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The Kitchen Sink / On Healing the Earth and People
« on: November 28, 2016, 03:05:30 AM »

youtube-Logo-4gc2reddit-logoOff the keyboard of William Hunter Duncan

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on November 28, 2016


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As an American citizen, I find that neither the Democratic or Republican parties say much of anything that resonates with me. Most of what they talk about are social issues they intend to do nothing about, as a means to divide us to more easily rule over us; otherwise most of what I hear is just Orwellian for whatever corporations, banks and big donors want, but don't want you to know or understand.




Politically, I'm an Anarchist. If you share the view of Anarchy of the Democratic and Republican parties, then you probably suppose I want chaos in the streets, mayhem, everyone against everyone else, death and destruction. But that is just projection, because that is what you are increasingly getting from the strict command and control leadership of Dems, Repubs, Corp, Bank and super rich people.

Anarchy is the Way of Nature. Anarchy is the way nature organizes, evolves effortlessly. Nature is resilient, irreducibly complex and sustainable. Humans at least are material, of nature, of the earth. It follows then there is the capacity within humanity for self-rule, spontaneous organization. I think you see that whenever there is a crisis, many people simply begin to organize a functioning society to meet simple necessities spontaneously.

Those who rule over us tend to believe however, either we are not of this earth (of God), so the rules of nature don't apply; or the opposite extreme, we are of nature and nothing else, it is all about competition, I can do pretty much whatever I want in the interest of my evolution (basest instincts). And so they feed us these ideologies that we might be separate from our true nature and each other.

If humanity were able to organize more as nature does, life would be more peaceful. An anarchic people would be self-organizing, core-strong, practicing self-rule. An anarchic people would value cooperation above competition. A truly anarchic people would take care of the earth and each other.

Organizing ourselves contrary to nature, we build immense, complex but inflexible societies one after another, every one of them collapsing under the weight of that complexity and inherent contradiction.

We now risk even human extinction, or worse, reducing the health of the biosphere such that we wipe out the majority of species and leave a severely degraded existence for a few wretched survivors.

Those who rule over us seek to divide us, by preying upon our prejudices, by exacerbating ancient hatreds, by encouraging us to percieve in absolute Good vs Evil, by highlighting petty grievances – while ignoring the overwhelming similarities between us, denying the systemic corruption that oppresses us all.

There are several tangible things we could do, that transcend race, ethnicity and political divisions, that would allow us to unlock the potential of individuals, strengthen communities, and make of America a true shining light and leader in the world.

1. Debt Relief

2. Redefine Currency

3. Land Policy

4. Rebuild Community

5. Shift in Consciousness

A simple list (the fifth one is a kind of summation of the four). Politically unimaginable in America, but the great thing about a Democratic party in a state of collapse, and a Republican party that doesn't know it is dead yet, it's a very creative time to imagine a different America.

1. Debt Relief

Don't you think that because money is so central to this society, that a study of economics would be central to a grade school education? Many American kids might be earning money by the time they are 15, yet the vast majority of American adults have no idea what the Dollar is, how it is created, or who owns it.

Why is that? Because an uninformed people are more easily made debt serfs.

Banks create money out of nothing, It is a slight of hand magic trick. They "loan" it into existence, as when they issue a mortgage, or they "buy" junk assets from distressed financial institutions and investors, usually for the full value, creating money and a corresponding and then-some amount of debt, or a claim on future production, ie interest. The money doesn't exist anywhere in reality: like some genie, say "poof", a cloud of smoke appears and suddenly it says right there on that piece of paper or computer, X amount of $'s exist – and everyone believes it.

Making money this way makes for a lot of debt. In fact, the debt can't do anything but increase exponentially over time. Thus, the Dollar is the greatest ponzi scheme ever created. Since 1980 debt has climbed relative to wages, and since 1970, considerably faster than GDP. Do you imagine these trends are sustainable indefinitely? Over time, more and more production, instead of re-invested into society, is consumed in the form of debt payments, until society breaks under the obligation.

There is a reckoning coming for the Dollar. Those who control the dollar imagine the whole world and all it's people indebted to it. But even total global domination doesn't prevent debt from growing out of control, eventually. Total global domination is not likely to happen, so the reckoning is likely coming sooner rather than later.

What would benefit regular people most, and the economy generally, would be debt relief. Growth in debt is inflation official bean counters ignore. Debt is eating away at purchasing power.

Debt Jubilee is a very old concept, mentioned in the Old Testament. A wiping away of debts, a kind of starting over, starting fresh. The ancients recognized runaway debt has a pernicious effect, causing great discord, and eventually, uprising against the creditors.

Those who own the majority of that debt are the richest among us. The most powerful among us. But it is also owned by pension accounts, IRA, 401K, retirement accounts of all kinds. There are a lot of people invested in that debt, maybe half the society, who are the "rentiers", people "letting their money work for them", which is also living off the production of the lesser half, or rather, most of the rest of the world.

The economy is swamped by debt, something has to be done or there will be ever greater discord.

2. Redefine Currency

The Dollar is the world's greatest ponzi scheme. It is an ever greater claim on future labor/production, which stagnates the economy, eventually collapsing the currency.

But it is not enough to wipe out the debt, if you just start over the same process of debt creation. The very nature of currency has to be judged. The dollar is like a mechanical hamster wheel that spins ever faster. Over time, regular people are expected to work more for less return. The product available to them becomes ever more shoddy, yet the price increases. The demands of the dollar and debt encourages wasteful, predatory and even parasistic and cannabalistic use of resources. Growth then amounts to more pollution, ever more garbage and a ruination of ecosystems. All talk about the sustainable is just that, as long as the core currency demands the unsustainable.

Imagine, instead of a debt- and waste-based currency, what about a regenerative one? Instead of propping up a leisure class, a currency that is generated by the very act of production, and ecological healing, empowering all?

For instance, I have been hiking around the Twin Cities this fall, marvelling at the abundance of Eurasian buckthorn. A non-native, berry producing shrub that grows to about 20 ft, it is a diuretic to mammals so deer and rabbit won't browse the saplings (while they do eat native berry producers.) Birds particularly robins, scatter the seed across the landscape, the seeds are efficient germinators, it grows in dense patches crowding and shading everything else out. It is most noticable in the late fall because the leaves remain green after most of the forest is barren because of the cold.

Now imagine Joe Schmo spends his day ripping out buckthorn saplings, and by the very act of that labor, he generates currency? Money appears in his account relative to his labor. No one pays him, the money is simply generated.

Joe and Jill Smith start an organic farm on former GMO industrial corn mining land. Simiarly, they generate money simply by the act of growing vegetables, by producing food. They can also sell product for cash to people like Joe Schmo, but otherwise their labor literally creates money.

Tyrese Jackson generates money by picking up and delivering produce from local organic farms to urban areas. Maria Gonzalez generates currency by feeding and taking care of those who can't take care of themselves.

Thereon, throughout all the menial, "chop wood, carry water" tasks of developed, civil society. Taking money creation away from centralized powers, and from those ambitious, ruthless types who strive to rule over us, giving money creation back to "we the people."

Central to this notion of a regenerative currency, would be about healing. Healing people and the earth. The act of healing and restoring ecosystems would generate currency. Healing, restoration and sustainability would be incentivized.

3. Land Policy:

Land policy, such as it is in America, favors monopoly control, by large corporations and banks, agribusiness on ever larger land holdings, and the treatment of most of the land including public and private, inherenty extractive and exploitative.

Nor are these monopolies held accountable for the pollution they release into the biosphere. This is an "externalized" cost acting as another kind of debt, to be paid by society, by sucker consumers.

A new currency as described would encourage and incentivize the expansion of wild lands, while facilitating the healthy production of food and necessary materials, while eliminating pollution. If monopolies were forced to pay for their pollution, none would exist.

The script would be flipped. Favoring individuals and small groups, preventing monopoly, destructive, extractive, predatory behavior.

The economics of the local would be paramount. Local, responsible, ethical, sustainable, restorative, generative; a people with a close connection, care and concern for the land will protect it.

4. Rebuild Community:

Favoring small producers, citizens and small business over monopoly would help restore community. By empowering individuals economically, in relation to the needs of local community, local community is made more resilient and sustainable, healthy. Whatever your skills are, there is a need, and if filling that need generates income automatically, it is empowering people to fulfill their destiny.

As it is, globalization has hollowed out rural American communities. It has removed income potential, chaining most to low wage service employment and social welfare programs, such that many have turned to meth, heroin and alcohol to "escape." Many escape to the cities, where the forces of predatory capitalism congregate. Agricultural land prices around small communities have been preverted by a combination of monetary policy, the revolving door between corp/bank/gov, and globalist trade rules, putting local land out of reach economically, leading to a sence of helplessness, disconection, depression and dispair.

There are many who would be restored spiritually, given the opportunity to thrive economically, restoring a sence of community and healing the land and waters around community.

Some communities can't be saved, others will rebuild, some might spring up where there was none.

The point is, if trends continue, the whole of the earth will be a rich mans play ground, a mostly destroyed, degraded, polluted, ecologically barren tennant farm and mining camp, if the vast majority are huddled into the cities to live a "virtual" existence. Strong communities are made of strong people with strong ties built with love, care and concern. Such a people are not so easily reduced to consumer, junkie debt serfs.

5. A Shift in Consciousness

We are now more than 7 billion people on planet earth. That is by definition, humanity "separated from nature." In a way too, it is humanity succumbing to the most brutal of all ecological rules, overpopulation in the precence of over-abundance; it happens with rabbits, reindeer and rats etc too. But it is also humanity assuming there will always be a technical sollution, or that God will save us, or aliens will…

The 'solution" probably looks more like unintended mass starvation and war, if humanity stumbles into resource constraints and point-of-no-return biosphere damage. Most signs seem to point to a very dumb human totality going berserk.

It doesn't have to be that way. If humans are in fact an intelligent species, a radical shift in consciousness is possible.

America is supposed to be a place where a diverse people come together to structure a society that would benefit all. It was not meant to be the consumer driven seat of global warmongering and economic control, global empire, for the benefit of a new internationale aristocracy. It was not supposed to be utopia for grifters, nihilists and sociopaths.

It was supposed to be a culture free from the rule of tyranny; a society protecting the right of all, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

America could be the seat of a new kind of consiousness. I still believe, where America goes, the world will follow. This new consiousness would be focused on healing people and the earth, particulary the waters. Aware that a healthy earth will be reflected in healthy people and likewise, that we are All relations, that the way of Life is cooperation.

We are all of the earth. How we treat the earth is reflected in body and mind. The biosphere is suffering, as are people. Heal the earth and people will be healed.    















Sunday, November 13, 2016




Reflections, Post-2016 Election





After the "surprise" 2016 sweep by Republicans nationwide, including the Presidency of the United States of America, by Donald John Trump, I can say at least that I am relieved not to be occupied with passage of TTP/TTIP/TISA trade agreements, war with Russia or the invasion of Syria.

I'm loving the comeuppance in the media. Telling us what we are supposed to believe doesn't work as well anymore.

I've been holding my breath, only pointing out on social media, the success of Republicans has less to do with any virtue in them, than the failure of Dems to stand for the middle class, working poor or poor, abandoning them to globalist/monopoly market forces.

What is a Democrat anymore? What is a Liberal? Whatever they are, we are all about to get a big dose of Republican, whatever that is (retro-grade moneygrubbing and warmongering?)

I didn't vote for Trump; nor did I vote for Hillary. Good conscience, you've got to be kidding me. Democrats are in denial, wanting to shame people like me, because I am clearly a misogynist, racist bigoted stupid idiot, not to vote for Hillary. "Not ready for a woman president," despite that I voted for a woman who wasn't a war-loving economic elitist.

I think one of the biggest problems with America is our inherited Western duality, the indoctrinated tendency to see all things in Absolute good vs evil, black and white, light and dark, not as complementary and necessary to each other, but inherently opposed, ever at war.

Dems still love to mock George W Bush for saying, "you're either with us or you are with the terrorists," But Dems lost this election, in part because Obama and Hillary are not Good, to Trump's Evil, and so Dems did not hold either Obama or Hillary accountable for record income inequality, systemic corruption, a privatized, unchecked, unaccountable military, treating whistleblowers like spies, the total surveillance state, trends toward direct rule by corporation and bank – Dems have no more credibility. What, all this is goood when a Dem presides over it, but evil when a Republican does?

Instead of focusing on issues, Dems reduced the conversation to a gender, ethnic and race one, trying to ride an unenthusiastic coalition of professional women, black folk, Hispanic/Latino and other minorities, Muslim and LGBTQ, focused not on systemic corruption in economics and politics, the war machine, total surveillance, but on white power, white privilege. Not a winning strategy.

A lot of white people suffer in this system too. I want to stand with that coalition, but not if it means I have to hang my head between my knees, for my gender/ethnicity/race.

Dems remain in denial, falling into old divide and conquer patterns, doing it badly. Many are now focusing on the electoral college, as if the electors might flip the vote, give it to Hillary. So that Hillary can preside over a Republican Congress, who only agree on war, and corp, bank and billionaire (monopoly) power? So that you can confirm for all those Bernie and Trump supporters that the system actually is rigged and the establishment will take what it wants no matter what? There is nothing civil about civil war. Hillary didn't lose because everybody who didn't vote for her is a racist bigot woman hater. Acting out of denial is a bad idea, generally.

Grieving takes healing and time. There are many stages. You can't skip or cheat.

So what will Trump do? Not even Trump knows. He said a lot of things on the campaign trail, and I don't necessarily believe he believes half of it, not deeply anyway. There are only two things he said that truly matter to most of his voters, that he will focus on the American economy more than the global, and draining the swamp, cleaning house in Washington.

Hell will have no fury like Trump supporters, if he betrays them by embracing neo-liberal/neo-con principles, embracing the establishment he railed against, reinforcing existing predatory economics favoring monopolies, and the war machine and the total surveillance state continue to expand exponentially.

But then, maybe Trump voters will be like O and H voters, excusing the most heinous because their "good" guy did it.

It's early yet, but it appears Trump is surrounding himself with the ususal characters, who will be incapable of doing anything but reinforcing what is heinous about the status quo, predatory/cannabalistic economics, and incessant warmongering. The sheer momentum of the State will likely overwhelm him, he will simply fall in line, and nothing fundamental will change.

Except that Republicans nation-wide are adept at manipulating the system to entrench themselves. In the next two years they could gerrymander the voter right out of democracy, making America Republican indefinitely. Except that Republican elite are just as dense as Dem elite, and while it remains to be seen whether Dems learn anything from this election, I'm certain elite Republicans won't, offering up nothing but what they have offered up before, over-stepping their "mandate" by about 1000 years.

Pence leading the transition team, a true inside elitist if there ever was one, assures all the same elite actors will be recommended, while the bureaucracies will not be hampered, as much as filled with true believers in the hoax that is climate change, the holy holy market and the sole-sanctity of the fetus.

If there are serious market disruptions in the next two years, part of me expects Trump to go full authoritarian. I'm hoping instead he focuses on cutting the legs out from the Military Industrial Complex, the neo-liberal agenda of direct rule by corp and bank, and rebuilding America's productive capacity.

More, the world needs debt relief. Americans need debt relief. The world needs a reprieve from war. The world needs healing. America needs healing.

I don't hear much of that coming from either party. I don't expect it from a Trump Administration.












The Kitchen Sink / Monarch Butterfly
« on: March 15, 2014, 10:34:12 PM »

Off the Keyboard of William Hunter Duncan

Published originally @ Off the Grid in Minneapolis

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One day when I was about eight years old, my father, standing in the front door, said to me, “Son, come take a look at this.” I stepped out onto the sidewalk, looked up, and saw that our basswood tree (which was really five genetically identical, mature basswoods, from one original,) had turned orange. It took me a moment to understand what I was looking at. There were 30,000 monarch butterfly, resting on that tree, fluttering their wings; as a chorus.

As marvellous as that was, I think I thought, that is what happens to people: tens of thousands of monarch butterflies stop and rest on a tree in their yard. I looked for them every year after that, but they never came back. Not like that.

As an adult, I have planted butterfly-friendly flowers wherever I could. My garden has 200 species of plants, many of which are butterfly friendly, especially liatris, blazingstar. Three summers ago, one of my liatris had peaked, standing almost six feet tall, six stems fully flowered; from sunrise until sunset, 40 monarch butterfly feasting, at any given time, for most of the month of August. (People stopped by to film it, I heard; I wish I had; no money no camera.)


I have scattered common milkweed seed in this garden, by the bedroom, because it smells great; which common milkweed, monarch butterfly lay their eggs on, the leaves of which are the only thing the caterpillar will eat (common milkweed makes the monarch caterpillar and butterfly toxic to predators.)


For some reason, swamp milkweed thrives in my garden, which is attractive to the mature monarch butterfly, but not so much to the larvae; the common milkweed didn’t take, at least not where I scattered it. It popped up in a place I didn’t scatter the seed; unfortunately, where it doesn’t get enough sun to bloom, shaded as it is by the neighbor’s looming, aged silver maple dooming my house, and the elderberry in the corner, by the garage and the fence (keeping watch).

Last summer, 2013, I saw a monarch butterfly most days, into September. Usually only one at a time though. I rejoiced the few days I saw two at a time. One time, two summers ago, I saw a pair mating, which they did while the female was flying, the male hanging upside down, under her, like a rudder (of a ship on the sea.) They fluttered back and fourth through the garden at least six times (nowhere else in the neighborhood so friendly.) Last year, their numbers were down Continent-wide, throughout the season. This winter, 33 million over-wintered in their forest resting places, in central Mexico. Historically, there are more than a billion.

homero aridjis

I only saw as many as I did in 2013, as my garden is surrounded almost entirely by wasteland, which makes my garden an oasis. Yes, I am in the midst of a 3-million person metro; from a butterfly perspective, it is a wasteland.

Not as much the wasteland America’s “breadbasket” has become. Wherever corn is grown, and corn is grown intensively from central Mexico to South-central Canada, is hostile territory to monarch butterfly. That’s a long way to have to travel, everywhere toxic pesticides/herbicides, roads like an automated river of air full of deadly projectiles, nothing to eat. Add to that, last year, severe drought in Texas and Oklahoma, northern Mexico. (Severe drought this year in California.)

Monarch, leaving their heavily logged over-wintering rest, in the mountains of central Mexico, are not the monarch that return to Mexico. It’s the fourth generation that returns to Mexico; the first breeds in northern Mexico, Texas lower breadbasket, bayou, dies; second generation flies to the upper Midwest, central valleys, rust belt, Atlantic coast, breeds, dies; third generation hangs around, as far as southern Canada, heads south, breeds again wherever they are, die; fourth generation catches the high winds and heads for central Mexico (aggressively-logged) highlands.

If any of these stages are interrupted, their numbers drop. Which hasn’t been too much of a problem, the last 10,000 years at least (since the end of the last ice age); until humans got it into their heads that it doesn’t matter what we do to the earth, 7+ billion of us now, 320 million here in America in the most turbo-charged of all nation states…

Drought in northern Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma has alleviated, somewhat. The central breadbasket is worse every year, for toxicity and loss of butterfly/wild habitat; they are forced to follow rivers, from city to city, where they can still find a few edible flowers. There has been some planting along roads, but then, they get hit by vehicles. Most people plant flowers that are great for GDP, super showy, for ego – of little use to butterflies. And city people esp in the suburbs, love their pesticides. Add in vehicle exhaust, coal burning; they have to breathe the same air we do. If you know health care is 20% of GDP, you might imagine monarch butterfly are a bit more sensitive.

Then of course you have international finance in control of most of the breadbasket/growing places; all that free QE money (same way they are trying to take the Ukrainian breadbasket; that and debt; you control the food, you control the people.) George W. Bush returned millions of acres of fallow, semi-wild CRP land (Conservation Reserve Program), to big ag, GMO corn, and broad spectrum poisons, esp Monsanto Roundup glyphosate. Obama acts more like a monarch than a butterfly. EPA?; see aforementioned International finance, bank, corporation, Monsanto etc.

In other words, the monarch butterfly is on the verge of extinction.

More horrific than that – the monarch butterfly going extinct – who cares (if the 23 people making 35 comments to this article is any indication?) Stupid bugs. Congratulations Science, Church, Commerce, you have successfully separated people, psychologically, from the natural systems all life depends upon.

Monarch butterfly extinction, would break a lot of hearts. Including mine. And, canary-in-the-coal-mine extraordinaire, THE bellweather: it would be clear at that point, esp if people are mostly indifferent, this megalith we call civilization, will collapse before it will question BAU, Leviathan, Great Beast, even unto all species extinction, even unto our own…(as if Fukushima isn’t canary enough.)

I hope that doesn’t happen, either the extinction of the monarch butterfly, or the extinction of people. So, in good faith, plant flowers that monarch butterfly need, if you are in their path; any flowers with nectar; there are all kinds of butterflies, moths, bugs that need flowers, people too; the best way to fight bad bugs is with good bugs, lots of flowers/habitat. LOL. Plant flowers wherever you can, anybody. If the monarch butterfly survives, it won’t be because of big banks, big corporations, or big government. It will be people, casting seed, tending flowers, even housing the caterpillar or the chrysalis, to keep it safe.

Which is where I have failed the monarch butterfly, insofar as I didn’t save any milkweed seed last fall, when I could have. Floating about, with it’s parachute-like filigree, in the fall (I know two places close by.) Hard to find in the spring, the seeds scattered.


I’m planting several gardens this spring. Here, @ Off The Grid in Minneapolis; the second, surrounded by corn; the third, urban like this, but wilder and younger. Fruit trees and big gardens, grape vines, berry canes; even citrus.

If you have any common milkweed seed, let me know. (Maybe besides good monarch butterfly habitat we need to create good people habitat too…)

Peak what? (Special thx to m' friend Chad)

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The Kitchen Sink / Seed Sorting Day
« on: February 08, 2014, 07:33:12 PM »
Off the keyboard of William Hunter Duncan

Published originally @ Off The Grid in Minneapolis

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Salvaged last fall.

I’ve never had good seed starting conditions in this house. My starts are always small, leggy, compared to what is available. This year, I’m going to build a greenhouse outside these three windows. I’ll access it by crawling through the window next to the bookshelf. I will have a door outside too, but I would rather not open it until planting time. I will circulate air through at night, and hopefully it will add heat to the house during sunny days. Add moisture to the interior of the house; it has been so cold, and the air so dry, my throat and sinuses are raw.

These are some very happy plants.

This is a clementine. I bought it at the uber retail outlet where I worked, last June. It is three times the size it was when I bought it. All that new growth is from the last month. I’m going to buy a bunch of citrus trees this spring, sprout some avocados. Put them in big pots, keep them out on the sidewalk and driveway in the summer, haul them inside in the fall.

This is a Jasmine I bought at the grocery store. All those green shoots are growth from the last two weeks. Needs a bigger pot, like the clementine; and a bigger trellis.


Jasmine flowers, slowly opening.

This is my rosemary. See those two tall shoots out front? All new growth this winter.

Oh, and these.

I’ll be building some sizable gardens at a few of the houses where I work. I have a plan to experiment with seed saving, while planting a mixture of heirloom and hybrid. Hopefully too, planting a bevy of fruit trees. I’m ordering about 12 more fruit and nut trees and shrubs, for this house. By this fall I might have 70+ fruit and nut trees, shrubs and vines, on this 3/16th acre lot.

The spring greenhouse will be temporary. I hope to expand it in the fall, and make it more permanent, extending it most of the full length of the south of the house, incorporating passive solar heating of water, and aquaculture. I want to try to grow pepper vines. I’m going to try to get off natural gas as much as possible in the next year. I would like to expand the house and garage, make them super efficient, self sustaining to an extent – but I’m going to need a little help with that.

So anyway, see, it’s an exciting time. :)  I am in love with this life. So don’t suicide me, dudes ;)  Plant fruit and nut trees, build gardens. Sing dance share.

Geopolitics / Treason
« on: January 14, 2014, 04:14:04 PM »
It seems to me, we are on the verge of a monumental shift in global power. It is easy to say corporations and the banks rule the world, but there are also nation states. I think what is shifting, is that elected officials, particularly here in America, are giving the power of Governments (Fed, State, County, Municipal) away, to corporations and banks. The most egregious examples, in recent memory, are the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic trade pacts that Congress wants to give Obama fast track authority to impose. This would be the end of American sovereignty, the end of even the appearance of democracy, the full-on transfer of power from government to corporate hands.

Say what you will about nation states being a kind of cancer on the body of the earth, lol, but I say, giving international corporations the right to challenge America's laws, is treason.

Anyway, this thread is about evidence that such a shift is happening. And to call out the traitors. First up: the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.


U.S. Appeals Court Deals Major Blow To Net Neutrality

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday struck down the government's latest effort to require internet providers to treat all traffic the same and give consumers equal access to lawful content, a policy that supporters call net neutrality.

The Federal Communications Commission did not have the legal authority to enact the 2011 regulations, which were challenged in a lawsuit brought by Verizon Communications Inc, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said in its ruling.

"Even though the commission has general authority to regulate in this arena, it may not impose requirements that contravene express statutory mandates," Judge David Tatel said.

Although the three judge panel were unanimous about the outcome, one wrote separately that he would have gone even further in restricting the FCC's authority.

The FCC could appeal the ruling to the full appeals court or to the U.S. Supreme Court, or it could attempt to rewrite the regulations to satisfy the appeals court.

During the oral argument in September, Verizon's lawyer said the regulations violated the company's right to free speech and stripped control of what its networks transmit and how.

The eventual outcome of the dispute may determine whether internet providers can restrict some content by, for instance, blocking or slowing down access to particular sites or charging websites to deliver their content faster.
The FCC had no immediate comment on the ruling. Verizon also had no immediate comment.

(Reporting by David Ingram and Alina Selyukh; Editing by Will Dunham and Sofina Mirza-Reid)

The Kitchen Sink / Simple As That
« on: December 27, 2013, 06:49:38 PM »

Off the Keyboard of William Hunter Duncan

Originally published @ Off the Grid in Minneapolis

Discuss this article in the Diner Forum


The ArchDruid John Michael Greer wrote a most interesting blog post this week. In it he compared Anton Lavey‘s Satanism, Ayn Rand, and elements of GOP and various purported Christian agendas. As the favored tendencies of the GOP so resemble Lavey’s diabolical morality and Rand’s Objectivism, Greer speculated as to whether Rand-isms (paeans to Ayn) had become code between the followers of the prince of lies:

“…The Satanic Bible….a book-length screed denouncing Christian morality and upholding an ethic of raw selfishness and might-makes-right. It’s still very much in copyright, so I’m not going to quote it here, but any reader who turns its pages will find the present social policy of the GOP precisely reflected in LaVey’s dismissal of two thousand years of Christian teaching about our duty to care for one another, his shrill denunciations of the vulnerable and needy as “parasites” and “vampires,” and his insistence that the successful owe nothing to anybody else.

Greer called his post satire, but it cuts a little TOO close to the truth.

As the number of devil worshippers in evangelical churches and the Christian end of the Republican Party increased, though, their most pressing need would have been some surreptitious way to signal their involvement to those who shared their convictions, without believers in the Christian gospel being any the wiser. Coming up with a Satanic shibboleth that would be instantly recognizable to other devil worshippers, but completely opaque to devout Christians, might seem like a tall order, but it’s one that seems to have been met with aplomb.

Yes, this is where we discuss Ayn Rand.

I love it. I encourage everyone to read it :)  From the comments:

William Hunter Duncan said…[slightly....edited]

That’s the most interesting post I have read in a long time, anywhere :)

So I was visiting my parents this week. Christmas Eve, my father was watching Fox news. Eric Bolling was celebrating a young entrepreneur, as a “maker, not a taker.” Then he was celebrating $10,000 tips to servers for dinner (on bills around $500-600), “Tips For Jesus” [It perhaps not occurring to many Christians, the irony of a rich man giving tips to Jesus, about giving. 'the best way to give to the poor is to get super rich!] I turned to my born-again Christian mother and said, “It’s Jesus birthday, let’s celebrate money making and rich people!” She gave me as close to an evil eye as I have ever seen from her.

Then my father turned it to CNN. They were wailing about [for intervention in] South Sudan. I turned to my mother and said, “See, CNN is just as bad. Here, look at this 3-page paid advertisement that reads like an article, in this Dec 30, 2013 Time magazine. It’s about all the great investment opportunities in South Sudan. How much do you think this is trouble stirred up by multinational corporations, for the benefit of multinational corporations?” Who owns CNN? Time Warner. My mother says to me, but those there are evil Muslims killing Christians! I said, “you all come from the same Abraham, I don’t see why you can’t get along.” “My,” she said. “you are far gone.” LOL

She’s no Satanist, but she’ll believe just about anyone who claims to be Christian. And she’s been taken in….

Incidentally, thinking further, I was wondering what Christians would have to say if those who initiated the total surveillance states were proto-satanists, and not really the Christians they claim to be? ;)


John Michael Greer said… William, a good point. I’d encourage you and other readers to spread the word! ;-)

Bolling and his Fox News ilk were not merely busy managing a proto-satanic moral agenda about rich and poor (are autistic people makers or takers?), they were busy blaming the deflationary 2013 holiday retail numbers, on The Affordable Care Act. Because of course, the shitty retail numbers couldn’t have anything to do with a trillion dollars of student loan debt (due predatory capitalistic institutions of higher education and their investors and creditors); or turning half the workforce into marginalized, economically insecure part time/seasonal/contract “associates”; diluting the dollar with 85 billion dollar-a-month shifts of private loss to private gain/public debt; generalized global resource constraints; or guys like Bolling making millions, sanctifying expanding inequality and the rights of multi-national corporate/banking/finance overlords to run rough over everything and everybody.

It’s a dark magic, the way they are silent about Fukushima. What were the topics that could be talked about this holiday Christmas season? Retail sales, Duck Dynasty, Health Care Hijinks, and South Sudan. NSA was in the news, but only to talk about what was being done to fine-tune the total surveillance state. Notice there is not a serious national discussion about who set it up, how and why. What for? Why do we really need it? For whom? You (whom) want to be able to record every digital communication – but you won’t talk about Fukushima, and you stopped measuring radiation in the atmosphere? You want to know what everyone is saying and doing digitally, at all times, and record that information for eternity – but you don’t want us to read the global trade pacts you are negotiating, before you enact them into law? The only thing we can talk about, apparently, is that which will service economic growth no matter what cost. We cannot talk about Fukushima anymore than we can talk about nuclear facilities here in the States. Cannot talk about corporate/finance takeover of nation states, evisceration of existing law. Cannot talk about what crisis could initiate what nightmare expansion of the existing military/police state with full internal dispersal of drones/total surveillance?

It hardly matters if there are genuine satanists in the various levels of government. Capitalism mirrors any serious definition of demonic, the way it is so dependent on lies and evasion of the truth, the show of force. Even the current guy in the typically uber-obtuse-about-the-poor office of the Pope gets it! LOL. If you were part of a cabal of Satanists or proto-satanists attempting to destroy the earth or enslave it, just because, you couldn’t invent a better way than to convince most people they are consumers, that producers can be rich without limit. Or invent a more powerful machine for the managing of mass consciousness than the MSM. Seriously, does “devour the body of the earth without limit, that we might become rich without limit,” sound like Jesus talk to you? Sound sense, even? But that is basically the message of Christ-mass, and consumerism generally.

Which, btw, few Americans could believe those towers could be brought down by Christians. Which initiated this total surveillance, increasingly paramilitary state. But what if the perpetrators were Satanists, or proto-satanists, masquerading as Christians? Could you believe it then? What then, if some of the the most basic tenets of Capitalism are effectively Satanic? Why is Capitalism so dependent on proto-fascist, mercenary, all-seeing controls?

Of course Marxism is as dead as industrialism, so don’t go there. Marx saw Capitalism devouring itself. He didn’t see how readily and unremittingly his glorious centralized workers party would devour and despoil the earth. Jobz! Jobz! Jobz!

So it would seem time for some revisioning, eh, about where we are headed?  Because they are otherwise setting up more wars, Christian-Muslim-Jew, Capitalist-Socialist, rich-poor, white-nonwhite. Strong-weak. Divide and conquer.

I mean, seriously, if you were a Satanist, assorted minion of the devil, wouldn’t you totally glory in the spread of nuclear energy, weapons? How would you get off, setting off one, or hundreds of nuclear charges over the years? The people cowering before you! What wicked glee, Fukushima. And if you don’t get cancer from radiation, wait for long term immersion in systemic chemical toxicity! Off-shore, deep water oil platforms? Fracking? The price of progress? Or a plan to enslave the earth? Or simply to destroy it? How to make the people glory in their self-destruction? Seriously, how would you laugh and laugh to hear the monarch butterfly population has crashed? What proverbial orgasm would be the total surveillance state, military/industrial complex? Drones? Seriously, demon.

So btw, how far along the continuum of societal and biosphere/specie collapse are we, if monarch butterfly go from 100 million to 3 million, 2012-2013? About time something shifted for the better? But then, most everybody thinks that means, more growth, more stuff, more money, which only exacerbates the problem. Societal collapse may mean an extended period of lawless consumption, war and pollution; laws barely protect what’s left.

What’s needed is not a change in behavior, or even a weeding out of Satanists or proto-satanists, but a mass shift in consciousness. Mass consciousness now capitalist/consumer/proto-satanic, is fundamentally indifferent to and uncaring about the health of the earth. If we are to survive as a species and not be enslaved, some new consciousness will have to learn to care for the earth. To care for each other. To care for all things.

Simple . As . That


Conspiracy / Satanists in the GOP
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A most interesting piece this week, from the Archdruid.   :icon_mrgreen:  :icon_sunny:

The Archdruid Report

Druid perspectives on nature, culture, and the future of industrial society
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Speculation
Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I’ve spent most of the last year discussing the place of religion in the troubled future ahead of us. This holiday season, in which millions of Americans have just engaged in an all-out orgy of conspicuous consumption and mindless waste to celebrate the birth of a poor carpenter’s son in a stable in Bethlehem, also has me thinking about religious matters, and it occurs to me that there’s an issue along these lines that my blog posts haven’t yet explored. It may not have much to do with the future of the modern industrial world, but it may just explain a thing or two about the present and the recent past here in the United States.
I’m sorry to say that the issue I have in mind has a distinct partisan dimension, which marks a break from my usual policy in this blog. One of the more common criticisms I field from irate readers, in fact, is the insistence that I treat politicians of both major US parties as though they’re interchangeable. It’s a valid criticism, since I do indeed do this, and the only justification I can offer is that, by and large, that’s the way they behave. For exhibit A, it’s hard to beat the current inmate of the White House, who won the presidency just over five years ago in a flurry of sound bites about “hope” and “change,” and then turned around and gave us a truly inspired imitation of the third and fourth terms of George W. Bush, complete with all the drone strikes and violations of civil liberties that his chorus of sycophants in the media used to insist he was sure to abolish once he got into office.

Still, the criticism has some merit, since there’s one significant difference between the two major US parties. Most Democratic politicians, like the example just cited, will say and do whatever it takes to get elected, and then conveniently forget all about their alleged ideals in order to proceed with, and profit from, the ordinary business of politics once they land in office. A fair number of Republican politicians do exactly the same thing, to be sure, but there’s also a large number of Republicans who have convictions regarding important social issues, and cling firmly to those convictions even when they’re not popular.  That’s a distinction worth noting, but a certain amount of confusion enters the picture when the Republicans in question—as nearly all of them do—insist that their convictions follow from their Christian faith.

Now of course the Christian faith does have quite a bit to say about social issues. Theologies differ from church to church, but friends of mine in several different denominations assure me that the words of Jesus quoted in the four gospels of the New Testament are considered definitive guides to faith and morals, so I sat down a few days ago with a copy of the King James version and spent an afternoon reading the gospels—not, by the way, for the first time.  Here are the passages I found in which Jesus tells his followers that they have a duty to take care of children, the poor, and other vulnerable people:

Matthew 18:6, 18:10, 19:21, 23:14, and 25:31-46; Mark 9:36-37, 10:21, and 12:40; and Luke 10:30-37, 11:41, 12:33, 14:12-14, 18:22, and 20:47.

Here are the passages in which Jesus tells his followers to pay their taxes without complaining:

Matthew 5:42, 17:24-27, and 22:19-21; Mark 12:14-17; and Luke 6:30 and 20:21-25.

Here are the passages in which Jesus tells his followers that they aren’t supposed to obsess about other people’s sins, but should leave that to God, and attend to their own moral failings instead:

Matthew 7:1-5 and 9:10-13; Mark 2:15-17; Luke 6:37, 6:41-42, 7:44-48, 15:2, 18:10-14, and 19:7; and John 8:2-11.

And here are the passages in which Jesus tells his followers to blame the poor and vulnerable for their plight, direct benefits toward the already well-to-do at the expense of everyone else, refuse to pay their fair share of taxes, and obsessively denounce and punish the sins of people they don’t like while finding every opportunity to excuse their own sins and those of their friends:

Yet these latter are the things that a great many Republicans, and in particular a great many of those Republicans who claim to be motivated by their Christian faith, have been pursuing in practice, if not always advocating in theory. If they’re deriving their commitments from a religion, it’s pretty clearly not the one taught by Jesus. Many people have made this same point in recent years, but it doesn’t seem to have occurred to any of them that another religion that’s active in today’s America does teach all the things the GOP supports. That religion, of course, is Satanism, and more specifically the version of it taught in Anton Szandor LaVey’s The Satanic Bible.

Those who were around during LaVey’s glory days in the 1970s, when he appeared regularly on talk shows and had a coterie of Hollywood stars in his Church of Satan, will doubtless remember The Satanic Bible. For those who weren’t, it’s a book-length screed denouncing Christian morality and upholding an ethic of raw selfishness and might-makes-right. It’s still very much in copyright, so I’m not going to quote it here, but any reader who turns its pages will find the present social policy of the GOP precisely reflected in LaVey’s dismissal of two thousand years of Christian teaching about our duty to care for one another, his shrill denunciations of the vulnerable and needy as “parasites” and “vampires,” and his insistence that the successful owe nothing to anybody else.

An interesting coincidence, or perhaps an ironic one? Maybe so, but I find myself wondering if there’s more to it than that. It happens fairly often that the repeated failure of a belief system causes many former believers to swing all the way to the opposite extreme, and embrace the antithesis of their former faith. The neoconservatives who briefly and disastrously shaped the direction of US foreign policy in the first years of this century are a case in point:  many of the leaders of that movement were doctrinaire Marxists during their college years, and responded to the abject failure of Marxism by doing their level best to become the wicked capitalists they had once so fervently denounced.

The evangelical revival of the late 1970s and 1980s, in turn, was pervaded by hopes at least as extreme and unrealistic as anything the Marxists envisioned in their heyday. Wildly popular books such as Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth convinced millions of newly “Born Again” Christians that the Second Coming was due any minute, and the repeated failure of Jesus to show up on cue must have put immense psychological strains on a great many people who cut their ties to the secular world in the imminent expectation of Armageddon. All through those same years, in turn, copies of  The Satanic Bible could be found in cheap mass market editions on the shelves of chain bookstores all over America. It’s not hard to imagine how, after each loudly proclaimed date for the Rapture waltzed serenely by without incident, a trickle of not-quite-former fundamentalists could well have responded to their feelings of humiliation and despair by walking away from the Bible section in those same bookstores and seeing if the opposing side had something better on offer.

Those who found solace of one sort or another in LaVey’s evocation of diabolical values would have had several good reasons not to make their change of heart public, to be sure. On the one hand (or horn, or cloven hoof), a public confession of devil worship would have been difficult to explain to one’s employer in those somewhat more innocent times, and the reactions of one’s presumably Christian friends and family would also have been an issue for many. On the other, one of the classic titles given Satan by Christian theologians is “the father of lies,” and it’s easy to see how the thought of remaining ostensibly Christian while practicing devil worship in private, and perhaps leading others down the Left Hand Path, might have seemed like the most delectable option available to these new Satanic converts.

Nor would active membership in most of today’s Christian churches have been any impediment to the enthusiastic worship of Satan. According to Matthew 7:21, it’s not enough to say “Lord, Lord,” to qualify as a Christian; it’s also necessary to do the will of God—a requirement that, as noted above, involves among other things some highly specific commitments to help the poor and vulnerable. Thus covert devil worshippers could shout “Jesus is Lord” at the top of their lungs every Sunday, and so long as they carefully refrained from following the teachings of the gospels, they would have had no difficulty maintaining their status as Satanists in good standing. This, it seems, they accordingly did.

As the number of devil worshippers in evangelical churches and the Christian end of the Republican Party increased, though, their most pressing need would have been some surreptitious way to signal their involvement to those who shared their convictions, without believers in the Christian gospel being any the wiser. Coming up with a Satanic shibboleth that would be instantly recognizable to other devil worshippers, but completely opaque to devout Christians, might seem like a tall order, but it’s one that seems to have been met with aplomb.

Yes, this is where we discuss Ayn Rand.

All things considered, Rand’s cult status in those circles that call themselves conservative these days is hard to explain, because Rand was not a conservative. By that I don’t simply mean that she rejected the term and savagely denounced conservative ideas and politicians, though this is true; nor that the conservative movement in her time rejected her ideas with at least as much energy as she did theirs, and generally with better logic than hers, though this was also the case.  Far more important here is that she was a radical ideologue of exactly the sort against which the founders of conservatism directed their most barbed and thoughtful critiques.

As discussed in Russell Kirk’s brilliant study The Conservative Mind, classical conservatism has at its core an enduring and wholly justified suspicion of claims that some abstract ideology or other can bring about heaven on earth.  “The pretended rights of these theorists,” wrote Edmund Burke, “are all extremes; and in proportion as they are metaphysically true, they are morally and politically false.” He was talking about the Jacobins, but he could just as well have been talking about Rand.

Still, there’s another point that is worth making here, which is that Ayn Rand was a violent opponent of Christianity and Christian morality, a committed atheist who considered selfishness a central moral virtue, and who also idolized one of the most disgusting child murderers of the twentieth century.  Her present role as intellectual pin-up girl for people who call themselves Christian conservatives is thus a little odd, since claiming to be a Christian and a believer in Rand’s teachings at the same time is right up there with claiming to be a vegetarian carnivore or a celibate harlot. It’s not just that one of these things is not like the other; Rand’s teachings are flatly, openly, and deliberately opposed to every part of the gospel of Jesus.

Rand’s anticommunism made her turgid novels popular on the less thoughtful end of the American right in the 1950s and 1960s, though, and that accident of history prepared her for what might just be her core role in contemporary culture: a covert way for devil worshippers to identify themselves to one another in the supposedly Christian (and just as supposedly conservative) GOP of today. Closet Satanists attending fundamentalist church services or Republican party get-togethers can’t exactly sport upside-down pentagrams on their shirts or greet other attendees with a hearty “Hail Satan,” but a casual reference to one of Rand’s novels or pseudophilosophical screeds is the next best thing: once someone else responds enthusiastically to the mention of Rand’s name, a few other seemingly casual comments and perhaps a covert devil sign or two would be enough to settle the matter.

All this may suggest some sobering reflections as we approach the beginning of another US election year, in which most races will pit a candidate from a party that puts its faith in Lucifer against a candidate from a party that for all practical purposes believes in nothing at all. Still, when supposedly Christian politicians start waxing rhapsodic about the alleged intellectual or literary virtues of Ayn Rand, I trust my readers will remember that what they’re saying actually works out to “I worship the Prince of Darkness, and you should too!” Any of my readers who happen to be devil worshippers themselves can proceed to welcome them as friends and brothers, while those of other faiths can cast their votes as their own ethical views suggest.

On the off chance that any Republican Satanists are reading these lines, though, I’d like to offer a helpful suggestion.  The long charade of pretending to be Christian conservatives has no doubt been great fun, and it’s certainly succeeded in getting Satanic ideas widely accepted all through those parts of American society that might have been expected to resist them most forcefully.  Only one of the seven deadly sins has gotten by without extravagant praise from so-called Christian conservatives in recent years—it’s hard to glorify an economic system that depends on avarice, gluttony, envy and sloth, and a foreign policy defined by pride and wrath, in any other way—and no doubt they’ll find a way to fit lust in there somewhere one of these days, and finish collecting the whole set.

At this point, though, it’s hard to see any reason why the Satanists in the GOP need to keep the pretense going any longer. In an era when most discussions of the Christmas season in the mass media fixate on whether retailers are making a big enough profit to keep the economy stumbling blindly onward for one more year, I think a strong case can be made that America is ready to shake off the last of its qualms and openly embrace a Satanic political agenda. Among its other benefits, putting public devil worship at the heart of the GOP, where it so evidently belongs, can’t help but improve the flagging ratings of Republican national conventions; the otherwise tedious proceedings of the 2016 GOP convention, for example, would be enlivened no end by a Black Mass celebrated by the GOP nominee, perhaps with Ann Coulter’s nude form draped over the altar and a chorus of delegates chanting “Evil, be thou my good!” from the bleachers.

In the meantime, I would like to wish to those of my readers who actually believe in the gospel of Jesus, who study his teachings prayerfully and try their level best to live their lives in accordance with them, a very merry Christmas; to my other readers, blessings on whatever holiday you celebrate in this season of hope’s rebirth in a cold and bitter time; and to all, a happy new year.

Posted by John Michael Greer at 7:24 PM

Geopolitics / Iran
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They say a deal has been reached, to prevent nuclear proliferation in Iran, and to lift sanctions. Counter-intuitive, to all that the blogosphere says about Iran as the lynch point of Western hegemony. I remain hopeful, despite all. It seems good news, in a world of endless apocrypha. (Just then I hear from the Ghetto Boys on The Current, "My Mind Playin Tricks On Me.")

Iran Nuclear Deal Reached At Geneva Talks


GENEVA (AP) — The French and Iranian foreign ministers said early Sunday that a deal between six world powers and Iran has been struck that calls on Tehran to limit its nuclear activities in return for sanctions relief.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, "Yes, we have a deal," as he walked past reporters crowding the hotel lobby where marathon negotiations had taken place over the past five days.

Asked if there was a deal, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said "Yes" and gave a thumbs up sign.

The goal had been to hammer out an agreement to freeze Iran's nuclear program for six months, while offering the Iranians limited relief from crippling economic sanctions. If the interim deal holds, the parties will negotiate final-stage agreements to ensure Iran does not build nuclear weapons.

The deal came after the personal intervention by Secretary of State John Kerry and other foreign ministers whose presence had raised hopes for a breakthrough.

Diplomats refused to spell out details of the talks, which dragged on past midnight and into early Sunday.

Environment / Mon(ster)santo: Past, Present, Future
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Off the keyboard of William Hunter Duncan

Published on the Doomstead Diner on September 5, 2012

Discuss this article at the Environment Table inside the Diner

Few institutions typify the urge to dominate, the urge to control, more than the corporation known as Monsanto. Incorporated early in the age of chemical optimism, 1901, the chemical incarnation Monsanto-of-old, is best known for it’s production of DDT, PCB’s and Agent Orange. If that sounds like a list of weapons of mass destruction to you, like a list of crimes against humanity, then you will not be surprised necessarily, to find that Monsanto is now a “bio-tech” company more or less in charge of the global food supply, more responsible than any other entity, for the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMO). That Monsanto is located pert’ near the geographical center of the contiguous 48 American States (St Louis), at the center of America’s “breadbasket”, should not be surprising, if you understand modern America as a fascist construction. But then, if you think of Monsanto and America generally as a fascist construction, you probably are growing at least some of your own food, and tend to avoid GMO’s to the extent you can, and probably are in favor of labelling. In which case, if GMO’s make you uncomfortable, Monsanto thinks you are an elitist condemner of the poor, and more or less an Enemy of the State/eco-terrorist/luddite scrum. LOL. (Notice the above corporate emblem has nothing to do with health, food or people. Though Monsanto otherwise bills itself as a “Sustainable Agriculture Company”.)


How inverted has the totalitarianism of the West become, that this guy is able to make an argument about caring for the poor, and get away with it? This guy eats children for breakfast, with a side of puppy dogs and a garnish of baby rabbit balls (oops, jackass, that was not a child, that was a young woman lol.)  This guy never met a fascist he wouldn’t plot the rape of the planet with, over $500 martinis. And yet America defers to clowns like this as if they are the pinnacle of evolution/imperialism, as if the requisite evil of uber-success is no barrier to gross admiration, genuflect before the gods of rapacious greed and crass materialism, all. In a just society a guy like this doesn’t exist. In this society, where corporations like Monsanto rule the roost, he gets to be a host of one of the most highly rated television shows on the mob-neutering boob-tube, (where he glories in raising the bar of cynicism in the most cynical mean-spirited nation there ever was.) Seriously, how does this Monsanto/GMO shill even get to go on television to call this principled young woman a shill, and not be widely denounced, unless this is something very like the fascist North America I claim it to be? This guy would put DDT/PCB/AGENT ORANGE in your breakfast cereal, if he thought he could make a buck and get away with it.


The interviewer here should probably be delivering these questions on his knees. Listening to Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant, one might be reminded of Hannah Arendts’ statement that the most common characteristic of fascism is it’s general banality.


One might better know the character of the thing, by the actions of it’s principle henchmen (less it’s public face.) For instance, the Supremacist Court (aka Supreme supporter of corporate/gov/banking rights) says if you plant non-GMO soybeans in a field next to Monsanto GMO soybeans, you cannot plant your non-GMO second-generation seeds, because of genetic drift. See, beans cross-pollinate quite easily, over long distances. So it is fairly well guaranteed, the regular soybean in one field is going to be contaminated by the GMO next door, genetically. That should be cause to say that GMO is a kind of monopolistic tyranny. But when Monsanto has more rights than people, plants or the land, the Supreme Court is just an elevated version of pit viper Monsanto lawyers glorying in the dressing-down interrogation of gentle old farmer/seed savers. This is an older piece worth reviewing. specifically 16:30-18:10



Which of course if there were any real farmers left, pit vipers like these might get a pitchfork through the heart. But most of what is left of farmers are Archer-Daniels-Midland/Cargill/Monsanto tenant agri-businessmen, who for the most part care about the health and welfare of land and people about as much as Monsanto cares about labelling GMO. Such an amoral people cloaking themselves in the morality of “feeding the world” should be repulsive; but then, in a nation ever at war, upon invasion, ordering it’s soldiers to shoot on sight every male between the ages of 16-65, spraying depleted uranium bullets all over the countryside, lecturing other nations about war crimes, the stench of hypocrisy is so thick as to choke a devil.


Clarence Thomas recently ruled in Bowman vs Monsanto , a case that basically put the final nail in the coffin of seed saving of soybeans, or even the growing of non-MonsantoGMO soybeans. He might have recused himself, being a former Monsanto lawyer, if he were a good man and not a fascist, but it hardly mattered as the decision was 9-0 in favor of Monsanto. Michael Taylor (pit viper extraordinaire), who was instrumental in assuring that GMO’s would not be labelled, and in allowing bovine growth hormones into the food supply, is Obama’s Deputy Commissioner for Foods @ the FDA (a goddamn lawyer!). Perhaps if you voted for Obama and are disappointed with his drift toward all things totalitarian, he will treat you like a spy and charge you under the espionage act for uttering in jest, the word Hope; such is the nature of governance in this age of imperial rot. As far as these people are concerned, you might as well be an Indian subsistence farmer.

So the situation as it stands, is that we in America have handed over the production of food to the enemy’s of all that is good, amoral socio-paths, psychopaths and war-criminal makers of weapons of mass destruction. America, where 200 years ago nearly everyone was engaged in the growing of food, presently a mono-cultural food desert, 2013, in thrall to warmongers. Next time someone says to you that we are feeding the world, ask them how many more desperately poor people living in abject poverty there are, than there were in 1800? The answer is, about 2-3 billion. Combined with a near complete dependence on fossil fuels in food production, and increasing Geo-political instability, that is a holocaust in the waiting, enough to make Adolf Hitler look like a pissant school yard bully.


Where do you suppose the executives of Monsanto are going to be, as that plays itself out? What about the leadership of the FDA and USDA, who have sanctified this hideous arrangement? A Congress that has allowed Monsanto GMO to proceed into the food supply without ANY human trials (the same Monsanto that was responsible for DDT, PCB’s and Agent Orange,) and minimal testing generally?


One does begin to wonder, if GMO’s are a not-so-subtle, not-so-unconscious plot to rid the world of it’s “useless eaters” ie regular people. There is an easy solution to overshoot, don’t you know? At the very least, what is the food equivalent to Goldman Sachs shorting (betting against) the toxic mortgage securities they sell to “muppet” clients? Or “defense” contractors paying politicians to talk about “humanitarian” war? Government fraternizing with al Qaeda in Syria/Libya, which “terrorists” were otherwise the impetus for eviscerating the Constitution, setting up of the total surveillance state?


Monsanto executives investing in the Health Care industry. Which you can bet they do, every single one of them, seeing as Health Care is about the only industry (other than war making) that is growing, in an economy that is otherwise stagnant. Make ‘em sick and profit bookoo, off both sides of the proverbial coin.

All this focus on Monsanto, though. Don’t forget about Syngenta, or Dupont, or Dow.




I was in my local grocery store recently, and I thought to myself, is there anything in here that isn’t genetically modified, including the people?


The primary feed animals – pigs, chickens and cattle – are almost all being fed some GMO corn and soybeans. The list of additives in non-animal food products, derived from GMO corn and soybeans is extensive; effective as sweeteners, emulsifiers, preservers, etc, and so cheap (because of industrial scaling and government bias), that nearly every food product on the shelf, is likely to contain one or more on this list (I would list them all here but the list would be longer than the article.)


Which is why “they” won’t label GMO food-products as such, why they resist so intensely, the fight to inform people about what we are eating. Because if they had to label products that contain GMO, people would realize the extent to which we have been duped, treated as guinea pig science experiments. Many would be horrified, to realize virtually everything on the shelf is GMO. There would be an exodus away from GMO product, and even perhaps a kind of legal retribution, cutting severely into the profits and even freedom of those who create and use GMO to feed animals and people.


Maybe there would be an exodus. Maybe not. It is also a truism, the degree to which the mob has been neutered. While Continental Europe on the whole has refused GMO, there is nary a movement in America to require labelling, let alone cut GMO from the food supply. Whatever people like to say about corrupt corporations/gov, our faith in Authority and Expertise is overshadowed only by our Techno-narcissism. This being so strong as to be unimpeachable, no matter how fat and sickly the average American becomes, no matter to what extent our industrial/corporate “Health Care” system is bankrupting us. We are the least healthy, most doctored people on earth.


Seriously, it is impossible to imagine a more effective system of tyranny than to compromise food (and water), while providing unsustainable over-abundance, while offering up an endless banquet of entertainments. All the better to harness the power of the mob, for the purpose of the ruling of the world, and the ruling of the world is what the corporations and banks and government of America do. That is the “they”, who operate most effectively in the dark, the elite players, who resist at every turn the free flow of information about what is really going on.




At the Doomstead Diner, we have been working on something we call the Sun Project (Sustaining Universal Needs), a land acquisition non-profit. We are hoping to acquire approximately 100 acres, on which to build a self-sustaining, eco-technic permaculture farm, to sustain approximately 150 people. Long term, we hope to set up a network of such farms.

Rotational grazing of cows/cattle, pigs and chickens, value added meat and dairy products; market gardening; beer, wine and mead production; off-the-grid building/training; campgrounds; festivals. A self-sustaining and to a degree self-organizing model of neo-tribal living, combining the best and most responsible of the culture we inhabit, and the best of those cultures that were here when Europeans landed.


Permaculture is a design concept, melding the wild and the domesticated, first outlined by Bill Mollison of Australia, expanded here in America by many, including Toby Hemenway: “[Permaculture] gardens…a riotously abundant landscape in which all the pieces work together to yield food, flowers, medicinal and edible herbs, even craft supplies and income for the human inhabitants, while providing diverse habitat for helpful insects, birds and other wildlife…where nature does most of the work, but where people are as welcome as the other inhabitants of the earth.”




There is a surpassing genius inherent in nature, that Humanity has been attempting to subdue and destroy for most of the last 5000 years, accelerated especially since the “enlightenment” following the work of Bacon, Newton, Descartes et al and the birth of Science. That has come to a kind of terminus. We are 7+ billion now, at the precipice of one last desperate attempt to exploit and mine the resources of the earth to sustain a growth pattern and a way of life that is unsustainable, potentially destroying the capacity of the earth to sustain anything like our current numbers, or humans at all, or even life above the single-celled.


There is no more clinging to the status quo that is not doomed. Adapt, as nature so eloquently teaches. Seek harmony with the earth. Heal the body, heal the biosphere. Become like the waterbearers… in the coming of a new Aeon.























Podcasts / Blair Longley, Radical Marijuana Podcast Part I
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Podcast off the microphones Blair Longley, William Hunter Duncan, RE and Monsta666

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner August 28, 2013


Discuss at the Podcast Table inside the Diner

Of all the greatest frauds perpetrated against humanity, there are none greater than fiat, privately owned currency, the nature of God (the dominant interpretation of, not the reality), and the demonization of life and the earth generally (the dominion of Satan; the cold, existential, nihilistic material of deterministic Science.) A subset of the latter of this trinity of benighting influences, the most fundamental of symbols, is the prohibition on cannabis. How the most useful plant on the planet became the most illegal, is the subject of this most recent of Diner podcasts. With us, Blair T. Longley, party leader of the Marijuana Party of Canada.


It won’t take long for you to realize, Blair is not your stereotypical pothead. In fact, you might want to get high to wrap your head around this one. Bear with him through the politics talk at the beginning. He’s just getting warmed up.


I’m mostly a bystander here. RE has plenty to say, Monsta puts his two cents in. How it ends, I’m dubious about; I don’t get how you embody the quintessential aspect of the dominating paradigm, violence, and not become the thing one opposes – there’s plenty of precedent, freedom fighter cum despot. (That’s RE’s conclusion, not Blair’s necessarily.) Otherwise, trust your judgement.


When I finished listening to this I was like, good gawd, there’s a second half! LOL. In the second half, we get more into the spiritual nature of things. This first part is more nuts and bolts; useful, even necessary in the understanding of the world one inhabits, the world one is conditioned to, the world to which one has grown accustomed. Like I’ve said, if you want an open discussion about the state of play, there’s hardly a more open place than the Diner. Best of luck.





PS: the song introducing and concluding the podcast is “Don’t blame me I voted for Willie Nelson,” by the artist who calls himself Human. That is not necessarily a political endorsement by Blair Longley, but I don’t think he’ll have a problem ;)  Willie Nelson has not necessarily endorsed the views of Blair T. Longley or Human. :)

The Kitchen Sink / Homo insane insatiable (americanus)
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Published originally @ Off the Grid in Minneapolis


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Homo insane insatiable (americanus):

A particular, -sub, -sub class of Homo sapien sapien, characterized by a deeply-ingrained sense of entitlement, invincibility, historical inevitability; while manifesting a particularly weak assessment of economic, political or ecological reality.


Huffpost is reporting that Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, thinks Larry Summers would be a bad choice as Fed Chair.

“In Taibbi’s view, Summers will continue many of his predecessor’s

policies — specifically quantitative easing, a complex policy under

which the central bank purchases securities from the Federal government

and private financial institutions in order to provide the financial

system with capital.”

To which I replied:

LOL. I’m sorry, did HuffPost mean, Qurantative Easing, a system by which

the Fed “prints” money to the tune of 85 billion a month, which they

give to big banks, in exchange for their bad bets on toxic mortgages and

such? Every American thereby paying for it, in less and less buying

power of the dollar, as in real inflation more like the 10% range rather

than the next to nothing reported by the Fed? Which 85 billion the

banks do not lend, but bet on riskier and riskier money making schemes,

by which they will take the profit but sell the losses to the Fed? Good

Gawd, HuffPost.

And by the way, Summers is the one talking about scaling back QE (though

he won’t.) The Left’s beloved Yellen is perfectly fine with endless QE.

Inflation is GOOD! says she.

I mean, how insane has this country become, when Matt Taibbi can’t distinguish between which elite non-choice? How honest can he be, really? You can’t tell me he isn’t freaked out by the death of Michael Hastings (cue the MSM,

how to insinuate a crash was drug caused contrary to the facts.
) What was that, “Vampire squid?” What, vampire squid managing director is a rapist? Good Gawd, why don’t we just give up the pretences and put O and GWB up for co-president, 2016. What’s uglier than co-tyrants presiding over a country full of fascists? A warmongering Hilary, apologized for because she is a woman, that’s what. Or yes, her status quo equivalent warmongering gangster apologizer on the Right. Fuck.

Meanwhile the Left thinks the new fight is to make a Manning a Chelsea, and one can’t tell if that’s some twisted homage to Bill and Hillary’s heir, or just another excuse to deny the total surveillance capabilities their beloved leader O has been nurturing. We do adore our royal families. (“Turd-blossom” didn’t serve GWB because g was a commoner. LOL)

(Thank you, Bradley Manning. I’m sorry so much of our country has lost it’s mind.)

Do I want to live in a society where women are empowered and gay and trans-gendered people are respected? Absolutely. What is the rest of the world to make of us then, torturing people, incarcerating millions, many for the pettiest of reasons, dropping drone bombs on women and children whose men don’t respect their women and gays (!), and don’t support our thirst for oil, putting people away for espionage who reveal state war crimes, rapes and murders, while the rapists and murderers and their defenders go free to commit more, in the name of fighting terrorism?

Meanwhile HuffPost and most of the rest of the mainstream media can’t

quite agree on how much to tone down the threat of Fukushima. One week

the corporation TEPCO is admitting 200-300 tons of nuclear water flowing

into the ocean every damn day, with no end in sight, there is no plan;

the next thing you know the mainstream media is reporting there was this

one spill, these few times (read, everything is under control.)

Meanwhile my whole working life has been dedicated to the maintenance and building of an infrastructure financed by bankers, making nuclear and fracking necessary, among other hideous assaults upon the ability of the earth to sustain Homo sapien sapien. And the only people really talking about rebellion in America (Liberty, Tea Party, Libertarian) are people who think climate change is a fiction of Illuminati/Lefty types, oil is infinite, and as often as not the earth is six or eight thousand years old.

As for that Qurantative faux pas in my Huffpost comment, I think, who is more the danger to freedom in this world, fundamentalist religious types or International Financiers? It isn’t an either or, actually.

Who is a total surveillance state built to spy upon? The NSA and their corporate brethren exist to maintain the power of International Financiers, corporations, banks, military, law enforcement and the state. It doesn’t matter if the perceived enemy is Muslim, or any American, elder, woman or child.

I was in my local grocery the other day, and I was like, is there anything in here that isn’t GMO?

Fukushima? GMO? The wars against Muslims for oil, the fascist controls and abuse of Plants and Fungi? Sounds like the makings of a holocaust to me.





(As for the image above, the ape didn’t become human because they  discovered the use of a club. More like, the ape became human

because they ventured onto the savanna
and ate psilocybin mushrooms. ;)  )


As for evolutionary advantage, lol, there’s a podcast I did in two parts, with Blair Longley, party leader, Marijuana Party Canada (W/ RE and Monsta666) at the Doomstead Diner, coming Sunday Aug 25, 2013. Blessings,

WHD :)  )


The Kitchen Sink / In the Newz
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Off the Keyboard of William Hunter Duncan

Published originally @ Off the Grid in Minneapolis, Aug 23, 2013

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Markets were jubilant Thursday, on newz that the United States had finally embraced efficiencies.

“Consumers and the Great Holy Market have spoken,” said new Head-Ideological Spokesperson, Priss Lipsmith. “In the interest of efficiency, the Democratic and Republican parties have merged, to create the America Kicks ASS! party. Americans will be better served as a result.”

When asked if s/he thought that might be contrary to the spirit of democracy and the Republic, Lipsmith replied, “What is your name? See the man in the mask before you leave.”

Not everyone was such a hater. The Wall Street Gernal opined, “Too-big-to-fail has proven such a boon to the banks, it only makes sense for the Federal Government. Keeping up the pretence of ideological differences is a terrible waste of capital that would be much better served fattening the golden calf  (market) (us, bitchez).”

In a question and answer survey with new Head-Ideological Spokesperson Priss Lipsmith, the path for the new government was most assiduously outlined.

Q – The global bond market has been in chaos. There have been concerns that there is looming, a financial crisis potentially worse than that in 2008. How will this new government respond?

PL – No.

Q – No, what?

PL – Next question.

Q – Um, there are some concerns, particularly on the West coast, that Fukushima is spiralling out of control.  How does this new government respond?

PL – The NSA, FBI and CIA have all confirmed that “Fukushima” is actually a low-budget soft-porn film created by a UCLA grad student. All copies including the film maker have been disappeared, I mean rendered – renditioned.

Q – uhhh…There are rumors that the status of the “petro-dollar” and the dollar as the world reserve currency, are imperilled. Many are reporting that the Chinese and the Russians have been acquiring copious amounts of gold, in support of a gold-backed Yuan, as a replacement for the dollar.

PL – The Espionage Act is very clear. ANY information imperilling the ability of the America Kicks ASS! party to properly function as the TRUE WILL of the people, is in violation.

Q – But the Chinese and the Russians cannot be in violation…

PL – I wasn’t talking about the Chinese or the Russians. Next question.

Q -  (gulp) The situation in Egypt threatens the flow of oil out of the Suez canal. With Brent crude at $111/brl, that could cripple the global economy. Does this government have a plan to contain the situation?

PL – Mubarak is back. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

Q – But, the Arab Spring…

PL – (sing song) Rains keep fallin on my head…

Q – And…um…a similar situation could arise in the straights of Hormuz if there is a concerted effort between Iran, China and Russia, to challenge the dollar. With a weakening Saudi state, that could spell very difficult times for America.

PL – Repeat, three times: American Energy Independence. American Energy Independence. American Energy Independence. Click your heels, Dorthy. Oz is just around the bend.

Q – But there are signs that the fracking revolution is little more than an asset bubble in the spirit of the housing bubble and the tech bubble before that.

PL – WTF did I say about the Espionage Act? Do you remember those text messages you sent to that man who is not your husband? Right. Next question.

Q – (tentatively) Many are concerned about Climate Change, that it may become difficult for humanity to feed itself, if the climate continues to be destabilized. Does this government…

PL – Well, you’ll be happy to know that everyone in the America Kicks ASS! party is in fact Monsanto GMO, designed to resist climate change. No worries (Cheshire grin)

Q – (more assertively) It is also widely believed that the military and law enforcement in this country, are self-perpetuating, and growing in a way that is not healthy for the country.

PL – What is good for this gander is good for the people. All right, that concludes this question and answer. I hope I have alleviated any of your concerns about the transition from two-party plutocracy to one-party despotism. If not, the NSA will be recording any and all communications, ongoing. Have a nice day! :)


The Kitchen Sink / I LOVE THE DINER!
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Because... :icon_sunny:


Geopolitics / Civil War - Signs of Separation
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Based on the back and forth in another thread, I thought I'd put up a thread about Civil War, pending. Basic signs of scum bags and low life's stirring up the pot, most of them elites who think, if they can get the mob to kill each other off, they can go hideout in whatever bunker surrounded by para-military meat heads, and rule the land for ever and always. Any way, for fun, and to deride, cut down and mock TPTB.


POSTSCRIPT: I changed the title of this thread. I don't much like the tone of my opening statement either. I named the thread originally

Civil War: Signs of Retard Nation.

I promised I wouldn't use that word anymore, retard. I work with the Autistic.

Anyway, feel free to mock and deride TPTB  :icon_mrgreen:


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