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The Diner Pantry / Re: The Meat🥩-o-saurus Survey
« on: Today at 03:20:32 PM »
Are you kidding ? Data collection for an alphabet agency.

Kathy's in the kitchen as I type, creating a masterpiece for us tonight.

Bacon wrapped filet's with franken spuds from Id. of course, stuffed shroooms with sausage, Avocados from Meh hi- co
Garlic french rolls & bev of choice.

Kath's mom hit THE BIG NINE O on Thursday past, so tonight we feast & swap lies. I might run the "met a white survivor of the Lil' Big Horn when I was 4" tale...  :icon_mrgreen:

Anyway, happy data collecting.  :icon_sunny:

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PEDOGATE: France Erupts as President’s Past Comes Back to Haunt Him
How Emmanuel Macron’s parents discovered their son was dating his 40-year-old teacher
New biography reveals shocked reaction to new President’s illicit teenage affair with the woman who would become his wife

Far Out Newz / Consciousness and Superstring Theory
« on: Today at 12:24:54 PM »

I do work in evolutionary cosmology and my work consists of the introduction of consciousness into the evolution of space and time with the universe. I use reductionism to determine how consciousness and energy are responsible for the creation, design and development of the universe. The vibrational strings associated with string theory are a manifestation of consciousness and light and dark energy. Through my work I have discovered what produces light and dark energy, and what light and dark energy actually represent. Grand Unified Theory, String Theory and Quantum Mechanics have to do with consciousness and energy being in different states of existence within space and time. There is a foundation for the beginning and introduction of this universe that started with the big bang 13.8 billion years ago. I am going to describe this foundation and the basis for the evolutionary development of consciousness and energy. I will discuss where the other dimensions come from in superstring theory; but I need to describe the introduction of the universe first.

This universe is contained within another structure of consciousness and energy that is responsible for the evolutionary development of the universe itself. This is where the universe gets its power from. Infinite Consciousness contains pure light energy and pure dark energy. Pure light energy is produced by consciousness and higher frequency vibrations. Pure dark energy is produced by consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. Introducing this next concept into the scientific community is difficult but necessary to define the nature of light energy and dark energy. Light energy and higher vibrational frequencies represent love. Dark energy and lower frequency vibrations represent an energy that ensures the survival and continuation of the evolutionary development of love. This is the true nature of the light and the dark. Love is the most important and powerful energy in existence because it gives eternity a reason to exist. Love is the most powerful evolutionary energy in existence and is incorporated into the structure of physics; but just hasn’t been implemented into scientific theories yet. This type of activity is exemplified on Earth within the human condition every day on Earth. Earth is contained within a galaxy that is almost as old as the beginning of the universe itself.

Medicine & Health / BRAIN DAMAGE
« on: Today at 12:17:40 PM »

Scientifically, it’s been documented children continually are exhibiting lower IQs, aka the Flynn effect, decade after decade.

    Jun 14, 2018 – IQ scores have been steadily falling for the past few decades for those born after 1975. [Paraphrased from 1]

Fluoride exposure in drinking water has been blamed, as have neurotoxic chemicals in vaccines. Both can be classified as epigenetic effects, not genetics!

However, not much exposure has been given to a certain classification of agricultural pesticides known as Chlorpyrifos, first manufactured in 1965 by Dow Chemical Co., now known as DowDuPont after a 2017 merger with DuPont.

The chemical Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate pesticide that affects the nervous system of insects by inhibiting acetyl cholinesterase, a key enzyme for neurotransmission. It apparently can have similar effects in children’s brains, especially during gestation, i.e., pregnancy.

A: When they are bigger than the original earthquake.

If a person gets their ass kicked once & goes back for more, it's another ass kickin' not an afterthought/shock.

Johnny Quest, glad your still vertical  :icon_sunny:

Geopolitics / Re: Doom Wears a Yellow Vest
« on: Today at 12:09:48 PM »
This seems to be a clear example of the climate change "solution" being worse than the disease, partly because it did not take into account inevitable unintended consequences. Even if the taxes were intended to help the transition away from fossil fuels, it turns a lot of poor and middle class people place more value on remaining alive and somewhat prosperous now than 20-50 years into the hypothetical future.

Not at all.  It was transparently obvious to everyone that this tax wasn't about helping to transition to "Green" energy, it was about plugging holes in the Frog budget so that Manny didn't have to raise taxes on the rich scumbags and corporations in France he serves.  If it was to help transition to green energy, the tax would have been earmarked to provide subsidies to the working class to switch to EVs.  It wasn't.  Typical Bankster that he is, he thought he could get away with it again.  Not this time.  One thing the French are good at, it's rioting.  You don't quit after one weekend.  You keep at it, week after week and you hit 'em where it hurts, in the pocketbook.  This mayhem is costing the Frog Goobermint and rich fuck bizness owners Millions, if not Billions.  Well done by the French People.  :emthup:


It occurs to me the French have historically had a solution for oppression from above.

Back in the day it was 1 & DUN....

better bring tooolz & a lunch bucket w/ cake  :icon_mrgreen:

Blades dull quickly in France, thick meatsuits....

Diner TV / Re: DD Juke Box V2.0 - Me & My Old Lady / Cheech & Chong
« on: December 08, 2018, 05:26:41 PM »
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Before Christmas Barbados should have a framework for medical cannabis in place. However, freeing up the recreational use of the drug will have to be decided by referendum.

Word of this has come from Prime Minister Mia Mottley, who pointed out that Barbados could no longer afford to miss out on the emerging cannabis industry.

“There is no doubt that we will put a framework in place for medical cannabis within the next week or so. In fact, we have more or less taken a decision, we just need some refining and training with practitioners,” Mottley told the business community gathered at the CIBC FirstCaribbean Barbados Client Economic Forum at Sandals Barbados on Friday.


The roll out of 5G technology is a “massive health experiment” that will have “disastrous consequences” for the human race, according to the first major university study into the controversial wireless service — and a coalition of 200 leading scientists and doctors are calling for an urgent stop to the roll out.

5G is being rolled out fast right now, without the FCC waiting for governmental standards, with Verizon testing it out in 11 US cities and ATT also conducting experiments.

Powering down is not something that will be done voluntarily on a large scale. And there is no political will to legislate it. So  it will happen by default when the wheels fall off. A decision to power down your own life is noble, and maybe sensible from a prepping standpoint, but don't look for it to catch on.

I can only think of about three reasons why anyone would voluntarily power down.

To make a political statement.

To follow a personal religious mandate.

To learn to survive without BAU.

The first two reasons don't appeal to me. The third seems like a bad trade with dubious benefits. Since I'm not about to change the world by my fine example (and neither are you) I'd just as soon live well as long as I can do so easily. It's enough to begin to plan for a different world at this point. I've been doing that for 8 years, and I've made some progress.

And no amount of prepping is enough, and there are no guarantees that those who have been the most dedicated and hardworking will even be the ones who make it. Lots of randomness will be involved. Attitudes will be key. Most people will not be adaptable enough to handle the changes that are coming.

And...when the wheels do fall off, and the masses of people finally are willing to make radical changes, and the world leaders finally do start to make changes, many of the things they try will have negative unforeseen consequences, and they will make the situation worse instead of better.

All this shit throwing is silly. Socialist kumbaya bullshit is silly. Eco-terrorism is silly. Live life the way you think you should live it. Plan for and expect  a lot of chaos at some point. Prep in whatever way seems right to you. Follow your instincts and use your good sense.

People who pretend they're powered down just because they have failed to thrive in the world we live in now don't impress me with their  self-righteous rants. Retired people who have no dog in the hunt don't impress me. Armchair experts don't impress me. 90 plus percent of collapse writing is total crap.

Roll your own, and ignore the noise.
very well said as usual Eddie. I do wish that there was more parking the ego at the door around here. If the motto of the site is supposed to be help as many as you can then burying the lead idea behind 40 pages of accusation and rebuttal going back years does nothing but bury the site in irrelevance. Imagine a newer user. You know someone under the age of 60 trying to find guidance for the world that is coming. The first thing they do is scroll down to the recent discussion pages. Some nuggets pop up then poof they get buried behind 3 pages of rhetoric. It's frustrating... It teaches nothing it grows no calories it prepares nobody for anything.


Don't let this joint get to you....

It's cyber house of ill repute on a good day  :icon_sunny:

Geological & Cosmological Events / Re: Mud Flood
« on: December 07, 2018, 04:44:53 PM »
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The Kitchen Sink / Re: Trapped at Sea with Crypto's Nouveau Riche'
« on: December 07, 2018, 01:33:37 PM »

Draw me your map of utopia and I’ll tell you your tragic flaw. In 10 years of political reporting I’ve met a lot of intense, oddly dressed people with very specific ideas about what the perfect world would look like, some of them in elected office—but none quite so strange as the ideological soup of starry-eyed techno-utopians and sketchy-ass crypto-grifters on the 2018 CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise.

It happened like this.

The early crypto winners are a pretty weird group of people. Probably worthy of more articles like this. Fascinating stuff, Thanks for posting.

When all this cyber nonsense goes away into poofness there's gonna' be a lot of bored to tears campers here in the 3D swamp  :icon_mrgreen:

Geological & Cosmological Events / Mud Flood
« on: December 07, 2018, 01:29:55 PM »
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The Kitchen Sink / Trapped at Sea with Crypto's Nouveau Riche'
« on: December 07, 2018, 12:52:19 PM »

Draw me your map of utopia and I’ll tell you your tragic flaw. In 10 years of political reporting I’ve met a lot of intense, oddly dressed people with very specific ideas about what the perfect world would look like, some of them in elected office—but none quite so strange as the ideological soup of starry-eyed techno-utopians and sketchy-ass crypto-grifters on the 2018 CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise.

It happened like this.

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