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Title: Doomstead Diner TV
Post by: RE on September 11, 2012, 04:19:17 PM
The Diner now has its own You Tube Channel!

No content in there as of yet though.

Diner TV is available to all Diners who have their own videos they want to upload of protests, Gestapo Violence, ecological/environment problems, weather/geological/cosmological occurrences, extra-terrestrial kidnappings etc, etc, etc...

Particularly for high bandwidth videos, please use the You Tube Channel rather than loading them to the Diner Library.  You can temporarily load the video to the Diner Library if it fits, attach the video file to an email and send it to

DoomsteadDinerTV AT Gmail DOT com

or you can request a Password (Mod Squad Only)

If/When we get some Vids in there, I will stick this to the top of the Kitchen Sink with all the rest of the Stickies and create a Link on the Blog Homepage.