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Far Out Newz / Polarity, Yes … Matter? Not So Sure
« on: May 24, 2019, 09:11:51 AM »

Most people know something about polarity—North Pole/South Pole; putting the phone battery in the right way—opposing aspects of one thing. Less people may have considered what Einstein said concerning matter: “Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

What follows is a theory about the nature of existence, including the nature of human being. It differs from religious and scientific views with the confession that ultimately it’s a great mystery. It will never be totally fathomed mentally, even though there are ideas and concepts that have been and can be expressed about it.

The best we may be able to do is develop/nurture a human capacity given little respect by science and virtually ignored in guiding society’s development(s): Intuition/Wisdom.

Art & Photography / The Foolish Wise Ones !
« on: May 24, 2019, 08:30:52 AM »

Posted on 2019/05/22

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Stephen Wiltshire was written off as autistic by doctors when he was just three years old. But at the age of 45, he is stirring up a storm in the art sphere. He just spends five days sketching a city skyline in vivid detail just after one ride on the helicopter.

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History / The ADL has become the thing it Hates
« on: May 24, 2019, 08:24:29 AM »
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Geopolitics / Trump's Wall/Cruz's Space Pirates, Tax Donkey Choices
« on: May 24, 2019, 08:08:19 AM »

Do We Need Space Force to Protect us from Space Pirates?


On May 14, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) gave a speech in support of Congress moving forward with the creation of Space Force as a new branch of the US military. Cruz gave an intriguing perspective on what the proposed new military branch would protect the country from – space pirates!

Cruz said the following in his Space Force speech at a hearing of the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation and Space, which he chairs:

Since the ancient Greeks first put to sea, nations have recognized the necessity of naval forces and maintaining a superior capability to protect waterborne travel and commerce from bad actors. Pirates threaten the open seas, and the same is possible in space. In this same way, I believe we, too, must now recognize the necessity of a space force to defend the nation and to protect space commerce and civil space exploration.

Surly Newz / Re: Doomstead Diner Daily
« on: May 24, 2019, 07:23:53 AM »
Quote from: AZ
Mining & quarry work is the toughest, most deadly dangerous work on Earth.  Even as a hobbyist (now) for me I know what's involved in rock work.

Those catacombs are most likely full of tax donkey carcasses from back in the day when those enormous structures were built.

As th article points out, construction of this labyrinth has gone on for hundreds of years, one of the benefits of building a city on limestone. And the underground network beneath Odessa is supposed to be even more extensive.

In re miners... The HBO series Chernobyl (which I highly recommend to anyone, should you be able to view it) has a scene where the prettily-attired Minister for Mines in the USSR has to recruit coal miners for the unbelievably dangerous job of digging BENEATH the Chernobyl reactor for some planned mitigation. the stakes are the lives of millions of people. And in the USSR workers had some power-- they could have refused to go. They went.

In a later scene, the crew boss asks for fans, because the digging is so hot. the request is refused: too dangerous. So the miners strip naked and continue to dig. A death sentence; but the assignment itself was a death sentence. All in a day's work for people who confront the possibility of death daily anyhow.

Tough tough people.

We have an under ground here in my little town. Catacombs if you will.
It was pointed out to me by the rail fans here that the Chinese immigrant tax donkeys of the 1800's created these digs.
This area was heavily mud flooded at some point in the past. More recent than distant (last 200 years) past.

Far Out Newz / Re: ***YOUR BUSTED***
« on: May 24, 2019, 07:03:34 AM »

May 21, 2019

Dr. Mercola, Guest
Waking Times

I’ve written about the collusion between industry and the U.S. federal regulatory agencies on many occasions throughout the years, and how industry-funded research simply tends to promote and support the industry agenda rather than shed truthful light on the benefits or risks of any given product.

In recent years, the hidden influence of The Coca-Cola Company over health and sugar science has been highlighted several times and, according to recent findings, it appears the company has not changed its secretive and deceptive ways, despite public assurances of transparency.

Documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests reveal Coca-Cola’s research agreements with certain universities give the company questionable rights over the research process, while other FOIA documents show Coca-Cola has an unreasonable amount of influence over the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Truly, having a public health organization that protects and supports industry rather than looking out for public health is worse than having no public health protection agency at all, and making health decisions on Coca-Cola funded research is bound to lead public health in the wrong direction — which is exactly what’s been happening.
Coke’s Research Agreements Allow It to Bury Unfavorable Findings

« on: May 24, 2019, 07:01:08 AM »

May 18, 2019

Our consciousness is wired for sound healing. When we listen to the music of the soul, we are powerful, glowing beings of endless creation and constant soul evolution.
Music of, and for, the Soul

Most of us have memories of songs which remind of us of life experiences or feelings that were brought to light just because we listened. A beautiful melody or message that stirs our being to dream or take action becomes ingrained in our learning process as souls on life missions; Music is magic. The emotions and insights that occur because of the sound of instruments, voices and arrangements elevate our frequencies to bring us further into evolution.

Meditation practices often include tones, sounds, bells, human voices chanting and nature to help connect the higher consciousness with our human brains. Our pineal glands and chakra systems respond to the vibrations which create color codes we turn into healing energy. Activation becomes possible when the mind becomes still and open to receive.

Stress and anxiety can be relieved with the lovely sound of a soft piano concerto or the rhythmic syncopation of 10 drummers. Recognition can depend on our mood and our tolerance for loud noises. For some, it is a great way to release negative energies and bring thoughts for new horizons. Tuning forks which generate certain tones can help the brain relate to the body how to rid itself of toxins and speed the healing of injuries.

Music can calm the storm and raise the spirits for maximum powers of creation. Listening to music we love can help us write, study, paint, draw and do housework. It helps us keep motivated or lets us purge our worries and fears. Music gives us something to dance to or celebrate. We can usually choose the music in our environments, but occasionally we walk into other spaces playing something new or unfamiliar. Our senses will either accept or reject the sound based on our personal preferences and mood at the time. A sad country song might have some running for the door but an upbeat song saying we have a bright future ahead make us stay around.

Listening to a Buddhist chant while the wind chimes softly speak outside during meditation can be an amazing way to start a day. Letting go of the outcome, letting the sounds speak to your inner being for greater intuition and healing energies can grow into daily physical therapy. The music that we love is our way of giving ourselves a “hug.” Comforting, enlightening and thought-provoking melodies give us hope, healing, and escape. We need the music, and it needs us to appreciate it in all its qualities and quantities. If it sparks our senses and brings, us to love it is living its purpose in humanity.

Throughout human existence, as long as we experience music, we live in a sacred dream. We are connected as one in sound and vibration whenever we attend a symphony or gather for an outdoor rock concert together. When the sound combines with visual images it becomes a larger experience in connection and frequency. It becomes an unforgettable milestone in our senses; we can take memory and give it new life by living it over again when we listen to an old song we love. We celebrate music when we dance, letting our bodies relate how music makes us feel.

The times we were born in and then evolved in are all represented in music. The music created before we incarnated also has an amazing ability to reach our hearts and change our minds with their beauty. The music still to be created is rooted in the beginnings of our abilities as humans to transfer our thoughts to music. Child prodigies with no training have played, composed and sang with remarkable talent and poise as if the music were born already inside them from a past life. These are the gifts of spirit we were meant to share and heal. Our consciousness is wired for sound healing. When we listen to the music of the soul, we are powerful, glowing beings of endless creation and constant soul evolution.

Environment / Re: Official Insect Thread
« on: May 24, 2019, 06:40:55 AM »

Spider species discovered to use catapult technology to fling sticky webs at prey… previously scientists believed only humans possessed such weapons tech

Saturday, May 18, 2019 by: Ethan Huff

Scientists at The University of Akron in Ohio have made yet another remarkable discovery about the intricacies of the animal kingdom, which continue to amaze even the brightest minds.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a spider out there that’s not only able to spin its web in awe-inspiring wonder, but also pull this web back taut and sling it upon its prey like a slingshot – the first known animal to be able to perform this incredible feat.

While it was previously thought that only humans were smart enough to sling things at something they wanted to catch, the triangle-weaver spider also possesses this ability, which experts are calling “power amplification.”

Publishing a paper on the subject in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS), researchers in Ohio reveal how the triangle-weaver spider essentially catapults both itself and its web towards its prey, using this elastic energy to increase its odds of a successful catch.

Click on link for short vid of spidey in action. Cool stuff.

Surly Newz / Re: Doomstead Diner Daily
« on: May 24, 2019, 05:58:59 AM »
That New Yorker article on the Paris underground was really interesting.

Funny, though, there's no photos or artistic renderings of these massive stone structures being quarried or constructed.

No diamond tipped saw blades have EVAH been found around the digs. Those monks must have been sticklers on housekeeping around the digs  :icon_mrgreen:

Hell of a tourism/travel article!

It IS interesting. The evacuation of the dead must have been a grim business...

I like the phrase “Temporary Autonomous Zone” for cataphiles.

I get one day off a week from my employment. Friday is it.

I'm in the retail vendor area of tax donkey employment. I meet many people in my daily travels.

Up early & get er' done by noon. Anyway, last Friday I took a couple of old boys up to the mine with me. Rookies  :icon_mrgreen:
Unbeknownst to me until we get back to the stead, one of them wears a diaper. He has diverticulitis, squirt shits.....

He's a good 50 pounds over weight, pot belly. His partner friend is in shape. He hauls water to desert dweller folks around Parker & Earp areas, south of the canyon, down the river a hundred miles or so.

Anyway, these guys (J.W.'s I might add) are all about the TV nonsense displayed regarding prospecting for gold.

So they wanted the silver dollar tour of the digs. As I said Friday is my 1 day to chill. I can't work & mine in the same day, to much even for me.

So last Friday here was the ideal chamber of commerce weather for the jaunt. Off we go, 6 a.m. & we're filling our 1st bucket with hundred mesh paydirt.
Remember they're rooks.....

The digs has 4 levels. They only made it up to 3 where the glory hole is  :icon_sunny:
The fourth level is the ore head & hanging wall of pay me now. The knees gave out on the fat guy, Bill. Back to the truck he went. Still happy to be there.
Lance the other guy did well. We got him a couple buckets of the good stuff & sent him home a camper as well.

When I do this sort of thing with these guys the patterns the same. I never see them again. The rule is, you get more rock when you show me your results.

My whole point in this short story is this. What you see on TV or on the web isn't reality.

Mining & quarry work is the toughest, most deadly dangerous work on Earth.  Even as a hobbyist (now) for me I know what's involved in rock work.

Those catacombs are most likely full of tax donkey carcasses from back in the day when those enormous structures were built.

We have an unusual mine just south of my digs. There's no gold in the digs. It's all giant boulders of white quartz with medium blue spots all over it.
The blue spots represent silver. Again, I have idea how horse & wagon people moved these enormous stones out of the ground & then just left it all
on the side of the mountain.
We have a white granite oversized structure here in my town. It is used as one of the county court houses. I was in it many years ago as a juror.
Beautiful building & enormous granite stone work.  :icon_scratch:

Surly Newz / Re: The Surlynewz Channel
« on: May 24, 2019, 05:28:06 AM »
I ran into this stashed cash situation with crooked Joe from Germany during my real estate days.

I always got paid by him in old, old, Benjamin's. He had suitcases full of benny's from his euro clients. That's how they roll.....

Surly Newz / Re: Doomstead Diner Daily
« on: May 24, 2019, 04:54:20 AM »
That New Yorker article on the Paris underground was really interesting.

Funny, though, there's no photos or artistic renderings of these massive stone structures being quarried or constructed.

No diamond tipped saw blades have EVAH been found around the digs. Those monks must have been sticklers on housekeeping around the digs  :icon_mrgreen:



A woman from Wales was recently shocked to discover a swarm of 20,000 bees attached to her car. Thankfully, she did the kind and responsible thing and called a beekeeper to come and remove them. However, the next day they were back.

That’s right, the swam was able to track Carol Howarth and her Mitsubishi back down and collect all over the back of her car again. Turns out, they were looking for their queen!

That’s right, the devoted bunch were trying to rescue her!

Roger Burns of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers said,

“We think the queen bee had been attracted to something in the car, perhaps something sweet, and had got into a gap on the boot’s wiper blade or perhaps the hinge. The swarm of around 20,000 had followed her and were sat around on the boot of the car.”1


May 22nd, 2019

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Nothing happens by chance. The Universal mother tongue is that of synchronicity. As The Shift unfolds we’ll be seeing countless mirrors as to the way forwards. And here we are, a wave of people beginning to shift into 5D right at the time a new, highly invasive, 5G technology is being rolled out. Which one is truly SMART indeed! I can feel it deep in my bones that this is an illuminating signal for evolving people. 5G seems to be a full-on assault to our ecosystems by an unseen consciousness. Together with abrupt climate change, environmental degradation and the Pole Shift, it’s all converging. The invitation is to begin Ascension into 5D.

It will be the ride of our lives!
Emergence of Aligned Human Consciousness

It’s essential to hoist on board the likely intentions behind 5G – and what I’m really talking about here is the unseen consciousness behind it. For thousands of years our planet and humanity have been in the grip of a controlling alien intervention, bent on creating a synthetic reality, more aligned to their agenda and vibration. The evidence is overwhelming, which I’ve shared in the book DIVINICUS rise of the divine human and the documentary PARADIGM SHIFT. It cuts to clear adaptations in genetic coding and especially the sudden change in chromosome count from 48 in hominids to 46 in Homo Sapiens – a minimum of 4 step changes that happened all at once.

The Benevolent Mission around the earth has been well aware of this since the beginning, and has been tirelessly working to support the emergence of aligned human consciousness out of it. It’s about helping to restore the natural vibration of the Earth and realign the alien intervention back to the light.

This Intervention has already caused rapidly accelerating climate change and environmental  degradation by addicting the shadow subconscious of humanity to unhealthy and destructive lifestyles. But 5G marks a definite quantum leap in this effect with the EMF shadow likely increasing by 100-fold. Our pollinators and insect populations are already greatly in decline. This could well force the collapse of the 3D ecosystems.
(Check out the evidence here).

Why would this intention be so extreme?
The Journey into ‘Space’ – The Higher Dimensions 5D/6D/7D

Throughout Earth’s history civilisations have come and gone. Each breakdown has also synchronistically coincided with miraculous breakthroughs – waves of evolving souls have passed on into higher densities. But this Earth Shift is quite unlike any other, because the consciousness of Gaia herself is shifting into the New Paradigm in the higher vibrations of the 5D/6D/7D. It is the appropriate answer to the lower dimensional cancer of the Intervention that has been the karmic manifestation of humanity’s unconsciousness here. The Shift is providing a crucial vehicle for humanity to become realised at the deepest levels, interconnected with the Universe as spiritual beings. As challenging as this crucible of profound change will likely be, it will define a reclaimation of human sovereignty, an illumination of consciousness, and the birth of a Divine Being that is interconnected with the Universe. A tremendous possibility indeed!

The Intervention has lost its agenda to control the Earth. It will be purged from Gaia in the completing shift. Any interdimensional being with any kind of foresight will now know this. The concluding Pole Shift, and wider changes in our solar system, activated by our sun, the Solar Logos, will ultimately completely cleanse the Earth in the 3D. It’s clear to me that’s why the Intervention now has scant regard for Earth’s ecosystems and natural biology. Their increasingly evident intention, is to create a synthetic reality based on SMART technology and AI, with as many human souls assimilated as possible, then to go off-world to create new communities elsewhere in the cosmos.

Just a few weeks ago the astronaut Buzz Aldrin who successfully walked on the moon with the Apollo 11 mission, signaled a growing intention in America to migrate humanity to Mars. Here is what he’s reported as saying to The Washington Post…

    “The United States’ eyes — and our unified commitment — should focus on opening the door, in our time, to the great migration of humankind to Mars. Books aplenty have been written about how to do this, and they have inspired government and non-government leaders to make lofty plans. But plans without a detailed architecture, and without that “next step” into the future, are just fantasy.

    The Trump administration and today’s Congress, inspired by an American public impatient for space leadership, could start this engine. The next step would build on our early lunar landings and establish permanent settlements on the moon. In the meantime, preparations for permanent migration to the red planet can be made. All of this is within reach for humans alive now, but it starts with a unified next step in space. The nation best poised to make it happen is the United States.”

To me, the consciousness behind this in the ether, recognises the loss of its agenda here on Earth – to consume it within a synthetic reality. However, ideally, as many as possible will find their way back to the light as The Shift unfolds.

If you’re reading this and resonate at least in part, what choices might it now inspire you to make?
The New Allegiance

Allegiance to the old regime and acquiescence to it is now becoming increasingly futile. Although it can still form a bridge to the New Paradigm, in itself, it has no future. This karmic construct will unwind and break down, which we’re already witnessing happening (and is what’s precipitating the new space race). So there’s a clear invitation to surrender deep into your core inner being, align with the authentic flow of your soul, and progressively shift into the higher vibrational reality. I’d say that’s the only ‘space travel’ that makes any real sense that is likely to bring a deep sense of connected peace.

What about the feelings awakening people are having to protect and save the environment, to be more conscious and connected? Is this now pointless? Far from it. Now, more than ever, it is essential to give your heart to those things that stir you at the deepest levels of compassion for all sentient life. It is this that reconnects people with the natural rhythms of the Universe. But to be clear, this was never about ‘protecting the planet for our kids and grandkids’. That is still the anthropocentric – human centred – view that contributed to this ecosystem breakdown in the first place. Besides keeping the window of viable 3D living open as long as possible, there is only one authentic reason to protect nature…Because it is Right!

Your soul will guide you on the moment by moment choices that you’ll need to make in order to process out the karmic density you may still hold. This is essential, because to deny the subconscious shadow side is self defeating and derailing. Plenty in the spiritual mainstream are still focusing on ‘manifesting rosy realities’, without realising that everyone ALREADY created this 5G/5D synchronistic crucible. It has manifested from the emergent light and the subconscious shadow. It is time to get into the density and work it through. This is the great opportunity to reclaim fragments of soul gold, reintegrate, and shift consciousness into the higher vibrations by progressive transmutation.
The Spirit Light Body – Your Vehicle of Ascension

Beware misinformation and misunderstanding in the spiritual mainstream. There’s a widely held view that: “The 3D physical world, and all life on it, will progressively raise vibration into the New Paradigm when enough souls have awakened”. There is no science for this. Firstly, the physical does not ‘raise its vibration’. It holds a particular vibrational frequency for exploration and inquiry, each density being as a ‘standing wave’ within the Universal Torus.

It is Unity Consciousness in the form of souls (Gaia included) that ‘raise vibration’ by shifting into higher frequencies onto a different standing wave, like changing channels on the radio.

The next standing wave for humanity is the New Paradigm consisting of the 5D/6D/7D. The soul must be integrated through the progressive journey of deep inquiry and transmutation in the 3D, until it naturally shifts into the Spirit Light Body – your vehicle of Ascension. This can only fully happen once all karma has been processed (although it can be activated and worked with before then). If you happen to pass on without having processed this karma, that’s entirely okay, you’ll journey into the angelic realm of the 4D, whereupon a new incarnation can take place in some other 3D reality. That will unlikely be here on Earth though. Because once the 3D has been completely cleansed, it will likely take millions of years to rejuvenate, assuming that is going to happen for Gaia. The bulk of life here, in the meantime, will continue in the New Paradigm.

Your vehicle of Ascension, the Spirit Light Body, can activate and you can progressively integrate it as a way of being right now. It is not something to wait for. We’re currently living in two worlds, two realities, not one. And the energy, the consciousness, is progressively unwinding out of the Old Paradigm. It means you can live the new creativity here and now. Enough souls are feeling and responding to the higher vibrations of interconnectivity, the unconditional love for all life and the adherence to the synchronistic flow. So whereas higher dimensional manifestation has not always been that successful previously, now more and more energy becomes available to you as the Earth energies progressively shift. There is no point in waiting!

The likelihood is that many of us have come here to act as Bridges to the New Paradigm. We’ll remain in families and jobs and the old 3D circumstances for as long as it still lasts. You are the pathfinders and the wayshowers of the new reality. The invitation is to progressively integrate the Spirit Light Body and illuminate the journey for as many as possible to see. And also to help people overcome their fears. Fear is not something to be surpressed or denied however. If it activates, the invitation is to turn right into it, explore it deeply, let go of the attachment, and explode the myth that fear is. In this way, all fear offers opportunity – gateways into the higher consciousness.
So what can we do about 5G in a practical sense?

It would be wonderful if enough people demonstrated and protested so as to limit the 5G roll out. That would keep the window of opportunity open longer for more people to step from the old reality and into the new. However, the toxitiy of the 3D is already intensifying greatly. It’s important to let go of the need for a 3D rosy solution. In my view, still too many people are looking from behind hopeful veils of ‘saving the earth’s ecosystems in the 3D’. I say to you we are ALREADY past the point of any meaningful recovery. The majority are still consuming today as if there is no tomorrow. The 3D ecosystems are ALREADY stretched to breaking point and 5G could well tip them over the edge. There’s still the possibility to enjoy life here, yes, and protect it as long as humanly possible, but my reflection to you is that you’ll experience great fulfilment in life by progressively activating and attuning the flow of higher dimensional consciousness. You may be able to mitigate some of the physical effects of increasing EMF in your personal life, but by shifting more into the Spirit Light Body, your consciousness moves beyond the frequencies where 5G can touch you.

As I contemplated deeply the effect EMF has on me. I was sitting not far from the wifi at the time, next to the kitchen. As I put my attention on it, I could feel how it impacted my body, especially around the brain – a whoosy kind of experience. And I also reflected upon how this would be intensively magnified with 5G (synchronistically when I wrote “5G” I mistyped and wrote “5D”!). I do look after the physical really well, with purely plant based food, lots of raw and daily intermittent fasting, which gives the body plenty of time to recover and rebuild. But I know I can do relatively little about lasting physical health here in the long run.

Then, what spiked in my peripheral vision, was a blackbird in the garden that seemed to be speaking to me. Blackbird is appearing a lot in my landscape recently and they seem to keep coming very close. So I checked out the ‘animal medicine’ – Blackbird represents the Gateway into the mystical world, into the dreamspace. It prompted me to immediately go deeper inwards and connect with the Spirit Light Body – to center more deeply in that. Now I could feel the impact of the EMF in the physical, but it didn’t seem to matter at all – as long as I focused on the higher vehicle, the sense of it was not impacted in the slightest. That’s the vehicle we’ll be stepping into as we ascend.
10 Practical Responses to 5G

I felt also to share these 10 practical responses (from my previous article on 5G) for you to consider and explore…

1) Accelerate Your Shift into 5D Consciousness: I’m working with groups of people all around the world who’re unfolding into higher dimensional consciousness and living it now. They can feel the New Paradigm all around them. Be clear though, because there’s lots of confusion around what ‘Ascending into 5D’ really means. There is a very clear science to it.
Check out Openhand’s 5D Shift Project

2) Inform yourself about the implications of 5G: get to know what the implications are and where possible, take part in protestations and demonstrations, which are currently beginning to happen. It is still possible to limit the full role out.
Check out the May 15 demonstrations in various US States
Brussels becomes first major City to Halt 5G

3) Learn how to mitigate the effects of EMF: good sources are springing up on the web of how to minimise and mitigate the impacts of increasing EMF. For example the volcanic rock shungite is highly effective at reducing microwave radiation. Check out this website with free download… Takebackyourpower

4) Conduct daily inner cleansings and fasting: already we can clearly see the general health of humanity is degrading. Amongst others EMF greatly impacts the immune system. Investigate how you can strengthen this through detox juicing, a healthy plant based diet and fasting. Daily Intermittent fasting for example gives the body invaluable time to rest and rebuild cell structure… Explore fasting for Evolution here

5) Take back Soul Sovereignty: the internet is a great source of information, but also misinformation masquerading as ‘the truth’. The truth for you, is something only you can know, feel and integrate. Get to know how your soul wants to draw you to particular inquiries, but stay connected to how you feel about them inside. Get to know your own sense of ‘higher knowing landing’ – that sense of instant landing flash – “yes, that’s it”…
Develop Your Own Spiritual Compass

6) Beware of Excessive Distraction “Out there”: the Intervention is trying all ways to distract souls from the true source of their power, which is aligned consciousness within. The ‘narrative’ is escalating daily, with constant new distractions, information, social media, gadgets and ‘toys’. This only risks attuning you more into the physical and intellectual planes. Remember always your true source of power is what you feel at the core of you, centred in this storm…
Explore this Breakthrough Breathing Meditation to connect with your core

7) Connection with Nature: Make it as much of a priority as possible to connect with nature and form loving bonds with the plant and animal kingdoms. Despite the degradation in our environment and eco-systems, there’s still plenty to connect with. Renew your connection with Mother Earth, respect and cherish all life. Let natural feedback loops build between you. To ascend into the New Paradigm is to become as one with the natural rhythms of the Earth.
Trial this Six Senses Meditation

8) Activate Your Spirit Light Body: inform yourself on the nature of your higher bodily vehicles of expression and especially the Spirit Light Body, which is your vehicle of Ascension, that you can activate and live through right now. It brings with it a deep sense of connection to the Universe, peace and a sense of well being. What’s more, it is beyond where 5G can impact. If in doubt, meditate, meditate, meditate!
Here’s a short video on the Spirit Light Body

9) Develop Effective Processes for dealing with Karmic Density: as you commit to the progressive shift into the new dimensions, it will activate inner karmic density. It is self-defeating to override or ignore this. The invitation is to turn right into it and process through, so that you can transcend it. Understanding Transcendence

10) Live the New Reality Now: we’re currently living in two worlds not one – there’s the old paradigm which is breaking down, yet desperately trying to pull souls in; and there’s the New Paradigm we’re ascending into that many can already feel and experience. Your reality becomes where you place your focus. If  you know higher dimensional living is for you, then begin to live it here and now. Ultimately the physical will fall away, but you can continue your journey in the higher bodily vehicles of the New Paradigm. It’s a feeling that you can shift into and live right now. Here’s how you can create successfully from 5D
Seize the Day!

Medicine & Health / Re: SHROOOMS !
« on: May 23, 2019, 09:55:24 AM »

As Denver Decriminalizes Mushrooms, Major City Moves to Decriminalize Ayahuasca, Ibogaine Too

After Denver paved the way by decriminalizing mushrooms, a major city in California is moving on other psychedelics like ayahuasca, ibogaine, and mescaline cacti.
By Matt Agorist

May 21, 2019

Nearly seven years ago, Colorado citizens—tired of the war on drugs and wise to the near-limitless benefits of cannabis—made US history by voting to legalize recreational marijuana. Now, this state has once again placed themselves on the right side of history as they voted this month to decriminalize magic mushrooms. But this was just the beginning and their momentum is spreading—faster and stronger, toward decriminalizing all plant-based psychedelics.

Now, a major city in California is following suit, but not just with psilocybin—Oakland is calling for decriminalization of other psychedelics like mescaline cacti, ayahuasca and ibogaine.

To be clear, the recent measure does not mean that mushrooms are now legal in Denver, it simply means that cops can’t make it a priority to go after folks for them and it won’t land people in jail for possession. While legalization would be the perfect result, this is most certainly a step in the right direction and this step appears to be a giant leap now that California is doing the same.

As Forbes reports:



Like the Denver resolution, the Oakland resolution would make possession of these psychedelics “amongst the lowest law enforcement priority” for the city under the measure, according to Forbes, which also specifies that the Council “wishes to declare its desire not to expend City resources in any investigation, detention, arrest, or prosecution arising out of alleged violations of state and federal law regarding the use of Entheogenic Plants.”

“We already have support from at least five members of the Council, but our goal is to get eight out of eight to show unanimous support, because this affects all communities in Oakland,” Carlos Plazola, an organizer with the group Decriminalize Nature, which worked to help draft the measure, said in an interview.

As TFTP has reported in the past, psilocybin-containing mushrooms are an enemy to the establishment who has every reason in the world to want to keep them as illegal as possible. The same goes for ayahuasca and other powerful mind-opening substances.

The United States Supreme Court has unanimously ruled in favor of the legal religious use of ayahuasca by the União do Vegetal, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has affirmed the Santo Daime Church’s freedom to use Ayahuasca for religious purposes. However, ayahuasca’s principally active ingredient, DMT, remains a Schedule I controlled substance, carrying a steep prison sentence.

Many people have been forced to travel outside of the country to meet with Shamans in the Amazon who are skilled and knowledgeable about the substance.

One industry in particular, Big Pharma, stands to lose billions if measures like this one began to spread to other areas as mushrooms and other hallucinogens have been clinically tested to treat a wide range of problems, including depression.

One in ten men in the US currently takes an antidepressant while 16.5 percent of women use them as well. If people can treat their depression with something that you can grow in your own home or a plant medicine from a shaman verses taking pills with side effects like homicidal ideation, the pharmaceutical industry would lose big time.

Indeed, there are mounds of evidence and studies showing the positive benefits of magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, and ibogaine.

As TFTP reported last year, a study, published in the scientific journal Neuropharmacology, found that clinically depressed people had increased neural responses to fearful faces one day after a psilocybin-assisted therapy session, which positively predicted positive clinical outcomes.

“Psilocybin-assisted therapy might mitigate depression by increasing emotional connection,” neuroscientist and study author Leor Roseman, a Ph.D. student at Imperial College London, explained to PsyPost.

This is almost the exact opposite of how standard anti-depressants operate, as SSRI’s typically work by creating an “emotional blunting.”

“[T]his is unlike SSRI antidepressants which are criticized for creating in many people a general emotional blunting,” noted Roseman.

“I believe that psychedelics hold a potential to cure deep psychological wounds, and I believe that by investigating their neuropsychopharmacological mechanism, we can learn to understand this potential,” explained Roseman.

The government also stands to lose if more measures like this take hold in other cities too.

As TFTP previously reported, mushrooms and psychedelics used to be widely accepted as a treatment for many ailments until government moved in to stop the expansion of human consciousness.

As MAPS points out, although first-hand accounts indicate that ibogaine is unlikely to be popular as a recreational drug, ibogaine remains classified as a Schedule I drug in the United States (it is also scheduled in Belgium and Switzerland). Yet despite its classification as a drug with a “high potential for abuse” and “no currently accepted medical use,” people who struggle with substance abuse continue to seek out international clinics or underground providers to receive ibogaine treatment.

In the 1940s, western medicine began realizing the potential for psychedelics to treat addiction and psychiatric disorders. Tens of thousands of people were treated effectively, and psychedelic drugs were on the fast track to becoming mainstream medicine. But the beast of oppression reared its ugly head.

In 1967 and 1970, the UK and US governments cast all psychedelic substances into the pit of prohibition. People were waking up to the fact that governments intended to keep the world in a state of war, and that governments were working to keep the populace sedated under a cloak of consumerism. The collective mind expansion of that era came to a screeching halt under the boot and truncheon.

As John Vibes pointed out last January, a study actually confirmed the fear of authoritarians and showed they have every reason to oppose legal mushrooms. According to the study from the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College London, published in the journal Psychopharmacology, psychedelic mushrooms tend to make people more resistant to authority. They also found the psychedelic experience induced by these mushrooms also cause people to be more connected with nature.

“Our findings tentatively raise the possibility that given in this way, psilocybin may produce sustained changes in outlook and political perspective, here in the direction of increased nature relatedness and decreased authoritarianism,” researchers Taylor Lyons and Robin L. Carhart-Harris write in the study.

Now, as people share information globally, instantaneously, on a scale unstoppable by the state, we are resuming the advancement of medical research on psychedelic substances. Scientists are challenging the irrational classification of psychedelics as “class A” (UK) or “schedule 1” (US) substances, characterized as having no medical use and high potential for addiction. And, the recent push in Colorado is evidence of this.

While the stigma associated with mushrooms and other psychedelics has been perpetuated by those who wish to keep them illegal—to keep society in a constant state of obedient mediocrity—in reality, they are extremely safe.

In fact, a major study last year declared magic mushrooms to be the safest recreational drug.

Of an astonishing 120,000 participants from 50 nations, researchers for the Global Drug Survey found the percentage of those seeking emergency treatment for ingesting psilocybin-containing hallucinogenic mushrooms to comprise just 0.2 percent per 10,000 individuals.

Rates of hospitalization for MDMA, alcohol, LSD, and cocaine were an astounding five times higher.

“Magic mushrooms are one of the safest drugs in the world,” Global Drug Survey founder and consultant addiction psychiatrist, Adam Winstock, told the Guardian, noting the biggest risk users face is misidentification — ingesting the wrong mushroom — not from the psychedelic fungus, itself.

After 40 years, it appears that another brick in the wall of prohibition is beginning to crumble in the face of science and logic. There may be hope for humanity after all.


Bring on the pods  :evil4:

May 21, 2019

John Vibes, Truth Theory
Waking Times

The abortion debate is once again taking center stage in US politics, and the prospect of artificial wombs is slowly becoming a part of the conversation, as the technology is actually starting to become a reality. According to some experts in the field, we are just a decade away from this type of technology reaching the public.

Dr. Carlo Bulletti, associate professor at Yale University’s obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive science department, has predicted that a fully functioning artificial womb could be used in the medical field in the next ten years.

Scientists call this Ectogenesis, which is an artificial pregnancy outside of the body. Numerous experiments have tested this process with animals and have been slowly advancing the success rates of the procedure. In the most notable of these experiments, a premature lamb was kept alive for weeks in an artificial womb.

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