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Title: 🚀 Rocket Newz
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Not a good week for Elon to stop smoking dope.

Title: Re: 🚀 Rocket Newz
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I saw this yesterday. Glad you posted it.

Kids & their chemistry sets  :icon_scratch:
Title: 🔥 Surveillance Video of Tesla Exploding in Shanghai Parking Lot Goes Viral
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I saw this yesterday. Glad you posted it.

Kids & their chemistry sets  :icon_scratch:

Elon has now overtaken Notre Dame and Gilet Jaunes for fires this week.

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Surveillance Video of Tesla Exploding in Shanghai Parking Lot Goes Viral
Raphael Orlove
Today 9:45amFiled to: Tesla

Tesla is adamant that its cars are significantly less likely to catch fire than your average car, as Reuters reports, but that still hasn’t kept a surveillance video from spreading worldwide, showing a Tesla Model S bursting into flame and all but disappearing, Spinal Tap-style, in a parking garage reportedly in Shanghai.

That location is a funny one, as Tesla is gearing up to start making its own cars outside the city, with Gigafactory 3 under construction at the moment.
Article preview thumbnail
New Shanghai Gigafactory Will Only Build Base Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Elon Musk broke ground on a third Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai earlier today, announcing that the…
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In any case, all of this blew up on Weibo, China’s other big social media platform that’s not WeChat. Thankfully, a local Tesla owner, Jay in Shanghai, put this all up on Twitter with some translations to make things easier for us.

Here’s a copy of the original video, also posted around by Bloomberg in a wire report:

Here’s what’s purportedly the aftermath, showing the car looking like a husk and not much more than that:

Tesla’s official response on Weibo reads:

    After learning about the incident in Shanghai, we dispatched a team to the scene last night as soon as possible. We are actively liaising with the relevant departments and cooperating with the verification of the situation. According to the current information, there we no casualties.

Here it is being posted:

This lines up with the response that Tesla gave to Reuters, reaching out for comment and publishing this morning:

    “We immediately sent a team onsite and we’re supporting local authorities to establish the facts. From what we know now, no one was harmed,” Tesla said in a statement on Monday.

    It declined comment further when contacted by Reuters.

Jalopnik also reached out for comment from Tesla but only received the same response as given to other publications.
Title: Re: 🚀 Rocket Newz
Post by: azozeo on April 22, 2019, 03:34:19 PM
was that vid real time ?

That was a death ray special. See all that juice well up & then HA-WOOOOMB..... She went super nova.  :evil4:
Title: Re: 🚀 Rocket Newz
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was that vid real time ?

That was a death ray special. See all that juice well up & then HA-WOOOOMB..... She went super nova.  :evil4:

The clock on the vid is running.  It appears to be real time.

Title: 🚀 Muskrat vs Bozos in the Battle to see who can Waste more Money
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Elon Musk Just Couldn't Stay Quiet About Jeff Bezos' Moon Lander
10 MAY 2019


On Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' space company Blue Origin presented its plans to reach the Moon, including a brand new design for its "Blue Moon" lander.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk then took to Twitter to crudely imply that Bezos was building unwarranted hype for a plan that wasn't going anywhere — a move that could be read as the ultimate example of "pot calling the kettle black" irony.

In the tweet, Musk writes "Oh stop teasing, Jeff," along with a winky face emoji and a photoshopped image of the lander with "Blue Moon" replaced by the words "Blue Balls," a reference to the uncomfortable feeling that can follow sexual excitement without release.

Maybe Elon Musk has never heard the proverb about how visionary CEOs who consistently fail to make good on their own ambitious promises about space travel shouldn't throw stones. That's how the saying goes, right?
Title: 🚀 Jeff Bezos Builds a Moon Ship
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The new Space Race is on!  It's a battle for all the marbles between Bozos & Muskrat to see who can waste more taxpayer money!

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Jeff Bezos Builds a Moon Ship
For now, it's only a model. But in five years, the Amazon CEO says, he can land it on the lunar surface.
Rich Smith

Jeff Bezos with a model of the Blue Moon lunar lander. Image source: Blue Origin.

May 19, 2019 at 7:13AM

Two years ago, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos -- yeah, the guy who owns (NASDAQ:AMZN) -- made NASA a promise: If it wants to establish a moon base, Blue Origin would partner with the space agency and build it a rocket -- and a moon lander -- to help build that base.

The rocket in question is New Glenn, currently under development, with plans to become one of the most powerful rockets on earth. And the lander? That would be Blue Moon.
Jeff Bezos gesturing to model of Blue Moon moon lander

Introducing Blue Moon

Although Blue Moon was originally envisioned as a cargo vessel capable of delivering "gear for experiments, cargo, and habitats by mid-2020," Bezos in 2017 promised that it would be a launcher-agnostic spacecraft that could fly on top of its own New Glenn rocket, or on NASA's new Space Launch System (also still under development), or even atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas 551. (There was no mention of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, you will note.)

But when NASA announced earlier this year that it is soliciting proposals to build its Human Landing System to put astronauts on the moon, Bezos seems to have had an epiphany: Blue Moon could do that, too.

Last week, at a closed-door presentation in Washington, Bezos pulled back the curtain on a mock-up of Blue Moon, revealing it to be a fuel-cell-powered spacecraft capable of delivering between 3.6 and 6.5 metric tons of payload (up to and including moon buggies ) to the lunar surface. Blue Moon will use hydrogen and oxygen to fuel a new, 3D-printed BE-7 engine (also brand new, and as-yet untested) to travel from lunar orbit to the surface. The first version of Blue Moon will be robotic, but a later, larger version should be human-rated to carry astronauts to the moon.
NASA and Blue Origin, together at last?

To refresh your memory, NASA's latest moon project comprises three main stages: By 2024, the agency wants to have a "lunar descent element" -- a moon lander -- docked with a "lunar gateway" space station in orbit around the moon. By 2026, it wants to add a lunar ascent element built and delivered, and test both elements in an unmanned mission to land on, and return from, the lunar surface.

Finally, in 2028, NASA plans to repeat this feat with astronauts aboard, accomplishing the first manned moon landing in more than a half-century!

This schedule recently got jumbled  when in March, Vice President Pence stated that a 2028 target date was "just not good enough," and that official U.S. policy is now to return astronauts to the moon by 2024. Not everyone is convinced that five years is enough time to do what NASA said just three months ago it would need nearly a decade to accomplish. But Bezos, who has been pouring $1 billion a year of his wealth into Blue Origin through sales of stock, says that because he began development of Blue Moon three years ago, a 2024 landing is in fact doable by him.
What comes next

And yet, whether we're talking about 2028, 2026, or 2024 -- whatever the date -- NASA first needs to build the equipment to make it happen. Space companies large and small, ranging from Boeing and Lockheed to Sierra Nevada to SpaceX, all want to help. And now we know for certain that Blue Origin will be joining them in the competition.

The agency has budgeted only $30 million to $40 million to pay for development at this time, which sounds like small beans to many of these companies. That being said, the eventual winner(s) of contract(s) to help NASA realize its mission can expect to reap contracts worth tens and hundreds of millions more to build, launch, and operate the spacecraft necessary to land on the moon.

This latest space race has just started -- but it's also already begun.