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Title: Norway Ringing in Thorium Nuclear New Year with Westinghouse at the Party
Post by: g on November 24, 2012, 10:43:49 AM
SHANGHAI -  A privately held Norwegian company will start burning thorium fuel in a conventional test reactor owned by Norway’s government with help from U.S.-based nuclear giant Westinghouse, the company revealed here recently.

The four-year test at Norway’s government owned Halden reactor could help thorium inch closer to replacing uranium as a possible safer and more effective nuclear power source. Many people believe that thorium is superior because it leaves less long- lived dangerous waste, makes it far more difficult to fashion bombs, runs more efficiently, and can be made meltdown proof.


                        The Norwegian town of Halden looks serene. It also looks like the possible future of nuclear power, as its reactor hosts a thorium trial. The "test" reactor provides steam to a nearby paper mill. (      :icon_study: