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Surly Newz / Re: The Daily Meme
« on: Today at 10:41:53 AM »
You heard about that kitschy painting of fantasy painting of Trump playing poker with GOP Presidents in White House? The one in the background of the 60 minutes interview, that has been compared to the political version of the famous “dogs playing poker” painting?

The Diner has it here:

Lampert, who is also the company’s largest shareholder and lender, is hoping the deal, combined with a program of divestments, will give Sears a fighting chance to escape liquidation ahead of the key holiday shopping season, the sources said. Big banks, including Bank of America Corp, Wells Fargo & Co and Citigroup Inc, are expected to provide significant portions of the financing, the sources added.

I don't understand why ANY of these entities would pony up additional FRNs for Fast Eddie's looting scheme. Unless they get a taste.
There's no dealing like self-dealing.


 Accuracy and reliability

In October 2014, a Pew Research Center survey[78] found that in the United States, BuzzFeed was viewed as an unreliable source by the majority of people, regardless of political affiliation.[79][80] Adweek noted that most respondents had not heard of BuzzFeed, and many users do not consider BuzzFeed a news site.[81] In a subsequent Pew report based on 2014 surveys,[82] BuzzFeed was among the least trusted sources by millennials.[83][84] A 2016 study by the Columbia Journalism Review found readers less likely to trust a story (originally published in Mother Jones) that appeared to originate on BuzzFeed than the same article on The New Yorker website.[85]

In 2013, Buzzfeed named "My Lips are for Blowing" as one of "21 Awkwardly Sexual Albums"; the Museum of Hoaxes subsequently reported there was no such album and that the image of the album used in the Buzzfeed article had been lifted from a 2010 fictitious album cover design created by a blogger going by the name Estancia de la Ding Dong.[86]

from Wiki

Are you suggesting that the assault by the neofascist "Proud Boys" (sic) did not occur?

CBS News begs to differ:

Videos show alleged assault of protesters after event featuring Proud Boys founder

As does Ha'aretz:
Proud Boys' Violence Spills Onto New York City Streets - Fox News Blames Antifa
Fox claimed, 'Antifa strikes again - swords and vandalism at New York GOP office,' suggesting the violence came from the left, despite the fact that Proud Boy's founder Gavin McInnes appeared with the sword

And The Daily Beast:
Far-Right ‘Proud Boys’ Kick, Punch People in New York Following Speech From Leader
Proud Boys roamed the streets of Manhattan following a speech from leader Gavin McInnes

As for the veracity of Buzzfeed as a source, Media Bias/Fact check rates Buzzfeed as
"LEFT-CENTER BIAS These media sources have a slight to moderate liberal bias.  They often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words." I other words, far more reliable than "your" president, who is incapable of opening his mouth without lying. Also less biased than Fox "news."

Surly Newz / Re: The Alternet Thread
« on: Today at 07:58:38 AM »

TODAY'S TOP STORIES - October 15, 2018

GOP Senate Candidate Compares Michelle Obama's Posture to the Chimpanzee from 'Bedtime for Bonzo'

By Matthew Chapman, AlterNet

Republicans just can't turn off the racism. READ MORE»

GOP Senator Snatches Phone from Student Confronting Him About Georgia's Voter Suppression: 'You Stole My Property!'

By Alex Henderson, AlterNet

"No, I'm not doing that," Perdue said before grabbing for the student's cell phone. READ MORE»

Trump Claims 'It Doesn't Matter' If Accusations Against Kavanaugh Are True: 'We Won'

By Jon Queally, Common Dreams

The president also claimed he treated Dr. Christine Blasey Ford with "great respect" despite openly mocking her at a campaign rally READ MORE»

Here's How Georgia is Restricting Black and Latino Voters — And Could Swing the Election for the GOP

By Terry Schwadron, Common Dreams

Secretary of State Brian Kemp, is a vocal Trumpist who, among other things, has been trying different routes to squash the black vote in the state. READ MORE»

Ralph Nader: Democrats Are Weak, Corrupt and Could Still 'Blow It'

By Andrew O'Hehir, Salon

Unrepentant about the 2000 race, Nader argues that Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton “enabled” Donald Trump READ MORE»

Regretful Trump Voters Explain Why They’ve Turned on ‘the Dictator in White House': He's Surrounded 'Himself with Crooks'

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

“There does not seem to be any effort to unite the country." READ MORE»

What Most Americans Just Don't Get: America Is On Saudi Arabia's Side in the Middle East

By Keith A. Spencer, Salon

After 10 years covering the Middle East, PBS correspondent Jane Ferguson talks about what Americans don’t get. READ MORE»

Could the $70 Billion Americans Invest Annually in Their Pets Be Better Spent?

The Conversation

American spending on pets is more than the combined GDP of the 39 poorest countries in the world. What if even a small percentage of this spending was allocated to reducing suffering, asks a philosopher. READ MORE»

Iowa’s Largest Newspaper Issues Scathing Rebuke of GOP and Endorses Every Democrat Running for Congress

Daily Kos

This editorial endorsement is a scathing rebuke of the Republican Party. READ MORE»

Here's How Muslims Became the Enemy in the Age of Trump

By Juan Cole, Tom Dispatch

Donald Trump and the congressional Republicans have wielded Islamophobia domestically the way the anticommunists of my childhood once did McCarthyism. READ MORE»

It's Time for Video Game Makers to Unionize

By Matthew Smith, Salon

Developers are treated like trash. Now, sudden layoffs at Telltale Games have sparked industry-wide organizing. READ MORE»

Anthony Bourdain's Co-Author Reflects On His Death: Bourdain 'Thought He Was Getting Away With Something'

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

Joel Rose co-authored the graphic novel “Hungry Ghosts" with Bourdain. READ MORE»

The Retribution for Evangelicals Who Sold Their Souls to Trump Is Coming

History News Network

Trump is arguably the logical culmination of some strains of right-wing evangelical Christianity in America READ MORE»

Naomi Klein Explains How the GOP's 'Increasingly Savage Racial and Gender Politics' Will Lead to an Insidious New Era of Capitalism

By Jacob Sugarman, Truthdig

"There are simply two classes of people—us and them, winners and losers." READ MORE»

Here's Why the Fight Over 'Political Correctness' Is Totally Bogus

By Paul Rosenberg, Salon

"Political correctness” is another misguided attempt at balance that falls flat. READ MORE»

Members Of A Far-Right Men’s Group Violently Beat Up Protesters And Weren’t Arrested. New York Police Won’t Say Why.
The NYPD ignored multiple emails from BuzzFeed News asking why the "Proud Boys" members were not arrested for the violent assault.

Last updated on October 14, 2018, at 12:37 a.m. ET

Posted on October 13, 2018, at 2:41 p.m. ET

Shay Horse

The far-right men’s organization “Proud Boys” violently beat two or three apparent protesters Friday night following a Republican event in Manhattan.

About 30 members of the group — who describe themselves as "Western chauvinists" and have frequently aligned themselves with avowed neo-Nazis — participated in the beating, some screaming threats and slurs at the individuals, according to video and an eyewitness account.

Although New York Police Department officers were present at the time of the attack, none of the Proud Boys were arrested for the beatdown.

However, separately, three other protesters were arrested for attacking a person leaving the event.

Police have not yet explained why there were no arrests made in the assault on the protesters, despite multiple inquiries by BuzzFeed News on Saturday. The NYPD later released a statement saying that it was reviewing video and evidence to determine if additional crimes were committed.

"There is no tolerance for violence anywhere in New York City, and the NYPD will do everything in its power to ensure public safety," the statement said.

Shay Horse

The beating followed a speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club by Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, in which he reenacted the samurai sword assassination of Japanese socialist leader Inejiro Asanuma, calling it an “inspiring moment.” The club advertised the event on its Facebook page saying, “Banned from Twitter — this Godfather of the Hipster Movement has taken on and exposed the Deep State Socialists and stood up for Western Values.”

McInnes, who was also a cofounder of Vice Media, was suspended from Twitter in August, along with the group’s main account, @ProudBoysUSA, for violating its policy on “violent extremist groups.”

Ahead of Friday's event, the Metropolitan Republican Club’s headquarters had been vandalized with anarchist symbols and broken windows and doors, according to the New York Times. There was a note left that said that the vandalism was related to McInnes’s upcoming appearance.

“Last night the Metropolitan Republican Club was vandalized by the leftist hate group Antifa, who also left a note promising ‘this is just the beginning’ and threatening more violence,” the group posted to Facebook.

Shay Horse, a 25-year-old photojournalist from Brooklyn who was at the scene, told BuzzFeed News that the incident started after police escorted the event attendees — which included the Proud Boys — out of the building at the conclusion of the event.

McInnes was not present for the melee and had been escorted out earlier, carrying the samurai sword, and driven away by a car waiting outside the venue.

“There was a big group of like 30 of them, and they came out grunting … trying to hype each other up,” Horse said. The photojournalist said that police walked them only as far as the corner and did not make them disperse.

The NYPD said that police officers had been assigned to monitor the protest outside of the Metropolitan Republican Club on East 83rd Street and that there were no incidents at that location.

The beating occurred about two blocks away.

Horse said he saw “two or three bodies on the ground” and the Proud Boys all beating them in a group.

Members of the Proud Boys told Horse the brawl began when the protesters knocked a “Make America Great Again” hat off a member’s head.

“I heard them screaming and swearing at some guy on the ground,” Horse said. “They were beating the shit out of him and kicking him in the head. One guy had his foot on the guy’s neck.”

The Proud Boys also screamed slurs and threats at the people on the ground, Horse said. “One dude started screaming, ‘Do you feel brave now, faggot?’”

Horse said he saw one of the victims’ faces was swollen and “was totally on the ground, couldn’t even talk. ... They just had their limbs up in a half guard.”

“It was just a pummeling — it wasn’t really a fight, because the three people never really got a chance to even stand up,” he said.

Then, a police officer rolled up on a scooter and “just went totally slack-jawed and stared at the fight,” Horse said.

Horse said he yelled “Do something!” at the cop, who then “ran into the crowd flailing his arms saying, ‘That’s enough, that’s enough.’”

The Proud Boys then peeled off — without being arrested or questioned by police — and made their way to a bar downtown. The people who were beaten hobbled off with their arms around each other for support, Horse said.

Three people were arrested nearby, in what appears to have been a separate clash following the Proud Boys event. In a tweet, Rebecca Kavanagh, a senior staff attorney for the Legal Aid Society, suggested that the men arrested had been "anti-racist protestors" demonstrating the McInnes event.

NYPD told BuzzFeed News that at around 8:40 p.m. Friday, the officers saw the three people assaulting someone a few blocks from the event at East 84th Street and Third Avenue.

Police said they would not “confirm any known group association or whether or not they attended the event you reference or attack on anyone who did attend.”

The individuals — identified as Caleb Perkins, 35; Kai Russo, 20; and Finbarr Slonim, 20 — were arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on Saturday.

All three face two counts of assault and one count each of larceny, aggravated harassment, attempted assault, and harassment, according to court documents. Perkins also faces one count of resisting arrest.

According to court documents, Perkins, Russo, and Slonim struck the victim in the face and that another man who was not arrested took the victim's backpack. The victim refused medical attention and is cooperating with police, the complaint states.

Gavin Wax, the publisher of the online news site the Schpiel, attended the Proud Boys event and witnessed the alleged assault by the protesters. Wax told BuzzFeed News that he and a friend were walking toward the subway when they saw two masked individuals approach a man "who was backpedalling with his fists up" on Third Avenue.

"He was sweating. He had bruises on his face and he was calling for help," Wax said.

Wax said he and his friend then ran over and "split them up." At that point, Wax said, the victim yelled out that another man who was nearby with several others had his backpack and ran toward the group.

"He ran and they chased and we chased," Wax said.

Wax said they ended up at the corner of 84th and Third, where the assailants started chanting, "He's a Nazi. He's a Nazi; don't defend him."

Police arrived and arrested three individuals, while others ran off, Wax said.

Wax's friend Jake Freijo corroborated his account and told BuzzFeed News the victim was visibly "distraught" and had "a few contact marks on his face" that were purplish in color "turning to black and blue."

"He was very overwhelmed and he asked us to help him," Freijo said.

Moira Meltzer-Cohen, an attorney for Perkins, Russo, and Slonim, told BuzzFeed News Saturday that she does not "believe that the allegations are going to hold water" after an investigation into Friday's incidents. Though NYPD statements identified Slonim as a man, Meltzer-Cohen said Slonim identifies as a woman. She declined to comment further.

NYPD ignored multiple emails from BuzzFeed News asking why the Proud Boys members were not arrested for the violent assault, while protesters were. In a phone call following up on BuzzFeed News' emails, police said they are “researching a response.”

Several New York elected officials — all Democrats — expressed outrage over the violence, and called on the NYPD and the New York City District Attorney's Office to take action against the Proud Boys, which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"Authorities must review these videos immediately and make arrests and prosecute as appropriate," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement. "Hate cannot and will not be tolerated in New York."

New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson also called on the police department to thoroughly investigate the incident.

"NYC needs to send a message that violence and bigotry are not welcome anywhere in America and certainly not in the five boroughs," Johnson said in a statement. He urged the NYPD to find the attackers. “New York is the most proudly diverse city in the world, and the ‘Proud Boys” and their loathsome brand of intolerance represent the opposite of everything we stand for,” he said.

And New York Public Advocate Letitia James called on the NYPD to arrest all the Proud Boys involved in the beating.

"I am disturbed and disgusted by the videos I’ve seen of members of the neo-fascist, white supremacist Proud Boys group engaging in hate-fueled mob violence on the streets of New York City," James said. "New York will not become the next Charlottesville, and we refuse to let the actions of a hateful few define our City."

James said she would also urge the district attorney to pursue hate crime charges due to "the clear homophobic and anti-immigrant sentiments expressed in the videos."

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood echoed the sentiments, saying on Twitter that "hate has no place in New York."

"This warrants immediate and thorough investigation by the NYPD to bring the perpetrators to justice," Underwood said. Her office declined to comment further.

Ted Nordhaus Is Wrong: We Are Exceeding Earth’s Carrying Capacity
The co-founder of the Breakthrough Institute has a cheery vision of the future. If only that vision were plausible.


IN HIS ARTICLE, “The Earth’s Carrying Capacity for Human Life is Not Fixed,” Ted Nordhaus, co-founder of the Breakthrough Institute, a California-based energy and environment think tank, seeks to enlist readers in his optimistic vision of the future. It’s a future in which there are many more people on the planet and each enjoys a high standard of living, while environmental impacts are reduced. It’s a cheery vision.

The core of Nordhaus’ case is that we are now living in a magical society that is immune to the ecological law of gravity.

If only it were plausible.

Nordhaus’s argument hinges on dismissing the longstanding biological concept of “carrying capacity” — the number of organisms an environment can support without becoming degraded. “Applied to ecology, the concept [of carrying capacity] is problematic,” Nordhaus writes, arguing in a nutshell that the planet’s ability to support human civilization can be, one presumes, infinitely tweaked through a combination of social and physical engineering.

Few actual ecologists, however, would agree. Indeed, the concept of carrying capacity is useful in instance after instance — including modeling the population dynamics of nonhuman species, and in gauging the health of virtually any ecosystem, be it ocean, river, prairie, desert, or forest. While exact population numbers are sometimes difficult to predict on the basis of the carrying capacity concept, it is nevertheless clear that, wherever habitat is degraded, creatures suffer and their numbers decline.

The controversy deepens in applying the carrying capacity concept to humans. Nordhaus seems to think we are exceptions to the rules. Still, as archaeologists have affirmed, many past human societies consumed resources or polluted environments to the point of collapse. Granted, societies have failed for other reasons as well, including invasion, over-extension of empire, or natural climate change. Yet in cases where societies depleted forests, fisheries, freshwater, or topsoil, the consequences were dire.

But that was then. The core of Nordhaus’ case is that we are now living in a magical society that is immune to the ecological law of gravity. Yes, it is beyond dispute that the modern industrial world has been able to temporarily expand Earth’s carrying capacity for our species. As Nordhaus points out, population has grown dramatically (from less than a billion in 1800 to 7.6 billion today), and so has per capita consumption. No previous society was able to support so many people at such a high level of amenity. If we’ve managed to stretch carrying capacity this much already, why can’t we do so ad infinitum?

To answer the question, it’s first important to understand the basis of our success so far. Science and technology usually glean most of the credit, and they deserve their share. But sheer energy — the bulk of it from fossil fuels — has been at least as important a factor.

With lots of cheap energy, we were able to extract raw materials faster and in greater quantities, transport them further, and transform them through industrial processes into a breathtaking array of goods — including fertilizers, pesticides, and antibiotics, all of which tended to reduce human death rates.

But there was still another essential factor in our success: nature itself. Using science, technology, and cheap energy, we expanded farmlands, chain-sawed forests, exploited fisheries, mined minerals, pumped oil, and flattened mountains for their buried coal. And we did these things in a way that was not remotely sustainable. By harvesting renewable resources faster than they could regrow, by using non-renewable resources that could not be recycled, and by choking environments with industrial wastes, we were borrowing from future generations and from other species.

What warning signs would you expect to see if we humans were pressing at the limits of global carrying capacity? Resource depletion? Check. Pollution? Check. Dying oceans? Check.

Nordhaus writes: “For decades, each increment of economic growth in developed economies has brought lower resource and energy use than the last.” This trend of severing the tie between GDP and energy/materials throughput is called “decoupling.” Many economists make big claims for past decoupling and promise much more of it in the future. But careful analysis of decoupling to date shows that most is attributable to accounting error. And to get the developing world up to the level of an average American’s energy usage would require nearly quadrupling global energy consumption, even assuming advances in efficiency. So, unless we find ways to make decoupling actually happen in the future more reliably and at higher rates, growing the global economy will require us to use more of the Earth’s depleted resources.

It is true that some past warnings about the consequences of overpopulation and overconsumption, framed as forecasts, proved wrong. Thomas Malthus famously thought famine would engulf humanity within decades; it didn’t. He failed to foresee industrial agriculture. Paul Ehrlich thoughtrapid population growth would lead to catastrophe in the 1980s, but he failed to anticipate the impacts of globalization and debt — which enables us to consume now and pay later. Peak oil analysts didn’t foresee the fracking frenzy. Yet cornucopian economists who perceive no problem in the expectation of endless growth on a finite planet likewise failed to foresee climate change, the exponential increase in extinction rates primarily as a result of human-caused habitat degradation, the collapse of fisheries from overfishing, and much, much more.

How can we judge whether cornucopians, or so-called Malthusians, will be right in the long run? One way would be to keep a running account of key biophysical factors on which the prospering of our species depends. If an alarm bell sounds for any of those key factors, we should sit up and pay attention. After all, Liebig’s Law (another foundation of ecology) tells us that growth limits are set not by total resources available, but by the single scarcest necessary resource.

Fortunately, somebody is keeping those accounts. Indeed, a cottage industry of environmental scientists, led by Johan Rockström of the Stockholm Resilience Center and Will Steffen of the Australian National University, has identified nine planetary boundaries that we transgress at our peril: climate change, ocean acidification, biosphere integrity, biochemical flows, land-system change, freshwater use, stratospheric ozone depletion, atmospheric aerosol loading, and the introduction of novel entities into environments.

We are currently exceeding the “safe” marks for four of these boundaries:

Another way of keeping track is the ecological footprint, which measures human demand on nature in terms of the quantity of land and water it takes to support an economy sustainably. The Global Footprint Network calculates that humanity is currently exceeding Earth’s sustainable productivity by 60 percent. We do this, again, by drawing down resources that future generations and other species would otherwise use. So, as a result of our actions, Earth’s long-term carrying capacity for humans is actually declining. Nordhaus is right that it’s not a fixed quantity; the problem is that we’re reducing it rather than adding to it in a way that can be maintained.

DEVISE YOUR own scorecard. What warning signs would you expect to see if we humans were pressing at the limits of global carrying capacity? Resource depletion? Check. Pollution? Check. Dying oceans? Check. Human populations subjected to increasing stress? Double check.

Here’s one more that we probably should be paying more attention to: Wild terrestrial mammalsnow represent just 4.2 percent of terrestrial mammalian biomass, the balance — 95.8 percent — being livestock and humans. Maybe we could make some inroads on that remaining 4.2 percent, but it’s pretty clear from this single statistic that we humans have already commandeered most of the biosphere.

Optimism is essential; it draws us toward the best possible futures. But when it turns into wishful thinking, it can blind us to the consequences of our present actions. In the worst potential case, the results could be collectively suicidal.

Richard Heinberg is the author of 13 books and a Senior Fellow with the Post Carbon Institute. His essays and articles have appeared in print or online at Nature, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, The American Prospect, Public Policy Research, the Quarterly Review, Resilience, The Oil Drum, and Pacific Standard, among other publications.

Top visual: Georgi Kalaydzhiev/Unsplash

Surly Newz / Doomstead Diner Daily October 15
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Doomstead Diner Daily October 15

The Diner Daily is available HERE with even MORE sections and stories:

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

9 noteworthy moments from Trump's '60 Minutes' interview

[url=][/url] - Here are eight other key moments from the interview. Asked after his Putin comments whether he thought Moscow meddled in the 2016 presidential election, Trump said he didn't think it was just Russia.…

Is This the Beginning of the End of the U.S.-Saudi Alliance? - Kelly Magsamen, a former Bush and Obama National Security Council staffer, also warned that the affair had the potential to unify a bipartisan “anti-Saudi sentiment.” Just two years ago, the think ta…

The Strange Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi - Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi journalist, who disappeared in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week is not quite the critic of the Saudi regime that the Western media says he is, writes As’ad AbuKhal…

Opinion | Little Rock’s dangerous and illegal drug war

[url=][/url] - By Radley Balko Radley Balko Opinion writer focusing on civil liberties, the drug war and the criminal-justice system Email Bio Follow Opinion writer October 14 at 3:42 PM “You don’t know what fear i…

Opinion | Don’t let Trump’s newest cruelty to refugees get lost in the madness

[url=][/url] - By E.J. Dionne Jr. Columnist covering national politics Email Bio Follow Columnist October 14 at 7:39 PM In the madness of the Trump era, terrible things happen with almost no notice.…

China to unveil newest long-range strategic bomber during military parade in 2019 - Chinese media has announced on 15 October that the newest long-range strategic bomber will unveil during a parade as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations of the People’s Liberation Army Air Forc…

A Far-Right Men's Group Violently Beat Up Protesters And Weren't Arrested. New York Police Won't Say Why.

[url=][/url] - The beating followed an event at the Metropolitan Republican Club, in which Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes re-enacted the samurai sword assassination of Japanese socialist leader Inejiro Asanuma, w…

Donald Trump finally just said it: he doesn’t care if Kavanaugh’s accuser is telling the truth

[url=][/url] - Donald Trump finally just said it: he doesn’t care if Christine Blasey Ford was telling the truth. Journalist Lesley Stahl asked Trump in an interview aired on 60 Minutes Sunday night why he had mock…

90,000 Purged in Vegas and Reno: Are You On The List?

[url=][/url] - Today, The Palast Investigative Fund has released the names of the 90,000 residents of Las Vegas and Reno (Clark and Washoe counties) purged from voter rolls based on flawed evidence that indicates t…

In Sudan, Rediscovering Ancient Nubia Before It's Too Late - In 1905, British archaeologists descended on a sliver of eastern Africa, aiming to uncover and extract artifacts from 3,000-year-old temples. They left mostly with photographs, discouraged by the eve…

The Hurricanes, and Climate-Change Questions, Keep Coming. Yes, They’re Linked.

[url=][/url] - The theory, largely the work of Kerry Emanuel, a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, holds that the temperature difference between ocean and upper atmosphere determines how much a…

Bitcoin must die - The UN this week released a report urging world governments to take immediate action to mitigate the effects of the coming climate catastrophe. It is no longer a case of whether catastrophe is coming…

Portugal declares red alert – first hurricane in 176 years - (AFP) — Portugal placed most of the country on red alert Saturday as Hurricane Leslie barrelled towards its coastline in what could be the fiercest storm to hit the country since 1842. Authorities ur…

Ted Nordhaus Is Wrong: We Are Exceeding Earth's Capacity for Humans - In his article, “The Earth’s Carrying Capacity for Human Life is Not Fixed,” Ted Nordhaus, co-founder of the Breakthrough Institute, a California-based energy and environment think tank, seeks to enl…

Why Italy Could Be the Epicenter of the Next Financial Crisis

[url=][/url] - In an effort to preserve capital, banks then become more cautious about lending. Consumers and businesses have to pay higher interest rates to borrow, or might not be able to get credit at all, stran…

How Newt Gingrich Broke American Politics

Newt Gingrich at the Academy of Natural Sciences, in Philadelphia

[url=][/url] - Newt Gingrich is an important man, a man of refined tastes, accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and so when he visits the zoo, he does not merely stand with all the other patrons to look at the tortoi…

"Whose Land Do You Live On?" Reminds Americans Colonization Happened in Their Backyards

"Whose Land Do You Live On?" Reminds Americans Colonization Happened in Their Backyards - As Christopher Columbus falls farther out of favor, the discourse has shifted to emphasize the voices that his story has silenced. This is particularly important as the United States grapples with de…

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The Doomstead Diner is a hub for discussion and information pertaining to the ongoing Economic Collapse of the Industrial Economy. The Diner is the result of many years of discussion and debate on many other forums. At Doomstead Diner, our goal is to collate much of the information we can to assist in planning for the world to come.

Economics / Re: How Blockchain Will Rule Your World
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No but GO did.

What I get for my efforts at investigative writing here is just some class warfare attack from you or a delusional "I know better" from him. My writing deserves better feedback, and I wish I occasionally got a reply that was on topic.

It is what it is. Time to tune out and do something else. Good thing I don't write for an audience, I guess. I'm just trying to do a deep dive into some interesting things that are going on in the world. It bothers me that nobody seems to be interested.

Actually, I'm very interested, but know so little about cryptos the I have the good sense to keep my pie-hole shut on such matters. rather than remove all doubt.

Economics / Re: How Blockchain Will Rule Your World
« on: Today at 02:33:59 AM »
As an energy guy bitcoin is absolutely fucking crazy to me.  A horrible symptom of how detached from consequence we have become. A cancer fuelled by energy stolen from the earth robbing us of a real energy future to generate false wealth.  I'm not sure how accurate or biased this article is I have not digested it all but it is eye opening.
I'm not sure if blockchain technology is tied to exponential energy growth or if its just the cryptocurrencies i will have to research that end of it. As you can tell this gets under my skin...

Am SOOO glad you posted this. The question occurred to me yesterday as I was reading the crypto thread. It does seem like the final obscenity, doesn't it?

History / Re: People Who Did Not Get Collapse Right
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Name: Taylor Wilson

Parrot Chant: Neo-Nazi,  Collapse of White America

Wilson claims membership in the Nationalist Socialist Movement. A search of his residence in Missouri recovered the unregistered short barrel rifle, a copy of Mein Kampf and a play Wilson wrote about taking over America.  At sentencing the government produced evidence that Wilson participated in the riots at Charlottesville, Virginia.

Leaked Discord chats from the now-defunct Traditionalist Worker Party,


show that Wilson had been planning to make himself a “martyr” for the white nationalist movement, and others were aware of his intent to do so.


Qualifying Act: Wilson boarded an Amtrak train on October 19, 2017 while tripping on LSD (according to his attorney) and entered the engine compartment, pulled the emergency brake, and disabled lights in the passenger area, leading many to panic and attempt to climb out of the train’s windows. After he was tackled by Amtrak conductors and detained, Wilson stated that he was “trying to save the train from black people.” On October 5, 2018, a judge sentenced Wilson on charges of “Violence Against a Transportation System” and “Possession of an Unregistered Short Barrel Rifle.” In addition to the 14-year sentence with no parole, he was ordered to pay $9,350 in restitution to Amtrak.

Notable Dumfuckery: He did this high on acid (if true, I would have done the acid yesterday). 

Consequence:14 years and $9,350 restitution.  There is no parole in the federal system. After his release from prison, Wilson will be on a five-year term of supervised release.  We can assume they sold his truck.

Doomstead Remark: Could somebody tell these fuckers that America was never white to begin with which makes their argument of 'Collapse of White America' as empty as a folded up paper bag on a kitchen shelf.

Here's one for you Bubba.

Off to a rousing start!

Surly Newz / Re: The Daily Meme
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Environment / Re: Michael - The Path of Total Destruction
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agreed. It's even worse then that they seem to use building codes as gentrification tools down there.  I would like to see when those ruined concrete structures were built. Modern Hurricane standards are less then 20yrs old. Your dome structures would survive for sure. Sound post apacalyptic imagine the real estate ads for a ruined world. "Bermed structure to resist the highest surge. Fully integrated powered storm shutter doubles as effective crowd control, lab tested to level5a hurricane, deployable solar array for emergencies, water purifacation system... it become almost like terraforming only on a hostile earth not a far away planet.

lol.  One of these days I'll have to show you my design for a fortified housing system made from Monolithic Domes and Steel Conex containers.  ;D

If I was building in florida as a single dwelling not in a built up area I would do an ICF with a concrete roof and bury it in my own built up berm.  They make great powered roll down hurricane shutters as well. Heather and I thought down the road inland florida land would be an interesting winter homestead. lots of cheap land as soon as you are not on the water. I love the cold Heather not so much. That's all changed now of course. Now I think walapini...

I read your post and didn't even know what ICF was. So I looked it up. Fascinating AF.
I found this:

Real interesting possibilities.

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Exactly how big was Sears in its heyday, and when was that?
Being from the other side of the earth I have little understanding of what Sears is to the American landscape/ psyche. I have heard stories about the famous Sear catalogue, and the ability to buy anything mail order...

When I was a kid (and I'm using 70), Sears was a dominant mid range retailer, like a combo of Wal Mart and Amazon in terms of ubiquity. By that time, the catalog days were in transition to the retail model now in decline. But on family shopping trips (which I recall as sort of a big deal), I would hie myself to the toy section to carefully examine the treasures I had discovered in the Sears catalog at home. Christmas was always coming.

You may not be aware of this, but decades ago Sears sold houses in their catalog. You could order a kit and build it yourself or contract it out. Many of those homes are still standing in the US.

What I remember most about sears is it's famous Craftsman like of products, tools and equipment.

Most workman in the country proudly displayed their Craftsman tool box with their lifetime guarantee. If you wanted a hammer or a wrench or any tool at all you headed to Sears. It was automatic without even thinking about it.

Absolutely correct. I still have most of the Craftsman tools I ever purchased. Craftsman tools were first sold in by Sears in 1927. They were not manufactured by Sears, but by various contractors and tools were sold by Sears. The lifetime warranty made them extremely appealing. In March 2017, Stanley Black & Decker acquired the Craftsman brand from Sears Holdings and Fast Eddie. Eddie also attempted to buy the Kenmore brand from the husk of the company he was entrusted with. Have spent a lifetime purchasing larger Kenmore appliances from Sears.

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The Left is So Desperate to Stop Kavanaugh, Some Are "Now" Turning to WITCHCRAFT
"NOW" you mean, as if, never before tried "NOW"

BAHAHAHAHAHAAH (lol) (giggle)

A coven of witches from Brooklyn, New York are gathering together to put a HEX on Kavanaugh and the entire “patriarchy.”

"Truthfeed News" is another right wing colon nugget extruded by some wing nuts from the alt-right media ecosystem. Media Bias/Fact Check grades it as "QUESTIONABLE SOURCE-- A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, overt propaganda, poor or no sourcing to credible information and/or is fake."

Sites like this exist to harvest clicks from the right-wing 70 IQ crowd. But I repeat myself.

Thank you again....

It was posted as absurdity  :icon_mrgreen:

That makes sense.

RE's suggestion on tagging would make sense, or would at least save me having to get out the mop and bleach... :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen:

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US national security adviser John Bolton says Donald Trump is the toughest US president China has ever seen, warning Washington will adopt a much tougher approach to Beijing.

Bolton said Trump believed China had misused the international order for far too long and not enough Americans had stood up to it.

“Now’s the time to do it,” Bolton said in a radio interview on the Hugh Hewitt Show recorded on Thursday and aired on Friday.

“They’ve never seen an American president this tough before. I think their behavior needs to be adjusted in the trade area, in the international, military and political areas, in a whole range of areas,” he said.

Orange jesus may get his war after midterms....

John Bolton and Hugh Hewitt, the cyborg sent from there future to destroy American democracy. Whatta circle jerk.

IN terms of Orange Jesus getting his war, when Mueller gets his teeth in the truth behind that Trump Tower/Alfa Bank server, Trump will declare war on Mars or the Maldives, just to change the subject.

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