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Art & Photography / Re: DD Favorite Photograph Album
« Last post by Golden Oxen on July 22, 2018, 04:34:42 AM »
 Home Sweet Home          Damasus Style  ::)


     Ain Terma, Syria
People watch the World Cup final in their war-damaged home in the eastern Ghouta suburb of Damascus

Photograph: Hassan Ammar/AP
Art & Photography / Re: DD Favorite Photograph Album
« Last post by Golden Oxen on July 22, 2018, 04:28:27 AM »
Another part of our world turned into a hell for no good reason.  :emthdown: :emthdown: :hammer:


     Sanaa, Yemen
A girl displaced from the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah looks out from behind the door of her family shelter

Photograph: Khaled Abdullah/Reuters
Golden Oxen Newz / Re: Gold & Silver News
« Last post by Golden Oxen on July 22, 2018, 04:18:35 AM »
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Thank you for your reply and opinion of my posting.

GO welcomes all commentary on his postings and rest assured Diners they are given my full attention. We are all in this together and your ideas are important to me.
Art & Photography / Re: DD Favorite Photograph Album
« Last post by Golden Oxen on July 22, 2018, 04:11:31 AM »
The disgraceful, disgusting never ending war.  :-\  Seen enough pictures to know real from fake. That is the face of MISERY diners.  :'(


     Gaza City, Palestine
Young Palestinians mourn at al-Shifa hospital morgue after two teenagers were killed in one of a series of Israeli air strikes

Photograph: Anas Baba/AFP/Getty Images
Golden Oxen Newz / How many Amerikans actually own Gold?
« Last post by RE on July 22, 2018, 04:08:24 AM »
According to professional Gold Bugs...

A few years ago I spotted an article on the website (a coin collector/investor site from Krause Publications). Patrick A. Heller wrote the following Market Update for June 16, 2009:

    it isnt much of a surprise that a relatively low percentage of investors own gold. One report I read said that 48 percent of American adults own corporate stocks, either directly or through mutual funds or retirement accounts. The only guesses I can find for the percentage of adult Americans who own investment gold range from three percent to nine percent.

(Editors note: Italics added for emphasis)

Long-time gold watcher Michael J. Kosares, whos headed USAGOLD-Centennial Precious Metals since 1973, believes that even three percent might be too high. He wrote in an October 2011 special report entitled Alternative Misery Index drives gold demand that:

    The number of people who actually own investment gold in the United States is miniscule when compared to those who own stocks no matter what the polls say. 34% of Americans say gold is the best long-term investment, but how many of that 34% actually own it in the form of coins and bullion? No one has that figure, but my guess would be less than 1% (of the total population) and I doubt I am all that far from the truth. Compare that with the number of people who own stocks 10% of the population reportedly owns 85% of the stocks.

(Editors note: Italics added for emphasis)

Now, Eric King, who hosted the Financial Sense Newshour some time ago in impressive fashion, wrote on his King World News website back on October 25, 2010, about John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist for Sprott Asset Management. He attributed the following quote to Embry as it concerns a purported gold and silver bubble:

    Jimmy Rogers, who is one of the worlds leading authorities on commodities, dealt with the bubble issue recently by recounting an interesting anecdote. While addressing a group of high-end money managers, he inquired as to how many of them held gold or silver in their accounts and, remarkably, 75 percent replied that they had never owned either precious metal.

    As far as Im concerned, that put to rest any idea that we are even remotely close to a bubble in gold or silver.

(Editors note: Italics added for emphasis)

So, the percentage of adult Americans that own investment gold? Still less than 10 percent is probably a safe guess.

My conjecture here is the number is well south of 10%.

Art & Photography / Re: DD Favorite Photograph Album
« Last post by Golden Oxen on July 22, 2018, 04:05:42 AM »
Thanks you wonderful folks for trying to do something to save our planet.  :emthup:


      Florida Keys , US
Conservationists give Little Money a push into the Atlantic Ocean. The female green sea turtle was released as part of the Tour de Turtles, which tracks online 17 of the creatures that have been or will be released off Florida and in the Caribbean.

Photograph: Andy Newman/AFP/Getty Images

Frostbite Falls Newz / Picture Perfect Day on the Last Great Frontier
« Last post by RE on July 22, 2018, 03:05:13 AM »

youtube-Logo-4gc2reddit-logoOff the keyboard of RE

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on July 22, 2018

Image result for sunrise in alaska

Discuss this article at the Frostbite Falls Table inside the Diner

Regular readers of the Diner may have noticed the recent absence of my Sunday Brunch article, which I have been religiously writing basically since we launched the Diner in February of 2012.  For quite some time I was actually publishing 2 or 3 blogs a week, and/or pocasts or videos.  For the first time in my memory, I missed 3 consecutive weeks with nary a word, at least not outside on the Front Page of the Diner.  I'm still posting inside the Diner, though vastly reduced numbers there as well.  So what's the story?

Well, regular readers should also know about my many health issues, which seem to be on a fixed course headed Due South.  The last couple of months have seen 3 stays in hospital, with new and ever more debilitating symptoms showing up all the time.  My available energy for contemplating and writing about the issues of Doom is all being consumed by trying to cope with my own personal Doom and the impending arrival of the Grim Reaper for his final visit.  He pays me a call just about every night, but so far has left me still ticking after each visit, but also with some new problem to make my exit to the Great Beyond a little more arduous.  I am not getting the EZ Ticket Out I had hoped for, going out quick in  blaze of youthful macho glory in one of my motorcycle crashes or defending the first SUN☼stead from hordes of incoming Zombies with my AR-15, or hell even just a massive coronary, richly deserved after decades of copious beer, tobacco & and saturated fats consumption.  No, I bought the ticket on the Local Train to the Great Beyond, packed in a wooden crate in the luggage car.  I rolled craps on this one.

Anyhow, fortunately my Cohort in Collapse Surly has been picking up the slack here with his Week in Doom articles, and the Doom as well has been much in the world of Politics lately with the ongoing Clown Show of Donalditry Trumpovetsky 🤡 and the Merry Jokers 🃏 from the Ruskie Mafia.  This material is treated far better and in more depth by Surly than I ever manage with it, he follows politics much more closely than I do.  My focus has always been Economics first, followed by Environmental degradation and related Climate and "Natural" Disaster problems, and the Psycho-social effects such as Mass Shootings. Not to mention of course all my FOOD articles!  lol.

Anyhow, coming up in about a month I am getting a visit from another Cohort in Collapse here on the Diner, my friend Eddie who is coming up here to visit with me for my Last Great Bucket List trip, a whirlwind tour of Alaska which he has never seen.  I would call it my "Last Great Adventure", except I already used that title last year around this same time when with the assistance of another friend I made the trip down to Rexburg, ID to witness the Total Eclipse of the SUN☼, which I had never been in a position to witness in all my years walking the Earth before that.  It's quite the show and experience, and I urge anyone who has never seen one from inside the Path of Totality to go to the next good one passing over the FSoA, which who knows I might still be alive for and which the Path of Totality will pass over Eddie's neighborhood in Texas in 2022.    If I do live that long, I sure hope it will be with some sort of miraculous recovery, because I don't want to live another 4 years in endless pain, that is for sure.  Just fending off the Grim Reaper for the next month to make the Bucket List trip is a daunting enough challenge these days.

So, in the absence of having much energy to write, for today I am putting up a little Photo Essay from pics I shot a couple of days ago on a Picture Perfect Sunny Summer's Day here on the Last Great Frontier.  I took the pictures on my regular Prep Run to my local Food Superstore on my newest Cripple Cart, a 3 wheel EV trike job that is pretty slow compared to my old 2-wheeler, but still covers this short distance in a reasonable amount of time.  Plus it gives me time to enjoy the weather and the great outdoors, because I don't see much of that any more.

A Picture Perfect Day on the Last Great Frontier

Over the River…


and thru the Woods…

down the bike path we go…

to see if the shelves are still stocked up with food goodies at 3 Bears 🐻🐻🐻

Great Deals on MEAT!

90% Lean from WA @ $4 lb! That's cheaper than Hot Dogs with who knows what in them!  A Meat Loaf to feed the family on a SNAP Card Gourmet Budget and Brown Bag Lunches for School and Work too!

Baby Lamb from Oz @ $6/lb for Boneless Legs and $12/lb for Rack of Lamb!  Great End of the month Premium meals for the SNAP Card Gourmet Budget!  Put them in the freezer at that price!  I can smell that Irish Lamb Stew simmering now…

Riding back home past the Flower Communities

This is where the white flowers live.  They have nice big estates to grow on.

Here is where the purple flowers live.  They have a more densely populated community.  Some white flowers are moving in to the outskirts and gentrifying the neighborhood.  Rents are going up.

Here is a multi-cultural community with purple, yellow and white trash flowers.

Looks like somebody flew in from the Bush to  visit while I was shopping!

Not me though, my friends are eco-aware and fly on commercial jets and visit in gas-guzzling RVs not Private Planes.

Finishing the day with Sunset on my Back Porch reflecting…

on all that I have done, all that I have not done, all that I should have done, all that I should not have done…of all of them there is one I have no regrets about, moving up here to the Last Great Frontier as the world comes to Collapse around me.  I am at peace here, and it is a good place to die.


Coda:  I may return to blogging Doom in the future, I may not, at this point I don't know.  For now, my Collapse Muse is on the D/L list as Surly put it.  While this remains the state of things, I will begin bringing back some Oldies but Goodies from the archives for my Sunday Brunch contributions to the Diner Blog.  There are many rookies here who never read them, and even the veterans here have probably long since forgotten them.  Old Doomer Bloggers never die really, they live on for all Eternity in the Archives.

Golden Oxen Newz / Re: Gold & Silver News
« Last post by RE on July 22, 2018, 03:04:30 AM »

Palloy, in my opinion has more gold than Eddie and is a true gold bug who understands gold and has built a reasonable stash of it over many years. All his personality traits are known to me through decades of knowing and discussing gold with true bugs.

PY lives on the same budget I do.  He is also even more Communist and anti-Capitalist than I am.  Having a stash of Gold investments would be totally out of character, not to mention out of budget.

AG, no matter what he claims has some gold and silver in my view. His personality is one of a saver, and gold bug, and he understands gold as well as Palloy, maybe better than him. He is also the type who will never admit to owning Gold and keep it hidden from everyone until the grave.

AG lives from Pension Check to Pension Check in a mobile home praying each month the landlord he rents the property from to park the place doesn't raise the rent an the state doesn't increase the Inspection cost for a Motor Vehicle.  You think he has Gold investments?  ::)

While these are my opinions let me assure you that they are not mindless conjecture. While on an individual basis here, the people you named were used by me as examples, I fully admit to maybe being in error, but take twenty of each personality type and you can rest assured of my accuracy being close to 85 %.

Given those examples, I wouldn't make book on your conjectures.

There is another Diner that came forward and owned up to owning gold, MKing. While he frowns, ridicules, and badmouths it, you will kindly notice that he owns it.

1- Moriarty was not a Diner.  He was a Diner TROLL.

2- Moriarty was RICH.🤑

As as aside it would not be fair for me to not mention that there is MORE than one other Diner who has confided in me the amount of gold they own and sought my advice. That will ALWAYS remain Confidential.  Mentioned only to emphasize that Gold and the gold community are topics where my thoughts and studies are focused constantly.

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Golden Oxen Newz / Re: Gold & Silver News
« Last post by Agent Graves on July 21, 2018, 10:34:00 PM »

Even Palloy has (or had) gold. At least he said so. So.... I think your assumption is wrong. AZ has a gold mine, fer Chrissakes. His hobby is finding gold the old guys missed in their haste to find the motherlode.

I know that most people don't have investments. But your mistake is believing that it's JUST because the system shuts them out. That they get screwed out of creating wealth. Did I ever tell you that you tend to oversimplify things? LOL.

There are so many reasons people fail to achieve financial independence. Sure, the current system makes it way harder than it once was. That's true, and I just said so above, in case you missed it.

Here's the real short list of why people die broke and don't accumulate wealth. (And I'm not talking about the riches of kings. I'm talking about having enough to live comfortably in one's old age.)

1. Failure to save any money at all on a regular basis.

2. Failure to make a viable investment strategy.

3. Failure to execute a good plan, once it's made.

4. Failure to recognize fundamental changes in markets, and make timely course corrections.

5. The human tendency to go for instant gratification, which leads to excessive risk taking.

6. Divorce.

7. And, last but not least, an educational system that goes out of its way to keep most people from learning the way money works.

Most people don't even think about anything except living paycheck to paycheck. Because thinking isn't their long suit.

Yesterday evening I was with 3 others and these topics came up,  what we said would support what you say, but there is a difference today for a lot of people, a growing number of people making it impossible.

The first had one house, sold it and bought further out, cheaper, and now has nothing. He works in building and construction and handyman, it seems sometimes on taxed wages and other times cash. Of course it wasnt always that way and once had stable reliable work. He could not buy another house now, banks would not look at him. His transport is an EV bike most of the time. He doesnt think he will ever get back to owning again.

The second got help with deposit from parents and bought a house when he got married, later divorced and lawyers took almost everything, blew his settlement, now has a govt house due to being single parent. He was saying it burns him that he cant do the same for his own kids, help give them a start. He could go back to work now as those kids  now 15-17 were old enough to be looking after themselves while he was out. He said hes on a waiting list for free dental braces worth 7k for one kid, if he works he will be off that waiting list and have to find the money himself. A fitter and turner who worked for GM, he mentioned that before GM closed down they were using labour hire services for autoworkers. I feel labour hire service is an absolute abomination and hugely responsible for more and more people living hand to mouth now. That is real rent seeking, not an investor landlord.

the 3rd began as a plumber and bought a basic 3x1 with help from parents. He was lazy and changed to selling used cars at a car dealer, but still does easy plumbing work like fixing toilets and taps, new basins etc. He built a second house behind with council approval and rented out the original one in front. Then he later had the front one changed to a double story. he added a second garage to the second house  and converted the original garage to a nice studio apartment. He  lives only off rents from the 2 houses now, owing now about 140k. He could live in one of the houses himself again but thats pointless for one person. He also went on a 7 year interest only period of borrowing, but kept making a lot of extra payments to bring the loan down. He thought. After his shouting and being thrown out of the bank, I spoke to someone from the bank on the phone and got the story that during interest only period, for any additional payment the first 5000$ is going on interest not principle. If you deposited 5001$ every day, after a year you would have paid down the loan by 365$. You might say its his own stupidity, but this is a paranoid schizophrenic with a raging persecution complex who would certainly do what Palloy incites if someone showed him how.

He then wanted to sell the biggest house and be free of banks like me and spend the money travelling the world as he has no dependants. But there's a problem with separating the titles because despite having all separate meters for water, electricity and gas the 1m2 piece of land where they are is not owned by either house. So once again "they" are raping him.

I began with one then built up to 3 properties, 2 being rental, now just 1 city family home and a stead, no loans. To do well means really knowing a good investment a lot more than dumb luck. But we could not have done it without stable employment, and that is what I believe is the problem today preventing a single person buying even one apartment or a couple buying even one house. Except those still lucky enough to have stability. Last night I said I think the labour hire companies are collecting about 35-40$ /hour from the employer and paying the worker 23-27$. Tony said its a lot more they collect from the employer, like 60-90$ before giving the worker their 22-27$ depending on skill/qualification, but they feel its worth it to be able to keep them 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months, whatever. No holiday/sick pay or other benefit. It is also about making them work their asses off, stressed out and unable to ever say "no im not doing that its unreasonable", as tomorrow someone else will replace them and they then have no good reference to work somewhere else. Then whatever they managed to save on the last gig gets burnt up when they get the call they are not needed the next day, but they will "let them know" which could mean not hearing anything for a month or ever again. That would take incredible discipline to invest in gold as part of the gig economy, and buying property is out of the question.

It is not necessary for you to put 40% down to invest though, banks will lend on one property based on equity in another, of course easier and less stress if you do. I put 11k or 10% down on the first home, which i bought for what was owed to the bank by previous owner, not its market valuation, and nothing down on any other after that. I also bought 5k gold and 5 bitcoins when they were cheap as preps. They can get wiped out with your hard drive though if that info isnt saved on something else. All it takes is for one of the automatic windows updates which you can not stop to get stuck.
The Diner Pantry / Re: Doomstead Diner Menu - 14,000 Year Old Toast
« Last post by K-Dog on July 21, 2018, 10:21:17 PM »
Archaeologists have uncovered the earliest evidence of bread-making at a site in northeastern Jordan. Dating back some 14,400 years, the discovery shows that ancient hunter-gatherers were making and eating bread 4,000 years before the Neolithic era and the introduction of agriculture. So much for the Paleo Diet actually being a thing.

Suggestive that a non-metal culture had perhaps previously developed agriculture and towns, but that the end of the last ice age had drowned their alluvial settlements in rising seas, leaving no trace.
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