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long molecules (long songs) of DNA or RNA (notes/chords ) that
encode the structure of the proteins (genres) by which the virus (music) acts

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Pics of the down hill ride. :)
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JH dashboard 7/12
 Views: 229
Posted by Surly1
Jul 12, 2020
in Blog pix
 Views: 145
Posted by Surly1
Jul 02, 2020
in Blog pix
Who needs Light?
This is how much this collapse everywhere has gotten me. What has changed over the past 15 years? Well, I was 52 back then, puttin in full gardens, managing 22 chickens, and American Guinea Hogs 2 ++++++( experiment - preservation ). They had oodles of oodalies ( baby pigs scurrying around when they…
 Views: 91
Posted by knarf
Jul 01, 2020
in Collapstead Intentional Commun…
Basement Collapse
The basement walls started falling in about fifteen years ago. We kept patching it until the cracks got serious. We then placed a wood beam across the floor joists above and put three steel jacks under it. She no longer is falling in....well maybe very slowly.
 Views: 75
Posted by knarf
Jul 01, 2020
in Collapstead Intentional Commun…
Boil Water, we got a chore to do!
About 6 months ago our water heater died and was leaking bad. I normally would have wrestled the thing into the basement and hooked a another one up, but this year I said no.  I would surely injure myself some how. :) My calf was bad then too. So we searched for a replacement one, and looked for an i…
 Views: 85
Posted by knarf
Jul 01, 2020
in Collapstead Intentional Commun…

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Oct 09, 2013
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Sep 20, 2012
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Sep 02, 2008
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Jun 03, 2013
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