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Fireside Rant: Mexican Standoff
« on: December 02, 2018, 03:31:34 AM »

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on December 2, 2018

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It was another big week in Collapse storiez, and I originally started scripting this rant intending on covering 6 of them:

1- Mexico Border Conflict

2- Ukraine-Russia Conflict

3- Oil Price Crash

4- French Fuel Riots

5- GM cuts 14,700 Jobs

6- Asteroid 2018LF16


Image result for mexico border tear gas However, any one of these topics is worthy of a rant of it's own, and beginning with the Mexican Standoff, the script got so long that if I tried to do them all I would end up with a rant an hour or more in length.  Nobody listens to rants that long, the audience trickles off after about 6-7 minutes.  Attention spans for Audio are not very long.  Well, attention spans for text are not that long anymore either, 240 words in a Tweet is about what the average millenial will read.

So, this rant will just look at the immigration and refugee crisis as it is manifesting itself down on the Mexican border currently.  I may get to the escalating Ukraine-Russia war next week, assuming we haven't been incinerated in a nuclear fireworks contest by then, although I might rant instead on the Earthquake we recently had up here a couple of days ago that brought collapse to my doorstep.  You can read about the 1st day experiences in my Earthquake Diary.

Here's a Snippet from today's Mexican Standoff Rant.

Unable after winning the election to secure funding for his White Elephant Wall, Der Wannabee Fuhrer has resorted to sending in the Marines, deploying 1000s of military personnel to supplement the border guards and Customs & Immigration apparatchiks.  So when a few hundred of these frustrated refugees tryed to storm the bastille, the response of the trained guard dogs was to fire tear gas at them, ACROSS THE BORDER.  Now, since when can you lob weapons across the border of another country without it being an act of war?  Besides that, Tear Gas is banned on the battlefield as a chemical weapon.  It's OK to use against civilians though, including women and children.

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!

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