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Title: Russia-North Korea thread
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De-dollarisation will bring about a split into 2 separate trading blocs - the US Empire and:
BRICS + EEU (Belarus, Kazakstan, Armenia, Kyrgystan) + Mongolia + Iran + Syria + Venezuela + Argentina + Bolivia + Cuba + North Korea + ?

They have to be separate because otherwise you get arbitrage situations developing between different prices for the same things in different markets. (
North Korea and Russia establish joint business council
February 04, 2015

Relations between Russia and North Korea have taken a step forward following Moscow’s setting up of a Business Council for Cooperation with North Korea. This will help Russia and North Korea reach their $1 billion trade goal.

The new council will help pair Russian companies with business partners in North Korea to work on trade and investment.

"This is undoubtedly a new stage of business cooperation between Russia and North Korea, which will significantly strengthen trade and economic relations between the two countries," Russian Commerce and Industry Chamber Vice President Vladimir Strashko said, TASS reported.

The new council should make business transactions between the two neighbors smoother, according to Strashko.

Annual trade between Moscow and Pyongyang is slated to increase to $1 billion by 2020. Russia and North Korea plan to carry out future trade in rubles.

This last year has been a milestone for increased Russia-North Korea relations. In June, Russia announced it was extending its Trans-Siberia railway to North Korea.

Russia is also considering investing in North Korea’s Kaesong Industrial Park, a special economic zone in the country where more than 50,000 North Korean workers are employed by South Korean companies.In May, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that will forgive 90 percent of North Korea’s Soviet-era debt.

Kim Jong-un said he will make a state visit to Moscow in May to join Russia’s celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II.
Title: Re: Russia-North Korea thread
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China, Russia & North Korea to create international tourist zone
February 13, 2015

The authorities in China’s northeastern Jilin Province plan to create an international visa and duty-free tourist zone in the border region with Russia and North Korea.

The territory will lie along the Tumen River and will include the Chinese city of Hunchun and a ten square kilometer area in Russia and North Korea, the Xinhua news agency reports Friday. The infrastructure will be constructed jointly by the three countries participating in the project, the news agency reports.

The initiative was put forward by the government of Hunchun in 2013. North Korea is especially interested in creating a tourist zone, as it wants to get the economic benefit.

South Korea, Japan and Mongolia are expected to join the tourism area in the long-term, with highways, railways and air routes, said Zhao Xiaojun, director of Jilin Provincial Tourism Administration, as quoted by Xinhua.