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Title: Doomstead Diner #5 Comic Strip
Post by: RE on February 09, 2014, 01:01:57 AM

Off the keyboard RE and the Art Pen of Flapjax

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Published on Peak Oil Way Back When in 2009


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No time this week to get my latest project on flowcharting the Industrial Economy done.  So I dig into the Archives of some Old Stuff I never got round to dropping on here on the Diner.  Given the current insanity in the FOREX Market, this Comic Strip I did with Flapjax seems mighty prescient right now.



Title: The New Global Recycling Project
Post by: RE on February 11, 2014, 02:32:38 AM
John Lounsbury published DD Comic Strip #5 as The New Global Recycling Project ( on GEI.  ;D

Jimbo also published it on TBP, but it didn't get much response (more than here though!)

Sent it to Tyler Durden too.  As usual, no go there.  I guess I am not sufficiently Provocateur enough for them.   :(

Back to work on my mega-Econ article on Peripheral Currency Collapse now.  Complete with Flowcharts of the Econ situation since the Dawn of Civilization!  :icon_mrgreen:

Hope to have it ready for Sunday Brunch Publication while the Diner Anniversary Party is underway.  :icon_sunny: