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Far Out Newz / Wreackage of MH370 Located
« on: March 19, 2018, 04:13:47 PM »
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Far Out Newz / Putin Plans to Land Ruskies on Mars in 2019
« on: March 19, 2018, 03:27:37 PM »


It’s the 21st century, yet these days it’s feeling an awful lot like the frosty bite of the Cold War is, somehow, back from the dead. We’ve got Russian attacks on American institutions (well, cyberattacks, but still) and meddling in our elections, we’ve got former Russian spies getting killed on what is likely Putin’s orders on British soil.

And now, Putin has announced that he plans to send manned and unmanned missions to Mars as early as 2019. He also plans to send missions to the Moon and deeper into space.

If the manned Mars mission is successful, Putin’s faction will get there years before competing missions from SpaceX (which anticipates sending humans to the Red Planet in 2024) and NASA (in the 2030s). NASA also plans to send another unmanned mission to Mars in 2020 specifically to find signs of past microbial life. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, recently said that he plans to start testing the BFR, the ship that might take humans to Mars, a bit earlier than anticipated, completing the first test flights by early 2019.

The Russian president announced the upcoming missions in a documentary uploaded to the Russian social media site vkontakte and reported by Newsweek. “We are planning unmanned and later manned launches — into deep space, as part of a lunar program and for Mars exploration. The closest mission is very soon, we are planning to launch a mission to Mars in 2019,” he said, according to Russian news agency RT. “Our specialists will try landing near the poles because there are reasons to expect water there. There is research to be done there, and from that, research of other planets and outer space can be undertaken.”

Putin didn’t give any additional information about when the launches might happen.

If its recent track record is any indication, however, Russia might not prove to be such a strong competitor in the race to set foot on the Red Planet. In 2011, the Russian probe Phobos-Grunt was headed for Mars, but instead got trapped in the Earth’s orbit and eventually fell into the Pacific. And that’s just the most recent in several decades’ worth of interstellar failures.

Putin also didn’t elaborate on why he wanted to send Russians to Mars. But what drives anyone to pursue space exploration? To bring glory to their homeland, to further scientific understanding — and, yes, to assert international dominance. If the nation’s space program has worked out its kinks, and can launch successful spacecraft in the timeline Putin says, Russia might have a decent shot at accomplishing all of those things.


Panam Post

“The main cause of Venezuelan emigration is socialism of the 21st century,” said sociologist Tomás Páez, coordinator of the Global Project of the Venezuelan Diaspora; responding to Nicolás Maduro’s comments admitting to a “brain drain” in the country.

The Venezuelan dictator said on Wednesday, March 14, there existed a massive “brain drain” in Venezuela, and also confessed that the diaspora is seeking to “improve their life abroad.”

“There are some young people who have left Venezuela with the idea of improving their life abroad. It’s okay, go and come back because they will not find a better country than Venezuela,” said Maduro.

But Maduro conceals that most migrants are doing so to escape the dictatorship and its disastrous consequences.

    “The Cause of Venezuelan Emigration is Socialism”

According to studies of the Global Project of the Venezuelan Diaspora, since Hugo Chávez and his successor Maduro came to power, more than three million citizens have decided to leave Venezuela. The main causes, it says, are insecurity, impunity, and of course, the unprecedented economic crisis.

In an interview, the sociologist Tomás Páez explained the reasons for this massive exodus and explained why “migration is always good.”
What are the main reasons why Venezuelans have decided to leave their country?

There are two fundamental reasons that are summarized in the following sentence: the only full refrigerator in Venezuela is in the morgue. This phrase summarizes the two main problems facing Venezuelans: insecurity and economic deterioration. This is fueled by the great problem that is the socialist model that was installed in Venezuela and that has destroyed the country.

When we asked Venezuelans if they were willing to return, the majority answered yes, but not in these conditions.

The Venezuelans we interviewed responded that in order to return to their country it would be necessary to change the political model and that the country need prioritize the right to property and the most important thing of all: the right to life.
What do Venezuelans look for when they leave their country?

Venezuelan migration has more or less repeated the same pattern of all Latin American emigration. The desired destinations offer greater freedom and development: generally those in the north, such as the United States, Canada, and countries of the European Union.

However, in recent years, due to the economic failure of Venezuela, which has impoverished 87% of the population, it has become impossible to buy plane tickets to those northern countries, so now the migrants decide to go by land and reach countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Panama and even by sea, to the Caribbean islands.

I give the example of a university professor who earns between 5 and 7 dollars a month; a university professor in Venezuela would have to work between 15 and 18 years without stopping to buy a plane ticket; that’s why now they emigrate by bus, on foot, or by boat.
What is the economic profile of Venezuelan migrants?

From Venezuela, more and more people of lower socioeconomic status are leaving, but, above all, it remains working professionals.

Most of the Venezuelan society has been impoverished, except those who have done business with the Chavez and Maduro regimes; all others have become impoverished.

    “A university professor in Venezuela would have to work between 15 and 18 years without stopping to buy a plane ticket”

Impoverished people are leaving, but most of them have studied at the college level, but with their salaries in Venezuela, they can’t even buy a bicycle. The migrants are young entrepreneurs with a high level of academic training.

There are three million Venezuelans distributed in 90 countries in more than 300 cities in the world today.

What are the consequences of this massive exodus from Venezuela?

I must emphasize that for the government there is no diaspora. The regime does not disclose emigration statistics. All the information we obtain, therefore, we do with the help of other countries.

We go to Venezuelan organizations throughout the world, to researchers from different universities, because currently, the Maduro regime hides the records, so that they can deny what is happening.

    ” Those who have left have been able to develop their skills, learn, and make new contacts”

In Venezuela, there is no brain drain as the government says. If those people had stayed in the country, they would not have jobs or access to technology or research. There would be no possibility to study.

Although all socialism generates a diaspora, fortunately, those who have left have been able to develop their skills, learn, and make new contacts,

What is your impression in relation to the migratory policies followed by countries such as Peru, Colombia, Argentina, etc?

Every time I can, I thank all these countries for the aid they are giving to Venezuelans. They are nations that have understood the situation and have assumed that migration is always good.

How do you explain to the world the contention that migration “is always good”, especially at a time when xenophobia is increasing?

Emigration is not just about people; these people also represent knowledge and investment. The countries that have grown the most economically for decades did so because of the great contribution of migrants. As occurred in Venezuela in the late 70s, or with countries like the United States that are full of migrants.

    “Migration adds value, knowledge, and skill.”

For example, in Europe rice companies grew by 300% thanks to the arrival of migrants who consumed much of that product. It is a chain; the migrants began to demand rice and then their subsequent sales grew: that impelled the production and the hiring of new workers for cultivating and harvesting rice. Migration adds value, knowledge, and skill.

Far Out Newz / Where's Charlie ? This is Kind of IMPORTANT !
« on: March 11, 2018, 02:38:22 PM »

Putin-Trump Begin Emergency Talks After Top US Nuclear Commander Disappears

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An alarming new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his American counterpart US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (both of whom are on the African Continent, with Tillerson cancelling all events today) have established a secure communication channel enabling advisors of both President Putin and President Trump to maintain continuous contact while investigations are taking place into the whereabouts of US Navy Vice Admiral Charles Richard—who is the Deputy Commander of the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) that controls Americas nuclear weapons in time of war—and who, for reasons unknown, has not had his presence accounted for in the past nearly 24 hours.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, STRATCOM Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Charles Richard is one of the most hated and loathed officers in the US Navy due to his maniacal persecution of Seaman-Submariner Kristian Saucier during the 2016 US presidential election—with Saucier, as a crewman aboard the Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Alexandria (SSN-757), having committed the offense of inadvertently taking pictures to preserve his memory of service, but that, also, showed classified equipment.

For such an offense always handled-in-house by the US Navy’s normal chain of command, this report continues, Seaman-Submariner Saucier was, instead, caught up in the hyper-political 2016 US presidential campaign—and whom then candidate Trump rose to defend him by asking the American people why a lowly seaman was being prosecuted while Hillary Clinton was allowed to walk free from her crimes the Obama regime wouldn’t prosecute her for.

Siding with the Obama regime against Trump, this report details, then Rear Admiral Charles Richard outrageously told a US Federal Judge that Saucier’s inadvertent photographs “had far-reaching consequences for the United States and the officers, sailors and families who serve it”—and who was aided by a US Prosecutor demanding that Saucier be jailed for at least 6 years—but who only received a one year sentence—and upon whose sentencing, saw President Obama immediately promoting Rear Admiral Richard to Vice Admiral and making him Deputy Commander of STRATCOM.

 With it being common knowledge within the US Navy that President Trump would bide his time before confronting STRATCOM Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Charles Richard for his shameful treatment of Seaman-Submariner Kristian Saucier, this report says, Trump’s opportunity came this past June (2017) when a tornado struck Offutt Air Force Base, in Nebraska (home base of STRATCOM)—and whose damage crippled the entire defense of the United States when only one of its four “Doomsday” communication planes use by the president during time of war was left operable—and that Vice Admiral Richard was directly responsible for as he had not dispersed these critical “Doomsday” planes prior to their being damaged—and that left the US vulnerable for months.

In early February (2018), this report continues, President Trump made a secret trip to Offutt Air Base to directly confront Vice Admiral Richard—but whose Air Force One aircraft was spotted—and that caused STRATCOM to laughably claim that all Air Force One did was “take a few loops around the base, a few touch and go landings, before refueling and flying back home”.

The reality of President Trump’s secret visit to Offutt Air Base, though, this report notes, was to personally notify STRATCOM that the Pentagon was starting an immediate audit of a $1.3 billion construction contract whose vast monies were disappearing—and that was under the direct control and supervision of STRATCOM Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Charles Richard.

 In another blow delivered to the reputation and military judgment of STRATCOM Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Charles Richard, this report concludes, President Trump, within the past 24 hours, totally invalidated Vice Admiral Richard’s entire testimony before the US Federal Court by his granting a full pardon to Seaman-Submariner Kristian Saucier—which is, in fact, a total repudiation of Vice Admiral Richard that no military commander can long survive—and who, after his receiving notice of this pardon, has now mysteriously disappeared—with some fearing he may be suicidal—but still to be thought of is the always feared “Seven In Days May” movie scenario coming true.


Medicine & Health / How Safe Are Root Canals?
« on: March 04, 2018, 12:01:09 PM »

Green Med Info

Tens of millions of root canals are performed each year, yet how safe are they? Consider the morbid fact that it is the only procedure routinely performed where a dead part of your body — the diseased tooth — is kept attached to your body.

Almost 60 million root canals are performed a year (1), on individuals who are mistakenly informed that it is a safe and harmless procedure. While your teeth may look and feel fine after the procedure, the reality is that it is impossible for all of the bacteria to be removed from the tooth. After a root canal, the healthy bacteria changes to highly toxic anaerobic bacteria that will continue to thrive inside and around the tooth, jawbone and periodontal ligament causing numerous potentially long term health problems. (1)
Dr. Weston Price

Dr. Weston Price was a brilliant dentist and researcher who studied the relationship between nutrition, dental and physical health. He was the head of research for the dental association for 14 years.  In their studies, Dr. Price and the Mayo Clinic discovered that bacterial growth in root canals could be transferred to animals to recreate the same diseases of the human donor. Their tests proved successful in 80 to 100% of the animals. In particular, heart disease could be transferred 100% of the time (1, 2). It’s shocking to know that as far back as 1908 Dr. Price and the Mayo Clinic found that bacteria and the toxins from root canals could enter the bloodstream and thus travel to any point in the body and create disease to that particular tissue or organ. (1, 2). Price went on to discover that numerous degenerative diseases have their origin in root canal procedures, the most frequent are circulatory and heart disease.

Others would follow in Dr. Price’s footsteps to bring this knowledge to the public. Dr. George Meinig would discover his work 70 years later and bring it to the forefront through his book, Root Canal Cover Up.  The Toxic Element Research Foundation (TERF) would later use state of the art DNA technology to identify multiple bacteria found within root canal teeth, the jawbone next to root canals as well as in areas of extracted teeth where proper protocols were not performed to remove the periodontal ligament and necrotic bone.
Basic tooth anatomy

A tooth has multiple layers, the first is the  enamel, the second layer is the dentin and the inner core is the pulp. Tiny fibers come out of the tooth and intertwine with fibers coming out of the bone, and they unite to form the periodontal ligament. This ligament is also an incubator for billions of bacteria to multiply. (1) The dentin layer is not solid, but is actually comprised of tiny dentinal tubules, that if stretched would be approximately three miles long, per tooth. This is another excellent place for bacteria to hide and develop. In fact when Weston Price did his research, this is exactly where he found anaerobic bacteria in the thousands of teeth he tested. (2) Since it is impossible to sterilize these accessory canals, it becomes a haven for bacteria to grow and develop. As bacteria multiply and create infection, it will oftentimes extend down into the jawbone where it creates cavitations—areas of necrotic tissue in the jawbone itself.
Common bacteria found in root canals

The American Dental Association (ADA) still insists to this day that Dr. Price and the Mayo Clinic Research was incorrect, yet they have no research to back this claim. Dentists are misled to believe that root canals are a safe and harmless procedure. While they may claim that bacteria found in teeth with root canals can’t cause disease, the simple fact remains, the bacteria found in root canaled teeth are not the same normal bacteria found in your mouth. Without oxygen and nutrients the friendly bacteria become highly toxic, capable of causing long term infection, jawbone loss and numerous diseases.

In Hal Huggins article on Root Canal Dangers, he shares the following information on the five major bacteria species (out of the fifty –three that are commonly found in root canal teeth). (2)

Capnocytophaga ochracea: Found in brain abscesses associated with dental source of infection. Causes human disease in the central nervous system. Also related to septicemia and meningitis.

Fusobacterium nucleatum: Produces toxins that inhibit fibroblast cell division and wound healing processes. Causes infection in the heart, joints, liver and spleen.

Gemella morbillorum: Linked to acute invasive endocarditis, septic arthritis and meningitis.

Leptotrichia buccalis: Reduces the number of neutrophils (a critically important white blood cell), thus lowering immune competence.

Porphyromonas gingivalis: Destroys  red blood cells by drilling holes (porins) in them, causing the cell to bleed to  death. Low red blood cell counts that do not recover after dental revision are frequently responding to the porin activity of this microbe.  P gingivalis also  alters the integrity of the endothelial lining of blood vessels, which leads to inflammation and bleeding in the inner lining of blood vessels. According to Dr. Huggins this is the key step in formation of atherogenesis that leads to heart attacks. P. gingivalis can change friendly bacteria into pathogens. (2)
Chronic disease linked to root canals

According to Dr. George Meinig, (one of the founders of the American Association of Endodontists) and author of Root Canal Cover Up, a high percentage of chronic illness can originate from root canals, the most frequent being circulatory and heart disease. The next common diseases include those affecting the joints, such as arthritis and rheumatism; this is followed by diseases that affect the brain and nervous system such as ALS and MS.
Additional risks

Root canal treatment increases the risk of infective endocarditis. (4)

Root canals are associated with high rates of infection (up to 54%) with anaerobic bacteria. In a 1998 study for oral focal infection, 26 patients had blood drawn and tested during and ten minutes after their procedure.  All root canals contained anaerobic bacteraemia. (5)

It is important to do your own research before any surgical procedure and treatment plan. A root canal is a surgical procedure. The decision on whether to have a root canal or remove the tooth is best made between you, your doctor and your biological dentist. Establishing an appropriate pre and post procedure protocol can expedite your recovery process.

    Beyond Amalgam:  The Hidden Health Hazard Posed by Jawbone Cavitations by Susan Stockton, MA, foreword by Christopher John Hussar, DDS, DO
    Root Canal Cover up by George Meinig, D.D.S.
    Uninformed Consent: The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care by Hal A. Huggins, D.D.S., M.S. and Thomas E. Levy M.D., J.D.

After sixteen years of struggling with MCS, Elisha McFarland recovered her health through alternative and natural healing methods. It was this experience that encouraged her to pursue an education in natural health.  She has the following designations:  Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, D.A. Hom., B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, Certified Wholistic Rejuvenist and EFT-ADV. You can visit her website at: or follow her on Facebook  at
Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.


Natural News

(Natural News) According to a recent study, teenagers who spend too much time on their smartphones are unhappier.

Scientists from San Diego State University(SDSU) advised teenagers to spend less than two hours daily on digital media so they can “boost their happiness and self-esteem.” This means minimizing time spent playing computer games, on social media, texting, or video chatting.

The researchers believe that adolescents could be happier if they started exercising more and met their friends face-to-face.

In the study, the researchers determined that teenagers who are on digital media most of the time were unhappier compared to adolescents who were more active and spent more time on “non-screen activities like sports, reading newspapers and magazines, and in-the-flesh interactions.” They added that screen time was influencing unhappiness rather than making teenagers happier.

Professor Jean Twenge, the study’s lead author, shares that while the study “can’t show causation,” earlier studies have confirmed that being more active on social media can cause unhappiness. However, unhappiness doesn’t always cause increased social media use.

A reasonable balance between digital media use and happiness can be maintained with limited screen time. Professor Twenge adds that spending less than two hours daily on social media will benefit teenagers in the long run. Spending more time exercising and meeting up with friends — two activities reliably linked to greater happiness — will do wonders for their overall mood.

Professor Twenge, along with colleagues from the University of Georgia, studied data from the Monitoring the Future (MtF) longitudinal study. The MtF study was a nationally representative survey of over “a million U.S. school children aged 13 to 14, 15 to 16, and 17 to 18.”

The pupils surveyed reported the amount of time they spent on gadgets like phones and computers. The teenagers also answered questions about “in-the-flesh social interactions and their overall happiness.”

The findings of the study determined that the happiest teenagers often limited their daily digital media time to less than one hour daily. Spending more than an hour on digital media was linked to increased unhappiness. (Related: ‘Smartphone detox’ shown to relieve stress and anxiety – similar to detoxing from other addictions.)

Compared to historical trends from the same age groups since the 1990s, the researchers discovered that the popularity of gadgets like smartphones over time were also connected to the decrease in “reported happiness” among teenagers.

Study participants born after 2000 were reportedly less satisfied with life, had lower self-esteem, and were unhappier, unlike the teenagers who grew up in the 1990s. Starting in 2012, the average teenager’s life satisfaction, self-esteem, and happiness have dipped drastically.

Interestingly, 2012 marked the point when the proportion of Americans who had smartphones went up more than 50 percent for the first time.

Professor Twenge cautions that the biggest change in the lives of adolescents occurred from 2012 and 2016 when they spent more time on social media and spent less time sleeping and participating in social activities. She concluded, “The advent of the smartphone is the most plausible explanation for the sudden decrease in teens’ psychological well-being.”
Tips for a “digital detox”

Worried that your kids are spending too much time on their smartphones? Try some of the digital detoxing tips below:

    Trade screen time with fun activities – Exercise might seem boring to adolescents, but doing “fun” activities will get them off of their phones faster. Join them for bike rides, dog walks, or shoot some hoops instead.
    Ban screens in bedrooms – Keep all screens and handheld devices away from the bedroom. Beeps, vibrations, or bursts of light from a phone (even if you’re just checking the time) could interrupt a sleep cycle. Give them regular alarm clocks instead.
    Keep mealtimes phone-free – Make sure you spend quality time as a family during meals by putting away your smartphones.
    Gradually reduce screen time – Determine your family’s average screen time, then cut it by 30 minutes weekly until you reach your target. When you set firm “screen time limits,” it will be easier to get the kids to sleep on time.

« on: March 02, 2018, 05:23:28 AM »
CONGRESS JUST BROKE THE U.S. TAX SYSTEM                                                  WITH THEIR NEW INCOME TAX LAW  (H.R. 1 – Dec. 2017)


The new federal personal income tax law, H.R. 1, – that was just enacted into law by Congress in December 2017, and already made effective as of January 1st, 2018, has the immediate legal effect of:


    completely disemboweling and destroying the I.R.S.’ current personal income tax collection and enforcement practices and operations, by removing them entirely and completely from all legitimate constitutional authority to act to enforce the direct taxation of income under the 16th Amendment, as practiced for the last 60 years;
    strips the federal Department of Justice naked in the courtroom of all of its illegitimate constitutional arguments that have been made in the courtroom for the last 60 years, to sustain the federal court’s (both district and tax courts’) erroneous enforcement of a direct and un-apportioned tax upon the income of We the American People under alleged authority of the 16th Amendment; and
    completely exposes the federal judiciary’s unlawful enforcement of the federal personal income tax under the 16th Amendment over the last 60 years of American history, as nothing but a complete and total judicially committed fraud that plainly and clearly can now be seen as the true judicial conspiracy of sedition that it is, – to undermine and remove the constitutional limitations placed upon the federal taxing powers, in order to enforce the unconstitutionally direct taxation of the labors and work (“wages” and “salaries”) of the American People, in order to fund, not the legitimate operation of the government, but the constitutionally unauthorized progressive, liberal, Fabian, socialist programs effecting the re-distribution of wealth that have been by used by the politicians to create the welfare based, class warfare system of taxation that has resulted in the divisive destruction of America, its people’s Freedom, Liberty, private property, and equal rights; – by expanding the judicial authority beyond that which is constitutionally authorized, to enable the federal judiciary to constitutionally usurp the legislative authority of the Congress, through the judicial enforcement of only the perverted judicial Fabian opinions they issue, in place of the actual written constitutional tax law that is authorized & exists.

What ? You may say – that’s crazy.  What the hell are you talking about ? It’s the same tax its always been! There’s nothing new in the law that could do that !

Yea, – that’s right, it’s the same income tax law that it has always been, and now they have admitted it on the Congressional Record, and their world is about to change, – well, actually implode.

Congress has no idea of what they have done, or of the true extent or size of the catastrophe within the tax enforcement system, that they have wrought with the new income tax law, and few Americans, if any have realized it yet, – but any honest lawyer will tell you (after reading this) that everything you are about to read (and have read up to this point in this article) is irrefutably true.

FACT: For the last 60 years the IRS has been issuing income tax collection correspondence to Americans asserting that American citizens owe the payment of an income tax on their work, because of the adoption of the 16th Amendment.   This claim to legal authority is all over their website; it is in their “frivolous Arguments” publications, where they repeatedly assert the income taxing authority under the 16th Amendment, and label as frivolous any reference made to the limitations on the taxing powers imposed under Article I of the Constitution; and, it is in the pleadings made on the record of the court by the United States as a plaintiff, in every tax case prosecuted in the federal courts in the last 30 years.

FACT: The Department of Justice attorneys argue in every single income tax case prosecuted in the federal courts, that the income tax is owed by the individual defendant as a function of the 16th Amendment alone, without use or need of any “applicability” of the authorized indirect Article I, § 8, impost, duty and excise taxing powers.

FACT: For the last 60 years the federal courts have been wrongfully allowing and upholding the constitutionally prohibited, and therefore unconstitutional, direct taxation of the alleged gross income of the American People, created as a function of all of their labors and work, as a direct tax without apportionment, under alleged authority conferred under the 16th Amendment to tax “… income, from whatever source derived, without apportionment, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

FACT: The 16th Amendment has no enabling enforcement clause in it, that would constitutionally authorizes the U.S. Congress to write any law to enforce any power alleged newly created or authorized under authority of the Amendment alone.

FACT: There are Amendments to the Constitution, both before and after the 16th Amendment, that do have and clearly contain an enabling enforcement clause within them, irrefutably proving the absence within the Amendment, of such alleged grant of any new enforceable power, is intentional.

FACT: In assessing the legal effect of the 16th Amendment, the Supreme Court plainly said in 1916 that “the Sixteenth Amendment conferred no new power of taxation“. “. . . The provisions of the 16th Amendment conferred no new power of taxation but simply prohibited the previous complete and plenary power of income taxation possessed by Congress from the beginning from being taken out of the category of indirect taxation to which it inherently belonged . . .” Stanton v. Baltic Mining Co., 240 U.S. 103, 112-13 (1916)

FACT: The Article I, § 8, clause 1, authorities to tax only indirectly, by uniform impost, duty and excise, do not reach the labors of the American people with legal effect. This is why the federal government has argued for sixty years that the 16th Amendment was the sole basis for the enforcement of the income tax imposed by Section 1 of Title 26 United States Code (Title 26 is also called the I.R.C.).


The new income tax law enacted under H.R. 1, is not the 16th Amendment at all, but relies solely on “ARTICLE I, § 8, CLAUSE 1 of the Constitution of the United States.” for its authority.    Uh-oh!

You mean it isn’t the 16th Amendment, and that claim of constitutional authority under Amendment 16 as legal foundation to sustain the imposition and enforcement of the personal income tax, can never be made by the IRS, or in court by the United States attorneys, again, – ever !! In neither civil, nor criminal, tax prosecutions.


Finally, the true and correct constitutional authority for the federal personal income tax is plainly and clearly specified in the law, on the Congressional House record, as being established under only Article I, § 8, clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution, which contains only the grant of the required constitutional authority to tax, indirectly, by impost, duty and excise, which powers, by law (Title 15 USC §17) do not lawfully reach the labors or income of the American People with force of law though the proper and lawful invocation and enforcement upon individual persons of only the granted indirect taxing powers.


The new income tax law, H.R. 1, by completely removing the 16th Amendment as an arguable constitutional basis and legal foundation, or as the applicable constitutional authority that is allegeable as the constitutional authority for the imposition, withholding, collection, and enforcement of the personal income tax in the federal courts as a direct tax, – completely strips the IRS, the DOJ, and the federal judiciary of all of their lawful ability to legally enforce on American citizens after January 1st, 2018, the federal personal income tax in the federal courts as it has been practiced since 1945.


It’s over. The IRS, the DOJ, the federal judiciary are all eviscerated. The monstrous income tax FRAUD perpetrated by the federal courts on the American People is fully exposed now, naked to the world, and the behavior and opinions of the federal judiciary are exposed as nothing but the treasonous sedition they have always been. i.e.: communistic and not constitutional.

Repugnant, disgusting, corrupted, polluted, perverted, ultra vires judicial behavior and opinions, all committed for sixty years outside of the granted constitutional authority that exists for the court to lawfully act under, is all exposed. Naked to the world as the Emperor wears no clothes.


It has all been conspiratorial judicial theft. Nothing more, and nothing less. The judicial crimes of the last sixty years, fraudulently perpetrated on the American People by the federal judiciary in the name of tax has all been pure unlawful and wrongful conversion of the constitutionally protected private property of We the People, under color of law, under color of office, and in the name of tax only; – for there is no law because none is authorized, and there is no enforceable direct tax or taxing power conferred under the 16th Amendment, because no such power is constitutionally made enforceable against the individual person3, as opposed to one of the “several states“. 3 Article 1, § 2, clause 3 – “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned amongst the several states which may be included within this Union”


All American citizens, in all 50 states, are all now EXEMPT by constitutional law from any required payment or withholding of the federal personal income tax from their paycheck, earned at their place of employment in one of the fifty states, and everyone should therefore now claim EXEMPT on their W-4, as provided in law thereupon, under the supremacy-clause exemption

from withholding, that is made at Title 26 USC (IRC) § 3402(n), for informed employees to claim.


“Google” it, – “H.R. 1 Constitutional Authority Statement“. See for yourself.

Without the use of the 16th Amendment to erroneously allege a direct tax on income that is owed by all persons, there can be no lawful enforcement of the personal income tax on the income of the American People, by any Department, Agency, Service, or any other group of men that exist within the federal government, – like the IRS, the DOJ, the federal judiciary, or even the “United States of America” (as a plaintiff in the courts), without there first being the clear applicability of some impost, duty, or excise tax to measure, that lawfully and properly taxes the underlying taxable (business, commodity, or trade based) activity from which the income is derived. So, if there is no impost, duty, or excise tax that exists in the written law of the United States Code (the written laws) that applies to the underlying taxable activity, resulting in taxable income, then there is no amount of “gross income” to measure as tax.


And, since there is no impost, duty, or excise tax that exists in the written law of the United States Code (the written laws) that reaches either the “wages” or “salary” of the American People, earned by Right, as those terms (“wages” and “salary“) are not included in IRC § 61 defining the sources of gross income constituting taxable income of an American citizen; – but the terms are specifically included in IRC § 1441(b), wherever “wages” or “salary” are earned by the non-resident alien person that is identified in law under IRC § 1441(a).


And, since it is only the foreign person who is made subject under the provisions of IRC §§ 7701(a)(16), to the collection of the federal personal income tax imposed in the code sections of Subtitle A (Chapters 1-6) of Title 26, which is where the original 1913 income tax laws are found in today’s law. Subtitle A is the body of law that was enacted by Congress in 1913 as the federal personal income tax law, enacted under the original income tax legislation of the Underwood-Simmons Tariff Act of Oct. 3, 1913, then it has now become impossible (under the new H.R. 1 income tax law, under Article I, § 8, authorities) for any party or person to lawfully withhold or collect any federal income tax from the payments made to an informed American citizen in one of the fifty states!


Oh, by the way, a Tariff, as enacted within the Underwood-Simmons Tariff Act of Oct. 3, 1913, is one form of an impost,- which taxing power, when exercised in the 50 states, is limited in constitutional operation to the taxation of only foreign persons and imported foreign goods, commodities, and other taxable “articles of commerce“. An impost, in the form of an enacted tariff, has no internal application to the domestic activity of American citizens conducted by Right within the fifty states, without any involvement with foreign goods or foreign persons.


Thus, the new federal personal income tax law, H.R. 1, – that was just enacted into law by Congress in December 2017, and already made effective as of January 1st, 2018, has the immediate legal effect of:


    completely disemboweling and destroying the I.R.S.’ current personal income tax collection and enforcement practices and operations, by removing them entirely and completely from all legitimate constitutional authority to act to enforce the direct taxation of income under the 16th Amendment, as practiced for the last 60 years; Exposing 60 years of IRS THEFT & UNLAWFUL CONVERSION BY FRAUD.


    strips the federal Department of Justice naked in the courtroom of all of its illegitimate constitutional arguments that have been made in the courtroom for the last 60 years, to sustain the federal court’s (both district and tax courts’) erroneous enforcement of a direct and unapportioned tax upon the income of We the American People under alleged authority of the 16th Amendment (Exposing 60 years of DOJ FRAUD & STUPIDITY); and


    completely exposes the federal judiciary’s unlawful enforcement of the federal personal income tax under the 16th Amendment over the last 60 years of American history, as nothing but a complete and total judicially committed fraud that plainly and clearly can now be seen as the true judicial conspiracy of sedition that it is, – to undermine and remove the constitutional limitations placed upon the federal taxing powers, in order to enforce the unconstitutionally direct taxation of the labors and work (“wages” and “salaries“) of the American People, in order to fund, not the legitimate operation of the government, but the constitutionally unauthorized progressive, liberal, Fabian, socialist programs effecting the re-distribution of wealth that are used to create the welfare-class and class warfare systems that are resulting in the destruction of America, Freedom, Liberty, private property, and equal rights, by expanding the judicial authority beyond that which is authorized, to enable the federal judiciary to constitutionally usurp the legislative authority of the Congress, through the judicial enforcement of only the perverted judicial Fabian opinions, in place of the actual written constitutional tax law that exists. (Exposing 60 years of JUDICIAL FRAUD, ERROR, and ARROGANCE)


And now you know that not only is this not crazy, it is ALL irrefutably TRUE.

Oh yea, by the way, it is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto that calls for the graduated and communistic taxation of a population that is kept divided by the different classes of the population defined in the non-uniform tax law by the creation of the different tax-brackets established therein; – with different rates of tax for each bracket as under the communistic system of unconstitutional taxation that we suffer under today (for the last 72 years- since 1945), rather than the system of uniformity in taxation that is constitutionally required of both the authorized direct, and indirect taxation of We the People in America and our activities.


That 2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto, explicitly states: “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.”


So, now you know where the income tax enforcement operations of the IRS, the DOJ, and federal judiciary really came from, for the last 60 years, because it isn’t Article I of the Constitution of the United States of America, or the 16th Amendment.

Our government, and especially the federal judiciary, stand condemned by their own ignorance and arrogance, and sedition. By its own congressional admission, now made in the written formal Congressional Record of the United States of America, they are nothing but as guilty as sin itself.        And now, there is only one path left by which they may escape to find their way back to justice and righteousness: repent.                                                                           


Valid until expressly prohibited by law.                 Submitted w/ respect for the law this ___ day of February, A.D.2018



Far Out Newz / Weird Life Found Trapped in Giant Underground Crystals
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By Victoria Jaggard

PUBLISHED February 17, 2017

Boston, MassachusettsCreatures that thrive on iron, sulfur, and other chemicals have been found trapped inside giant crystals deep in a Mexican cave. The microbial life-forms are most likely new to science, and if the researchers who found them are correct, the organisms are still active even though they have been slumbering for tens of thousands of years.

If verified, the discovery adds to evidence that microbial life on Earth can endure harsher conditions in isolated places than scientists previously thought possible. (See “Life Found Deep Under Antarctic Ice for First Time?”)

“These organisms have been dormant but viable for geologically significant periods of time, and they can be released due to other geological processes,” says NASA Astrobiology Institute director Penelope Boston, who announced the find today at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. “This has profound effects on how we try to understand the evolutionary history of microbial life on this planet.”

At the same time, the microbes raise some serious concerns about efforts to explore other worlds in our solar system and hunt for alien life, she says. NASA takes many rigorous steps to sterilize spacecraft when necessary, but there are always risks that a mission to drill into another world could carry invasive—and highly durable—Earth creatures along for the ride. (See “Going to Mars Could Mess Up the Hunt for Alien Life.”)

“How do we ensure that life-detection missions are going to detect true Mars life or life from icy worlds rather than our life?” Boston asks. “Aspects of my work illustrate the extreme toughness of life on Earth and the restrictions that places on us.”
Bubble Bugs

The microbes are adapted to survive in the extreme environments inside the Cave of Crystals, part of the Naica mine in the northern state of Chihuahua. Operations to haul up lead and silver involved pumping groundwater out of the vast underground caverns, which revealed a labyrinth of massive milky-white crystals, some reaching more than 30 feet long.

Boston took samples from pockets of fluid trapped inside the crystals in 2008 and 2009, under the auspices of New Mexico Tech. Her team was able to "wake up" dormant microbes in that fluid and grow cultures, she revealed today at the meeting. The organisms are genetically distinct from anything known on Earth, according to her team’s analysis, although they are most similar to other microbes found in caves and volcanic terrain.

Previous work dated the oldest crystals in the cave at half a million years. Based on those calculations for the crystal growth rate, her team thinks the organisms they have growing in the lab had been inside their glittering cocoons for somewhere between 10,000 and 50,000 years.

The work is currently being written up for publication and has not yet gone through the peer-review process, the standard first step in verifying a scientific find. That makes it hard for other experts to say much about the claim for now.

“But, reviving microbes from samples of 10,000 to 50,000 years is not that outlandish based on previous reports of microbial resuscitations in geological materials hundreds of thousands to millions of years old,” notes Brent Christner, a microbiologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

For instance, other scientists have reported on ancient microbial life found in glacial ice, encased in amber, and trapped in salt crystals. “However, the amount of skepticism associated with these studies usually correlates directly with the age of the claim,” cautions Christner.

Part of the problem is that no one is sure how long life of any kind can survive when dormant. Even sleeping organisms need food eventually or their cells will start to degrade, and scientists don’t yet know if these hardy microbes can slow down their metabolism just enough to survive for millennia.

It’s possible the organisms from Naica are eking out a living using the limited energy sources in the fluids in which they were found, Christner adds: “Perhaps they are surviving by eating dead microbes that weren’t so lucky.”
Young Interlopers?

But there’s also a chance that the Naica microbes didn’t come from inside the crystals at all, but from the pools of water surrounding them.

In 2013, researchers in France and Spain reported the discovery of microbial life in hot, saline springs deep inside the Naica system. These modern-day microbes also get their energy from chemicals in the subsurface and are also genetically distinct from known microbial species.

“I think that the presence of microbes trapped within fluid inclusions in Naica crystals is in principle possible. However, that they are viable after 10,000 to 50,000 years is more questionable,” says microbiologist Purificación López-García of the French National Center for Scientific Research, one of the co-authors of the 2013 study.

“Contamination during drilling with microorganisms attached to the surface of these crystals or living in tiny fractures constitutes a very serious risk,” says López-García. “I am very skeptical about the veracity of this finding until I see the evidence.”
Picture of cave of crystals
View Images

Naica mine is once again flooded with groundwater, and the giant crystals are free to keep growing.
Photograph by Carsten Peter, National Geographic Creative

Boston notes that her team took a variety of steps to try and avoid contamination, including wearing protective suits, sterilizing their drills, and sterilizing the surfaces of the crystals with hydrogen peroxide and, in some cases, fire.

"We have also done genetic work and cultured the cave organisms that are alive now and exposed, and we see that some of those microbes are similar but not identical to those in the fluid inclusions," Boston says. That gives the team additional confidence that they are seeing organisms from inside the crystals.

Unfortunately, going back to the cave to collect more samples would be a tricky task. The mine stopped being profitable and operations at Naica have ceased, so the crystal cave is once more flooded with groundwater. But Boston notes that the cultures her team collected are still actively growing, and she hopes other scientists will keep studying the creatures.

“Since I have stepped into a NASA management role now, my time for science is quite limited,” Boston says. The microbes her team collected, she adds, are “a precious resource, and we want to make it available to other folks. There’s still a lot of work to do to infer anything about their history and movement and genetic relations.”

Boston notes that her team took a variety of steps to try and avoid contamination, including wearing protective suits, sterilizing their drills, and sterilizing the surfaces of the crystals with hydrogen peroxide and, in some cases, fire.

"We have also done genetic work and cultured the cave organisms that are alive now and exposed, and we see that some of those microbes are similar but not identical to those in the fluid inclusions," Boston says. That gives the team additional confidence that they are seeing organisms from inside the crystals.

Unfortunately, going back to the cave to collect more samples would be a tricky task. The mine stopped being profitable and operations at Naica have ceased, so the crystal cave is once more flooded with groundwater. But Boston notes that the cultures her team collected are still actively growing, and she hopes other scientists will keep studying the creatures.

“Since I have stepped into a NASA management role now, my time for science is quite limited,” Boston says. The microbes her team collected, she adds, are “a precious resource, and we want to make it available to other folks. There’s still a lot of work to do to infer anything about their history and movement and genetic relations.”


Walls and Wars – Overcoming the Instincts of Hive Consciousness

February 22nd, 2018

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Tearing Down the Hive Mind: A History of Walls

The Hopi creation story of this world begins as the last world was ending in an unspecified calamity. A few people — our ancestors — were taken underground, saved by ant people who taught us how to survive, how to grow food and hide from disaster. Eventually people returned above ground and were told to walk walk the four directions of the Earth, and to reunite.

    The Great Spirit made an appearance and gathered the peoples of this Earth together, and said to the human beings, “I’m going to send you to four directions, and over time I’m going to change you to four colors, but I’m going to give you some teachings, and you will call these the Original Teachings; when you come back together with each other, you will share these so that you can live and have peace on Earth, and a great civilization will come about.” …

    Each of the four races went to their directions and learned their teachings… [but] some of the brothers and sisters had forgotten the sacredness of all things…

    — Source: A Cherokee Legend by Lee Brown, Cherokee

At first this creation story such seems like many indigenous tales, but comparatively and allegorically speaking the Hopi creation story approaches perfection in its eloquence. Ants are the only animal in the world that humanity can be accurately compared with, so much so that perhaps mankind was influenced by antkind more than any other being. Humans and ants are farmers, warriors, harvesters, thieves and enslavers alike. No other animal behaves like man, except ants, and no other being is as warmongering. Individually we each might be more like a dog or cat, or perhaps we might like to see ourselves as similar in character to a bird, but as a collective, mankind is mostly like antkind.

Human history in total, from whatever nationalistic, religious or otherwise jingoistic perspective one endures, can be read like a proud Argentine Ant’s recital of the invasion of New Orleans, and California. The Argentine Ant spent millions of generations building up not only defensive structures but amassing invasion forces to take over as much of South America as antly possible. Any other ant colony they encounter, they destroy. They vanquish all other antkind and, if ants believe anything at all, they must believe they are the “chosen ants”. Ants are extremely intelligent (if intelligence is measured in utilizing surroundings as tools) and the Argentine Ant grew accustomed to hopping on floating leaves or debris in the Argentine flood plains and hitching rides downstream to effectively expand their territory. They were such mighty warriors with such rich resources that no other ant could challenge them.

When steamships began embarking from Argentinian shores they carried with them invasion force after invasion force of the chosen Argentine Ants. Wherever the ship was steered the ants embarked and began total and complete annihilation not only of all other ants but also of other life that posed competition to their empire. The chosen ants have now formed a global collective. The megacolony of God’s chosen ant superpower has conquered California, Japan and most of the Mediterranean, and they are right now on the march. Interestingly enough, the Argentine Ants recognize and accept each other by affiliation, no matter what continental colony they are from, and destroy all other ants they encounter. They even produce chemicals that recruit their nestmates into battle during these encounters.

Argentine ants attack a single harvester ant. Photo credit: University of California, Riverside.

Today the Argentine Ant megacolony has traversed the globe, staking claim to significant areas on six continents and eliminating indigenous life in the process. It is a stark parallel to human colonialism, only the insect expansion and elimination is even more one-sided, since no other ant it seems can withstand the forces of the Argentine Ants. On the borders of the new intercontinental megacolonies are ant wars of total annihilation where all fall to the Argentine Ant’s fierceness.
Humankind and antkind: Are we really that different?

    “Societies with population explosions, that extend into the millions, are prone to large-scale, intense, tactical warfare. It’s a nature of battle only possible among communities with plenty of excess labor force.” — Mark Moffet

Antkind and humankind alike have virtually no societal limit to their growth. The environment limits their growth, not their instincts or biological needs. Few other species on the planet operate in this manner. The colony might be hundreds, or millions or billions, and growth will continue. No other species have societies of this proportion, and no other animal behaves the way ants and people might. No other species kills and enslaves each other and no other species practices the complete confrontation of war like humans and ants do.

Within each colony, the queen lives for decades and workers live for years under vastly different social and living conditions. The expendable males live for only a matter of weeks. Under the reign of a long history of queens, each colony has a rich history of millions of years and the collective acts with the impetus of such an age old regime. They are biologically reinforced matriarchies with a history so ancient that it must make the rise of humanity seem like just another pulse of different beings to eat off, with different kinds of leaves to ride.

Ants were the world’s first farmers, organizing and harvesting from their surroundings. They effectively raise livestock too and harvest from their surroundings, and such behavior began about 50 million years ago, or more. Today many ants still farm or tend to fungus grown in their lairs for the colony to eat, harvesting plant material for the fungus to consume in turn. Some ants raise aphids for the colony cafeteria. One can almost envision a curious primal human ancestor watching ants do what they do and gaining numerous ideas — good, bad and ugly ideas.

They farm, enslave and steal from other ants, and war on each other over territory. But perhaps the most amazing similarity between antkind and mankind is the fact that we build infrastructure for future use. Mankind and antkind both build structures based largely on concerns of protection from each other; out of concern for war and others stealing from us. Ants build anthills and then build massive tunnels based on defense of the queen if enemy ants were to invade. Mankind builds in the same manner, as a means of protection, galvanizing against the kinds of war and theft we can’t seem to stop ourselves from perpetrating — despite our supposed evolution.

And so our history shares many similarities too. The history of the human collective is like that of a more prideful ant colony, only mammalian with opposable thumbs. We are the aboveground version of ants with internal skeletons instead of external ones, with hands and vocal chords instead of antennae and mandible crushers. And instead of being capable of lifting great weight like ants, we are capable of inventing great machines of war.

Mankind and antkind function, as collectives, in the same way; the only difference is that instead of underground tunnel defenses, man largely built perimeter defenses, though now we have built up walls of every sort and in every place. But we have also built weapons so destructive we could end all of antkind, and mankind, and indeed all life on the planet, superseding our ability to protect ourselves with walls, tunnels or otherwise. Because of man’s inventiveness our “walls” are now largely technological, as is our ability to confront each other.

It is simple to compare ants to humans and actually find reasons for building walls. It is arguable that the predominant measure of distinction between people is differences in perception. It is easy to say that we are as beasts and therefore bound to behave as ants. It is easy to say war is inevitable for both antkind and mankind. It is easy to regress and actually behave like ants — when we think only in a collective state. And yet, we are individuals, we are humans, not ants. We are much more. In fact, our weapons of war demand that we be much more.
So why do we continue to behave as ants?

The antkind and mankind collectives prepare for war instead of peace. And when the opportunity presents itself — because all preparations have been made, or because the opposition is seemingly prepared, or is seemingly not prepared and therefore ought to be confronted — war inevitably takes place. It takes place because it has been readied, through culture and infrastructure. At the borders of ant populations wars are taking place right now where millions are being killed every month. The ants kill each other because of their differences, despite the fact they are all ants. And as history continues to demonstrate, humans, when placed in bordered blocks, suffer the same end; the same wars based on differences, despite our sameness.

The most diverse human borders have always been places of the most hair-raising and antennae flickering wars, like the areas in France and areas where major fighting in WWI and WWII took place. A more intense example of the ant like nature of humanized borders is demonstrated throughout The Middle East. Multiple doctrines, including the “one true religion”, coincide with national differences, heritage distinctions and cultural fluctuations to form borders of all sorts — and war of all sorts.

Humans differentiate each other for a variety of reasons, both entirely absurd and historically valid, but the result is the same — colonies driven by antlike biological impulses (which we call “states with proud histories”) and the outsiders they clash with along their borders.
The Complexity of Humanity?

At first glance, humans are not so complicated to understand. We are collectively spurred by the same godly forces that created ants. It is perhaps an impulse from beyond the beyond to not only be tribal and build walls, but to war on each other. It must be an impulse of our biology, for ants do not have complex rational minds as man does. No matter if one is a tiny drone of an underground ant mound or a self-aware human being, the impulse of collectivist societies seems to be to kill beings like us, but not enough like us.

Perhaps the Hopi were more correct than we could ever know. Perhaps long ago man was adopted by ants, or at least adopted the ant ways. We war on each other the same, we enslave each other the same. No other animals are as culturally developed with such refined caste systems, no other species voyages to harvest and conquer, and no other species kills each other on such a massive organized scale. Sure, mankind is more efficient at construction and destruction, we live a little longer, our colonies are more noticeable (and environmentally impactful. Instead of antennae we have phones, and instead of claws and teeth we have knives, guns, and nuclear bombs. But the collectivist mindset of war and colonialism remains the same.

We can conclude by observing antkind that violence and war, however perverse, is rooted in biological aspects. And yet mankind discusses war in terms of tradition, or societal formation, or economics, or politics. People present a range of reasoning for killing each other en masse, justifying war and genocide in the name of religion, and politics, and freedom, and protecting of our way of life. But at its root it’s a biological impulse. And, as evolved beings, it is one we are able to surpass — by thinking as free individuals, not as mindless drones in institutionalized societal collectives. Humans are more complex than the old ant not only because of our complex inventions (most made for and during war) but because of our consciousness — our self awareness — our ability to make choices beyond our biological programming.

So let’s call it what it is. If the politics of war was correctly acknowledged to be the base thinking of less evolved life, like that of anthood, of less conscious beings, people would be far more inclined to surpass the biological response we share with ants by applying alternative higher thinking. As efficient as they are at killing and spreading, ants have barely developed or evolved for the last 150 million years. But unlike antkind, mankind can open our hearts and minds to elevate our thinking and being.

And it’s time we started acting that way.
Bringing Down the Walls

    “Oh Great Spirit who made all races, look kindly upon the whole human family and take away the arrogance and hatred which separate us from our brothers.” ~ Cherokee Prayer

The harvesting, farming, raising of livestock, enslavement, and war organization that is common between antkind and mankind make us remarkably similar. But perhaps of all our shared traits, the most detrimental similarity is the fact that antkind and mankind both build walls. Perhaps the fact that we build walls is actually the most markedly similar characteristic between us, preceding all other similarities.

Ants and humans build complex dwellings in part as a way to defend the collective, which appears righteous, but it is primarily the result of the near permanent collective state of war.

Perhaps the fact that we build walls and forts and prepare for war leads to the tendency to war and plunder those outside the walls in the first place. Perhaps the wall builders spurred the necessity to find more efficient means of warring, or plundering resources, or building better forts. Could it be that those physical and societal walls of colonialism cause the war state, rather than wars necessitating a walled state?

Humans have been practicing cultural traditions reminiscent of ants for thousands of years. The reason humans are so good at building is because we are always at war. As a clear example, the histories of war and technological/industrial development have run in total parallel in recent centuries. But humanity has actually been building walls (literally and figuratively) since the time of Han, Nehemiah, and long before.

The Western Wall or Wailing Wall is an ancient wall of high symbolic significance and attachment – people have been killing each other at the base of this wall and all walls for thousands of years. The Wailing Wall is considered sacred. The Great Wall of China is another physical line in the sand where people traditionally killed each other. The Great Wall is so great that it can be seen from space and as a kid, you’re taught that so that you think that walls are great — after all they can be seen from space. (It is significant to note that China did not build the wall initially to keep people out as much as to keep people inside. The most valuable resource of a nation is people, and when there is no wall people tend to leave, which was occurring too much to enable total taxation and control of the Chinese people.)

In reality, walls create confrontation. Walls are perimeters, borders, where war is readied and armament is installed and, where the bordermind kicks in, like that of all great ants. It’s where those who are not enough like us live, on the other side of the wall. But walls also create a contradiction: they make people want to get through them in case there is something worthy behind the wall — something we don’t have but which those who are not enough like us may have.

It is easy to observe ants. We can observe their comings and goings and learn what they do over many lifetimes. So, imagine observing people the same way, from a higher perspective, as we would an ant hill or ant farm. Imagine we could watch the Wailing Wall or the Great Wall of China for a century or two. Imagine if we could watch what happened at the Berlin Wall during its comparatively brief existence. We would see the bordermind of antkind clearly present in mankind too. We would see the erection of those walls cause confrontation.

Walls are an example of false pride. False pride results in the bordermind. An example of false pride is being proud of how you were born; what country you’re from, the quantity of melanin you were born with or without, and the things your ancestors did. Real pride (and even that should be let go or minimalized) is being proud of having done something wonderful on your own. This pride in walls and borders built thousands of years ago is false pride. Forget about the ancient walls and do something new with your own hands. Walls have been getting in the way of the development of our collective mentality for millennia. Walls make us more like ants than farming or harvesting or raising livestock ever could. Walls build up the infrastructure that maintains war, false pride, and the bordermind state of war.

We also build societal and spiritual walls and encase individuals and whole regions in binds. The mental and spiritual binds and encasements we are surrounded by entrap us just as walls do. And just like walls we believe the walls are protecting us when in fact they are perpetuating the mind state of war, our lacking consciousness.

We are educated primarily within walls and informed of the greatness of the Great Wall. We are informed directly and indirectly as we grow up in the education system of the value of walls. We learn from early on about all the great walls and great wars and great buildings people have erected. And while we’re learning the history of mankind we learn to stay in line and shut up. We learn to seal ourselves up behind walls, separate from our community, fearing for our privacy and for the constant threat of theft and intrusion, and we barricade our minds and our spirits closed. We learn to conform by what we are taught and more importantly, how we are taught. We learn that how much we know matters little compared to how much we know about conforming to the status quo. We close ourselves in and make our own individual walls in order to protect us from others, leaving us stuck – with ourselves. The bordermind is initiated and we live encased in spiritual and mental walls we built around ourselves through institutionalization. We are walled in by experiences, by layers of ego armor and a culture of separation in a post-modern society. We close ourselves in from reality in ways we shouldn’t, and try to in ways we couldn’t.

We fortify ourselves, just as ants in a colony, and to wage war, and to give up our individuality to the collective — we even glorify giving up our own lives in war — all in the name of hive-minded colonialism. But to achieve peace, we must evolve beyond it.

We humans have walked the four directions of separateness. Let us return to the circle of oneness, share what we have learned, and create the great human civilization the Hopi prophesied. Let us cease cooperation with systems, institutions and colonialist government which, on thoughtful questioning, prove to be based on the impulses of the lower mind — the hive consciousness. And let us remember and honor the sacredness of all things.

Let down your walls. Open your heart and mind. Think deeply. Consciously develop your individuality. Challenge the status quo, and take action against wrong-doing. And if you found this article valuable, share this point of view with others, so that we may all stop acting as drones to the hive mind and finally bring an end to the colonialism of hollow, war-minded institutions.

Cyber Security / U.S. Patent Confirms Manipulation
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Not only this, but hundreds of scientists have come together, and are currently creating awareness on and petitioning the United Nations about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation. They’ve been linked to cancer, and have been shown to manipulate our DNA. You can read more about that here. The initiative was started by Dr. Martin Blank, Ph.D., from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Colombia University, who has joined a group of scientists from around the world making an international appeal to the United Nations regarding the dangers associated with the use of various electromagnetic emitting devices, like cells phones and WiFi. “Putting it bluntly they are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely,”said Dr. Martin Blank, from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University, in a video message. “We have created something that is harming us, and it is getting out of control. Before Edison’s light bulb there was very little electromagnetic radiation in our environment. The levels today are very many times higher than natural background levels, and are growing rapidly because of all the new devices that emit this radiation.” This information is a separate effect on the body from mind control, but it’s still important to mention and bring light to. Not only are our electronic devices monitoring, watching, and recording everything we do, they may also be influencing our behaviour, perceptions, thoughts and feelings on a large-scale as well, but who really knows if “the powers that be” are using these devices for mind control, in the same way they use them for surveillance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not hard to see how corporations use television to influence our behaviour and perceptions, but perhaps they, and other authorities, are changing things around, as mentioned above, and manipulating our nervous systems purposefully for their own personal gain, and knowingly do so.

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