 PM »

Grizzlies ‘Saved His Life’ and Now He Fights To Save Theirs

By Jessica A. Knoblauch  | Monday, November 13, 2017


After naturalist and author Doug Peacock served two tours as a Green Beret medic in Vietnam, he went into the American wilderness to confront his demons. There, he closely observed grizzlies across the west—an experience he says “saved his life.” 

Below, Peacock talks about the government’s recent decision to delist grizzlies and why now—more than ever—we need to “fight like hell” to save them.

Full article with heart warming pictures:
Agelbert Newz / Solar: an Unstoppable Force
« Last post by agelbert on November 20, 2017, 07:34:48 PM »
Solar: an Unstoppable Force

November 20, 2017

From the steeply gabled roofs of Tudors to the flat roofs on turn-of-the-century brownstones, to a sea of warehouses, the Chicagoland market is diverse and demanding. See how Solar Service Inc. chooses products and tools that are up to the challenge.

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A body design with a record-breaking .195 drag coefficient. 45% less drag and 40% lighter than the average gas car

EV Archeology — Unearthing Key Artifacts From The Annals Of Electric Car History (Part 1)

November 20th, 2017 by Steve Bakker


Even though the revived Impact/EV1 program had gone dark, somehow, as automakers around the globe began to wake up and smell the electricity, the entity that the automakers referred to as the “oilies” awakened as well, sniffing competition in the wind. It may be that the oil companies had simply stretched out with their Sith sense, but there was EV development taking place at virtually all the major automakers, and an alliance of the Big 3 (GM, Ford, Chrysler) had been formed to develop a more workable EV battery … with federal government participation. That’s when the Department of Dirty Tricks was engaged. But not at the bequest of GM. The auto giant had been doing its best to delay the government mandates. But as Shnayerson characterizes it, GM had been lobbying CARB pretty squarely, explaining where they were at and trying to buy time for the tech to mature. The carmaker objected to what it termed “invention on a schedule.”

The oilies, however, played a very different game. They went low-ball right out of the gate and employed strategies such as sponsoring so-called grassroots consumer groups that waved a flag about how EVs could actually make the air dirtier … in spite of a CARB study refuting the assertion. Even in the ’90s, any electricity used to charge EVs would have caused a net drop in pollutants in spite of a dirtier grid than today, due in part to the far greater efficiency of an electric motor over its gasoline counterpart (90% vs 20%). The oil-funded groups lobbied against both the mandate as well as various EV kickstart programs sponsored by the utilities. The anti-mandate movement gained further support when Governor Pete Wilson — who was running for President — was told in no uncertain terms that support in key states would be absent unless the California mandate was altered. Indeed, the 1998 mandate would end up getting rescheduled.


All in all, the technology developed during the Impact/EV1 program was nothing short of remarkable. A Motor Trend article of the time characterized the tech as “unparalleled breakthroughs.” Here are some of the significant accomplishments of what has been characterized as the most technically ambitious program in GM’s history:

֍ The Impact/EV1 was designed from the ground up
֍ Refinements to the AC induction motor
֍ A workable DC to AC inverter that powered the motor
֍ A breakthrough battery design using alloys (NMH)
֍ Implementation of a rudimentary battery cooling system
֍ Regenerative braking
֍ 8 second 0–60 MPH time
֍ A body design with a record-breaking .195 drag coefficient. 45% less drag and 40% lighter than the average gas car
֍ Aluminum frame, plastic body panels
֍ Electric brakes (80,000 lines of software code allowed for 100 fewer brake parts)
֍ Covered wheels to reduce drag
֍ First use of a heat pump in a vehicle
֍ An inductive charger to reduce the chance of shock
֍ A network of over 1,000 high-speed “MagneChargers” in homes and public locations
֍ 23 new patents granted
֍ First time in GM history a woman headed one of the production departments

In addition to that impressive list, the isolated Impact/EV1 program had at least one staffer on board with deep insight as to what GM had achieved. Take a look at this passage from Shnayerson’s book characterizing John Dabels’ point of view:

And yet the electric car failed to hit critical mass at that point in time. Those who have seen Who Killed The Electric Car? know that the automakers ultimately sued the State of California, won the suit, and the CARB mandates of the day were repealed. Shortly thereafter, GM stopped production of the EV1, and in fact recalled all the vehicles and destroyed most of them.

Who Killed The Electric Car?
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Full article:

Geopolitics / Re: Canada's Silence On Illegal Israeli Settlements Is Acquiescence
« Last post by knarf on November 20, 2017, 04:50:41 PM »
The article is over a year old and says nothing new. Give me a solution.  Israel seems to be in the political hands of people who want to reclaim all of biblical Israel. The rest of the middle east seems to have a drive them into the sea mentality. They are both squeezing the Palestinians either through a policy of apartheid in one corner or arming, training, and bankrolling their worst fanatics in the other. Come up with something that is not more endless pie I the sky prose and maybe you get some traction. Ps palestinian population 1948 about 1.4 million today over 4 same land same water. Where is their real problem.

Oust Netanyahu!!

German coalition talks collapse: 'A terrible end is better than unending terror'

Exploratory talks between Germany's conservatives, Greens and Free Democrats have failed after the latter's withdrawal. The collapse of this coalition option was a necessity, political scientist Christian Hacke tells DW.
Christian Lindner, FDP (Getty Images/AFP/O. Andersen)

Turned his back on the Jamaica coalition: FDP leader Christian Lindner

DW: How damaging is the collapse of exploratory coalition talks to Germany's political parties, and perhaps Germany's democracy itself?

Christian Hacke: That's hard to tell, but I believe the image damage is indeed considerable. And I must admit, when I watched the news last night I really sighed with relief and said, "Finally! A terrible end is better than unending terror." In recent weeks, the whole procedure had become unbearable to watch, because it was clearly predictable that there wouldn't be an agreement. The parties kept emphasizing that there was common ground, but observers were only too aware of the fact that they didn't move towards convergence at all. That was horrifying. I believe that the population at large is clearly disenchanted with the political system and the political parties.

To what extent does this mark the downfall of acting Chancellor Angela Merkel?

Right from the outset the chancellor should have known that she wasn't dealing with a team of four horses going in the same direction — it was four horses going in different directions. From the beginning, she should have put the desired policy objectives on the table; then the parties would have had to send signals within a week if an agreement was possible or not. She should have "led," but failed to do so. Her only goal was holding on to power at any cost. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the twilight of the gods for the chancellor.

What, do you think, will be President Frank-Walter Steinmeier's next move given the current deadlock?
Prof. Dr. Christian Hacke Universität Bonn Archivbild 2008 (Uni Bonn)

Hacke says Merkel should have 'led'

He already went out on a limb by calling on the various parties to reach an agreement and by suggesting that any calls for new elections were flippant at this point. That was very bold. Eventually, if he is approached by the chancellor, he will have to address the issue of new elections. This now depends on what will happen in the course of the chancellor's exploratory talks. A coalition between the conservatives and the Greens to me is completely out of the question. The Social Democratic Party has said no to another grand coalition. It is too early to say at this point how much is left of their hunger for power.

How are the Left Party and the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) benefiting from the current situation?

It is already clear that, in the event of new elections, the AfD would be the big winner. AfD voters will be even more frustrated and will be able to exploit the situation. This was just an unworthy spectacle that I've never seen in the history of the Federal Republic with respect to post-election situations.

Which political scenarios do you think are most likely at this point?

I don't think there'll be a minority government. In any case, it would lack more than 20 to 30 votes. Under such circumstances, you'll be unable to govern. You have to have majorities. In the absence of such, and if a grand coalition is also ruled out as an alternative, then there'll be simply only one option: paving the way for new elections. In that case, party leaders would be well advised to have learned their lessons from the last couple of weeks. The population expects that a new government will be formed in a timely manner. New elections, therefore, have to be scheduled as quickly as possible.

Which signal does this development send to the world outside of Germany, bearing in mind that lawmakers in Berlin have to make a number of important foreign policy decisions in the near future?

The first aspect here is that, in the course of negotiations during the last couple of weeks, foreign policy did not play a very important role. We have become so parochial. This country is so busy with itself, with domestic policy trifles, that key foreign and security policy issues were not even mentioned during the negotiations. The second aspect is that the Federal Republic, this country in the heart of Europe, is almost unable to govern, and this is viewed abroad with great skepticism. It could not be worse. Minority governments are of course doomed to fail sooner or later, because they don't have majorities of their own. I believe considering this as a stopgap solution is more than audacious.

Professor Christian Hacke is a political scientist who taught at the Universität der Bundeswehr (University of the German Armed Forces) and at the University of Bonn. He is a member of the German Council on Foreign Relations.

The interview was conducted by Wolfgang Dick.
Watch video 03:25
Political uncertainty as German coalition talks collapse
DW recommends
Coalition talks: Germany's Angela Merkel prefers fresh elections over minority government

Preliminary coalition talks collapsed between Chancellor Merkel and potential partners over the weekend. After speaking with President Steinmeier, Merkel said she was ready to lead her party to fresh elections. (20.11.2017) 
German election: Preliminary coalition talks collapse after FDP walks out

Germany's Free Democrats have called off coalition talks with Angela Merkel's CDU/CSU bloc and the Greens. The German president is set to make an announcement on Monday afternoon after meeting with the chancellor. (20.11.2017) 
German coalition talks collapse: the press verdict

The German press was virtually unanimous that Christian Lindner's FDP was to blame for the collapse of government coalition talks. But few could agree on what would be best now. (20.11.2017) 
German stocks recoup losses from collapse of coalition talks

Germany's blue-chip Dax index and the euro have pared early losses suffered after Chancellor Angela Merkel's efforts to form a coalition government failed. But political uncertainty in Europe's biggest economy remains. (20.11.2017) 
What now for Germany after coalition talks fail?

Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing perhaps the biggest challenge of her tenure after coalition talks collapsed. New elections are now considered the most likely way forward, but are there any other alternatives? (20.11.2017) 
The FDP's Christian Lindner: the coalition killer

The chairman of the Free Democrats is determined his party won't repeat old mistakes, but is Christian Linder making a new one? Meet the man who torpedoed the Jamaica coalition and threw Germany's future wide open. (23.08.2017)

Audios and videos on the topic
Far Out Newz / Re: WOO-WOO NEWZ Ed.
« Last post by azozeo on November 20, 2017, 04:18:37 PM »

The purge of the satanic Khazarian cabal that turned the West evil is accelerating at an undeniable pace.  Most importantly, Pentagon sources confirm multiple Internet reports that Marines stormed the CIA headquarters this past weekend.  One of the aims was to shut down Operation Mockingbird, the CIA group that turned the mass media, as well as Google, Facebook, etc. into mass mind-control propaganda, say NSA sources.

The institutional heirs to the group that murdered President John F. Kennedy are also being rounded up, according to Pentagon sources.  “The Department of Justice and [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller are working overtime and may exceed 2000 sealed indictments,” a Pentagon source says.

These moves, combined with the purge of all the Saudi royals and military who were linked to 9/11, as well as the removal of Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe and the imminent removal of Israeli satanist Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, leave no doubt that the long-awaited arrests and roundups of cabalists worldwide has begun.

The Rothschild/Saxe Gotha family group is also losing control over Europe.  In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel (Hitler’s daughter) failed to form a new government.  In France, a hundred legislators from Rothschild-slave President Emmanuel Macron’s party have defected, as mass protests against this election-stealer’s rule break out all across the country.  In England, Rothschild-slave Prime Minister Theresa May is also unpopular and expected to be removed soon.

Meanwhile in Japan, Admiral Harry Harris, Commander of the United States Pacific Command, met with slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week.  According to sources who were at the meeting, Abe told Harris that…

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