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Title: Surf's Up!
Post by: Eddie on February 10, 2018, 10:46:06 AM
I should never look at Craigslist. It's just an ego suckhole for me.

If I had real courage I'd sell off and sail here, and try to live out my days playing cook and host to itinerant surf bums. This place looks extremely cool. I also could scrape together enough money to buy it, which isn''t the usual situation when I indulge this kind of fantasy.  I know I'd go broke and die broke, but.....

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Rainforest, ocean, poor-ass communist country. I could probably even figure out how to practice dentistry and actually help people who appreciated my efforts.

Video. I haven't watched it yet. I'm afraid to... Hmm. Seems it won't embed. Try the link.