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A DEA agent is accused of facilitating drug trafficking in the regions he oversaw in Florida and Arkansas. He allegedly traded inside information to drug runners in exchange for cash.

Drugs are illegal. But you can still run drugs with the right person being paid off. And you can do it for very little money–this agent got around $62,000 from one dealer for his role.

That is enough money to easily corrupt an individual, but a small price to pay compared to how much a drug dealer can make. Especially when you have the DEA looking the other way and giving you a heads up before raids.

But this isn’t surprising. We have heard the same story a thousand times before. This is how the government operates.

Conspiracy / Hmmmm, seems to be a pattern here ?
« on: December 12, 2018, 12:29:57 PM »
Mexico plans to start awarding the construction of its seventh refinery as soon as March 2019, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said at an event at the Dos Bocas port, in Tabasco, even as the nation´s refining system is operating at its lowest levels in three decades.

Unveiling a plan for the nation’s refining system, Lopez Obrador said Mexico will invest $8 billion in the new processing facility at Dos Bocas. "We are going to start the bidding process for the refinery by March at latest," he said to a cheering crowd in the sun-drenched town in the Gulf of Mexico, reiterating his intentions to boost fuel self-sufficiency and end long-term declines in oil output. Mexico’s oil production, on track for its 14th consecutive yearly decline, will rise "realistically" to 2.4 million barrels per day by 2024, he said.

Mike Pompeo *LOVES the " New Socialist Mexico "!! Nicolas Maduro *LOVES the " New Socialist Mexico "!! China *LOVES the " New Socialist Mexico "!! Big Business *LOVES the " New Socialist Mexico "!! Cheap Labor *LOVES the " New Socialist Mexico "!! The PRESIDENT of Mexico is H M G O V !!! ( Hace Mexico Grande Otra Vez ! )

Public concern about our increasing exposure to electromagnetic radiation is on the rise. Despite claims by government and industry about “no health risks,” proactive consumers are looking for solutions. One that has recently appeared on the scene is a shiny black rock called shungite.

The Kitchen Sink / Putin’s secret Stasi ID discovered
« on: December 12, 2018, 06:07:29 AM »

Reports have gone viral that Russian President Vladimir Putin may have had a Stasi ID issued to him during his service in East Germany in the 1980s – but is the find legitimate and is it really that big of a deal?

Germany’s Bild tabloid newspaper published a photo on Tuesday of an East German secret police (Stasi) identity card purportedly issued to Vladimir Putin when he served as a KGB officer in Dresden during the Cold War.

The green identity card bears the official name of the Stasi – the Ministry for State Security – along with a photograph of Putin and an ID number printed along the bottom.


Scientists working for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are using a biological virus to help computers work much faster. When your computer stores data, it has to pause while the information moves from one piece of hardware to another, but apparently, this virus will stop that delay.

Using a virus called the M13 bacteriophage to manufacture a specific component may unlock phase-change memory systems, a type of digital storage that would speed up any computer using it, according to research published last month in the journal ACS Applied Nano Materials.


Mastercard and Microsoft have announced a partnership to strategically collaborate on a device-based universal digital identity system to replace passwords and reduce the complexity of digital identity management.

Geopolitics / Flaming Swedish Meatballs Civil War
« on: December 10, 2018, 01:15:52 PM »

Civil War: Swedish Citizens Rise Up To Protest Globalism

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Far Out Newz / Consciousness and Superstring Theory
« on: December 09, 2018, 12:24:54 PM »

I do work in evolutionary cosmology and my work consists of the introduction of consciousness into the evolution of space and time with the universe. I use reductionism to determine how consciousness and energy are responsible for the creation, design and development of the universe. The vibrational strings associated with string theory are a manifestation of consciousness and light and dark energy. Through my work I have discovered what produces light and dark energy, and what light and dark energy actually represent. Grand Unified Theory, String Theory and Quantum Mechanics have to do with consciousness and energy being in different states of existence within space and time. There is a foundation for the beginning and introduction of this universe that started with the big bang 13.8 billion years ago. I am going to describe this foundation and the basis for the evolutionary development of consciousness and energy. I will discuss where the other dimensions come from in superstring theory; but I need to describe the introduction of the universe first.

This universe is contained within another structure of consciousness and energy that is responsible for the evolutionary development of the universe itself. This is where the universe gets its power from. Infinite Consciousness contains pure light energy and pure dark energy. Pure light energy is produced by consciousness and higher frequency vibrations. Pure dark energy is produced by consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. Introducing this next concept into the scientific community is difficult but necessary to define the nature of light energy and dark energy. Light energy and higher vibrational frequencies represent love. Dark energy and lower frequency vibrations represent an energy that ensures the survival and continuation of the evolutionary development of love. This is the true nature of the light and the dark. Love is the most important and powerful energy in existence because it gives eternity a reason to exist. Love is the most powerful evolutionary energy in existence and is incorporated into the structure of physics; but just hasn’t been implemented into scientific theories yet. This type of activity is exemplified on Earth within the human condition every day on Earth. Earth is contained within a galaxy that is almost as old as the beginning of the universe itself.

Medicine & Health / BRAIN DAMAGE
« on: December 09, 2018, 12:17:40 PM »

Scientifically, it’s been documented children continually are exhibiting lower IQs, aka the Flynn effect, decade after decade.

    Jun 14, 2018 – IQ scores have been steadily falling for the past few decades for those born after 1975. [Paraphrased from 1]

Fluoride exposure in drinking water has been blamed, as have neurotoxic chemicals in vaccines. Both can be classified as epigenetic effects, not genetics!

However, not much exposure has been given to a certain classification of agricultural pesticides known as Chlorpyrifos, first manufactured in 1965 by Dow Chemical Co., now known as DowDuPont after a 2017 merger with DuPont.

The chemical Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate pesticide that affects the nervous system of insects by inhibiting acetyl cholinesterase, a key enzyme for neurotransmission. It apparently can have similar effects in children’s brains, especially during gestation, i.e., pregnancy.

Geological & Cosmological Events / Mud Flood
« on: December 07, 2018, 01:29:55 PM »
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The Kitchen Sink / Trapped at Sea with Crypto's Nouveau Riche'
« on: December 07, 2018, 12:52:19 PM »

Draw me your map of utopia and I’ll tell you your tragic flaw. In 10 years of political reporting I’ve met a lot of intense, oddly dressed people with very specific ideas about what the perfect world would look like, some of them in elected office—but none quite so strange as the ideological soup of starry-eyed techno-utopians and sketchy-ass crypto-grifters on the 2018 CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise.

It happened like this.


Why are some things conscious and others apparently not? Is a rat conscious? A bat? A cockroach? A bacterium? An electron?

These questions are all aspects of the ancient “mind-body problem,” which has resisted a generally satisfying conclusion for thousands of years.           

The mind-body problem enjoyed a major rebranding over the last two decades and is generally known now as the “hard problem” of consciousness (usually capitalized nowadays), after the New York University philosopher David Chalmers coined this term in a now classic 1995 paper and his 1996 book The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory.

Far Out Newz / Why Is The Fifth Element (Aether) Completely Ignored?
« on: December 06, 2018, 11:38:48 AM »

    The Facts:

    Multiple sources show how what we call "Dark Matter" might actually represent the quantum vacuum, a 'substance' that could make up the large majority of our universe. Yet it's an invisible Force: massless, neither solid nor liquid.
    Reflect On:

    We are currently going through the next scientific revolution, where non-material science is getting stronger, and alongside quantum physics, it's showing an understanding that we live in a metaphysical world, where consciousness is key.

The Kitchen Sink / Personal Pollution Monitors - The Hot New Christmas Gift
« on: December 06, 2018, 03:53:56 AM »

Do You Know What You’re Breathing?

As distrust in the government grows, personal pollution monitors are the hot gift this holiday season.

Geopolitics / These new Dems won't take "NO" for an answer.
« on: December 06, 2018, 03:43:34 AM »
The US military budget is such a bloated monstrosity that it contains accounting errors that could finance two-thirds of the cost of a government-run single-payer health insurance system. All Americans could visit an unlimited array of doctors at no out of pocket cost. At least that’s a notion spreading on left-wing Twitter and endorsed and amplified by newly elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of Democrats’ biggest 2018 sensations and an undeniable master at the fine art of staying in the public eye.

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