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Doomsteading / C5's Shipping Container Home ... of Dooooom
« on: September 03, 2019, 08:39:10 AM »
Well, my latest article is out and I thought I would share with you folks. It should explain why I have been so suspiciously absent. This is my latest build.


One built. One more to go

Geopolitics / Civil War in the US- A Canadian Perspective
« on: October 28, 2018, 07:15:21 AM »
This is a worthwhile read

Its not that shocking of a thought to the folks here. I have been saying this for about the last 15 years. The reason it was obvious.... was because it was so fucking obvious. I simply  listened to the Right and chose to believe them.

C5 Rule Of Survival- If someone threatens you, BELIEVE THEM........ and act accordingly.

To a person, every single person I mentioned this to, dismissed me or saw me as a potentially dangerous nut case. MrsC5 was the first to believe me.... so she is a keeper.

Environment / It's not the HEAT. It's the STUPIDITY
« on: July 28, 2018, 06:57:03 PM »
I was out having a beer and smoke inspired thought. There is no real subject to talk about other than the weather this year. In my half century plus, I have never experienced anything like this.

My inner smartish guy thought.... "Its not the heat. Its the stupidity".

I was rather impressed with myself for that word play.....

....then I typed it to the search engine and discovered lots of other people had worked out the same word play.

I was immediately reminded of the book of Ecclesiastes. "There is nothing new under the sun. What is thought has been thought before".

It sucks not to be as smart as my press release...

...But it is a good title  for.... a new Subject Heading..

"Burn, Baby, Burn" doesn't cut it anymore. This is only the greenhouse heat from carbon inputs 30 years ago. It's just started.

All that shit I said I was going to do this year, pretty much, got  called on account of humidity.

Here is a place to bitch about the heat...

....and heat related subjects.

There is a Monty Python joke in there somewhere that I cant quite remember, Geek away.

The Kitchen Sink / C5 here, Stopping by to say Hi
« on: August 14, 2017, 12:50:40 PM »
The name says it all. I write as Category5 over at Dark Green Mountain Survival Research Centre. My wife and I live on a 110 acre doomstead in rural Nova Scotia farmland and have presently been down in an unnamed South American Mega City as volunteers doing "development work". I have been squirling away low energy survival skill already in use down here and passing that info to my readers up north.

I recently gave a shout out to Re because of his latest experiments in Van living. Having spent a decade of my life living that way, I still promote it for people in his condition, even with its heavy pros and even heavier cons. I consider it Exteme Prophylactic Poverty Reduction Prepping.

Then I thought to myself, What the heck. I might as well just pop my head in the dinner door and say, "Hi, fellow brothers and sisters of the apocalypse".

I have been doing some version of Adaptation to an insane world, since the age of 10 when I first grasped what Exponential Growth ment. I have been through Most of the survivalist fashions, from trying to live like an indian, to the boonie cap wearing survivalist drag queen phase so many go through to the Nomadic Road Warrior phase, The Chris Mccandles phase, The , ita all a conspiracy phase, the deep woods cabin phase and a bunch more phases not worth mentioning. I now sit comfortably doing the lazy mans Permaculture phase and still have a couple years left in me before I enter the great beyond and cause trouble there, either by decomposing badly or picking a fight with the gods, whichever happens.

May your food pantries grow large and your gardens grow larger...and your friends grow largest.

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