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Far Out Newz / Smart meters can overbill by 582%
« on: February 11, 2018, 12:15:20 PM »

A team from the University of Twente and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have published a paper demonstrating gross overbillings by smart energy meters, ranging from -32% to +582% of actual power consumption.

Ironically, the overbilling is largely an artifact of power-saving features, which introduce line-noise that confuses the meters.

    Overall, five of the nine smart meters gave out readings much higher than the actual amount of power consumed, while two gave lower readings.

    The greatest inaccuracies were seen when researchers combined dimmers with energy saving light bulbs and LED bulbs.

    After finishing their lab experiment, researchers dismantled the smart meters to understand the problem. Following their efforts, the three-man research team discovered that smart meters which gave abnormally high readings used a Rogowski Coil in their setup, while the smart meters that gave out low readings used Hall effect-based sensors.

Static energy meter errors caused by conducted electromagnetic interference [Frank Leferink, Cees Keyer and Anton Melentjev/IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility](Sci-Hub mirror)

Millions of Smart Meters May Over-Inflate Readings by up to 600% [Catalin Cimpanu/Bleeping Computer]

Far Out Newz / The Body Trade - Cashing in on the Donated Dead
« on: February 11, 2018, 11:55:34 AM »

Made in America: U.S. body brokers supply world with human torsos, limbs and heads

Part 9: Body parts from American donors have been exported to at least 45 countries, and thousands of parts are sent abroad annually. Demand is high in nations where customs limit selling or dissecting their own dead. In the U.S., though, almost anything goes.


REMAINS FOR RENT: A U.S. body donation company leased the heads of dead Americans to a Tel Aviv dental training facility. The facility posted pictures of the training on Facebook in October, just before returning a shipment of heads to the United States. That shipment was intercepted by U.S. border agents because the manifest mislabeled the package of heads as “electronics.” REUTERS/Handout

PORTLAND, Oregon – On July 20, a Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship departed Charleston, South Carolina, carrying thousands of containers. One of them held a lucrative commodity: body parts from dozens of dead Americans.

According to the manifest, the shipment bound for Europe included about 6,000 pounds of human remains valued at $67,204. To keep the merchandise from spoiling, the container’s temperature was set to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

The body parts came from a Portland business called MedCure Inc. A so-called body broker, MedCure profits by dissecting the bodies of altruistic donors and sending the parts to medical training and research companies.

MedCure sells or leases about 10,000 body parts from U.S. donors annually, shipping about 20 percent of them overseas, internal corporate and manifest records show. In addition to bulk cargo shipments to the Netherlands, where MedCure operates a distribution hub, the Oregon company has exported body parts to at least 22 other countries by plane or truck, the records show.

    Donating bodies, selling the parts: Frequently asked questions
    FBI raids body broker after Reuters report

Among the parts: a pelvis and legs to a university in Malaysia; feet to medical device companies in Brazil and Turkey; and heads to hospitals in Slovenia and the United Arab Emirates.

Demand for body parts from America — torsos, knees and heads — is high in countries where religious traditions or laws prohibit the dissection of the dead. Unlike many developed nations, the United States largely does not regulate the sale of donated body parts, allowing entrepreneurs such as MedCure to expand exports rapidly during the last decade.

No other nation has an industry that can provide as convenient and reliable a supply of body parts.

Since 2008, Reuters found, U.S. body brokers have exported parts to at least 45 countries, including Italy, Israel, Mexico, China, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Whole bodies are studied at Caribbean-based medical schools. Plastic surgeons in Germany use heads from dead Americans to practice new techniques. Thousands of parts are shipped overseas annually; a precise number cannot be calculated because no agency tracks industry exports.

Most donor consent forms, including those from MedCure, authorize brokers to dissect bodies and ship parts internationally. Even so, some relatives of the dead said they did not realize that the remains of a loved one might be dismembered and sent to the far reaches of the globe.

“There are people who wouldn’t necessarily mind where the specimens were sent if they were fully informed,” said Brandi Schmitt, who directs the University of California system’s anatomical donation program. “But clearly there are plenty of donors that do mind and that don’t feel like they’re getting enough information.”

MedCure shipments are now the subject of a federal investigation. In November, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the company’s Portland headquarters. Though the search warrant remains sealed, people familiar with the matter say it relates in part to overseas shipping.

MedCure is cooperating with the investigation, said its lawyer, Jeffrey Edelson. He declined to comment on the FBI raid, but said: “MedCure is committed to meeting and exceeding the highest standards in the industry. It takes very seriously its obligation to not only deliver safe specimens securely, but to do it in a way that respects the donors.”

Edelson also said MedCure “partners with government and industry agencies to follow and exceed requirements for shipping human tissue,” and that “shipping handlers, drivers and carriers are specially trained for the safe handling and transportation of human specimens.”

PRECIOUS CARGO: The OOCL Europe left July 20 from South Carolina for the Netherlands carrying a refrigerated container filled with human body parts. Here, it is docked at the Port of Newark in New Jersey in November, after it delivered the parts to Europe. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid


As a Reuters series last year revealed, the body donation industry is so lightly regulated in the United States that almost anyone can legally buy, sell or lease body parts.

Although no federal law expressly regulates the body trade, there is one situation in which the U.S. government does exercise oversight: when body parts leave or enter the country. Border agents have the authority to ensure that the parts are not infected with contagious diseases and are properly shipped.

This authority played a leading role in the government securing a conviction last month of Detroit broker Arthur Rathburn, who stored body parts in grisly, unsanitary conditions, according to trial testimony. The FBI began to focus intently on Rathburn’s business, International Biological Inc, after repeated border stops in which he was found ferrying human heads, court records show.

The jury found that Rathburn defrauded customers by supplying body parts infected with HIV and hepatitis.

“The fraud scheme orchestrated by IBI shocked even the most experienced of our investigative team,” said FBI special-agent-in-charge David Gelios. Even in death, Gelios said in a statement after the verdict, donors were “victimized as IBI intentionally and recklessly marketed and transported contaminated human remains… Personal greed overcame decency.”

CONVICTED BROKERS: Steve Gore (far left), was a Phoenix body broker who pleaded guilty to defrauding customers. He testified against Detroit broker Arthur Rathburn (foreground) in federal court last month. Rathburn was convicted of fraud and transporting hazardous materials. REUTERS/Jerry Lemenu

Rathburn was also convicted of transporting hazardous materials — the head of someone who had died of bacterial sepsis and aspiration pneumonia. The transportation conviction underscored the U.S. government’s growing concern about shipments of body parts that might endanger public health, officials said.

Martin Cetron, director of Global Migration and Quarantine for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, said that when brokers dissect a body that is infected, there is added risk of transferring that disease to anyone who handles the parts.

“In the case of saws (used) to cut bones or limbs, there may be additional procedures that could potentially turn a fluid into an aerosol that could be inhaled and be communicable,” Cetron said.

A Reuters review of government records shows that border agents intercepted body parts suspected to be infected at least 75 times between 2008 and 2017. Border agents pay more attention to goods entering the country than those departing, and virtually all of the intercepted shipments were remains of American donors whose body parts were being returned to United States. Typically, body parts are returned to America for three reasons: to comply with foreign laws on final disposition; when cremation is not available in the foreign country; or when a U.S. broker intends to reuse the parts.

In 2016 and 2017, for example, federal agents stopped shipments being returned to MedCure at the border, law enforcement records show. The body parts they stopped included torsos carrying infectious biological agents that cause sepsis, a body’s extreme response to infection. At least one carried the life-threatening MRSA bacteria, the records show.

For more than a year, records show, U.S. officials and some body brokers have disagreed over whether the presence of sepsis in a corpse — without further information about a person’s cause of death —poses enough of a risk to warrant special packaging and warning labels.

“Sepsis itself is not a disease diagnosis but it raises a red flag,” said Cetron, the CDC official. The pathogen that caused sepsis, he said, “could be a bacteria, could be Ebola, could be salmonella, could be E. coli.” That’s why further documentation, including a death certificate, must accompany any body part imported into the United States, he said.

The CDC has an exemption intended to allow for shipping blood and other lab testing samples. Reuters found dozens of examples of brokers labeling customs manifests and packages with a version of the term “exempt human specimen” to ship body parts.

“I think that’s a deceptive practice,” Cetron said. “If they are human remains, part or in whole — heads, arms, limbs, etc. — they are not exempted.”

Several brokers said the government should clarify the rules — whether the CDC’s or those of other regulatory entities. They cited, for example, a U.S. Department of Transportation regulation that, they believe, exempts body parts. Transportation officials declined to comment on their regulations.

Alyssa Harrison, executive director of Oklahoma-based broker United Tissue Network, said most in her industry want to follow the law. But, she added, “there are many guidelines that are unclear and or contradictory to other department’s regulations.”

The disconnect between what the industry and government believe is dangerous, and what precautions are required by law, should be resolved, said Matthew Zahn, chairman of the public health committee for the Infectious Diseases Society of America, a group that represents doctors, researchers and other health professionals.

“It’s a situation where we don’t have a huge amount of regulation or clarity as to what the risks are,” Zahn said. “It feels like one of those cracks in the system where a practice has developed and the risk factors and oversight have not fully matured.”


MedCure, founded in 2005, describes itself, as do most body brokers, as a non-transplant tissue bank. It has distribution hubs and surgical training centers near Portland, Oregon; Las Vegas; and Providence, Rhode Island. The company also has distribution hubs near Orlando and St Louis.

When MedCure donors die, the cadavers are transported to one of these five U.S. hubs. According to former employees, MedCure deploys a temperature-controlled truck to carry body parts between the five facilities.

FBI RAID: In November, federal agents searched the Portland headquarters of MedCure, and sources said the investigation relates in part to the company’s international shipments. REUTERS/John Shiffman

MedCure began shipping cadavers and body parts overseas as individual orders, one by one, and largely by airplane. The former employees said the company later calculated that it could increase profits by shipping bulk quantities of body parts to Europe, and distributing them from there.

In 2012, MedCure opened its European hub in Amsterdam. Since then, MedCure has sent to the Netherlands at least six refrigerated cargo containers filled with frozen human remains, manifest records show. The first container — 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, 9.5 feet tall — departed the Port of Tacoma in Washington state in July 2012. The body parts weighed about 5,000 pounds (2,268 kg) and were valued at $259,210.

MedCure continued to export via truck and plane as well — for example, shoulders to a hospital in Mexico, knees to a surgical training center in Taiwan and a head to a university in Chile. The shipments are detailed in internal MedCure documents and in data from two companies that collect trade manifests: Descartes Datamyne of Ontario, Canada, and PIERS, a unit of IHS Markit Maritime & Trade, based in London…Read More at


February 6, 2018

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Those of us who have experienced true magic in our lives have been wondering when modern science will somehow bridge the gap between science and spirit, and wondering what will happen to the world when these forces finally unite. It’s coming.

Is magic real? Sure it is, which is why there’s such a long and storied history of it in every human civilization, and why so many people practice it everyday, whether they realize it or not.

    “Magic is one of the most enduring legends of humanity. It’s at the core of the esoteric traditions, it saturates the literature of religion and science, and while it has been severely suppressed for millennia, fictional stories about magic are just as popular today as they’ve ever been.” [IONS]

Dean Radin, PhD, is “Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) and Associated Distinguished Professor of Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at theCalifornia Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).” Having explored the frontiers of human consciousness for decades, he is one of the world’s leading parapsychologists.

Among the many thousands of scientific papers, journals, articles and books he has written, his forthcoming work, Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe, will explore the links between magic and science.

Real magic, he notes, consists of three categories: Divination (think Tarot reading, The I Ching), force of will (The Secret, Power of Intention), and theurgy (shamanism, channeling), and magical thinking is everywhere today, seen as superstitions and prayer.

Drawing a distinction between real magic and fake or fictional magic, Radin explains:

    “When you think about magic, we’re talking about ancient ideas, and in the same way that alchemy turned into chemistry, and that astrology turned into astronomy, more or less, herbalism turned into the pharmaceutical world, there’s a fourth level of what used to be called natural magic, which will turn into real magic at some point.


    What’s interesting is that alchemy, astrology and herbalism all had elements of mental magic in them, but those parts have been left out in the scientific domain.” ~Dean Radin

In a presentation for the International Transpersonal Conference in 2017, Radin gave an hour-long talk on the cutting edge of our understanding of magic, beginning with the historical background of esoteric ideas.

We are realizing that much of the esoteric knowledge from our past is correct, and that one mind, or consciousness, is the creator of our conscious experience, and that consciousness is more fundamental than the material world.

If consciousness is fundamental to our experience, then through the manipulation of consciousness we have an extraordinary amount of control over the material reality we create for ourselves.

    “The force of will works in a magical sense because mind manipulates reality from the get go. Divination works because consciousness and mind are before space-time, in which case if you direct your attention to Pluto a million years ago, it would be just as easy as directing your attention to me right now. And theurgy starts to make more sense, the idea of disembodied spirits that have some kind of intelligence. Physical embodiment would just be one from of the way that consciousness can manifest. So, our brain and body just happen to be the right kind of receiver, or capacity, to express consciousness in a way that we think of as being human.” ~Dean Radin

He goes on to explain how science is on the brink of a revolution because our context of understanding the esoteric is evolving along with our technological advances.

So far, we have been unable to integrate magical thinking into the sciences. Now, however, we have deep knowledge of the subconscious domains of the psyche along with the inter-connected nature of quantum physics, which is progressing into the post-quantum domain of abstractly presented informational realities.

    “Information is reality. Or mathematics is reality. So, we’re no longer even talking about energy and matter, we’re talking about something even more and more fundamental.” ~Dean Radin

To get us there, Radin’s team is involved in designing experiments which test the powers of the human mind’s effect on the physical world.

To test the effect of intention they had traditional Buddhist monks bless a quantity of tea, which was given to test subjects, demonstrating that those who believed they were drinking blessed tea, felt a significant boost in mood and energy levels.

Radin’s team created another study which displayed random people’s faces to psychic mediums and ask them which of the people presented were deceased. The results showed a much higher success rate for pictures of people who had died more recently, versus people who had died many years or decades earlier. Remarkably, this may indicate that people who’ve been dead longer had already reincarnated, and therefore their souls were no longer ‘dead.’

Furthermore, using a photon quantum entangler, another study demonstrated that a person’s intention on the entanglement of photons does in fact positively affect the behavior and relationship of the photons, a new version of Schrodinger’s famous findings.

At the cutting edge of our understanding of human consciousness is the realization that science was born out of magic, and in order for our greatest potential to be fully realized, these two domains must finally unite.

Dean Radin is calling on the scientific community to integrate magical thinking into the contemporary scientific domain.

Far Out Newz / Let's All Do The Vatican Rag...
« on: February 08, 2018, 01:13:04 PM »
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Far Out Newz / Maine Goes Nazi - Constitution Free Zone
« on: February 07, 2018, 08:45:06 AM »

Papers Please: “Daily Citizenship Checks” on Buses Across Maine Highlight Constitution-Free Zone

Activist Post

By Joe Wright

Still unknown to much of the U.S. population is the fact that they reside within a “Constitution-Free Zone,” as it has been dubbed by the ACLU for many years. In fact, it is estimated that 200 million people (2/3 of the populace) are likely to have their 4th Amendment protections completely disregarded by border patrol, as well as to encounter other routine violations unbecoming to a land of the free.

The entire state of Maine, for example, lies within a 100-mile region that extends inward from all borders of the nation as shown in the image below.

This reality appears to be crystallizing with more of Maine’s residents, as “daily citizenship checks” have begun to spread to buses across the state, according to a report from Maine Public:

    The U.S. Border Patrol is running daily citizenship checks on buses traveling from Fort Kent toward the state’s interior and making periodic checks on buses originating in Bangor.


    “Our purpose for boarding any conveyances, a bus specifically in this case, would be to question anybody – anybody – about their right to be or remain in the United States, whether they are an alien or not,” says Heibert (chief patrol officer). “That’s kind of the gist of it. We would have to have a reasonable suspicion to think that somebody isn’t a citizen to continue questioning.” (emphasis added)

This type of “fishing expedition” flies directly in the face of the 4th Amendment which guarantees that “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath of affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Nevertheless, the Constitution-Free Zone, while not an official designation, has been upheld in principle by federal judges who the ACLU argue are reinforcing an outdated concept that was never given a mandate by the people. The ACLU itemizes this overlooked part of history on their website:
Outdated Legal Authority and Lack of Oversight

    The regulations establishing the 100-mile border zone were adopted by the U.S. Department of Justice in 1953—without any public comments or debate. At the time, there were fewer than 1,100 Border Patrol agents nationwide; today, there are over 21,000.
    The Border Patrol often ignores this regulation and rejects anygeographic limitation on agents’ authority. At least two federal circuit courts condone Border Patrol operations outside the 100-mile zone, federal regulations and Supreme Court precedent notwithstanding.
    Federal border agents are stopping, interrogating, and searching Americans on an everyday basis with absolutely no suspicion of wrongdoing, and often in ways that our Constitution does not permit.
    For example, Border Patrol, according to news reports, operates approximately 170 interior checkpoints throughout the country (the actual number in operation at any given time is not publicly known). The ACLU believes that these checkpoints amount to dragnet, suspicionless stops that cannot be reconciled with Fourth Amendment protections. The Supreme Court has upheld the use of immigration checkpoints, but only insofar as the stops consist only of a brief and limited inquiry into residence status. Checkpoints cannot be primarily used for drug-search or general law enforcement efforts. In practice, however, Border Patrol agents often do not limit themselves to brief immigration inquiries and regularly conduct criminal investigations and illegal searches at checkpoints. The Border Patrol also frequently pulls over motorists in “roving patrol” stops, often without any suspicion that an immigration violation has occurred.
    The ACLU has documented numerous cases of abuse by Border Patrol and filed lawsuits to obtain more information about the agency’s practices. Given Border Patrol’s lack of transparency, and in the absence of any meaningful oversight, there is still much that we don’t know about the full extent and impact of these interior “border enforcement” operations.

As the video above introduces, the definition of “border patrol” no longer means dealing strictly with human agents. The deployment of drones, biometrics, DNA collection, electronics searches and even social media checks are spreading as well.

Notwithstanding these increased intrusions, it appears that if one Maine bus line operator is to be believed people are all too happy to embrace a perception of security instead of a feeling a profound loss for their freedom to travel unmolested:

    The general manager for Cyr Bus Line, Rick Soules, says he doesn’t often hear from customers or drivers about the patrol checks, but when he does, it’s positive.
    Secret $1.8 Million Cryptocurrency Script (Ad)

    “The feelings I get generally from people regarding the border checks are that it’s a safety check, which provides security for the people riding the bus, and that they’re not put out by that,” says Soules.

As the country continues to debate immigration, it would be wise to consider the increasing size of the web that is being built and whether we are willing to continue giving up the protections that should be enshrined to keep the innocent from being ensnared.

Far Out Newz / The Joys of Psychopathocracy
« on: February 03, 2018, 05:32:36 PM »
The Joys of Psychopathocracy BOOK SUMMARY: Is Government inherently criminal? * If not, then why are there so many psychopaths running the show? * Must runaway Global Government necessarily end in planetary destruction? * If so, what recourse is available to ordinary people? These are some of the vital questions that are addressed in The Joys of Psychopathocracy. Building upon the previous work of American anthropologist Marshall Sahlins, the author extends his concept of “sectoral distance” to create definable “sectors” in the region of “negative reciprocity” (or what he calls “negaprocity”) to help categorize social institutions, including Government, in a new approach to social structural analysis. The results are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand model: Government, regardless of structure or type, is inherently criminal – a defect that no amount of tinkering or reorganization can change. The current global super-structure of interlocking Governments and NGO’s – the most extensive in recorded history – is the single largest contributor to the Holocene Extinction Event which is currently in progress. A point of no return has been crossed such that the current trend cannot be reversed. The book ends with a discussion of a coming Event that will serve to change the world for those who seek an escape.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>


Eric Schmidt Global Tech Lord

Jan 31, 2018

Thomas and Betsy go so far out in the weeds on this one, you may want to stay safe and not listen to a single word. But if you do, here are the articles and materials referred to:… For treatments that may help you cope:… Do you receive daily Truth News Headlines? It is free, yet priceless. Notices: Unless marked otherwise, American Intelligence Media (AIM), and copyright claims are waived. Reproduction is permitted with or without attribution. This content and its links may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Fair Use is relied upon for all content. For educational purposes only. No claims are made to the properties of third parties.

JANUARY 31, 2018

We are immersed in a microwave ocean of electromagnetic frequencies, drowning in negative health effects that the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services and its counterparts worldwide are totally oblivious to or which are complicit with evil in creating a high-tech system that will enslave humanity in a lock down of planet earth, all the while making us sicker and more controlled.

The Anonymous Patriots do not exaggerate. We highly recommend that you read this article to understand what kind of world you are leaving your children and grandchildren. If we wait for somebody else to solve this ginormous problem, we have raised a white flag of surrender.

No one is ready for the tsunami of Fifth Generation (5G) radiation that has been unleashed by the Federal Communications Commission, whose only health concern is whether or not 5G will “heat-up” human skin past a certain degree.

Only when 5G is “cooking” human beings will the FCC and the Health and Human Services consider any negative health effects of this new generation of “beyond microwave” 5G millimeter (milli-wave) radiation that will be beamed from 300,000 new cell phone towers in every US community – coming to the utility pole near you. Perhaps the FCC should put their collective heads into a microwave oven, turn it on, and then say that microwaves and milli-waves are harmless.

Who is checking the adverse health effects of the technological innovations from the first, second, third, and fourth generation wireless radiations? Let alone the fifth generation…
5g - 1
The Five Generations of Cell Phones

The U.S. Government is the gate-keeper for patents, innovations, safety standards, and most especially for the weaponization of any new device that can be used by the military. Cyberwarfare is now the number one theatre of military activity and due to the expansion of the National Defense Authorization Act, has allowed the military to work within domestic borders.

The roll out of 5G that is authorized by the FCC, in conjunction with other U.S. agencies (DoD, CIA, FBI, etc.), is another experiment in the weaponization of the internet and all digital technologies that surround it, including the use of cell phones, wireless broadcasting, wireless computers, and the 100 billion wireless devices that will be connected to the Internet of Things in the next few years.


No one is testing the side-effects of weaponized military-corporate innovations like the internet (originally called DARPANET), Facebook, Twitter, and other “experiments” of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Department of Defense) and In-Q-Tel (Central Intelligence Agency). We are simply being used as “Guinea pigs” in an ongoing experiment concerning what EMFs and full-spectrum radiation does to the human being.



In this Citizens Intelligence Report we demonstrate that 5G is dangerous to human health — mentally, psychologically, and physically. Humanity has yet to deal with the epidemic of digital illnesses that have already assaulted those immersed in frequencies ranging up to microwave that bombard and pervade daily life with digital devices that are already being used. The Anonymous Patriots have written about the illnesses created by the use of the internet, cell phones, and social media in prior articles.

We have shown you that tech-toys are tech-weapons in these citizen intelligence reports below:
Big Brother is Watching You – For Real
They Plan on Controlling Everything in Your Life

As politicians are debating who will install and pay for the new 300,000 towers and antenna that must be in place for 5G to accomplish its goals, have any of them demanded thorough research into the effects of the systems now in place?

Before amping up to 5G, we need to DEMAND that our elected officials CEASE AND DESIST the rollout of 5G until there are significant studies on the effects that 1-4G have already had on us. Then 5G needs to be tested for compatibility to life on Earth.

By the way, the goals of 5G are beyond what anyone can imagine at this point, both in technological advancement and the health threats that accompany these “advancements.” Many would contend that humanity has hardly caught-up with the technological advancement of 4G, and that research into the adverse effects of 4G demonstrates that the “technology causes serious damage to humans, animals, plants and the entire environment.”

Despite overwhelming evidence that EMFs, at all levels, cause irreparable damage to humans from DNA to brain-functioning, 5G proponents rush ahead as if higher processing speeds is worth permanent damage to humans.

It seems that 5G will only be an advantage to machines, not to humans.

The saddest part of all about 5G and milli-wave radiation is that most people don’t know that the military, through Eric Schimdt’s Alphabet (Google), already has orbiting satellites that can beam down microwave and milli-wave broadcasting frequencies to provide a blanket of Wi-Fi for entire counties. Schimdt and Elon Musk are competing for the domination of global Wi-Fi, with the U.S. backing Musk’s plan to have 4,100 satellites that will blanket the entire globe.

Atlas robotSchmidt’s plan is to have 3,000 satellite platforms, many of which will be manned and filled with his patented “super-routers” and “super space-servers” that will provide all internet, cell phone, and full-spectrum broadcasting from his privately ownedglobal “sky-net.” Schimidt has plans to monopolize the market, just as he did with Google, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook (major investor), and the Atlas Warrior Robot.

Soon, Wi-Fi will rain (reign) down on all of us and there will be nowhere to hide. Fellow patriots, we must stop this insane urge to rush off a cliff headlong. We simply don’t need the newest innovation – it can wait until humans have caught up with machines. If we allow technological innovation to be controlled by military and corporate interests, we are doomed to continue down a path towards more weapons of mass destruction. These are held in the palm of our hands. Our cell phones are tools of machine-intelligences that are not human, machine-languages we cannot understand, and machine-capacities that we do not need and which are harming us.

Technological experimentation on humans is an old story, whether we reference cigarette smoking, glyphosates, denatured and GMO products, or the plethora of “Government Approved” or government allowed poisons that are making us sicker, weaker, and killing us. The proliferation of 5G is just another in a long line of pathetic ideas “allowed” and then later unconscionably “sanctioned” by regulators who are ignoring human health concerns and serving innovation for innovation’s sake.

Again, we remind readers that our planetary enslavers are fully aware of these dangers and that 5G and the Internet of Things is an integral part of their plan to take over the world  – a type of hi-tech fascism with roots as deep as the Nazis, Prescott Bush, and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

Wireless communication has taken over in homes, offices, and public places – you simply cannot get away from it. You can lock yourself away in a shielded room or an electro-smog-proof sanctuary to hide from EMFs, microwaves and milli-waves. And for the estimated 1.5 – 3 percent of populations worldwide that are “electromagnetic hypersensitive”, that may soon be the only option left. Passive involuntary exposure to electromagnetic radiation cannot be avoided with the onslaught of 5G.

Bees die we dieThere are now more than 250,000 public hotspots for Wi-Fi in America utilizing over 150,000 cell phone towers. The increasing popularity of Wi-Fi comes on the heels of the explosive growth in wireless cell phones, and amid heightened concerns over the health hazards of saturating levels of electromagnetic radiation. Microwaves at current exposure levels are linked to brain damage, DNA damage, brain tumors, cancers, microwave sickness, impairment of cognitive functions, impairment of reproduction and fertility, affecting humans, rodents, birds, and bees.

Professor Trevor Marshall, Director Autoimmunity Research Foundation in California tells us:

“The new 5G wireless technology involves millimeter waves (extremely high frequencies) producing photons of much greater energy than even 4G and Wi-Fi. Allowing this technology to be used without proving its safety is reckless in the extreme, as the millimeter waves are known to have a profound effect on all parts of the human body.”

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are expressed in terms of units called hertz (cycles per second), abbreviated as Hz, where the higher the frequency, the smaller the wavelength. The spectrum begins with direct current and extremely low-frequency (larger wavelength) radio waves, and continues with microwave radiation, infrared and ultraviolet light, X-rays and gamma rays. Household appliances are at the extremely low-frequency end of the spectrum, generating EMFs in the range of three to three hundred Hz. Microwave radiation—emitted by all current wireless devices—ranges from three hundred megahertz (MHz) to three hundred gigahertz (GHz). (A MHz equals one million Hz and a GHz equals one billion Hz.)

Unlike prior generations of cellular service, 5G will transmit using not just low-band frequencies but also a form of extremely high frequency microwave radiation called millimeter waves (milli-waves) which range from approximately thirty to three hundred GHz). Millimeter waves offer a plethora of previously untapped spectrum that the telecom industry is eager to exploit. The “good” spectrum is just about used up, resulting in spectrum shortages and conflicts. Millimeter waves can take the pressure off the lower frequencies and provide precious coveted spectrum needed for expansion.  Millimeter wave technology promises incredibly fast data capacity orders of magnitude beyond 4G.

The antennas needed to transmit and receive 5G signals can be very small but have much shorter transmission ranges. The industry plans to achieve the desired level of performance through high transmission power and high-gain antenna arrays that boost the effective radiated power to significantly increase range. The 5G antenna arrays will pepper cities with powerful small cell antennas. This will be a pervasive system of 5G small cell antennas and “distributed antenna systems” (DAS) on utility or light poles and other public infrastructure—beaming intense microwave radiation within feet of bedroom windows, schools, day care centers, nursing homes, offices, and everywhere else.

The vast majority of the legislative bills promoting 5G infrastructure (already passed or about to pass in eighteen U.S. states) will strip authority from local governments—and citizens—over public rights-of-way. In other words, municipalities and residents will be unable to say ‘no’ when utilities mount 5G antennas on lampposts and utility poles in their yards, businesses and schools.

In response, numerous communities around the U.S. are organizing to halt preemption and maintain local control.

The unfurling of 5G technology is taking place in the context of the broader wireless takeover. For example, wireless networking (Wi-Fi) went from a “niche technology” at the beginning of the new millennium to consumers’ preferred method of accessing the Internet, with Wi-Fi in seven out of ten U.S. broadband households as of early 2017.

The rapid proliferation of sources of electromagnetic radiation—cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters and so on—is exacting a high price on our health. There are now thousands of scientific studies documenting myriad adverse bio-effects of microwave radiation. These biological effects include cancer, DNA damage, cardiovascular problems, increased stress hormones, sleeping disorders, depression, headaches, irritability and impaired fertility. Studies assessing cancer and wireless radiation are particularly disturbing.

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified the microwave radiation from all wireless devices as a possible human carcinogen in 2011. In 2016, the U.S. National Toxicology Program released results of the world’s largest study on wireless health risks finding cancer in 5.5 percent of the exposed group and no cancer in the control group.

Other recent studies highlight strong evidence of a relationship between brain cancers and long-term cell phone use; increased incidence of at least ten other cancers concurrent with the promulgation of wireless technologies, including invasive breast cancers in young women carrying cell phones against their breast; and tumor promotion in response to very low levels of exposure to wireless radiation.

5G technology will likely turn these serious health risks into a public health crisis. Ubiquitous deployment of small cell antennas will unleash unnatural and round-the-clock millimeter (milli-wave) and microwave radiation that is far more potent than anything previously experienced from the electromagnetic spectrum. In fact, the U.S. military uses millimeter waves—which travel only a short distance—as a non-lethal weapon for crowd control because the waves affect the surface of the body and cause a burning sensation of the skin at higher levels of power.

The lower-powered but chronic exposure that most of us will experience outside of our homes, schools and businesses is expected to cause serious health effects, including higher rates of skin cancer, cataracts, cardiac irregularities and fetal abnormalities.

Electromagnetic radiation and microwave radio frequency electromagnetic radiation are not just sensitizing and irritating persons with diagnosed EMS (electromagnetic sensitive) or EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitive). The $25 million NIH National Toxicology Program research results demonstrated that after only two years of exposure, EMF radiation is carcinogenic and mutagenic to the general public. Tens of thousands of published scientific studies, going back at least to the 1970s and beyond, have identified a wide range of human illnesses linked to ongoing exposure to low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, including infertility, immune and autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular problems, ADHD, disturbances in sleep, concentration, memory and learning problems. and more.

There have been more studies on EMFs than for any other environmental toxin. These harms were proven well before wireless technology was commercialized by the introduction of cell phones. For example, EHS (or Microwave Sickness/Radiation Sickness, as it was formerly referred to) was recognized by the courts decades ago (Mtr. Yannon vs. New York Tel. 86 A.D.2d 24, 1982).

5G TransmitterThe wide range of negative health impacts from exposure to wireless technology radiation have mostly been ignored, and the wireless industry has been using its extensive financial resources to mislead the public, our government, federal and state elected officials, and Congress about the state of the science on radiofrequency microwave radiation, and the extent and varieties of human sickness caused by it. The wireless industry’s immense financial resources are gains achieved as a result of decades of fraud on the public, who have been led to believe that wireless technology is safe.

The expansion of wireless technology is based on the false premise that wireless radiation, i.e., non-ionizing radiation at non-thermal levels, is not harmful. However, many thousands of studies and reports on wireless radiation by U.S. government agencies such as NASA, the US Armed Forces, the Navy, and the Air force – including reports about sick soldiers in the Navy and among government workers – have proved decades ago, and beyond a doubt, that this premise is false.

Existing Wireless Exposure Standards do not adequately protect public health. The FCC, EPA, and WHO have failed to adequately keep up with this technology and defend the public over the interests of large telecom corporations. In 2015, 225 leading scientists and researchers of EMF and wireless radiation from 41 nations appealed to the United Nations to urge the World Health Organization to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines, encourage precautionary measures and educate the public about health risks, particularly risk to children and fetal development (International EMF Scientist Appeal).




The 5G revolution is rushing toward us and it will bring a whole new era of harm from ultra-high microwave frequency radiation.  On July 14, 2016, the FCC voted to unleash 5G in the United States, approving sweeping Spectrum Frontiers rules to make spectrum bands above 24 GHz available for 5G, even though serious health risks are associated with the proliferation of cell phone technology.

The July 14 vote was preceded, a month earlier, by a June 20th announcement by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, in which he enthusiastically heralded the coming rollout of 5G applications and networks as a “game-changer” and a “national priority” that will generate “tens of billions of dollars.” The FCC automatically approved the use of untested frequencies, an action that should have warned us all about its potential dangers. They didn’t even want to test its effects on living organisms.

The 5G network will use higher frequency bands than previously thought possible – which are untested frequencies of 24 to 100 GHz or more. Wheeler said that implementing the new frequencies would necessitate new antennas – intended to aim and amplify the signals – new infrastructure and a massive deployment of towers throughout the United States.


Health advocates say that 70% of non-industry studies assess wireless radiation as harmful. With industry studies, the effects are reversed – with only 32% showing that wireless radiation is harmful. But, either way, the dangers are clear and being ignored by the government.

Verizon and T-Mobile reveal they are subject to litigation relating to the alleged health effects of wireless phones and radio frequency transmitters. The companies warn that this could result in significant damages; they also admit that wireless technology and adverse health effects do exist – including the threat of cancer. Already, Nokia is a defendant in 19 separate lawsuits filed in Washington, D.C. alleging that radio emissions from cell phones caused the plaintiffs’ brain tumors. The lawsuits allege an industry-wide conspiracy to manipulate the science and testing around emissions guidelines.

Scientists for Wired Technology – a group seeking to change laws in order to protect all living creatures from radiation – points out that radio frequency microwave radiation is a man-made, toxic agent that causes biological harm. We are currently being bombarded with 700 to 2.1 billion microwaves per second – for cell phone data – and 2.4 billion to 5.8 billion MWPS for Wi-Fi data to tablets and laptops. With the implementation of 5G, the group reports that the results will create additional pulsed microwaves at 24 billion to 90 billion MWPS.


Pulsed microwave radiation is composed of micro-second pulses sprayed through the atmosphere, transferring data at the speed of light. As these data pulses penetrate, or reflect off, anything in their path, they cause biological harm to humans, plants, pets and wildlife – including beneficial birds and pollinators.

The “always-on” wireless infrastructure of over 300,000 new 5G antennas will have the potential to gravely damage health – especially when located near homes. In fact, Scientists for Wired Technology characterizes the installation of Distributed Antenna Systems anywhere near bedroom windows as an “assault.”

In May 2016, the U.S. Federal National Toxicology Program released “partial findings” from a $25 million study on the effects on health of cellphone radiation. The results were alarming. Researchers found that hyperplasia – or abnormal growth of tissues or organs – and tumors occur at significantly higher rates in the presence of radiofrequency microwave radiation.

On July 14, 2016, the FCC approved the move to 5G – and the installation of the Distributed Antenna Systems on utility poles commenced.

On September 13, 2017, scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G. You can read their collective statement about their protest of 5G at:
Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G

The opening statement of the recommendation reads:

We the undersigned, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.

The current FCC guidelines only account for the thermal effects of these wireless exposures, they fail to take consider the adverse biological effects. What this means is that if the exposures aren’t cooking you, they are safe. Studies detail thousands of adverse biological effects which occur at levels well below that required to heat tissue.

The current guidelines specify exposure limits for hand-held wireless devices in terms of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). The SAR is a measure of the rate that radio frequency (RF) radiation is absorbed by the body. For exposure to RF radiation from wireless devices, the allowable FCC SAR limit is 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg), as averaged over one gram of tissue. All wireless devices sold in the U.S. must be approved by the FCC to ensure that they do not exceed the maximum allowable SAR level when operating at the device’s highest possible power level.

This guideline does very little to protect us because it fails to consider that most people today are exposed to multiple wireless radiation exposures. Accumulated radiation exposure levels may be more than 100 times higher than official exposure limits – particularly in places like schools and offices.

Clearly the FCC guidelines need updating, here are some suggestions:

    The regulations need to consider the biological effects of these exposures not just the heating effect.
    FCC regulations should be based on the maximum power of each transmitting wireless device based on the number of wireless devices in proximity.
    In places such as schools and businesses, all wireless devices should have automatic maximum power reduction based capability based on the number of wireless devices in proximity.

In a letter to the FCC from Dr. Yael Stein MD of the Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel entitled, Opposition to 5G Spectrum Frontiers Millimeter Wave Technology, the author writes:

Computer simulations using the Finite Differences Time Domain (FDTD) method have clearly shown that sweat gland ducts are high absorption structures of millimeter waves (5G). Exposure to high power GHz irradiation results in a sudden acute pain response even without direct heating of the stratum corneum.

Public exposure to millimeter waves, in the sub-terahertz frequency range, is currently less common. If these devices fill the public space they will affect everyone, including the more susceptible members of the public: babies, pregnant women, the elderly, the sick and electro hypersensitive individuals. Dr. Stein’s research found that:

    Human sweat ducts transmit and receive electromagnetic waves that reflect the person’s emotional state, as an extension of the sympathetic nervous system that innervates sweat ducts.
    These newly suggested physiologic and psychological functions of human sweat ducts have not yet been researched enough.
    Computer simulations have demonstrated that sweat glands concentrate sub-terahertz waves in human skin. Humans could sense these waves as heat. The use of sub-terahertz (millimeter wave) communications technology (cell phones, Wi-Fi, antennas) could cause humans to percept physical pain via nociceptors.
    Potentially, if 5G Wi-Fi is spread in the public domain we may expect more of the health effects currently seen with RF/microwave frequencies including many more cases of electro hypersensitivity (EHS), as well as many new complaints of physical pain and a yet unknown variety of neurologic disturbances.
    It will be possible to show a causal relationship between 5G technology and these specific health effects. The affected individuals may be eligible for compensation.

The study also found there were health risks associated with EMF radiation. Besides higher risk of cancer, exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the radio/microwave frequencies has been reported to affect: fertility in males and females, neurological effects on sleep quality, learning abilities and memory due to increased oxidative stress, to cause skin and gastrointestinal reactions, hypersensitivity phenomena (Electro hypersensitivity/EHS), and more.

Electro hypersensitivity/EHS is characterized by a variety of non-specific symptoms, which afflicted individuals attributed to exposure to electromagnetic fields. The symptoms most commonly experienced include dermatological symptoms (redness, tingling, and burning sensations) as well as neurasthenic and vegetative symptoms (fatigue, tiredness, sleep disturbance, concentration difficulties, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, and digestive disturbances). While the condition is still not formally recognized as a disease, in some countries (e.g. Sweden) it is formally acknowledged as a functional impairment, and people are eligible for compensation due to this condition.

Interactions of millimeter waves with living systems are believed to occur primarily on a subcellular or cellular level. Sub-THz and THz radiation may interact with cellular components at multiple levels, including chromosomes, DNA, genes, and proteins. Older studies from Eastern Europe as well as new studies have indicated that above 30 GHz there are frequency dependent biological effects. [end]

The answer to the question of whether EMFs and microwaves can harm you is simply: yes, in many ways. Hundreds of studies have confirmed the adverse and harmful effects of EMFs from antennas, cell phones, and wireless devices. Technology that was created to help our lives has now been proven to make us sick. Adding milli-waves (5G) to the effects of EMFs and microwave radiation makes an even more poisonous environment.
Below are listed some of the negative effects that electromagnetic radiation has been found to have on humans.

Cellular Damage: A multitude of studies have found cellular damage from high frequency electromagnetic fields which is critical for cancer initiation and cancer promotion.

Significantly Increased Risk of Glioma: The $25 million Interphone Study found that: “regular use of a cell phone by adults can significantly increase the risk of gliomas by 40% with 1640 hours or more of use (this is about one half hour per day over ten years).”

Tumor Risk on Cell Phone Side of Head: Again from the Interphone Study – “tumors were more likely to occur on the side of the head most used for calling.”

Harmful Association Between Cell Phone Radiation and Tumors: A review of 23 epidemiological studies by 7 scientists on the link between cell phones and cancer concluded, “harmful association.”

Increased Risk for Glioma and Acoustic Neuroma: From the Hardell Research Group: “A consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma associated with use of wireless phones.”

Temporal Lobe & Glioma Risk: A recent French study found evidence of an increased risk of glioma and temporal lobe tumors. The study found that, “risks were higher for gliomas, temporal tumors for occupational and urban mobile phone use.”

Increased Risk of Acoustic Neuroma in Long-Term Users of Cell Phones: A recent study on 790,000 middle aged women in the UK found that, “women who used cell phones for ten or more years were two-and-a-half times more likely to develop an acoustic neuroma. Their risk of acoustic neuroma increased with the number of years they used cell phones.”

Increased Risk of Acoustic Neuroma: Research conducted by Lonn suggests, “an increased risk of acoustic neuroma associated with mobile phone use of at least 10 years’ duration.”

Brain Tumor Risk is Higher on ‘Cell Phone’ Side of Head: A research paper that reviewed 11 studies found, “a link between prolonged cell phone usage and the development of an ipsilateral [same side of head as cell phone] brain tumor.”

Malignant Brain Tumors: Recent work by Hardell looked at long-term use of mobile and cordless phones. In conclusion it was found that, “this study confirmed previous results of an association between mobile and cordless phone use and malignant brain tumors. These findings provide support for the hypothesis that RF-EMFs play a role both in the initiation and promotion stages of carcinogenesis.”

Cancer of the Pituitary Gland: The study  referenced above also found that, “the risk of cancer of the pituitary gland was more than twice as high among women who used a cell phone for less than five years as compared to never users.”

Thyroid Cancer: A recent Israeli study  found, “evidence of changes in thyroid cells in response to electromagnetic radiation.”

Melanoma Risk: A Swedish study found “a very clear association between increasing use of mobile phones and increasing rates of head melanoma in Nordic countries.”

Stem Cell Cancer: In a controversial US study on 29 cases of neuroepithelial tumors, cell phone users accounted for 11 of them. These initial results indicated a near tripling in the risk of neuroepithelial tumors through cell phone use.

Oral Cancer: An Israeli study on 460 cases of parotid gland tumors (PGT) found, “based on the largest number of benign PGT patients reported to date, our results suggest an association between cellular phone use and PGTs.”

Parotid Malignant Tumors: Another Israeli study analyzed deaths as recorded on the National Cancer Registry over a 36 year period found, “the total number of parotid gland cancers in Israel increased 4-fold from 1970 to 2006 as cell phone use increased, whereas other major salivary gland cancers remained stable.”

Leukemia: A comprehensive review of over a dozen studies including studies on exposures from cell tower radiation and TV and Radio broadcast towers found, “cancer, especially brain tumor and leukemia, but all other cancers also.”

Multifocal Breast Cancer: American researchers studied young women with breast cancer. They found that, “all patients regularly carried their smartphones directly against their breasts in their brassieres for up to 10 hours a day, for several years, and developed tumors in areas of their breasts immediately underlying the phones.”

Eye Cancer: A German Study has established a link between uveal melanoma and cell phone radiation and similar exposures.

Diverse Cancerous Tumors: A Brazilian Study established a direct link between various cancer deaths such as tumors of the prostate, breast, lung, kidneys and liver in Brazil’s third largest city, and cell phone tower radiation exposures.

Cell Phone Subscription Link to Brain Tumors: A U.S. study analyzed the number of cell phone subscriptions and brain tumors in nineteen U.S. states, they concluded, “the very linear relationship between cell phone usage and brain tumor incidence is disturbing and certainly needs further epidemiological evaluation.”

Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Permeability: It was first discovered in 1975 that EMF radiation causes the BBB to leak, since then at least a dozen laboratories around the world have corroborated this effect.

Brain Blood Flow Affected: A Finnish brain imaging study found “that the EMF emitted by a commercial mobile phone affects rCBF  [regional cerebral blood flow] in humans.” This also suggests that cell phone radiation affects neuronal activity.

Single and Double-Strand DNA Breaks: In pioneering work at the University of Washington a team found DNA single strand breaks from EMF radiation exposures on rats in an initial study. A subsequent study found single and double-strand DNA breaks.

Various Genetic Effects: An Austrian study analyzed the results of 101 different published articles on the effects of EMFs on DNA. The study concluded that, “there is ample evidence that EMF & microwave can alter the genetic material of exposed cells.”

Increased Rates of Micronuclei: Micronuclei proliferation indicates a type of DNA damage strongly associated with cancer. A Brazilian study found that, “electromagnetic field irradiation [low level cell phone type exposures] during pregnancy leads to an increase in erythrocytes micronuclei incidence in rat offspring.”

Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) Production Decreased: A US study exposed chick embryos to EMF radiation. They concluded that, “this EMF-induced decrease in HSP70 levels and resulting decline in cytoprotection suggests a mechanism by which daily exposure could enhance the probability of cancer and other diseases.”

Oxidative DNA Damage: The Guler study in Turkey exposed female and male infant rabbits to 1800 MHz EMF radiation and found, “EMF radiation may induce biochemical changes by increasing free radical attacks to structural biomolecules.” Free radical damage is associated with the development of cancer.

DNA Strand Breaks: An Austrian study exposed human and rat cells to mobile phone radiation and found, “DNA single-strand and double-strand breaks.”

Changes in Gene Expression: The Belyaev study found that, exposing a “rat brain to 915 MHz microwaves induces changes in gene expression.”

Chromosome Damage: A Belgian study reviewed 16 expert gene monitoring studies from around the world. In 13 of the 16 independent studies it was found that, “EMF-exposed individuals have increased frequencies of genetic damage (e.g., chromosomal aberrations).”

Central Nervous System: US based researcher Dr. Henry Lai comments that there are several studies which show that repeated EMF exposure at relatively low power caused morphological changes in the central nervous system, “changes in morphology, especially cell death, could have an important implication on health. Injury-induced cell proliferation has been hypothesized as a cause of cancer.”

Microwave radio-frequency radiation exposures of the type emitted by cell phones are also linked to many other diseases and potentially life-threatening illnesses, including; sperm damage and male infertility, miscarriages, vascular system disease, tinnitus, childhood cancer, sleep problems, depression, irritability, memory loss, concentration difficulties, headaches, dizziness and fatigue, suicidal tendencies, arrhythmia, heart attacks, bone marrow interference, altered calcium level in cells, ADHD, reduction in night-time melatonin, suppression of the immune system, arthritis, rheumatism, skin symptoms, lymphatic diseases, autism, and hearing problems.
Research on Microwave Dangers

    Rats exposed to microwave radiation from mobile phones for two hours showed signs of brain damage due to leakage of the blood brain barrier that persisted 50 days later (Mobile Phones and Brain Damage, SiS 24).
    DNA breaks and chromosomal abnormalities were found in animal and human cells exposed to low levels of microwaves (Mobile Phones Break DNA & Scramble Genomes, SiS 25)
    Risk of cancers (breast, prostate, bowel, skin, lung and blood) tripled with microwave exposure in the Southern German town of Naila five to ten years after the mobile phone transmitter was installed.
    Risk of cancers quadrupled in areas exposed to microwave radiation in Netanya, Israel, with female cancers increasing 10-fold compared with the general population.
    Risk of acoustic neuroma and glioma increased 2 to 3-fold with ten years or more of mobile phone use.
    Mobile phone use correlates strongly with chronic illnesses; Sweden has had a 7-fold increase in long-term illness since 1981.
    Men who used mobile phones more than four hours a day had lower sperm count and poorer quality sperm compared to those who did not use mobile phones.
    A study in Greece showed that mice exposed to mobile phone microwaves at 1.68 m W/m 2 became completely sterile after five generations, while those exposed to 10.53 mW/m 2 became completely sterile after three generations.
    Reproduction and breeding success of sparrows and white storks are reduced near mobile phone transmitters, and exposure to microwaves in the laboratory caused high mortality rates in chick embryos. (Mobile Phones and Vanishing Birds, SiS 34)
    Bees fail to return to their hives when cordless phone base-stations were installed, raising strong suspicion that microwave radiation may be responsible for the colony collapse disorder now devastating beekeepers and farmers in the United States and Europe . (Mobile Phones and Vanishing Bees , SiS 34)
    Up to 3.5 percent of people suffer a range of symptoms including headache, nausea, lack of concentration, depression and allergy, known collectively as “microwave sickness syndrome” when in proximity of mobile phone transmitters.


Wireless has become a utility connected to the Internet of Things: phones, watches, TVs, iPads, DVD players, coffee machines, refrigerators, or any wireless device. Every school, hospital, business and coffee shop has Wi-Fi and we can’t live without it, but there are precautions we can take. For example:

    Replace your wireless devices with wired versions – replace wireless phones and wireless modems with wired versions.
    Practice safe cell phone use– distance is your friend, avoid using your cell phone next to your ear.
    Create a low EMF sleep sanctuary where you sleep – rid your bedroom of all electrical devices.
    Measure the EMF readings in your home with a simple to use EMF meter to find low energy places of sanctuary.


The following suggestions offer practical ways citizens can stop the spread of 5G technology.

    Go to and learn how to write, call and email the relevant agencies to inform them that this wireless deployment must be stopped immediately. The site provides addresses for the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, as well as the CDC, the National Institutes of Health, the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences, and the National Toxicology Program.

After emailing and of these groups, make sure to send a copy to your elected officials; also email a copy to the FCC.

    We must demand more thorough testing and higher safety standards. Research and pre-testing is rampant by companies who are interested in tapping into the lucrative waters of 5G. But few are willing to research its effects on health. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines remain essentially unchanged since 1998, not allowing for the recognition of radio frequency microwave radiation and milli-waves as harmful unless there is a heating effect.
    We must stop improper classification of skin as limbs so that true levels of radiation can be determined for proper research. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) intends to classify skin as limbs. Limbs are paid less attention to when classifying exposure levels. Research indicates that milli-waves affect the skin and the eyes the most. If skin is classified as a limb, this will pave the way for industry giants to introduce even higher exposures and put more people at risk.
    Study the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARD) addressed in a letterto the FCC in September of 2016, bringing to their attention the harm 5G will inflict upon humans. GUARD warned the FCC that 5G violates Article 3 of The UN Declaration of Human Rights which states that “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” The document is laden with research, information and global support to help in the efforts to “resist 5G.”
    Take the time to review this important report and push it out through your social media network: Preparing for a 5G World. Communications and Society Program, The Aspen Institute.
    Subscribe for more solutions at to receive updates on liability actions and the efforts being made to “Resist 5G.”


The shocking and scary reality is that wireless EMF radiation is harming people at an alarming rate. No matter how many hundreds of studies show the adverse health effects of EMFs, microwaves, and milli-waves, the steady march of industry to install 5G everywhere goes forward without any reflection upon if this new technology is safe for humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

The evidence seems clear that an end to 5G promulgation is the only sane choice to make. We all must help educate and enlighten uninformed citizens who might demand, higher speeds on the internet, that there are real dangers to 5G and the Internet of Things.

To try to stop the mindless spread of 5G, please advocate the following changes in your social media networks and to your elected representatives:

    Create a moratorium on the further development and implementation of 5G.
    Demand a systematic review of 5G by the EPA, especially concerning proper safety standards.
    Demand that long-term studies be conducted to determine the extent of the damage 4G has already done.
    Fight at the local level to refuse the new 5G antennas.
    Demand that the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services examine existing research to make a determination about the level of danger created by EMFs, microwaves, and milli-waves.
    Demand a presidential commission be created to establish “sane” policies concerning wireless radiation that remove the power of corporations to drive high-tech innovation.
    Remove the military from the U.S. Patent Office and dismantle the weaponized aspects of the internet, cell phones, and wireless devices.
    End the promotion of the Internet of Things that is creating wireless “bots” from every device on the Internet of Things.
    Untangle the weaponization of innovation from DARPA, In-Q-Tel and the military driven corporations who are working against US citizens.
    End all surveillance that is associated with the Internet, social media, cell phone communications, and digital devices. Bring freedom into the virtual realm instead of the police-state.
    More than 200 cities are now officially opposed to 5G. Get your city involved.



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History / Divide & Conquer and the Trap of Identification
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January 31, 2018

(Bernhard Guenther) Divide & Conquer is a term used to describe the ancient game of controlling all sides of a debate/issue/conflict and pitting the human groups involved against one another – not only to manipulate them into acting out in accordance with a specific result in mind, but to create the right emotional “loosh” frequency (energetic ‘food’ to be used as sustenance by hyperdimensional forces) whilst keeping humanity locked within a frequency prison of endlessly-repeating trauma cycles.

Related How Do We Perceive Reality? — Creationism Vs. Evolution: A Spiritual Perspective On The Debate That Will Really Make You Think

Source – Veil of Reality

by Bernhard Guenther, January 19th, 2018

This model is the basic modus operandi of the hyperdimensional matrix control system that has been working through human civilizations for thousands of years. The masses react mechanically (under the illusion of “free will”) to the problem/reaction/solution stimuli, subjected to interferences and manipulations of the occult forces who exist beyond their five-sensory perceptions while they remain distracted by the shadows projected onto the wall of their endarkened cave.

The very foundation of this Divide & Conquer tactic – established on unseen levels by archonic forces – is established via the programming of humanity with erroneous beliefs and ideologies (which act as the ‘software’ running through the ‘hardware’ of genetic modifications that resulted in the “fall” from our original, fully-accessible DNA activated state), and subliminally intruding upon the human mind through various mechanisms in an attempt to deviate humanity away from truth and conscious evolution (i.e., activating the higher centers/DNA). By accepting these beliefs – by IDENTIFYING with them, especially – and promoting them to the world at large, people are assisting the negative realm agenda out of their own (manipulated) free will. It is a very “simple” (yet cunning) set-up, for most people do not question these beliefs, their thoughts, nor their resulting actions and emotional reactivity. It’s an excellent strategy from the archonic perspective – a “stupendous maneuver” of “the predator that took over humanity”, as Don Juan Matus said:

“In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver – stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind!…Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them.”

Many other esoteric and shamanic teachings have talked about the same occult force feeding on humanity’s trauma through organized conflict (from interpersonal to international levels). I have explored this topic in-depth in past essays: “Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life” and “The Perilous Path Towards Awakening”. The so-called “alien invasion” (an issue that does not entail what many people “assume” it does) has already happened eons ago, and is an on-going operation which lies behind the veil of awareness, outside the scope of our five-sensory perception.

    “[…] We have to understand here that the true Negative Realm agenda is to “eat consciousness.” So, this actually prevents an overt “take-over” in literal, physical terms. If an “invasion” was detected, this would mean that the veil would be lifted and all would see the “man behind the curtain” and would be disgusted and turn away. Just as in the “Wizard of Oz,” those Ruby Slippers have to be obtained VERY CAREFULLY!

    Gathering the essence is an art of great subtlety! The “negative alien plan” is, in its purest sense, STALKING.

    The aim of Stalking is to create a completely controlled artificial environment composed of thoroughly predictable human behaviors – made predictable because they have been programmed to respond to cues of conditioning.
    For centuries these programming signals have been being set up – either because of time travel capabilities, or because of actual historical presence. Various prophets or religious leaders have been influenced to preach, or teach or prophesy philosophies designed to lay a foundation for later take-over – possibly in our present time.
    A lot of people think that the “alien invasion scenario” is a ruse concocted by the government to create the impression that there is a forming “threat,” thereby enabling the institution of a New World Order. But, this idea is based on a misrepresentation of the process just described.
    The important thing to remember is this: there is NOT a “unified conspiratorial activity” going on here in the hierarchy of government. The “divide and conquer” effect is also manifest at this level and suits the alien purposes to a “T.” Such activity at ALL levels is consistent with their program of STALKING, in which confusion and cross-purpose prevents a clear perception on the part of the Stalkees. 

Yet, at some deep level there may be a direct conspiratorial interaction between the “secret government” and the negative aliens… but it is unlikely that any name of those involved would be recognized by anyone, no matter how “in the know” regarding the subject. These “secret superiors” are just that: SECRET. Any organization you can name, or about which you are AWARE, are merely “outer circles.”
    What is the designed objective of this STALKING?
    The effect of Stalking is sort of like stampeding a herd of cattle. Bit by bit, they are consolidated into a “negative mode” which consists of the idea of “us vs them.” Even though, on the surface, it may seem that this “mode” is positive or STO (Service to Others), (i.e. save the world because it is “wrong” or flawed, or blighted with original sin or whatever) the very fact that it is formed in the “dominator” mode of perceiving salvation “outside,” means that it can more easily be “taken over” body, mind and soul at a level that is “unseen and unseeable.” In other words: Satan CAN and most often DOES appear as an Angel of Light!
    It is in this understanding that we find our way out of the trap. It isn’t easy, but it is a way. 

The primary object of Negative stalking is to persuade through strongly influenced, but not robotic, behavior patterns, the Free Choice of the targeted CONSCIOUSNESS to align with negative higher-density existence. Because, in the Long Run, the object is the “eating” of functioning units of consciousness by the negative hierarchy, with Free Will intact! It is not good food otherwise!”

    – Michael Topper, The Positive/Negative Realms of Higher Densities

    The Trap of Identification and Group Consciousness

    We can see the matrix strategy of stalking via programming people with religious dogma (any religion, from ‘indigenous’ to Abrahamic…it must also be mentioned that atheism – the other side of the belief coin – is, in fact, another archonic mind control program of reductionist materialism) and corrupted spiritual teachings (as we can see in the distortions offered up by the so-called New Age Movement). However, many people who can see through the deception on that level are not always aware of how the Divide & Conquer manipulation operates in “less obvious” ways, via “socially accepted” beliefs, ideologies, and institutions – all of which are also installed into our mind-patterns by occult archonic forces, manipulating us like puppets on strings.

    To put it bluntly, the moment you identify yourself as a liberal, progressive, conservative, democrat, green, republican, anarchist, libertarian, atheist, christian, buddhist, muslim, etc. and/or identify yourself with any ideology/belief system, be it socio-political (from far left to far right and anything in between; socialism, communism, capitalism, fascism, etc…..any “-ism” ) or religious/spiritual dogma (including the religion of government)…if you support/vote for any politician/party…if you identify yourself with a flag, a nation…if you identify yourself with any social, political, religious, spiritual, group/movement/tribe…you are contributing to the ongoing creation process of division, separation, and fragmentation. This process, in turn, fuels the Divide & Conquer frequency – regardless of your well-meaning intentions – for one side/identification/ideology (that you support/consent to) always creates the other ‘controlled opposition’ side, with all its fragmented variations. It’s the game/trap of duality.

Conspiracy / False flag Super Bowl nuke alert
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Veteran’s Today

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Everything is lining up “false flag” for this year’s Super Bowl.

I reported last October that US Bank Stadium suddenly fired its security provider and replaced it with G4S, the notorious “black ops CIA” outfit formerly known as Wackenhut. G4S is the company that employed Omar Mateen, the gay patsy blamed for the Orlando nightclub shooting. (For the unbelievable details of Mateen’s career as a G4S-orchestrated flaming patsy, check out the investigations of former CIA Officer Robert David Steele and others in my edited book Orlando False Flag.)  Rumors have also linked G4S to the Las Vegas shooting and other suspected false flags.
How many fake “radical Muslim” patsies is G4S running in the huge Somali community of the Twin Cities? Will one of them be blamed for doing something crazy to the Super Bowl?

Another warning sign: The company that engineered US Bank Stadium is into “disaster response.”

More possible warning signs:

“SMG, which runs venue management for US Bank Stadium, also manages events at Manchester Arena, the site of the Ariana Grande concert “bombing” on May 22. SMG’s clients may be found on their website. ”  –source

And on the symbolic/numerological side, note that the capacity at US Bank Stadium is 66,655.  For why that may be significant, check out my article “11 Examples of Illuminati Numerology.”

Coincidentally (?) the two teams playing in this Super Bowl just happen to be named after the two leading symbols of jingoistic American militarism. The term “Patriots,” which originally referred to heroic warriors against empire, has been hijacked by false flaggers, giving us such abominations as the “Patriot Act” (most Orwellian expression ever?) and the 9/11 holiday “Patriot Day” (a more appropriate name would be “Treason Day.”) And the Eagle, of course, is our national raptor, symbolizing America’s fetish for swooping down on smaller, helpless countries and ripping them apart.

The timing is worrisome: Donald Trump appears to be on the ropes, vulnerable to a potential knockout punch from Mueller and his allies, as discussed in my recent interview with former Presidential Policy Advisor Barbara Honegger. The latest news – that Trump tried to fire Mueller last summer but was unable to do so – seems to be part of an escalating onslaught that could put Trump in a position to think that the only thing that will save his presidency would be a major false flag. Check out this piece from Raw Story:

Trump says privately that a terror attack could save him and GOP from 2018 election bloodbath

Trump has built his political career on Islamophobia, rabid nationalism, macho bluster…and, in recent months, nuclear brinksmanship. The best thing that could possibly happen to his presidency, maybe the only thing that can save his presidency, would be a huge false flag blamed on Muslims.  If it’s big enough, he’ll be in a position to grab quasi-dictatorial powers and put an end to the assaults on his sensitive, narcissistic ego.

Presidents don’t orchestrate false flags. They probably don’t even directly order them. But the people who do orchestrate the false flags – moles and professional killers, according to Tarpley – usually stage them to benefit the sitting president, while also achieving their own policy objectives.

Example #1: The Deep State actors who blew up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City succeeded in their major objectives of massively increasing the anti-terror budget, rolling back civil liberties, and conducting a dry run “blow up a building and preposterously blame it on something that couldn’t possibly have done it” in preparation for 9/11. They failed in their other major policy objective, “blame it on Iraqis and force Clinton to accept Team B’s plan to invade Iraq.”  But they also made sure it benefitted Clinton, by destroying evidence of Clinton-CIA corruption, and (as a fallback from the attempt to blame Iraqis) blaming right-wingers, Clinton’s political enemies.

Example #2: 9/11 achieved the same policy objectives, including the one where OKC failed: Pushing the US into invading Iraq on behalf of Israel. But it also benefitted Bush politically, catapulting his miserable approval ratings to over 90%.

Example #3: The phony “assassination of Osama Bin Laden” by Seal Team 6. This operation was central to the “theater of terror” and marked a symbolic “enemy shift” from “al-Qaeda” to “ISIS.” But it also was designed and timed to benefit Obama politically, essentially handing him the 2012 election.

So let’s assume today’s Deep State actors – basically the same folks who ran the three operations listed above – want to keep increasing military and spy budgets, centralizing authoritarian power, and projecting that power against Israel’s enemies and to some extent America’s rising rivals. (They may even want to pre-empt the rise of Russia and China by fighting World War 3 ASAP, while they think they can still win.) A big false flag that saves Trump and makes him essentially a war president AKA dictator could fit the bill.

The Super Bowl is the quintessential spectacle of a society ever-more-given to artifice and illusion. And it is a spectacle of violence: football is symbolic war. 100 million TVs will tune in. It must represent a tremendous temptation to the people who orchestrate false flags.

So will it happen this year? I certainly hope not. But as a precaution, I would recommend staying away from US Bank Stadium—and spreading this article far and wide, in hopes of pre-empting any possible dark designs.

UPDATE: This just in from a trusted Twin Cities source: Netanyahu threatened Minnesota with a huge terror attack!

In his September 22, 2016 speech to the UN, Netanyahu said: “The bloody trail of this fanaticism runs through all the continents represented here. It runs through Paris and Nice, Brussels and Baghdad, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Minnesota and New York, from Sydney to San Bernardino.”  Wait a minute, Bibi! MINNESOTA?! Nothing big, terror-wise, has EVER happened in Minnesota! So why was Bibi threatening Minnesota? (Note that he repeatedly threatened France during the run-up to the January 2016 Paris attacks, as documented in We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo.) My extremely well-placed Twin Cities, Mark Novitsky, source just emailed VT:

“Now you know just how much they LOVE numbers…  the “Suspect” 2016 UN Tongue Lashing / Reprimand Netnayahu barked a the UN “The United Nations is a moral farce…” was Sept. 22, 2016 –  a hint that an attack twice as big as 9-11 (11×2=22) may be coming…then for some reason he mentions “Minnesota” comparing us to NYC, London, Paris, Brussels, San Bernadino…. all that suffered HORRIFIC attacks (G4S) ….could have mentioned Boston, Orlando… then we have had Vegas. But WHY “Minnesota”- where did that come from? The only events we have had here is after a cop shoots a civilian. And of course Minneapolis has a huge number of Somalis / possible / likely scapegoats…given the Immigration issues all over the news… Now…I have warned many… I would rather be called a “conspiracy theorist / chicken little” but being called a fool if nothing happens is a FAR better alternative if the QUI BONO / USUAL SUSPECTS crowd tries to pull another fast one. I will NOT be in the Twin Cities this weekend… they would love a two-fer. – Also SUPER BLUE BLOOD MOON this week! (Ironic “Blue Blood”) – Lastly SNL skit Will Ferrell playing W. Bush at open “Who has two thumbs and created ISIS? – THIS GUY!” / “Don’t forget we’re still in two different Wars that I started” – I guess making jokes about that now is OK…  Peace. Mark J. Novitsky “ 


THESUN – January 29, 2018: Inside the bizarre world of human-chimp hybrids known as HUMANZEES – a renowned scientist is claiming that one such creation was born in a Florida laboratory before it was killed by doctors who panicked after realizing what they had done.

Gordon Gallup, who coined the term ‘humanzee’, has claimed that his former university professor told him the bizarre account of a crossbreed that was born at a research facility 100 years ago.

Speaking to The Sun Online, he said: “One of the most interesting cases involved an attempt which was made back in the 1920s in what was the first primate research center established in the US in Orange Park, Florida.

The researchers went ahead and “inseminated a female chimpanzee with human semen from an undisclosed donor and claimed not only that pregnancy occurred but the pregnancy went full term and resulted in a live birth.

“But in the matter of days, or a few weeks, they began to consider the moral and ethical considerations and the infant was euthanized.”

And similar research was attempted in Russia and China: The most infamous humanzee project, according to The Sun, was conducted by Russian biologist Ilya Ivanov – also in the 1920s – who tried and failed to create a Soviet super-soldier using human sperm and female chimps. (BATTLEFORWORLD: Refer to the article on human cloning here.)

And another reported case happened in Maoist China in 1967 where a female primate became pregnant with a human-hybrid only to die from neglect after the lab’s scientists were forced to abandon the project following the outbreak of the Cultural Revolution.

(NOTE: From reader Gunny: Apes (ALL APES including Chimpanzees) have 48 chromosomes. And a  “Human/Chimpanzee hybrid” would be virtually impossible, and would never be viable (living). I am referring to an egg and a sperm from two different species.

BATTLEFORWORLD: The true process that brought about this humanzee was likely to have used techniques that were not disclosed in the article, which gave the impressive that a chimpanzee egg and human sperm can naturally unite, which is not naturally possible. I do not think they wanted the public to be too informed of anything else in detail regarding how it happened and just gave the quick simple answer.)



Here is a perfect example of the tactics that Big Pharma uses to incentivize doctors to push vaccines on the public. Insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) pays pediatricians $400 for EACH fully vaccinated child under the age of 2. This means that for every 100 vaccinated patients, the doctor gets a $40,000 bonus! [Note: This compensation incentive comes with a catch. If said doctor can’t convince enough parents to vaccinate, the doctor forfeits the entire bonus.]   

What a racket...

Click on the link for the rest of the report.

Diner TV / The Rise and Fall of Television News
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When network television news was created in the late 1940s, no one in charge knew how to do it. It was a new creature.

Sponsors? Yes. A studio with a desk and an anchor? Yes. A list of top stories? Yes. Important information for the public? Yes.

Of course, “important information” could have several definitions — and the CIA already had a few claws into news, so there would be boundaries and fake stories within those boundaries.

The producers knew the anchor was the main event; his voice, his manner, his face. He was the actor in a one-man show. But what should he project to the audience at home?

The first few anchors were dry sandpaper. John Cameron Swayze at NBC, and Douglas Edwards at CBS. But Swayze, also a quiz show host, broke out of the mold and imparted a bit of “cheery” to his broadcasts. A no-no. So he was eventually dumped.

In came a duo. Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. NBC co-anchors from 1956 to 1970. Chet was the heavy, with a somber baritone, and David was “twinkly,” as he was called by network insiders. He lightened the mood with a touch of sarcasm and an occasional grin.

It worked. Ratings climbed. Television news as show biz started to take off. At the end of every broadcast, there was: “Good night, Chet.” “Good night, David.” The audience ate it up. They loved that tag.

However, rival CBS wasn’t standing still. They offloaded their anchor, Douglas Edwards, a bland egg, and brought in Walter Cronkite, who would go on to do 19 years in the chair (1962-1981).

Walter was Chet Huntley with a difference. As he grew older, he emerged as a father, a favorite uncle, with an authoritative hills-and-valleys baritone that created instant trust. Magic. A news god was born.

Despite many efforts at the three major networks, no anchor over the past 40 years has been able to pull off the full Cronkite effect.

The closest recent competitor — until he was fired for lying and exiled to the waste dump at MSNBC — was Brian Williams. Williams artfully executed a reversal of tradition.

He portrayed the youthful prodigy, a gradually maturing version of a newsboy who once bicycled along country roads, threw folded up papers on front porches, and knew all his customers by name. A good boy. A local boy. Your neighbor under the maple trees of an idyllic town. Cue the memories.

By the time Williams took over the helm at NBC, television news was decidedly a team operation. There were reporters in the field.

The technology enabled the anchor to go live to these bit players, who tried to exude the impression they were actually running down leads and interviewing key sources on the spot — when in fact they could just as well be doing their stand-ups from a hot dog cart outside 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the home studio of the network — because most of their information was really coming from inside that studio.

Nevertheless, the team was everything. The anchor was a manager, and his job was to impart an authentic feel to every look-in, from the White House to Paris to Berlin to Jerusalem to Beijing to a polar bear on an iceberg.

And local television news was blowing up to gargantuan proportions. Every city and town and village and hamlet seemed to have its own gaggle of hearty faces delivering vital info of interest to the citizenry. Branding and shaping this local phenomenon evolved into: FAMILY.

Yes, that was the ticket. These bubbly, blown-dry, enthused, manic news and weather and sports hawks were really “part of the community.” News was no longer shoveled high and deep with an air of objectivity. “Aloof” was out.

Share and care was in. What that had to do with actual news was anyone’s guess, but there it was.

News for and by a fictional collective.

Disney news.

A caricature of a simulacrum of an imitation.

The discovery was: the viewing audience wanted news as a cartoon.

The problem is: this model deteriorates. The descending IQ of the news producers and anchors and reporters undergoes a grotesque revolution.

Year by year, broadcasts make less sense. Even on the national scene, NBC hands its prime anchor spot to Lester Holt, who plays the old Addams Family living corpse, Lurch.

ABC, always looking for a new face, goes all in with David Muir, a Sears underwear-model type.

CBS counters with a youngish cipher, Jeff Glor, after ridding itself of Scott Pelley, who, true to his on-camera persona, might show up on The Young and the Restless as a lunatic surgeon doing operations without anesthetic.

The networks are losing it.

It’s a sight to behold.

Cable news is even worse. The longest surviving anchor is Wolf Blitzer at CNN. Wolf’s energy level tops out as a man in a tattered bathrobe, in his kitchen, chatting with his cousin while they play checkers.

Meanwhile, independent online news comes on like a storm.

Turns out it fills a need that has been there since the beginning of television.

You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but between those two extremes, there are millions and millions of people who recognize the so-called real news has been fake for a long time.

They’ve left that bubble.

The artfulness of network news has disintegrated and failed.

Pop goes the weasel.

Major media long ago built their wall. The wall protects everyone from bloated corrupt government institutions, mega-corporate partners of government, and major banks, to street thugs.

Now, as these media fail to magnetize minds as in days of yore, the wall is crumbing. Therefore, what is behind it is being exposed.

More importantly, people are coming to see their thoughts and constructions of reality are imports, not their own. The tonnage of pictures fed to them, along with voiceover, were forgeries.

WHAT IS, was the business of the news. That business has lost its traction.

To some, this amounts to bubbling confusion. To others, it is a fresh clean breeze blowing through an empty house, which imagination can remake in more bracing forms.

The future is open, unscripted.

A new day, if we recognize it.

By Jon Rappoport, guest author

Far Out Newz / What You Need To Know About...
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Lucid Dreaming

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Far Out Newz / America: Some Assembly Required
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America: Some Assembly Required - free download 27-Jan-2018 Pre-print release — “America: Some Assembly Required” — by Anna von Reitz  This book needs to be published immediately! Desperate times call for desperate measures! Many successful free-energy inventors have been killed. Many books have been burned. Open the link in the browser tab to print. America: Some Assembly Required by Judge Anna von Reitz Many of you have noted that I haven't been on the airwaves much in the last two weeks, and some have even been worried (bless you for your concern!)--- but I have been hard at work as always.  My faithful readers are aware that I have written two books that detail a lot of history and public records: Disclosure 101 is about my own personal journey and You Know Something is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause is a "serious comic book" --- is written in large print and hits the highlights of our largely unknown and untaught history at a Middle School level. The purpose of the first book, Disclosure 101, was to provide a public record of at least a small portion of the work I did over a period of years. The purpose of the second book was to provide a reader friendly "basic primer" so that people could grasp the Big Picture quickly. So now I've written a third book titled "America: Some Assembly Required". It came about because a friend of Donald Trump's came to me and asked me to write an "executive history" in "30 second sound bites" for the President that he could scan through pretty rapidly. He said that Mr. Trump wants to know the history, but like everyone else, wasn't taught..... so....... That is, technically, the reason why I sat down and wrote this third book and since President Trump is a business man, I did something that I think has worked out very well --- I wrote it from the perspective of the business history of America. I promise it isn't as dull as that sounds. It turns out that viewing our country's history from that standpoint reveals a lot of the inner workings of how our government was designed to work and how, when, and by whom it got messed up. And, in a very prosaic way, it suggests how to fix it. One of my faithful proofreaders said, "It's like being shown an engine, and suddenly you can see that there are spark plugs missing!" Seeing it in terms of business structures and business processes and practices may help Mr. Trump and a lot of other people wrap their minds around what has gone on here. This is another Large Scale book. I am covering a lot of ground with a short little publication designed to be read in 30 second sound-bites by very busy executives. The whole idea is to lay it down fast and in little puzzle pieces that self-assemble in an orderly fashion, not a James Michener classic.

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