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The Kitchen Sink / Re: My Truckin' Truck Life
« on: December 10, 2017, 06:20:50 AM »
As a part of finding a new life after selling my farm in 2015, I looked into over the road trucking with Swift in Minneapolis and decided against it for several reasons including my wife's health and concerns that I couldn't, at age 55, keep up with all the physical labor involved in securing loads.  I also looked into railroading but that has only generated one interview with no offers, so, I opted to go with a state funded rural transit service that pays about $14 per hour worked, working about 30 hours per week.  We live in a small, under 5,000, town and can walk or bike to most everything we need.  The bus barn is only 2 miles away and we don't see much of our management.  Our biggest problem with our work day are dispatchers that have never lived in our county and who have no idea how long it takes to secure and transport elderly people in wheel chairs.  And yes, we hate them....   ::)

Other than that, to make up the difference in pay, we participate in the FSA (Free Shit Army) thought Minnesota Care, which is based on income.  At my income, age and marital status, the State pays our premiums with no deductables so I'm taking advantage of it while it is available. 

In fact, my son, who also works out of the same office I do concluded that if we went full time we would be off Minnesota Care and would have to buy the crappy insurance that our employer provides, so he sews costumes for extra cash.  We also use the local food bank and will probably sign up for SNAP at some point in time. 

It sucks but I had no choice but to sell out in 2015.  After five years of farming, we looked at the books and things were not getting better.  The 2008 crash really took its toll on the region we were living in at the time and it was better to get out while we still had control of the situation.  It also took nearly a full three years to get the property sold.  We were really exhausted by the whole process and were very relieved when we signed the last of the papers, cleared out the loans, picked up our check and walked away.  We spent about two years traveling, helping an elderly parent and living out of a 21 foot camper van and are now in a small house that our son owns. 

I get your point RE about the cost of having kids... We had our one son in 1987 when you could still pay a hospital bill ($1,250) for a natural birth with an $8.00 per hour job, but those days are long gone.  I know a guy who is a successful software engineer in Fredericksburg, VA who, until recently, thought it was still possible to work your way through college as a young person.  He has only recently figured out that it is no longer possible after seeing his second daughter go miles into debt for a communications degree at a private school.  She will be paying those debts off for a long time, and she has three kids as well.  Just getting by, hoping the next hurricane doesn't flatten their single wide in Orlando....  :P

Yes, the youth are screwed and at some point in the not to distant future, they will collectively figure this out and it will be quite the shit show I'm sure... stay tuned...  ;D

The Kitchen Sink / Re: My Truckin' Truck Life
« on: December 09, 2017, 05:22:39 PM »
A friend who is a CDL Class A driver posted this video on facebook.

Reminded me of you RE and your discussion of problems of backing combination vehicles...


More on the McP saga... posted to Facebook.

RandyC comments:
Personally, I never bought the Mark Austin story that he was an NSA contracted spy in 1995 sitting in on McP's classes.  (He also claimed to be a DHS contractor).  The NSA does signals intelligence, not HUMINT.  If Austin was real he would have been working for the FBI as the FBI was responsible for domestic collection.  Once upon a time that required a warrant.  Post 9/11 things changed and NSA started doing signals collection against US persons as most people are now aware.  It is also unlikely that Austin would have ever contacted McP if he indeed was working undercover.  That would have gotten him fired by the FBI and possibly prosecuted. 

Here is the link that will get all the text that did not copy over.  Rather disturbing in my opinion.

End of RandyC comments.

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Discarding Doom



Walking Away from Guy McPherson
discardingdoom   Uncategorized   November 18, 2017   57 Minutes   

The following is written from a desire to protect the emotional and material well being and professional reputations of those who have been or would potentially be affected by the information offered here. I present my observations as fact which I would stand behind in a legal setting. Having consulted with legal counsel after being cc’d in a letter threatening a potential lawsuit at the behest of retired University of Arizona professor Guy McPherson, I feel comfortable moving forward with publishing this information. Because McPherson has repeatedly suggested pursuing legal action in the form of libel suits in regard to previous interactions with others, and has made some indications that he may pursue a lawsuit with regard to the kind of information disclosed here, I have approached this presentation primarily as a first person assessment and will make an effort to separate my direct observations from analysis, which can be freely disputed based on one’s own interpretation. As I wish to not be rhetorically overburdened by the use of such phrases as “I think,” and “I believe,” anything written here that cannot be directly observed should be viewed by the reader as conclusions which I have drawn, and thus should be weighed against the information provided.

Nothing that I have seen indicates that what Guy McPherson has done is illegal. That does not mean that his actions have not caused harm. I believe that they have, and I will seek to demonstrate that in this piece for the sake of the well being of others. I have provided links to the significant portions of quoted text so that the reader will be able to ascertain the full context of these passages. In the event that these quoted pages are removed from the web for whatever reason, I have taken screen shots for the purposes of more enduring documentation. In the unlikely event that McPherson’s actions result in the removal of this page, I have taken steps to ensure that the information will remain accessible to others.

I also believe there is potential for people who have developed emotional ties to Guy McPherson to be upset by what has thus far been brought to light, and what I will be discussing in the following piece. If anyone finds anything said here to be sufficiently upsetting, I would urge you to seek out professional support in your community. Everyone has a right to be heard, to lead safe, fulfilled lives without fear of harm, while those who do cause harm should be prevented from continuing in that manner.

Finally, I anticipate the possibility that the creation of this piece will draw negative attention, in addition to alerting others to potential harm. Any harassment, online or otherwise, done in person or through assumed online handles, will be documented and noted here.

Warning: The following piece contains language of a sexually graphic nature.

Part I

For a time I followed the work of retired University of Arizona professor Guy McPherson through his Nature Bats Last (NBL) website and through online Facebook discussion, particularly through the Near Term Human Extinction (NTHE) community that his work had helped to establish. I found his arguments for the case of impending human extinction compelling and important, and though I did not like the prognosis he provided, in many ways it presented a logical conclusion to the kind of thinking I had been engaged in for several years. The authority with which he seemed to speak on the subject made it easier for me to contemplate the possibility of extinction in what I understood to be the framework of valid climate science. While I was a bit disconcerted that he would confidently proclaim the likely end of human life on a decadal time scale, as I felt it problematic to describe the collective finality of a highly adaptable species in this short of a time frame with such probability, I none the less appreciated his overall line of thinking.

I began to have serious doubts, however, about McPherson’s credibility after a 2015 interview he conducted with self described Homeland Security government contractor Mark Austin on his Nature Bats Last podcast.  Austin’s rambling and discontinuous delivery sounded in no way believable when he suggested in an almost stream of consciousness delivery that the governments of the world had a global mass depopulation plan using biological weapons that they would deploy in a time of chaos. I posted my critical reaction to the interview on one of the Facebook forums associated with McPherson’s work, and though I received some agreement, many members in fact embraced the content of the interview wholeheartedly. At that point I began to wonder about the ability of this group to truly think critically about presented information, but more importantly, I began to have strong doubts about McPherson’s self professed interest in presenting the truth.

In a follow up podcast, McPherson discussed reactions to the popular Austin interview.  While he left open the possibility that Austin’s information was untrue, that possibility was framed as being the result of a potential disinformation campaign waged against him by powerful interests, rather than the likely potential that Austin was simply not a credible informant, lacking in the security clearances or employment required to have knowledge of a supposed mass depopulation plan. (That notion of a kind of covert government plot of persecution directed against McPherson, which I will call the “Deep State” narrative, should be noted, as it will come up again later.) In fact, a sizable portion of the follow up commentary consisted of McPherson providing cover for why we could plausibly believe Austin. While attributing Austin’s vocal delivery to potential nervousness and the import of his information, McPherson declared at around 25:50

    “[Mark Austin] was at the same level of government as Edward Snowden. They’re both government contractors contracted by an agency in the US federal government. Umm, we don’t…almost all the information Mark Austin presented can be easily fact checked with publicly available information. So it, its not as if there are [pause] unknowns regarding the United States and its biowarfare program, although they couch it as, couch it as an experimental program, and every time they kill people in this country or beyond they call it an experiment, rather than a project. Umm so there are things we don’t know, obviously, and that’s what we are trying to get to is those unknowns for us. Were we completely successful? No. But there are people who are umm afraid for their lives and for the lives of their family members as the result of last week’s show. I think maybe we touched a nerve.”

The idea that someone on par with Edward Snowden, who possessed top secret security clearances and became a household name for the import of his disclosures, would be appearing on the small time NBL podcast to disclose this kind of explosive, high level genocidal plot, seemed to me improbable to the point of absurdity. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, not because the revelations were shocking or because I am naive to actual genocidal government actions, but because the entire story, its delivery, and the setting for its revelation seemed so ridiculous. For a retired academic who claims to be “evidence based” I found the multi episode platform that was given to Austin to be well beyond disappointing, and the often unquestioningly supportive comments left in response to those podcasts should be evidence for why the interview and its follow up needed a strong rebuttal. The whole situation led me personally to question both McPherson’s integrity and his motives.

Upon further investigation, I found that Mark Austin, who interacts online within the associated Nature Bats Last community, had posted a string of bizarre comments on various NBL blog posts, suggesting to me that his scattered train of thought and unbelievable claims were not purely the result of nervousness, as McPherson had suggested. A segment of one such post can be seen below.

    “…Geniux RX, Blue Brain digital waves for instant mind change. Heck yeah, we are the real Sci “aliens” here developing the DARPA neural network. On the edge of extinction we can try everything …. especially if it might blast half of the disconnected leaders into rapid nuclear plant decommissioning. Hundreds of doctors for nuclear responsibility do care about leaving Earth with less radiation. It only takes a few hundred with the right technology to alter the path of billions. None of us or what we do counts. It’s about the future for OTHER SPECIES in the slightly bigger picture. Our electro synesthetic tissue is on all national news channels as I type. But the methane spike – not even Porter Ranch problems are on TV for a reason. Everything is already under media manipulation. Bluetooth BLUE BEAM will just do it a lot faster than messy biowar.”

Austin’s comments also provided further fodder for the above mentioned “Deep State” narrative. In early April of 2016, he says the following:

    “http://www.Homeland security news
    NSA authors of the NBL group study suggest that we are facing an increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters as a consequence of climate change. “We believe that this is going to cause even more natural disasters and, therefore, the use of social networks will allow us to obtain useful supplementary information,” points out Professor Esteban Moro, who is currently working on further research monitoring Guy R. McPherson and other groups. “We are trying to see if there is a relationship between activity on social networks and climate change which will affect us in the future”.
    — Read more in Y. Kryvasheyeu et al., “Rapid assessment of disaster awareness using social media activity,”
    HOMELAND Security monitoring.”

In a second post Austin writes, in reference to a report issued from the Senate Armed Service Committee:

    “…The report, though long, is an easy read, and it’s always worthwhile to understand what issues are motivating the government’s actions. GUY & MO have my real ID info. I did try to explain months ago the effects of CRISPR & WMD biogenetic advancements. Asymmetrical Bio war on schedule for potential induced pandemics by June 6 2016”

Incredibly, Austin is not only rehashing his wild claim to privileged knowledge of an extermination plot which was to be potentially unleashed in June of 2016, but he also claims that the NSA is monitoring McPherson and has authored studies about his Nature Bats Last group. He then goes on to cite one such study, “Rapid assessment of disaster awareness using social media activity.” If one performs a Google search for this study, predictably nothing comes up. However, with another cursory online search, a paper entitled “Rapid assessment of disaster damage using social media activity” (emphasis mine) appears in the search results, authored by the very Y. Kryvasheyeu mentioned by Austin above. Obviously the genuine paper covers material that has nothing to do with Austin’s assertions of NSA monitoring. What I believe most intellectually trained or critically thinking people would have recognized as baseless claims in Austin’s NBL interview now appears to be part of a larger pattern of dishonesty, easily uncovered with basic level internet searches that any second rate academic would have noticed.

One could perhaps make arguments that support the claim that McPherson was simply duped by Mark Austin, but I personally find that conclusion to be unlikely. My own assessment is that McPherson is better educated, more composed, methodical, and intelligent than Austin, and being trained in the scientific method, would not be easily fooled by Austin’s transparent claims. The initial interview should have been an obvious red flag for any critical thinker, let alone a former tenured academic in the scientific field. To ask pointed, illuminating questions that actually push for truth, rather than engaging in a few off handed and empty rhetorical flourishes in the initial interview as well as the follow up, would be basic practice for any ethical broadcaster of information, if a podcast entertaining the possibility of such absurd claims could be ethically made by an academic at all.

Actual questioning is done to preserve both one‘s own journalistic integrity and also the audience’s understanding of reality. McPherson has created an image for himself as being an “evidence based” truth teller, and yet, as mentioned above, after his offhanded and in my view highly implausible alternative explanation that Austin could be part of a potential disinformation campaign launched to discredit him, McPherson primarily provides a sense of plausibility to Austin’s story in the follow up podcast, rather than credibly challenging it. Furthermore, McPherson himself is active on his own NBL website ( in the same comment section in which Austin indicated this ongoing NSA surveillance.  In the comment section, one can find McPherson defending himself against several individuals who claim that he has made specific predictions for the end of humanity, and that, according to those arguing with him in the thread, he has subsequently backpedaled from those predictions while saying he never specifically made them.

In another one of McPherson’s blog posts, several posters argue with the moderator, mo, that Mark Austin is actually a con artist trying to sell a health product called Geniux RX (referenced in one of Austin’s quotes above), a claim mo disputes as libel.  mo goes on to say “…the specific Mark Austin who posts here does have a reputation, and is known in person by several people who also post here or in other places associated with NBL. that is the actual person you have to responsibly provide information about to back up any claims you are making.”  This indicates a personal familiarity within the community that goes beyond purely online relationships, and also demonstrates a willingness to defend Austin’s reputation, in spite of his unbelievable claims. To further substantiate the standing Austin held within the community, in another NBL comment section someone asks McPherson what Mark Austin’s handle is, to which McPherson himself replies, “ greg, Mark Austin’s handle here is Mark Austin.”  Just three posts down from McPherson’s reference to Austin’s online identity, Austin writes,

    “(I sit quietly for hours doing COMPUTER CODING & CONTRACT WORK from the funding provided we provided to them from DARPA & NIH. Reading and SLOWLY scanning codes actually takes less effort than trying to write a perfectly composed comment!) ho ho ho.”

In another NBL post, the moderator mo says “hey Mark ~ just deleted a blank post from you. let me know if you were trying post something that didn’t go through.
cheers.~ mo”

Since his appearance on the program, Austin has contributed numerous posts in McPherson’s moderated blog comment sections, at least one of which continued the claim that he made during the NBL interview podcast, that he was actually a former student of McPherson’s at the University of Arizona, which McPherson did not dispute. In the post he states:

    “…Delusion??? Maybe some form of mental energy will transform with insights. Learning from greedy mistakes. Basic sustainability common sense Dr. Guy Mc Pherson tried to teach us at UofA decades ago.”

As late as June 23rd, 2016, one of the last Nature Bats Last blog posts that allows for comments, Mark Austin suggests that he has direct contact with high level government officials like John McCain. The moderator, mo follows up with:

    “mod note from mo

    I asked Mark to back up the claimed quotes here with a clarification that all quotes here are accurate and given by permission, and this is what he said below (“His” refers to McCain)

    “Yes full permission. Exactly the same as any news reporter. His quote is for NBL news. You can call his office also but due to my family connection and knowing exactly how to get thru I manage okay. I also rarely do it and never abuse the privilege. Also because it is “me” the NSA will ‘scan’ read my comment. So will the CIA. I will happily provide you the link to the public of how and why the CIA checks all facts when they are mentioned. if you don’t have sign in code to that part I will go in and find it tomorrow.”

Taken together this material suggests that the Mark Austin interviewed on the podcast program is the same Mark Austin commenting on the blog, and it demonstrates a level of familiarity and engagement that would make it difficult for me to believe that McPherson was unaware of the continuing bizarre commentary made by Austin, beyond that which McPherson willingly entertained and bolstered on his pod cast program. And yet, from the very first interview, through the follow up pod cast, to the blog comments, Austin’s transparently false narrative was allowed to continue to fool others by someone who claims to elevate truth, excellence, and “evidence based” reporting.

What made all of this for me decidedly indicative of dishonest and manipulative behavior on both the part of Mark Austin and particularly McPherson is a December 2016 Nature Bats Last post in which McPherson entertains a series of emails sent by Austin which leads him to publicly state that Austin is potentially a government spy sent to watch him. On his blog, McPherson states:

    “The spy who claims to love me, who uses the cover Mark Austin, wrote to my friend and host Kevin Hester on 19 December 2016: “THANK you for hosting Guy McPherson I’m afraid the NSA is about to get much tougher on him and a list of others as Trump & Rex Tillerson have asked for specifics. Sorry. I’m only the messenger.”

    Of course, we don’t know when or if “Mark Austin” is telling the truth. He claims to be a spy, and he has presented credentials sufficient to convince me. If he’s not a spy, he’s lying. If he is a spy, he’s paid to lie. If he is a spy, we don’t know at what junctures he is lying. And there’s also the issue of how much power the president has at his disposal.”

In my opinion, McPherson’s suggestive and leading commentary is not something anyone who has any desire to adhere to professional standards, clarity of communication, or ethical behavior would give. While it is true that governments lie, conspire, and commit the most despicable acts, in this post-truth age of “fake news” and “crisis actor” populated mass shootings at every turn, there are those who are easily misled into believing fanciful stories, and those who intentionally manipulate others into believing them. I consider McPherson to be the latter.

The obviously false claims of Austin being a spy can clearly be seen for the lies that they are for several reasons. Anyone who doesn’t need further convincing on this matter can save time and skip the following points.

    There is no logic to the supposed depopulation plan.  As the current world powers rely on a massive, exploited population to provide them with the complex, interconnected system from which they primarily benefit, the claim that world governments, have a program to exterminate much of the global population during a time of crisis, starting with the United States is absurd.  Exterminating en masse the global population that provides labor for the complex industrial system is like cutting off one’s own legs.  Survival cannot be maintained by today’s modern global elites absent an industrial base, and eliminating the workforce only speeds that demise.  If the hypothetical crisis is significantly catastrophic, and the industrial base is already in the process of free fall, no depopulation plan would be sufficient to preserve the lives of the elites in the midst of that failing system.  It simply makes no sense.
    Austin does not act in a manner suggestive of membership in the intelligence community.  Austin’s bizarre commentary and claims to work for a variety of government departments are not in keeping with the activities of  professional spies, which do not openly post about their activities on blog forums, but instead maintain a low profile.  Blowing the cover of a spy is a crime in the United States.  Releasing sensitive or classified information results in investigations, terminations of employment, and imprisonment.
    NBL is not the forum for serious information leaks.  If a global depopulation plan did exist, it would not be leaked on a small time program like the NBL podcast.  Snowden’s publications were properly vetted as media outlets need to maintain a certain degree of believability, especially in such sensitive matters, and those documents were filtered through major networks like the Guardian because whistleblowers seek maximum impact and therefore go to lawmakers, legal representatives, or publishers of significance.  No major news network would take Austin seriously, not because of the fact that networks undeniably have vested interests, but because Austin simply is not a believable individual, posting lies and nonsense online, and would not stand up to vetting.


To suggest, then, that Austin’s claims are even remotely plausible as McPherson does, I find to be absolutely absurd, dishonest, and unethical, and I would wager that McPherson’s intent in entertaining these narratives was at least in part to manipulate the beliefs of those who actually could  find such suggestions possible.  In a way, I find it to be insulting that I would even have to waste my time articulating how absurd all of this is, in what amounts to the kind of diatribe I would ascribe to little more than obsessed, self absorbed internet trolls. I would not be wasting my own time, and therefore personal resources, on this issue, if it were not for both threats of litigation as well as what I believe to be actual emotional harm that has been done, and could be done in the future.

Furthermore, in the same blog post entitled “Achieving Peace” McPherson goes so far as to claim that he had been under government surveillance for a decade. He says, “Considerable supporting evidence, albeit heavily redacted, indicates I’d been surveilled since 1996. I had an NSA-contracted spy in my classrooms in 2005.” I would like to see how a courtroom views his considerable supporting evidence. Perhaps if he wastes more time and resources, moving forward with his libel lawsuit(s), he will give everyone the opportunity to better understand those claims, among others, during cross examination.

If one is to read the comments of Mark Austin, the supposed spy does indicate a kind of respect for McPherson. He wishes McPherson a happy birthday. He tells McPherson he is loved, and appears to be, at least on the surface, concerned for his safety. In his initial interview with McPherson on the NBL podcast, he indicates that he closely follows McPherson’s work. He tells McPherson that he essentially wanted to bring something new to the table that hadn’t been covered, when he broaches the subject of bio-warfare. To me, all of this indicates a desire to be seen as helpful or useful, and is suggestive of a need for approval. In my view, given McPherson’s willingness to further Austin’s outlandish and misleading tales for approximately a year through his multimedia platform, and given the nature of McPherson’s relations with others which I will address further below, I wonder to what extent Mark Austin might have been manipulated in all of this as well. Is it possible that by having McPherson’s assistance in maintaining this unsupportable narrative for the course of a year, Austin gained a sense of respect, mystique, belonging, or notoriety within the NTHE and NBL communities, having been given the forum to pose as a spy? Regardless of that possibility, it was a deceptively crafted role which I maintain simultaneously helped provide McPherson with a source of admiration, an aura of elevated importance to those who would believe the concoction, and provide further cover in the form of a narrative adopted by McPherson’s defenders who now claim that the “Deep State” is trying to take him down. These are all potentials for the reader to decide. I certainly have drawn my conclusions.

I’m not sure what Mark Austin’s mental and emotional state are, but I hope that he is capable of recognizing his own value as a human being independent of the NBL community, and get the support I believe he likely needs to create a healthier life for himself. I would not be in the least surprised if McPherson created some new narrative, suggesting that he was being stalked by Austin, and that he feared for his safety all along, and therefore was forced to play along with Austin’s claims. For reasons I won’t go into here, I would not in the least find such an argument convincing, were it to be made, and though the possibility of this occurrence is of course speculation, I put it out there because based on my observations, I feel a sense of genuine concern for the mental health of people who would develop these types of ongoing relationships, and a need to preempt any more obscurations which may come from McPherson.

Moving forward, some other questions that emerge from the above information for me are: what should we make of a retired academic scientist who believes humans will likely be extinct in a few decades or less, and who then has used his multimedia platform to advance the kind of information described above? Should we trust the word of Guy McPherson? Is it reasonable to doubt, and to publicly express that doubt, about his motives, character, and authenticity?

Part II

In 2017, McPherson expressed his desire to sue climate scientist Michael Mann for libel.  In a blog post entitled Oh Mann he stated:

    “The short, libelous piece of unintentional comedy by Mann and crew includes the following paragraph from the Post, a leading mouthpiece of American Empire:

    “Some of the more egregious examples can be found among fringe characters such as ecologist Guy McPherson —- a doomist cult hero who insists that exponential climate change likely will render human beings and all other species extinct within 10 years.”

    There are several errors in this one-sentence paragraph. I’ll focus upon three of the errors. Firstly, I’m hardly a fringe character. I’ve attracted the attention of most of the world’s climate scientists, the New York Times, and hundreds of other media outlets. Secondly, I’m not a doomist cult hero. Rather, and quite importantly considering the context, I’m a doomist cult superhero. Thirdly, Mann is lying: I’ve neither said nor written, “that exponential climate change likely will render human beings and all other species extinct within 10 years.” Not surprisingly for a man of his enormous –and seemingly unrecognized — privilege, Mann fails to distinguish between human life and all life on Earth. He repeats the libelous statement in an interview with The Real News Network.

    Had I sufficient money and time, I would sue Mann and his co-authors for libel. I don’t have the imperialist deep pockets of Pennsylvania State University, much less a leading newspaper of record for the corrupt American press. As a result, the Washington Post and its writers are off the hook, as is often the case. I contacted the ACLU and other groups to request pro bono support. Alas, there’s little interest and no money in extinction.”

Ironically, according to Scott Johnson, scientific writer and contributor to Ars Technica, McPherson has repeatedly misrepresented the science and the words of others, which Johnson documented in the Errata section of a 2014 post “How Guy McPherson Gets it Wrong.”  After an interview with Johnson on Radio Ecoshock,  McPherson also apparently threatened a potential libel suit against the host Alex Smith, who reported on his blog:

    “In an email Guy McPherson claims I am encouraging negative comments about him. I am not encouraging such comments and need to insist we stick to publicly provably facts in posts here.

    Not unrelated, Guy also tells me he is consulting a lawyer about this blog. He demands that I remove posts which ‘slander’ or ‘libel’ him.”

All of this is important context moving into understanding relationships McPherson has apparently engaged in with several women, which they have reported to have been at times deceptive and emotionally destructive.  I, and many others, happen to believe them. In late August 2017 information surfaced in regard to an online relationship between McPherson and a twenty five year old woman who, in a professed state of emotional vulnerability, had in her words, sought McPherson out as a kind of mentor. The online relationship they established was perfectly legal and consensual, but the nature of the relationship, revealed in widely shared screen shots and commentary posted by this young woman as well as in McPherson’s own responses to these screenshots, demonstrated that McPherson, in presenting a false image of being opposed to patriarchy and misogyny, was perfectly willing to participate in fantasies of a degrading and dominating nature toward women.

With regard to the August 2017 revelations, the argument has been made that these screenshots could have been faked, that their content was not objectionable, or that they were taken out of context. From a related perspective, it is suggested that these revelations are insignificant given the vast social and ecological problems we collectively face, and that we should not be distracted by what should be considered a private matter. This is a case of “killing the messenger,” they say.  Taking that last argument to the extreme, it has been suggested that this has been an attempt by  actors within the “Deep State” used to discredit McPherson. I find none of those arguments convincing and I will address them here. It is my hope to further flesh out, given the numerous observations I have laid out above, why I further believe Guy McPherson is someone who cannot be trusted, and why I believe no competent lawyer wishing to protect their own reputation, or at the very least not have their time wasted, would take on a libel case on his behalf.

The August 2017 screenshots that blew the lid on McPherson’s behavior were taken down shortly after they were posted on Facebook. Because of the pubic nature of that post and the capabilities afforded by social media, it was downloaded at will, to surface again and circulate within various circles of individuals. At this point, the knowledge of this post and others like it is indeed understood to some extent among those who were immediately connected to McPherson through social media, and McPherson‘s own response serves to confirm their existence. The following images were the ones that were posted, along with a screenshot of McPherson’s immediate social media response.

Guy McPherson I copy



Guy McPherson III copy

Guy McPherson II copy

Guy McPherson Mysoginst Statement

These screen shots (followed by McPherson’s initial Facebook response to them) represent only a small portion of a much larger exchange between these two individuals, a volume of such extent that it would be difficult for one individual to falsify them in their entirety. McPherson contends that this larger body, which he possesses but has yet to release, places the exchange from the screen shots provided in their proper context. In a recent vitriolic NBL blog post which can be read in full here, in which the reader will note McPherson repeatedly uses language geared toward the evasion of responsibility for a variety of his actions, he says the following:

    “A recent example of judgment, gossip, rumor, and innuendo involved Serena Marie Raphael McPherson, who is quite a clever piece of work. She asked me to participate in her online kink fantasies, including BDSM and a Shibari video of her. She even shared how to experience a “safe” rape fantasy. I was unaware of Shibari or rape fantasy until Serena introduced these concepts to me.

    In other words, Serena taught me some serious kink. Then she began kink-shaming me. Not surprisingly, her lies have been accepted without question by the majority. As an example of her cleverness, college dropout Serena apparently broke no laws in orchestrating this character assassination”

Obviously the swipe McPherson took with regard to her college performance has no bearing on the moral and ethical issues at hand, but its insertion is a good indicator of the way McPherson values others and the inappropriate and irrelevant manner in which he attempts to discredit her.  I have spoken with a third party who possesses the entire content of these dialogues in question, and based on the discussions we had, the idea that McPherson was an innocent and hapless man simply lured into participating in these types of fantasies in my view is a distortion of the truth. More importantly though, my view has always been that the “consensual nature” of the exchange was never the issue. Rather, what I find deeply objectionable is the content of rape, combined with the fact he has taken on a role of prominence and leadership in part defining himself as a critic of patriarchy, misogyny, hierarchy, and the dominant culture of empire, which made his decision to participate in these objectifying fantasies of rape and enslavement suggestive of public dishonesty.  Having criticized misogyny, patriarchy, and hierarchy, his engagement in this type of fantasy, regardless of how it was initiated, is like a prominent white individual viewed as an ally in the black liberation movement who in his private life engages in fantasies of enslaving black people with an emotionally traumatized but willing black person. There is nothing illegal about the act, but should such behavior come to light, the surrounding community would rightly be outraged. Or would they instead blame the “clever” black person for setting a trap?

Through social media, I have also encountered other women who have stated that they knew of one or several emotionally harmful, deceptive, or emotionally inappropriate relationships McPherson has engaged in over the course of several years, giving credence to my belief that this goes beyond simply a casual exchange over the internet. Here are some of multiple communications regarding these relationships, that have been shared through social media by people I have since corresponded with directly.

One woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous shared the following statement:

    “I think it was in 2012 that I first learned about Guy and his work. I wrote to him to thank him for his what he was doing. He responded and was very warm. He invited me to a talk he was giving in a sort of nearby town. He wanted to meet, alone, or with some others, at a restaurant. I chose to meet with others. He stayed near me all evening, even though Sheila was there. We all went back to our homes, and nothing had transpired. I will say he pursued and pursued. He kept at it insisting that we Skype and chat often. He always had a reason. He was trying hard to seduce me, and I fought him off. I knew he was married. He tells you that his marriage is sad, loveless, sexless and has been for years. …That they are divorcing soon. He was not going to take no for an answer. He wore me down, what can I say. I gave in…eventually. I was hooked…bad.
    We were Skyping, chatting, writing, all of the time. He eventually wanted me to come to New Mexico. He had to see me. I wanted to see him badly. It got more and more intense…lots of sexting too. I was just about to go see him Then…out of the blue…he dropped me. No, we never got physical in real life, but I was devastated. I had believed we were in love. I was destroyed. My guts torn out. But…I was still a doomer! (dumb lol) I left my job, left my apartment home…and hit the road to become a “woofer”. Why, I do not know! Maybe I thought it would still make me feel close to him. I was so messed up. I still believed in his work! (yikes…)
    But…When I was woofing I was chatting with some other doomer ladies. We became fast friends. We spent time chatting, about life, about doomer stuff…about Guy. One day we were talking and it hit us…we realized we had all been involved with Guy…at the same time! I don’t remember how it came out. One woman had planned on ending her marriage..for Guy. She had been dropped too, after being physically involved with him. She became so destroyed that she was suicidal because of it. The other woman had her personal photos and communications shared by Guy, with another woman he was seeing. She was dropped also, and totally devastated…not to mention humiliated by his sharing her private stuff. I don’t recall if they were physical. …We knew of others too.
    By the way, there was nothing about money going on…yet. Not like I have seen from what you all have said. Not that I knew of anyway…
    It was all so awful. We decided to try and tell others. We wrote to Carolyn Baker, who basically told us to shut up and leave him alone. I don’t think much of her. She shared our letter with Mike Ruppert and with Guy..!!! Wow thanks a lot Carolyn!…not very ethical.
    When I and these ladies were chatting, we were comparing notes to see when and what happened. He was involved with us back when he was writing a poem about “Being n Love…with the Earth” or some such crap. We all knew about the poem and realized he had posted it knowing that we were each in the wings. He knew we would all be wondering if the poem was about us. …and yes, we did! When we “saw” this…we realized how devious he is, and that his work is all meant to manipulate women in the wings. He had told us all privately that he didn’t really care about nature nor the planet. He does that to dare you to say anything. It’s all so twisted and sick.
    I am , and was, so embarrassed to have fallen for him. I didn’t think I would ever have to deal with him again…and here I am. It’s “up” again. I’m okay, and glad though because I see how it has brought me to where I am. It helps me be clearer now, and to see what I still want to work on with myself. I can only hope that people just get away from him…and the whole “doomer” thing. I hope this story helps.
    I am very sorry more women got hurt. We tried to stop him. I am very relieved that some are starting to see through his game. I will answer questions…and move on again.”

(Carolyn Baker, a former McPherson associate and coauthor of a book with McPherson, has since written  about her experience in relation to him, and in so doing has also incurred his ire. She wrote “ I have been deceived, and I have defended betrayers in the name of “having faith in humanity” or “wanting to believe the best about a person.” To anyone who has been harmed by my shadow denial, I sincerely apologize.”)

Another woman has made repeated online statements in regard to McPherson’s behavior for which she has appeared to have been largely ignored, said simply, “I have known about this despicable behaviour for several years, since I know a number of his victims personally.”

I have also spoken with a mental health professional who worked with a client in a therapeutic setting who, according to this individual, had been in a relationship with McPherson.  According to this professional, the client had been personally traumatized by the relationship, and was not wanting to come forward at this time.

Women should always be taken seriously when they report inappropriate behavior, and taken together, I find it highly improbable that multiple individuals who have not met, some of whom once had high regard for McPherson, would be fabricating these kinds of stories, especially given the nature of McPherson‘s interactions with Mark Austin. As we have become aware over the years of various high profile sex scandals, however, perpetrators are often believed over the cries of a string of victims, and the communities often remain silently tolerant of the abuse, or rush to defend the abuser. Again, this is not to imply that McPherson’s actions in this case were illegal, but according to those who have recounted them and from behavior I have personally observed, they were in keeping with the emotionally destructive, dishonest, manipulative framework of the patriarchal culture that McPherson disingenuously critiqued, and of which I believe he ultimately perpetuated.

As was pointed out in the Wrong Kind of Green (WKOG) statement, McPherson advertised on his page that, having recognized the despair his message of an impending extinction level event would cause, he became a certified “grief specialist.” In one post McPherson states:

    “Despair is a typical and expected reaction to my presentations, and I would have it no other way. If the truth causes despair, then bring on the truth. I’ve been despairing for years. It hurts. But avoiding our emotions makes us less human, hence degrades our humanity. I want no part of that. I want to feel, even when it hurts. Until I can’t.”

This means that McPherson, through his online and speaking tour platforms, created both the mechanisms for further isolating individuals intellectually from society and simultaneously inducing significant emotional distress in those concerned with climate change, while also promoting himself as someone professionally qualified to act in some capacity of emotional assistance for grief. The period of time required for McPherson to gain this certification through The Grief Recovery Institute appears to have been less than a week of training, hardly enough time to qualify one to be capable of adequately tending to the emotional needs of others. But this level of training, if unknown to others, none the less creates an image of respectability and authority, which is amplified by academic achievements and the surrounding intellectual, moral, and sometimes financial support of an often unquestioning community. This combined role of “the world’s leading authority on abrupt climate change,” grief inducer, and grief specialist, in my view fleshed out the potential for a toxic emotional, intellectual, and social dynamic which played out in the recounted experience of the aforementioned individual who came forward in August.

The content of the particular exchange demonstrates McPherson’s willingness to participate in fantasies that are deeply degrading to women, which, combined with the information shared by other women, is one major component of multiple concerns I have with regard to McPherson, a concern also shared by others. But to take this in another direction, McPherson created a dilemma for himself and for the so called “doomer community” and those others with whom he associated, with regard to his behavior from his uniquely crafted role.

What many have failed to see in their continued support for McPherson is that this role he created has brought into question both the motives and methodology which he has employed to strongly suggest impending human extinction will likely occur in a few decades or less. Regardless of what he claims the scientific evidence says (and there is also credible reason to doubt those claims), and regardless of what his followers believe to be true about human extinction, there is the very strong potential that others who are first introduced to McPherson’s disputed conclusions  and who become aware of his activities in question here, could justifiably conclude that the ever shortening timeline for human extinction that he provided was arrived at not through rigorous scientific inquiry. Instead, they might reasonably conclude, as I and others have, that McPherson was motivated at least in part by the intention to utilize a controversial and frightening narrative which set him apart from others to draw in people concerned about their future and the environment, to convince them to set aside hope and the bondage of social norms in the anticipation of impending demise, and then use that state of extreme emotional susceptibility to facilitate emotionally predatory relationships within the small, intellectually isolated, and globally dispersed audience he has cultivated. Of course it is possible to dispute this line of thinking, and I’m certain McPherson would present his own account, but the reality is that the relationships multiple individuals described above, I believe do create the possibility for such shade to be cast.

This is an additional reason as to why ethical boundaries are needed if one is to maintain credibility. While many of McPherson’s supporters seem unwilling or unable to confront the most significant issue at hand, the emotional well being of several women in question, it would seem that at the very least the potential damage he has done to the credibility and public image of his message and those who associate with him would be enough to strongly indicate among his supporters the need for a leader that exhibits strong ethical boundaries and the engagement in behavior consistent with public presentation. The very fragmentation of the Near Term Human Extinction and Nature Bats Last groups and any diminishment of his credibility within those circles are the predictable result of what I and others have concluded to be inappropriate behavior, of which is he bears responsibility, but for which he thus far has been unwilling to apologize. This inappropriateness is twofold. Firstly it is the actual content, which those who understand the repression of women found to be highly objectionable, regardless of how it was initiated. But secondly, and for those who are not disturbed by the content, it is the fact that his interactions contradicted the pubic image that he created for himself, an image which helped to constitute his community of moral, intellectual, and material supporters.

In an ill willed and flimsy rebuttal piece entitled “All’s Fair…?”  McPherson suggests that in fact there was no “community,” in which he took part. He wrote “Unencumbered by principles, Sliwa claims I have power over Serena, and by extension everyone else in the (nonexistent) near-term human extinction ‘community.’” This I believe is an extremely important sentiment for getting insight into McPherson’s dishonest way of thinking, living, and communicating, and provides a window into the way he attempts to avoid responsibility.  McPherson is someone who for years has hosted his online blog and radio show about near term human extinction and abrupt climate change, a role in which he credited himself as being a “foremost expert.” This suggests not only self acknowledged prominence, but a sense of a unique and special role at the top of a pyramid of experts, and a central role in the message of near term human extinction. His podcast was at times a call in show in which people could speak directly to McPherson and ask questions. They indeed sought him out as an expert, and someone they looked up to and could trust. McPherson doggedly defended that role as someone who has been misunderstood, but who ultimately held a unique angle on the truth. His “truth”, however, was not simply wed to cold science, but also ranged into the emotional sentiment that “on the edge of extinction, only love remains,” a phrase which ironically discards the central relevance of science once the conclusion is reached that we are doomed no matter what we know or believe. In such a way, his words suggested that resting on his scientific conclusions, in the end, his message was ultimately about the connection between others, a connection based ideally on love and the pursuit of excellence, which naturally created the sense that community is what is ultimately important in this supposed end time. Moving from this platform, he regularly traveled and stayed with others at their homes, recruiting them to bring him into their home communities. He spoke highly of community when living in the “mud hut,” in posts like What works: community, where he lived in close proximity with his NBL podcast co-host Mike Sliwa, before then discarding the community there to move to Belize. Because of multiple related posts like the aforementioned one, McPherson’s own Nature Bats Last blog features the word “community” as a somewhat significant word in the associated tag cloud. He also has an NBL classified section, in which people who have found his work regularly advertise live-in arrangements at their homestead properties in preparation for ecological collapse.  At the time of this writing, one such classified reads, “An Invitation to come and live love and pursue a life of excellence as Dr. McPherson so eloquently puts it.” McPherson even mentions in the very “All’s Fair post…?” in which he denies the existence of a NTHE community that his partner Pauline (as if he didn’t bear any responsibility in the matter) had invited Serena, who had also been a featured contributor to the NBL podcast, to live in their home in Belize. He stated ““My partner knew about every aspect of my relationship with Serena. As I’ve indicated, Pauline even invited her and her husband Shannon to move to this property in Belize.” Improvements for the Belize property, as well as monies for the lawsuit McPherson threatened, were sought out in the form of donations through crowd funding campaigns from people who had found resonance with McPherson’s teachings and liked him as a person. At this property, McPherson hosted workshops dealing with grief and other reactions of those sufficiently touched by his message of impending demise who would then travel to Belize see him. An online community sprang up in various iterations, such as the Near Term Human Extinction Support group, and the Near Term Human Extinction Love group, among others, for which his partner Pauline, according to a Vice News article, was an online moderator.  After the August revelations, the initial Nature Bats Last Facebook group was disbanded, with another to spring up with Pauline as the founder, for those who still wanted to be part of McPherson’s community.  Their group statement reads:

    The guiding principles of this group are no blame, no shame, at the edge of extinction only love remains. (Guy)

    At the desperate request of individuals who use critical-thinking skills, I (Pauline) am creating this private group for folks who want to continue sharing about our imminent demise.
    Please do not add people who have slandered, libeled or defamed Guy or anyone else for that matter.
    This is a space for adults, for joking, for crying, for sharing news, for being a tribe of the walking dead.

    Fuck the patriarchy and sex shaming. Live life fully. Love big. Be here now and all that crap.
    Most importantly, be kind to each other. Time is running out.
    And most importantly AGAIN we are LGBT etc friendly. No more shaming people. “

Not only was community demonstrably part of McPherson’s NBL platform and NTHE message, it played a critical role, with McPherson situated as the lynchpin. And this can also be observed by the emotional reactions people had toward the revelations discussed above. Both those who rejected his behavior with a sense of betrayal, and those who clung tighter to him with kind words and financial support, provided clear indications of the sense of community he had engendered.

From my perspective, McPherson was able to deny the very real community that he fostered, because while he depended upon supporters, intellectual allies, donators, attendees, moderators, cheer leaders and promoters, defenders, admirers, event and travel arrangers, hosts, audiences, blog commenters, and the like, and while he fostered live in experiences, stay overs, and workshops with people he worked and associated with, all of which fostered ongoing relationships both online and in person, I believe he ultimately only valued these people in a utilitarian sense.  While they engaged in ongoing emotional rapport with McPherson, I believe ultimately it was for the reason that they were confirming his own sense of importance and treatment as a uniquely situated, loving, misunderstood, excellence spreading individual that he valued them. If a portion of this community was somehow negatively impacted by his words or actions, which would thus disconfirm the image he sought to maintain, then in his mind, he had no such influence, the community simply didn’t exist, and those individuals were nothing more than liars jealously seeking power, perhaps even working for the Australian government. While I personally found his denial of the NTHE community to be laughable, I’m glad that he made that claim. It’s extremely revealing of how easily he misrepresents the truth and devalues others.  Perhaps those who continue to surround him will some day come to recognize just how McPherson truly understands community.  That will not happen immediately, as he will likely need to burnish his image as an empathetic, world class leader in abrupt climate change who has no power within a community that does not exist, or retreat altogether as the self proclaimed victim of power seeking slanderers.

And while those who will continue to financially or otherwise support McPherson from within his (“non existent”) community will likely see things purely from the perspective of their leader‘s reputation, they have missed altogether the perspectives of others. Primarily, they miss the perspective of those women who have been directly affected. But they also miss the perspective of those individuals and groups who have worked with or been associated with McPherson in the past. This is clearly demonstrated in the case of Deep Green Resistance, an organization that promotes radical feminism. One of DGR’s founding members Derrick Jensen interviewed McPherson on the topic of patriarchy for Resistance Radio. If DGR had not publicly denounced McPherson’s online interactions after becoming aware of them, they would have compromised their own integrity and reputation as a group that situates itself as an active ally to women and an opponent of rape culture. While those who follow McPherson can dismiss the revelations made by other women as simply taken out of context, that in no way constrains others such as DGR, who have zero tolerance for misogynistic and patriarchal language or behavior regardless of the context or its consensual nature, to share the same assessment. One could correctly suggest that DGR’s very existence is rooted in opposing such behavior, and they demonstrated this with their public statement regarding the August 2017 revelations. The very nature of DGR’s stated positions, values, and public image ethically compels them to denounce such behavior to maintain internal consistency. To not do so would morally compromise their organization in the eyes of their membership, for which they would undoubtedly suffer. Furthermore, if DGR were to simply let this behavior slide, by giving such tacit approval to McPherson, they could be inadvertently exposing other women to McPherson‘s dispositions, who might interpret DGR’s past associations as a kind of feminist seal of approval.

Importantly, this potential is another demonstration of how perceived authority can strongly influence perception and decisions, beyond the constraints of contractual agreements or money changing hands, which McPherson has suggested, in their absence, prevents abusive power dynamics from occurring. Like the exchange of money and contracts, the combination of reputation, physical symbols of success and authenticity, published materials, awards and distinctions, popularity, and intellectual authority, along with social organization and pressure, are all also socially constructed mechanisms that can convey a kind of power. McPherson admits as much in his own case when he claims to be an authority on abrupt climate change and then talks about the emotional impact his talks invariably have on others. That is actual power over the emotional lives of other human beings which he would not enjoy absent his academic credentials, his symbols of authority, and his community of support which helped provide him with a platform. Some have made drastic, life changing decisions based on their understanding of who McPherson is,  the kind of beliefs he purported to hold, the nature of the information he provided, and the level of expertise he presented himself to have possessed.  McPherson regularly critiqued other climate scientists who did not share his bleak outlook of committing “malpractice” in their climate assessments, because he knows very well that words from authorities indeed do have power, even if he wants to selectively avoid responsibility in his own case.

By contrast, DGR, with the voices of Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith, used their own socially constructed influence ethically and in a manner consistent with their stated standards of anti misogyny when they denounced McPherson‘s behavior. Mike Sliwa, a long time former friend of McPherson’s, has developed an online following through his own social critique as well, and has chosen to use his voice to speak up in this matter. Similarly, founder of the Wrong Kind of Green, an online publication that exposes various forms of social exploitation, Cory Morningstar, and long time contributor Forrest Palmer, have also collaborated closely with McPherson in the past, and sought to warn others of McPherson’s behavior. As an occasional contributor to WKOG, I also believed it was of utmost importance to denounce behavior I deemed objectionable for my own conscience, as well as the emotional well being of others.

Upon careful listening, what was interesting for me about McPherson’s Resistance Radio interview on the subject of patriarchy was that though he had appropriated that word as part of his own critique of civilization, he noticeably avoided any substantial critique of the systematic abuse of women. Even when asked pointedly at the end of the interview by Jensen about what males specifically can do to combat patriarchy, thus defining action in terms of a difference based on biological sex, McPherson simply replies that we need to talk about the issue, suggesting there is little more that can be done. McPherson has talked about patriarchy, on that radio interview and also on his blog. I observe that his use of the word is not an insignificant aside, but is characteristically deceptive. Using the highly charged word “patriarchy” itself is suggestive of a strong feminist critique of society, yet in his interview with Jensen, his definition is practically indistinct from hierarchy. On a blog post entitled Patriarchy Arises from Ownership, McPherson says “Contrary to prevailing opinion, it is not men who make up patriarchy. Not all men rule, and most men are exploited.“  I bring this to light simply because I believe that there may be a potential that he would defend his actions toward women as not being patriarchal, and therefore not in opposition to his public image, simply because he does not define patriarchy to be a term explicitly concerning the domination, exploitation, or abuse of women. Yet employing the appropriate linguistic symbology, it deceptively creates the trappings of allyship with women (and feminist leaning men), which is bolstered by other factors. One is simply appearing on a program with Derrick Jensen, whose work McPherson claims to be influenced by, discussing the word patriarchy, thus creating a layer of social and intellectual association with a self identified radical feminist. Jensen’s organization, by contrast, has this to say about patriarchy:

    “There are many branches of feminism. Radical feminism takes aim at the root cause of the crisis facing women: the system of violence that keeps people divided by sex with a dominant class (men) and an oppressed class (women). This system of violence is called patriarcy, and over the past two thousand years it has come to rule most of the world. Patriarchal civilization is based on exploiting and consuming women, living communities, and the earth itself.”

McPherson has also called out others when it comes to patriarchy as well as misogyny. In one instance he stated, “I love Abbey’s work. I doubt I would’ve loved the man, whose work hinted broadly at misogyny and patriarchy.”  Furthermore, one of the last NBL blog posts which allows comments contains the house rules for the forum, including the following:

    “1. No libel. Learn the law as needed, starting here.
    2. No attacks on classes of people, including racism, antisemitism, and misogyny.”

In a presentation given around a month and a half after the above August revelations, McPherson continued to maintain (min 15:45) that endemic misogyny is one component of the destructive culture that is destroying the planet.

All of this suggests to me that McPherson uses the language of genuine concern and empathy to create a façade which he can use to deceive others while maintaining his public image of respectability and allyship with women. Those who remain in his close community either come to understand misogyny and patriarchy from his warped perspective, or simply ignore the issue altogether.  Rather than trying to ascertain exactly what McPherson intends or implies when he uses the words misogyny or patriarchy, I would suggest that the words are not there for him to define, and that any attempt to use them to suit his own definitions or agendas, would in fact be the definition

Geopolitics / Re: Trumpty-Dumpty POTUS Thread
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The step by step process on how the National Command Authority authorizes the use of nuclear weapons.  It explains why Trump can't just "push the button."  While I am very concerned about Trump's mental health, I'm not concerned that he can act on his own and plunge the world in to a nuclear war.  This is the best summation I have seen.

"Gray Wilton, PhD Cogatation, University of Life
Answered Jan 30

POTUS has a card, commonly called the "biscuit," with the nuclear launch codes on it. He also has a briefcase, nicknamed the "football," carried by a military aide who is never more than about 15 seconds away from the President, with the equipment and the information needed to launch a nuclear strike. The National Command Authority (NCA), POTUS with the consideration of the SecDef who must agree, can do the first step. Should the SecDef NOT agree POTUS can simply fire the SecDef on the spot and replace him through a pre-determined “line of succession” UNTIL he gets a SecDef that agrees with the decision. While possible not too probable because “tick-tock” the clock is running. Could the POTUS just command the military aide to pass the “football” and let the POTUS launch on his own authority? NO, because that would be an unlawful order that the military aide would not have to obey and without his compliance the “football” would not open so the POTUS’s “biscuit” would be nothing more than a plastic card. The military aide is the first line of defense in the process.

The second line of defense is that should the VP among others have concerns about the decision they have the right to enact Section 4 of the 25th Amendment and have the President declared “disabled” (unable to perform his duties) and then if all the principles are in agreement REPLACE the sitting POTUS with the VP becoming the new POTUS. Remember: tick-tock!

Keep in mind that most (but not all) countries that possess nuclear devices AND delivery systems (missiles or aircraft) subscribe to the theory that the very idea of of “global nuclear destruction” is the real deterrent, not the actual launching of the missiles or aircraft.

The reason for the urgency in this process though is that any retaliatory launch must come within ten minutes or less (closer to six and becoming less every year or so) IF there is to be any hope for the launch to be completed before incoming bombers or missiles start to arrive on the continental U.S.

The command of the NCA goes to NORAD, where the command is verified by checking the code sent by the “football” is current AND correct. Third line of defense in the process.

Launch commands are then sent via coded and secure radios on a variety of modulated bands, again for security. As you might imagine, land lines do not go everywhere the commands are being sent, AND they are not as secure as telemetry. Fourth line of defense.

Then there is the security involved by the missile crews, the submarine crews and the aircraft crews, each of which verifies the codes sent and once verified by at least TWO members of each crew that the crew’s specific orders are “opened” and again verified by the two crew members who must agree. (Hint and reminder: Tick-tock!) Fifth and Sixth layers of defense against accidents and a takeover of the command chain at ANY single level.

Then following procedures for each crew the missions will commence and that will generally lead to target input for fixed site missiles, transfer movement to a launch position for subs or cruise missile surface ships, or penetration of enemy airspace and payload launch or drop on targets.

Any attempt at this point to stop the launches or the airspace penetrations after reaching this point would be impossible. Layers of defense have consequences in that once they are all passed there is no stopping the events."


Also see First Strike as an example of how this process plays out once the early warning system is activated.

If you watch all four parts, you will get to meet my graduate advisor and department chair, William R. Van Cleave.

Geopolitics / Re: Trumpty-Dumpty POTUS Thread
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At first it sounded like hyperbole, the escalation of a Twitter war. But now it’s clear that Bob Corker’s remarkable New York Times interview—in which the Republican senator described the White House as “adult day care” and warned Trump could start World War III—was an inflection point in the Trump presidency. It brought into the open what several people close to the president have recently told me in private: that Trump is “unstable,” “losing a step,” and “unraveling.”

The conversation among some of the president’s longtime confidantes, along with the character of some of the leaks emerging from the White House has shifted. There’s a new level of concern. NBC News published a report that Trump shocked his national security team when he called for a nearly tenfold increase in the country’s nuclear arsenal during a briefing this summer. One Trump adviser confirmed to me it was after this meeting disbanded that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a “moron.”

In recent days, I spoke with a half dozen prominent Republicans and Trump advisers, and they all describe a White House in crisis as advisers struggle to contain a president who seems to be increasingly unfocused and consumed by dark moods. Trump’s ire is being fueled by his stalled legislative agenda and, to a surprising degree, by his decision last month to back the losing candidate Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican primary. “Alabama was a huge blow to his psyche,” a person close to Trump said. “He saw the cult of personality was broken.”

According to two sources familiar with the conversation, Trump vented to his longtime security chief, Keith Schiller, “I hate everyone in the White House! There are a few exceptions, but I hate them!” (A White House official denies this.) Two senior Republican officials said Chief of Staff John Kelly is miserable in his job and is remaining out of a sense of duty to keep Trump from making some sort of disastrous decision. Today, speculation about Kelly’s future increased after Politico reported that Kelly’s deputy Kirstjen Nielsen is likely to be named Homeland Security Secretary—the theory among some Republicans is that Kelly wanted to give her a soft landing before his departure.
Video: The Stakes are Too High for the Trump Presidency to be Funny

One former official even speculated that Kelly and Secretary of Defense James Mattis have discussed what they would do in the event Trump ordered a nuclear first strike. “Would they tackle him?” the person said. Even Trump’s most loyal backers are sowing public doubts. This morning, The Washington Post quoted longtime Trump friend Tom Barrack saying he has been “shocked” and “stunned” by Trump’s behavior.

While Kelly can’t control Trump’s tweets, he is doing his best to physically sequester the president—much to Trump’s frustration. One major G.O.P. donor told me access to Trump has been cut off, and his outside calls to the White House switchboard aren’t put through to the Oval Office. Earlier this week, I reported on Kelly’s plans to prevent Trump from mingling with guests at Mar-a-Lago later this month. And, according to two sources, Keith Schiller quit last month after Kelly told Schiller he needed permission to speak to the president and wanted written reports of their conversations.

The White House denies these accounts. “The President’s mood is good and his outlook on the agenda is very positive,” an official said.

West Wing aides have also worried about Trump’s public appearances, one Trump adviser told me. The adviser said aides were relieved when Trump declined to agree to appear on the season premiere of 60 Minutes last month. “He’s lost a step. They don’t want him doing adversarial TV interviews,” the adviser explained. Instead, Trump has sat down for friendly conversations with Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee, whose daughter is Trump’s press secretary. (The White House official says the 60 Minutes interview is being rescheduled.)

Even before Corker’s remarks, some West Wing advisers were worried that Trump’s behavior could cause the Cabinet to take extraordinary Constitutional measures to remove him from office. Several months ago, according to two sources with knowledge of the conversation, former chief strategist Steve Bannon told Trump that the risk to his presidency wasn’t impeachment, but the 25th Amendment—the provision by which a majority of the Cabinet can vote to remove the president. When Bannon mentioned the 25th Amendment, Trump said, “What’s that?” According to a source, Bannon has told people he thinks Trump has only a 30 percent chance of making it the full term.

This post has been updated to clarify the details of the negotiation with 60 Minutes.

Cyber Security / Re: Did YOU get hacked in the Equifax Data Breach?
« on: September 15, 2017, 04:09:18 AM »
When OPM (Office of Poor Management)  :evil4: okay, Office of Personnel Management in the good'ol US Government was hacked some years ago, my personal information was stolen as well as millions or current and former government employees.  I signed up for a bunch of credit monitoring things that OPM paid for, at least for a few months or a year or two.  Nothing has come of it at least as of yet.  I felt the same way about this latest event.  Sending more personal information out into the system to see if you were hacked didn't sound like a great idea...

$675 at last count to sue people living in the US, Canada and Australia....

And times a wast'in  better get on that, only two weeks to go!

I don't think $70,000 would cover all that but we'll see....


The latest in the McP saga...

More from Palmface...courtesy again of Nicole Foss' facebook page.

"This has to be the creepiest GoFundMe page ever. McPherson, whose history as a serial sexual predator has recently been revealed by multiple women, is now threatening to sue anyone who spoke out. He's fundraising for a libel suit, even though he predicts human extinction in the short term (short term as in this month). The pic that comes up with the preview has been replaced with rows of skulls on shelves."

Seriously, can we get the basic story right and stop running around attacking the wrong person???

Nicole Foss did NOT write the letter in question. 

RE made a mistake in how he worded the title of the thread.  It was not Nicole Foss going public, it was Cory Morningstar going public.  She is the one accusing McP, as well as several other women, not Foss.  Again, send a friends request to Sliwa and see what Morningstar said for yourself.

The confusion is my error.  Because this story matched the one Nicole told me a few years ago so closely, I assumed she was the author.  Apparently she is not.  I am g going to retitle the thread.


Thanks RE, I should have made it really clear what the source was.

Cory Morningstar
8 hrs ·

You have the audacity to play victim, to pretend that myself and others have betrayed you – when you have betrayed not just women, not just me, but an entire community. Your behaviour has caused both pain and anguish. Do you really think we, who have wholly trusted and supported you for years, could enjoy this in any way? It has been excruciating for myself and others. It is surreal. Yet again, you offer no apology. You could care less. You justify your misogyny. Apparently, I had no idea who you really were, whatsoever.

I am horrified that I actually was planning to, at one point, bring two of my girls with me to see your "sanctuary" project in Belize.

Know this. If ever you so generously "indulged" any of my daughters in such "playful" rape fantasy and misogyny, it is very possible that both myself and their father would actually hunt you down and kill you. I think most mothers and fathers would do the same.

Know this. Today, you would have to walk over my dead body to have any access to my daughters.

If I could post what you said about me and by extension what you would undoubtedly attempt with my daughters, I would... But the system being what it is, they will align moreso with protection of your male rights than mine or my daughters and I will be even further victimized – thus, at this time, I will act accordingly on not placing your sick mind on display to the masses to prove how truly depraved you are.


Cory Morningstar's reply to Guy McP posted to Sliwa's FB page today.  I didn't write it nor did Foss.... Cory, one of McP's accusers wrote it.

Seriously, can we get the basic story right and stop running around attacking the wrong person???

Nicole Foss did NOT write the letter in question. 

RE made a mistake in how he worded the title of the thread.  It was not Nicole Foss going public, it was Cory Morningstar going public.  She is the one accusing McP, as well as several other women, not Foss.  Again, send a friends request to Sliwa and see what Morningstar said for yourself.

How about a little simple research.  Nicole did not post this open letter, other than to her facebook page where I saw it and passed the link on to RE.  RE said that Nicole had told him a similar story in confidence two years ago.  The letter in question was posted to the blog "Wrong Kind of Green" and was signed by Michael  Sliwa, Host of the radio show Nature Bats Last from August 2014 to May 2017, Derrick Jensen, Deep Green Resistance, Lierre Keith, Deep Green Resistance, Cory Morningstar, Wrong Kind of Green, Forrest Palmer, Wrong Kind of Green, Luke Orsborne, Wrong Kind of Green.

All these people were working with McP until recently when they withdrew their support from him.  Cory Morningstar stated on Facebook that McP told her he was going to do unspeakable things to her two daughters when they came to visit him in Belize.  Go on Facebook and ask Sliwa to friend you so you can see for yourself what she said.  In my opinion, McP's conduct in this matter has destroyed his credibility.  Ethics matters to me regardless of what others might think.  That is why I directed this open letter to RE for consideration on the Diner.

Again, this recent event has nothing to do with Nicole Foss other than she mirrored the open letter from "Wrong Kind of Green" onto her Facebook page.

I hate to have to be the one that points this out, but how did this conversation become about Nicole Foss????

All she did, in this case, was post an open letter that she didn't write or sign to her facebook page where I saw it.  I thought that the community should know that six people who are a part of the NTE community thought it necessary to call him out in public over what he has been doing.

That's all.  I passed it on to RE for him to decide what to do with it.  It certainly was not my intention to get you guys all up in a shit storm with each other fighting over who was the bigger "ass hole," or over what you may think of Nicole Foss.

Wasn't the point guys.  Just thought you should all know that there are some potentially real issues off in NTE land with McP's behavior.  Foss had nothing to do with the open letter other than posting it.  I'm not saying that to defend Foss or what she may or may not believe.


From Facebook, Robin Westenra's reaction to the letter from Mike Sliwa.

Robin Westenra
9 hrs ·

Todays reflections.

Yesterday I went to the funeral of a beloved cousin who was, amongst other things was bit of a character especially when it came to his relations with the ladies. What impressed me was the acceptance of his occasional waywardness amongst those who knew him.

Then I woke up this morning to a very public statement about my friend, Guy McPherson,more- or-less comparing him with a man taking advantage of a helpless young woman.

There are several things desperately wrong (and that is putting things mildly) with this.

The first is acting as judge, jury and executioner without knowing all the facts.

I am someone with somewhat old-fashioned values and do not take kindly to this publc shaming over something that is very private?

Who can honestly, hand-over-heart tell me they are perfect?

Imagine how people would have reacted in the not-so-distant past if, in the midst of a dsiagreement I took my love letters and without consultation went and photocopied them and mailed them out to all my friends.

You’d all be quite correctly outraged.

Yet, this is exactly what happened here from what I can see. I have seen enough of the correspondance to be able to say that the young lady in question was far from innocent. In fact the correspondance shows that this person was strongly into BDSM and rape fantasies and actually initiated the correspondence.

What induced her to turn and release the equivalent of photocopied private correspondence I have no idea but I can hazard some guesses.

I am well aware of sexism that is becoming MORE, not LESS rampant,pushed largely by a media-driven agenda.

It is many years since I watched a Hollywood movie but I am told that in films women are being relegated once again to being sex objects.

All the while every form of ‘identity politics’ is being pushed so that every form of sexual perversion is put on a pedestal while ‘red-blooded heterosexuals’ (women as well as men) are being castigated in the present toxic, febrile environment, especially, it seems, in America.

There is a climate of blame.

Somebody, ALWAYS, has to be to blame. Whatever happened to acceptance of human nature.

If there was a crime in this case it was of being naive and too trusting of people one doesn’t know personally.

Nobody was truly taken advantage of. Nobody was raped. It was all consensual in an environment that should have remained strictly private.

But I can bet that every word Guy McPherson writes, publically or privately, every word on Messenger will be being read in realtime by the Masters of the Universe.

In case you ask, NO, I will not share the documents that have been shared with me in confidence. That is a strictly private affair that has nothing to do with me or the people that have been loud in their condemnation.

I am angry, very upset and almost through with Facebook, and with the toxicity of the people that inhabit it. It encourages people to rush off to post their opinions even when these are at odds with the evidence.

I am contemplating giving up on Facebook and managing without it. I am not far off wanting to exit from all this shit.

If I disappear off Facebook I may well have decided to do just that.

Want to disagree? That’s fine but I doubt you will remain a Facebook “friend” longer than 5 minutes.

End of sermon.

Kevin Hester, Lisa Stewart, Pauline Panagiotou Schneider,
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30 Robin Westenra, Pauline Panagiotou Schneider and 28 others
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Kevin Hester
Kevin Hester Remember Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli whistle-blower who was caught in a Mossad 'Honeytrap' , kidnapped and imprisoned for blowing the whistle on Israhell's nuclear weapons program?
Guy like us all has made mistakes but I suspect this was a well plann...See More
Free Mordechai Vanunu
Public Figure
East Jerusalem
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Lisa Stewart replied · 2 Replies · 1 hr
Kevin Hester
Kevin Hester
When Will the Planet Be Too Hot for Humans? Much, Much Sooner Than You…
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· 9 hrs
Maree Conaglen
Maree Conaglen Trial by social media is so wrong. Guy's personal life is his own business.
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· 9 hrs
Deejay Rebel
Deejay Rebel Well said Robin!
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· 9 hrs
Gargi Gogoi
Gargi Gogoi I suppose this is how it is even though all was consensual and one's private life is no one else's business . But despite the Social Media trial now , it is still Guy's private life and people in near future will have to find something else to talk about.
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· 9 hrs
Elli Xydias
Elli Xydias Sounds fishy as I mentioned on Mike Sliwa's page.

I read there also that Sliwa was using Guy's internet? At the Mud Hut? ...See More
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· 8 hrs
Elli Xydias
Elli Xydias Maybe this is whats happening with the Serena cult followers?
Image may contain: 2 people, text
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· 8 hrs
Heike Ngan
Heike Ngan This sounds like the nasty work of a gas lighter...a very common tactic among those caught or questioned for lying. A dreadful tactic, and points squarely at the moral bankruptcy of the perpetrator. Everything we do can be twisted by a determined narci...See More
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Pauline Panagiotou Schneider replied · 2 Replies · 38 mins
Robin Westenra
Robin Westenra "Mike Sliwa is right now using Guy's internet at the Mud Hut.

Talk about hypocrisy. And ethics."
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· 8 hrs
Torstein Viddal
Torstein Viddal Don't give up on face, Robin! This, too, will pass. And anyway, we need you! :)
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· 7 hrs
Robin Westenra
Robin Westenra I am contemplating moving away from work and the blog - only Facebook
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· 7 hrs
Gargi Gogoi replied · 1 Reply
Torstein Viddal
Torstein Viddal Sounds reasonable. Blog is a lot of work and sort of yesterday's platform.
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· 7 hrs
Gina Webb
Gina Webb Beautifully put Robin, I have been more than disappointed by the personal attacks, disheartened even. Seems to be a mad witch hunt. I really appreciate your level headed perspective Robin, I would miss your posts if you weren't about.
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Peter Choyce
Peter Choyce There is something all too unholy sanctamonius about the hangin jury. I hope they don't find my diary cuz they'll read it and publish it and it will be me that has to pay for the sins of man
Jim & Jean - Crucifixion
Lyrics: Phil Ochs
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Diane Steele
Diane Steele Hateful people are everywhere. Either ignore, or delete and block. I enjoy reading your posts as well as Guy's. Don't let the haters bring you down.
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Pauline Panagiotou Schneider replied · 1 Reply
Liz Brennan
Liz Brennan Being in the US, at first when I read the original post slamming Guy, I was appalled that someone would do something like that to another person. Then I thought more about it and was angry that it happened and like you, Robin, thought there was more to...See More
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Pauline Panagiotou Schneider
Pauline Panagiotou Schneider Thank you for using your brain and heart, Robin.

This is such an obvious smear campaign. I heard that Bobcat Cole is determined to bring Guy down. ...See More
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Pauline Panagiotou Schneider
Pauline Panagiotou Schneider The putz with lame threats.
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Pauline Panagiotou Schneider replied · 3 Replies · 22 mins
Karolina O'Donoghue
Karolina O'Donoghue Thanks for doing this, Robin. Several FB groups with admin I had thought trustworthy seem to be still allowing crazy speculation and gossip. I havent done much, in an attempt not to feed the trolls.

At the moment I am just distressed that certain influential members of the radical climate movement appear not to be able to see the wider stakes here.
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