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Published on the Doomstead Diner on July 19, 2015

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It's been a watershed week here in the world of collapse, watching both the European economy and the Chinese economy circle the toilet bowl.  Oil also is back on its downward trend line, and Pigmen everywhere remain perplexed, blaming the problems variously on Socialist Goobermints, Unions or Keynesian Economists, but none of those are in the least bit correct.

The problem is really a very simple one, which is that there are too many people chasing too few resources, particularly the energy resource necessary to live the Industrial lifestyle those of us who have enjoyed that in the west have been pursuing for the last 200 years or so.  Here is how we looked diagramatically 200 years ago at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution:


oilwellAs this trip began, there were just tons of Fossil Fuels in the ground, Coal, Oil and Natural Gas, and they weren't too hard to find or extract either.  In fact in the early years, the Oil just squirted out of the ground under its own pressure, as soon as you popped a hole in the container.  It has become progressively harder to extract though, and nowadays to get the last of the extractable stuff up, the Frackers have to pump millions of gallons of water and chemicals to coax the stuff up out of the rocks it is embedded in.  Similar with NG, it takes real sweet high tech equipment that can drill horizontal wells to get to the remaining supplies of this stuff.  Its not cheap to get this out of the ground anymore.

You also had a relatively low population that was mostly agrarian at the beginning of this trip.  Both the North & South American continents were relatively empty of people, with most of the indigenous population wiped out by the Smallpox, Tuberculosis, Scarlet Fever and other diseases brought over to the continent in the early years of colonialization.

There was little pollution in those years, you could pretty much drink out of any stream or even lake without treating the water in any way.  Long as you disposed of your own waste downstream from wherever you were, you were OK long as there was nobody else immediately upstream from you.

Most of the CO2 in the atmosphere up at that point was what occurred naturally from forest fires, vulcanism and so forth.  There was some addition from Homo Saps burning stuff to smelt metal for Ag Equipment and War Tools, but since the population overall was not that large, it was not overwhelming the capacity of the earth to absorb this waste, or the sun to provide enough energy to replace what was wasted. Overall, it was a fairly Balanced system to this point, although Ag was defintely desertifiying many portions of the planet where it had been practiced for 1000s of years.  Over time, even without Industrialization, Ag as practiced in most places would have done the same job as industrialization, though probably not quite as fast.

Fast Forward now here to the situation 200 years later in this game:


All the main resources are shrinking in size, quite rapidly in many areas.

In Fossil Fuel Energy Resource, the real easy sources of Coal, Oil and NG are gone, and just extracting what is left takes more energy and more technology all the time.  Accessing Debt Money to do that extraction becomes more difficult as well, and credit to the end consumer to buy that energy also becomes more scarce.  All together, this reults in fewer people able to afford to waste this energy, and so little by little, country by country, some folks are triaged off of the credit necessary to participate in this economy.  It is most obvious in Greece right now, but it is occurring just about everywhere, even in the Core economies of Industrialized Nations of the FSoA, Germany, the UK and China.  In these places you have an increasingly large underclass of people receiving Food Stamps and supplements to stay alive, but they aren't commuting to work and aren't buying tankloads of gasoline for their SUVs every week.  Currently, out of the 320M people living in the FSoA, 45M of them are on Food Stamps.

While the energy resource continues to deplete, as the second diagram shows the total Global Population continues to increase, which will continue until there is a major fracture in the total system, which seems more imminent all the time.  More people all the time need the water, energy and food that the planet can provide on a daily basis.  No amount of Debt Issuance can resolve a food deficit problem, in a given year the food to support the population is either there or it is not.  A certain amount can be held in reserve, food storage techniques are pretty good these days, but overall the margin here is pretty small.  Currently, if there were to be a major falloff in any major food producing region, within one year there would be a major deficit in available calories for the population as a whole.  We are already looking at a major falloff in food production from Sunny Califonia, where the ongoing and accelerating Drought situation is likely to make produce a good deal more expensive right here in the FSoA pretty soon.  This problem of drought is mirrored in many areas of Ag production of the globe right now, from India to China to South America.  It is unlikely to improve anytime too soon.

Drought-Monitor-July-8-2014While you have the problem of steadily increasing human population and steadily decreasing sources of energy, water and arable land, you ALSO have steadily increasing CO2 content in the atmosphere (exacerbating Climate Change issues) and steadily increasing areas of Desertification turning formerly productive food growing regions into deserts.  There is no absolute quantification for this I am aware of, however anecdotally it is possible to track it from Syria to Sao Paolo, from China to India and beyond.  Pretty clearly, the Earth is maxed out in converting solar energy to food, and the Human Population can only survive at current levels with close to the current levels of food available to them.

In the end, this is a very simple and straightforward Thermodynamic Problem of how much energy it takes to run the Human Population Engine.  In order to survive, each Homo Sap consumes X number of calories each day in food.  Because of distribution problems and diet issues with types of food consumed, you have some fat people in some places and some emaciated people in others, but in aggregate you need X calories to keep all the Homo Saps currently walking the Earth ambulatory. Industrial Revolution enabled Homo Sap to produce more Food Calories than he ever had before in history, by several orders of magnitude.  In the aftermath of WWII, we learned how to create Ag Fertilizer directly from Oil, through the Haber process  The Ammonia produced is used to make Ammonium Nitrate, useful in bombs but also useful as an Ag Fertilizer.  The very same plants that made the Bombs dropped in the Fire-Bombing of Dresden were converted into making the fertilizer that spawned the "Green Revolution".

Cheap food was produced by the truckload, and the population of Homo Saps EXPLODED over the last 70 years, from around 2.5B in 1940 to around 7B now.  All those people compete for the same resources of water and food, and nearly all of them are dependent on the same monetary sytem that distributes that water and food.  It's a GLOBAL SYSTEM at this point.  Few places are completely independent, even food exporting nations like the FSoA are not independent, since in order to export so much food, it imports a lot of Oil.

It's not just the fertilizer here that enables this, it is also all the farm machinery from tractors to combines, and the whole transportation system from trucks to rail to container ships that moves all this food all over the globe, and often puts outta biz any local production of food as well.  It comes in cheaper even with all the transportation than local food production, and each year thousands of small farmers commit suicide because they cannot make a living selling the food they grow.

India's shocking farmer suicide epidemic

Falling into a debt-trap and besieged by bad weather, thousands of farmers are taking their own lives each year.

Bhagwan Datatery said his father was under tremendous financial pressure before killing himself [Baba Umar/Al Jazeera]

The MSM, and even the Blogosphere on websites like Zero Hedge often paint the problems we face as simple Monetary Problems and Political Problems, Socialism vs Capitalism, Keynesiasm vs Misesanism, Gold vs. Fiat, Democracy vs Dictatorship, etc.  It is none of those things.  It's a straight resource and energy problem which nobody in control will acknowledge, because there is no palatable economic solution to it.  It's not that the only solution entails giving up the Carz and the Happy Motoring lifestyle we have come to expect as a God Given right (the Amerikan lifestyle is NON-NEGOTIABLE according to Dick Cheney), it's that the only solution is a lot of DEAD PEOPLE.

"I see Dead People"

There is no way whatsoever to engineer the death of billions of people in an equitable manner, there IS no equitable manner for such a catastrophe.  Occassionally you hear talk on the internet in the collapse blogosphere of reducing population through birth control, but first off the Chinese tried that with the One Child policy over the last 30 years and it really did not work, and second even such a policy can only be implemented by the most powerful of governments.  To be really effective, it requires such onerous proceedures as FORCED STERILIZATION and MANDATORY BIRTH CONTROL, and both of those are wicked difficult to implement on the grand scale in any case.

On the upside to this, the Birth Rate in many developed nations is falling, as more people who realize they simply can't afford to have children stop having them, but that is more than made up for as people in the 3rd  World countries reproduce as fast as they still are able to do so, long as they have enough food to do that anyhow.  That supply of food looks like it will run short or be unaffordable for them (or both), so high birth rates and high survival rates for infants in these locations seems unlikely moving forward into the future.

The total population will diminish at some rate, from a decreasing birth rate, and increasing child mortality rate and an increasing death rate in the adult population as well.  That will all come from the usual vectors, the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Famine,Pestilence, War and DEATH.

The only real questions left now are how fast this will occur, where the best & worst locations will be to be trying to keep living, what are the best strategies for surving this catastrophe, and whether anybody at all can make it through the Zero Point.  Is this Extinction, or a Knockdown Event? the individual who realizes this is coming down the pipe, I don't think it matters which way it actually ends up, because either way, if you want to LIVE, you are going to operate in the same way.  You pick the best strategies for survival you can think up and also implement in some fashion, given the resources you personally have.  You absolutely cannot depend on you Goobermint to save you in the end, since your Goobermint is quite likely to collapse even before you do, at least if you are fairly young anyhow.  Either way its a sorry end, because if everybody dies, its the end of Sentience on Earth.  If you or your progeny survive it, it is still a sorry end, because you are left with Survivor Guilt.  It is a sure thing that if you are to survive this, somebody else must die in your place.  There are just too many people on board the Spaceship Earth now, as a species we are in serious Overshoot, probably 3X to 4X minimum as of now, maybe more than that.

The Greek situation remains an important one to keep track of, because they are the first of the European Nations being kicked off the Titanic of industrial Civilization without a Lifeboat.  How quickly will the situation deteriorate there, how long before they deteriorate to Civil War, how long before Contagion brings their problems to the rest of Europe?

These are questions we do not have answers for today, but they will be coming down the pipe in the not too distant future.  Of one thing you can be certain here, we are NOT exceptional.  This is a very straightforward problem of Thermodynamics, and it will engulf the entire population of Homo Saps currently walking the Earth.  It has little to do with the political systems or economic systems we run to manage the resources.  None of them can work anymore.  There are too many people, too much pollution and waste and not enough resource left for this planet to bear.

That is all she wrote.


25 Responses to Simplifying the Final Countdown

  • St. Roy says:

    Hi RE

    Good summary of our predicament.  I hope your health issues have abated some and you are back to your regular rants. I am now back in Zihuatanejo living in paradise while following the collapse.  It does appear that the Seneca cliff has kicked in.

  • 3Es says:

    Excellent summation! Draw the next graphic without the People

    • RE says:

      I am of the opinion a few Homo Saps will make it through the Zero Point.

      They will be the DINERS.

      "WHEN YOU ARE GOING THROUGH HELL, KEEP GOING!"Illuminati Scumbag Sir Winston Churchill


  • Randy C. says:

    Personnally, as a soon to be former farmer, I'm not checking out but I understand the despair this system has put farmers in worldwide.  The well off tend to look down on farmers, but the skills and knowledge they have to succeed are great and are not easily replaced.  It is one of the primary reasons that the USDA pays farmers to farm.  If the dairy farmers all gave up, the milk supply in this country would dry up in a matter of a few days and it would be gone for a long time, at least as long as it takes to raise a calf into an adult producing cows, assuming your breeding stock survives.

    • Daddio7 says:

      Former farmer, as in bank took everything or selling out to retire in luxury? If your dreams have been shattered I can offer a few words of encouragement. If retiring rich….no

      • Randy C. says:

        We are still in the process of trying to keep the bank from taking everything.  We didn't wait until that was an option before we started to sell.  Our only loan was for the property, I owned everything else.  Our problem now is getting this closing done by the end of the week.  The contact was written at the end of April, and I am amazed at the number of hoops I have had to jump through and here we are three days to closing and I am still trying to get issues resolved. Oh, and the buyer rate lock expires on Monday, so contract will be dead by then if not closed on Friday

        I wouldn't say my dreams have been shattered, apart from waking up to what is coming in 2009, that shattered my view of reality.  I finally decided to take Nicole Foss' advice serioulsy and get out before things got worse.  That was September 2012 and I am still trying to extract myself out of this situation.

        And no, I wouldn't be retiring into luxury, not unless you consider a TentTipi, a small wood stove, a canoe, and a fishing pole luxury.  Some would say that there is no better life.  I do take comfort in RE's quote from Churchhill. "When you are going through hell, keep going!"


        • RE says:

          Glad to hear you maybe got a buyer and can (hopefully) close!

          The digs are Open here in Alaska for when you arrive!  I will throw some steaks on the BBQ!

          Maybe we can find a spot that won't get consumed in a wildfire!


  • Robert Callaghan says:

    50% of China's rivers have disappeared since 1990.

    50% of China's groundwater is too toxic to even touch.

    20% of China's soil is too toxic to grow food.

    In 10 years, 4 billion people will be short of water.

    In 20 years, Food & Water Wars will be normal.

    In 30 years Mass Extinction goes into Runaway Mode.

    Trees Vs. Food

    Mass Extinction Numbers

    Renewable Bullshit

  • Ed says:

    People talk about over population but nobody does anything about it. It is time for some government with bioweapons to solve the proplem.

  • China's One-Child policy worked.

    So did Singapore's One-Child policy (which China copied).

    A more effective, less coercive policy would be to pay young girls not to have babies. It would be a true capital investment.

    • RE says:

      It did?

      Besides the fact their population has steadily increased, they also now have a demographic nightmare waiting to happen.



      • Yes, China was able to stop its absolute insanity of its population headed towards doubling towards 2 to 4 billions, by this time, and instead, only added some uncertain number of more hundreds of millions. However, as many other articles on the Doomstead Diner have outlined, China was only able to do that through industrialization, which will have even worse longer term consequences.

        As Hugo Bardi recently wrote, there are only Wicked Solutions to Wicked Problems. Mostly we continue to defer the debts and deaths onto future generations, because they can not prevent us from doing that, while those who currently control us are the most psychopathic people. Those who are most Wicked are most able to conceal that, and to surround themselves with controlled opposition to them, that agrees to also operate within that same frame of reference. What we call "birth controls" are actually forms of "death control." However, since our society is almost totally dominated by the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites, the language used to talk about "family planning," etc., is all totally bullshit based.

        Militarism, or the ideology of the human murder system, is the supreme ideology, and deserves to be recognized as such. However, the currently established systems have their social successfulness based upon the maximum possible deceits and treacheries, as well as have surrounded themselves with controlled opposition groups that agree to stay within the same almost totally bullshit-based view regarding the death control systems.

        As my comment below also stated, there is no doubt that the only realistic resolutions to the real problems are different death control systems. However, generally speaking, the degree to which the current systems are based upon the maximum possible deceits, while their controlled opposition groups, such as old-fashioned religions and ideologies, agreed to stay within the same deceitful frame of reference regarding the death control systems, it is politically impossible to develop better death control systems. Instead, the defaults continue to be allowing the worst forms of death insanities to actually happen, and very probably become way worse in the foreseeable future.

        In my view, "birth control" could not be more sanely done overall without including that as a form of death control, within the overall ideology of militarism. Theoretically speaking, the development of weapons of mass destruction should have made it imperative to revolutionize political science in general, and the combined money/murder systems in particular.  However, so far, there has only been more MADNESS, in the form of more Money As Debt backed by more Mutual Assured Destruction.

        China, and a few other places, were able to drastically cut down their exponential growth rate, but only in the most hypocritical ways, which had lots of bad "side-effects." However, the overall trends are still mostly psychotic, almost everywhere in the world, because of the degree to which our monetary system is based upon enforcing frauds, while that is backed up by wars based on deceits. Inside of the overall context, medicine (including so-called "birth control") actually operates inside of the monetary system, which actually operates inside of the military system.

        Since the military system is based on the maximum deceits about itself, and that backs up the monetary systems based on the maximum possible frauds, of course, all aspects of the medical systems, such as "birth control," operate through being as entangled in absurdly backward lies as they can possibly be. Therefore, the combined effects of the Profit from Junk Food systems, and Profit from Disease Systems, torture to death at least an order of magnitude more people than the Military Industrial Complex does. In the case of China, it is clear that their demented kind of industrialization has also set in motion wave after waver of future medical problems. Again, we may well achieve "birth controls" in the worst possible ways, as long as we continue on the paths we are on now …

        In my view, overall, we misunderstand everything in the most absurdly backwards ways possible, which can be understood due to the ways that natural selection pressures drove human biological and cultural evolution. Therefore, we should go through a series of intellectual scientific revolutions, which would apply to political science in general, and then to the combined money/murder systems in particular. It is truly imperative that we should develop better death control systems, and that will become even more imperative the more that we see the deterioration towards death insanities.

        The political problems are that we ONLY apply progress in physical science within social pyramid systems based on backing up lies with violence, inside of which social success is based on being professional hypocrites. Of course, that applies to the death control systems more than anywhere else! Inside that context, China, and some other places, were able to stop extreme exponential growth of their populations doubling and doubling again, every few decades, BUT, were only able to do that through becoming ever more hypocritical, and overall, more deliberately ignorant, which allowed the "side-effects" of their policies to become more and more seriously significant main effects.

    • Massinissa says:

      The OneChild policy only worked insofar as it slowed down population growth.

      HOWEVER, as REs chart shows, the population continued to increase at a high rate anyway. 

      Since it didnt achieve a population increase rate of 0%, or anything even approaching that, it clearly failed. 

  • Good article, RE.

    For those who have eyes to see, the increasing starkness of what they perceive motivates them to more clearly state some radical truths regarding those problems, as you appear to increasingly be doing, RE.

    From my perspective, I first started thinking about exponential growth resulting in overshooting when I was in high school, back in the 1960s, which notions I back then independently rediscovered, long before I learned anything else about the intellectual history of those notions. Since then, I have developed a much more radical critique of the basic concepts of thermodynamics (such as noticing that the entropy equations had an arbitrary minus sign inserted, which reversed the meaning of entropy), that then follows through to radically transform the ways that we perceive the issues regarding the death control systems.

    While I think you are being brave enough to call a spade a space in the article above, regarding the degree to which that there are no realistic resolutions to the real problems which do not change the death control systems, in my opinion, RE, you have barely begun to go through the deeper levels of intellectual scientific revolutions that it would take to develop a better theory about the death control systems … Meanwhile, most of my life has been preoccupied with thinking about the relationships between artificial selection and natural selection. (However, I admit that seems practically pointless, since it appears politically impossible for enough people to change the ways that they think about such basic notoins.)

    Anyway, I plugged your article on Zero Hedge, in a reply under this article there:

    We Need A Crash To Sort The Wheat From The Chaff

    Mostly, I criticized that article for being too superficial, and linked your article above RE, as being a better, deeper look at the underlying problems, which then attempts to imagine the unimaginable, since that necessarily follows after doing enough of that deeper analysis of material "collapse."

    • RE says:

      Despite the fact we are witnessing a Train Wreck in progress, most of the population remains either unaware or in denial.  I do think more people are waking up to it, but it's still only a small percentage of the total population.

      What I think is most sad is that the people who are the earliest victims here, folks like the Syrians and the Greeks still don't understand what is going on and think it's a political problem.  Not a single Global Leader will acknowledge the problem, except the Pope sort of, but even he hasn't divested the Holy Roman Catholic Church of all its Oil Company stock or given away all the land it owns to needy people to farm.  They still keep all the electric lights running in the Vatican too.

      Eventually though, people will grasp what is occuring, and when it happens generally that also is kind of frightening because you're bound to get some horrific "Final Solutions" to overshoot being undertaken.

      Pundits and Scientists are getting more vehement, but most still couch their warnings with statements like "if we don't change our ways soon, it will be too late".  It's already too late.  Now we just get to see how it plays out, and you do the best you can to survive the train wreck.

      Thanks again for the Plug on ZH!


      • Yes, that is the way I see it too, RE.

        Since I have been involved in registered political activities in Canada for a few decades, during that time I have attempted to discuss these sorts of issues face to face with tens of thousands of different people from all walks of life. There continues to be no reasonable doubt that more than 99% of them act like incompetent political idiots, or Zombie Sheeple.

        Of course, inside of their own personal lives, that is not necessarily the way that they behave! Almost everyone has some topics that they know a lot about. However, those topics almost never include any of the bigger picture perspectives. Moreover, from a practical point of view, it does not deliver any "actionable intelligence" to learn about the bigger picture problems. From the point of view of personal reinforcement, the only things that happen in those domains is that the more you learn, the worse it gets, especially since there continues to be nothing practical that one can do about those things.

        There has been a vicious spiral developing for a long, long, long time, of social pyramid systems based upon backing up lies with violence, that everyone has adapted to, in their own ways, according their own history of how they and their ancestors lived through that history. The flip side of that the world is controlled by backing up lies with violence is that the vast majority of people have mentally become totally enslaved, and therefore, are so clueless that they have no clue how clueless they are. Moreover, for most of them, they are afraid of becoming less ignorant.

        I do NOT agree with the view that "ignorance is bliss!" Rather, I agree with the Buddhist view that ignorance is the source of suffering, and that the greatest source of suffering is deliberately ignorance. But nevertheless, I believe that I can comprehend how and why the vast majority of people have adapted attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance towards the ways that the entire political economy is based upon enforced frauds, which do not care about the longer term consequences that will result from civilization being controlled in those ways.

        Given that the real world is actually controlled by integrated systems of based on backing up lies with violence, and has been for thousands of years, getting worse, faster, at an about exponential rate, as progress in physical science was primarily applied to become better at being dishonest, and backing those lies up with violence, the resulting situtation is that almost everyone has adapted to live inside of that overall system, in paradoxical ways whereby the vast majority of the people doing that do not want to understand that, because they have been conditioned to not want to understand that.

        All of the many, many warnings disseminated by many, many people regarding the longer term consequences of civilizations operating in those ways never could prevent those civilizations from still doing that. Furthermore, those mechanisms still exist today. Those who are best able to engage in taking advantage of the enforced financial frauds continue to become more wealthy, and then even more able to control their apparent "opposition" by pretty well totally dominated the entire political processes, in all ways, on all sides. There is nobody else that can effectively compete with the established systems of organized lies operating robberies, despite those driving themselves into increasingly insane hyper-drive. There is not even any remotely possible ways to have any relatively more rational debate about those issues.

        To change human behavior would require changing their schedule of reinforcements. However, at present, everyone has to live inside of the established monetary systems based upon enforcing frauds, which operate by strip-mining the planet in ruthless and reckless. As I said, it does most people no practical good to learn more about that, and they mostly do not want to do so. Indeed, one example in Canadian politics was that Paul Hellyer spent over 5 million dollars of his own money to attempt to advance a political party that would somewhat raise those issues, but that failed to amount to anything substantail in the end. After all, 5 million dollars is a relatively trivial amount of money, given that schools and mass media have been spending trillions of dollars, for decade after decade, in pumping out their kind of propaganda, which is primarily based upon massive LYING BY OMISSION.

        Hence, nothing that is really important is presented in any significant way in the public spaces, where there is really nothing but a core of organized crime, surrounded by layers of controlled opposition. Therefore, we are rushing into the limits of diminishing returns from being able to continue to strip-mine the planet's natural resources as fast as we possibly can, while we mostly continue to deliberately bullshit about that as being "good things" to do, as far as the benefits from that were made available, while all the more realistic aspects of doing that were as deliberately ignored by the vast majority of people, as much as possible, which was what worked best for them, inside of their own personal circumstances.

        Meanwhile, it appears to me that the only people who have really be getting prepared are the ruling classes who have used false flag attacks to start more genocidal wars, as well as to prepare to impose democidal martial law. The ruling classes have covertly prepared their kinds of responses to the observations made in the article above that: "There is no way whatsoever to engineer the death of billions of people in an equitable manner, there IS no equitable manner for such a catastrophe."

        Metaphorically speaking, the social pyramid systems are based upon the vast majority of people acting like Zombie Sheeple, while there is a relatively tiny minority of the pyramidion people who act like Vicious Wolves, while they are able to appear as Wolves In Sheep's Clothing in their public performances. Those Vicious Wolves also control a much larger group of more Domesticated Dogs, whose job it is to herd the Zombie Sheeple, while amongst the Sheeple are the various Black Sheeple, or reactionary revolutionaries, who pretend to try to "wake up" the Sheeple, but then try to lead them backwards to become better Sheeple.

        Thus, the Vicious Wolves not only control the Domesticated Dogs, but also effectively control the Black Sheeple as well. Therefore, within that overall social situation, the vast majority of the Zombie Sheeple do not know because they do not want to know about almost anything being presented on a Web site like Doomstead Diner. Very few people have the education, information, and imagination, that it takes to learn enough about the bigger picture perspectives. The overall upshot of that continues to be that the vast majority of the human species continues to behave like Zombie Sheeple, that are being fleeced to exhaustion, while they are being set up to be slaughtered. However, due to the degree that their lives were dominated by the Domesticated Dogs, while most of their alleged opposition "leaders" were Black Sheeple, or controlled opposition which reveal some of the hidden radical truths about the Vicious Wolves, but then collapse back to bogus solutions based on the the same old bullshit that the "solutions" were for everyone to become better Sheeple, we continue to wait and watch as the strip-mining of the planet, "paid" for with "money" made out of nothing as debts, automatically become more criminally insane, as that drives civilization as a whole towards catastrophic collapses, since we have already allowed the previous indulgences in that strip-mining the planet to become that: "There are just too many people on board the Spaceship Earth now, as a species we are in serious Overshoot, probably 3X to 4X minimum as of now, maybe more than that."

        Meanwhile, my approach continues to be to recommend that everyone should become better Wolves. Basically, I still continue to promote the same theories about political revolution that I first developed decades ago, when I was a teenager, and first recognized that the political systems that I was born into were based upon endless exponential growth, backed by weapons of mass destruction, which weapons were also inside of another exponential growth curve! HOWEVER, I must continue to agree with your assessment, RE, that the social facts now are: "Despite the fact we are witnessing a Train Wreck in progress, most of the population remains either unaware or in denial.  I do think more people are waking up to it, but it's still only a small percentage of the total population."

        Personally, I am still able to maintain transcendental hope, although I can to sustain any reasonable hope with the most probable finite material futures. Also, I can remember that I had a wonderful life, with lots of great adventures when I was younger, so that I can feel that now that I am older, I still had a good run in my day. It makes me sad that it will be mostly younger people that will have to pay for what was done through civilization being controlled by enforced frauds, so much, for so long. As you pointed out, RE: "You absolutely cannot depend on you Goobermint to save you in the end, since your Goobermint is quite likely to collapse even before you do, at least if you are fairly young anyhow."

        The younger you are, the more that you are being lied to, cheated and robbed by the political system that you were born into. Everything was set up to maximize the short-term benefits, while at the same time that also maximized the longer term costs. Therefore, it is future generations which are going to be paying for the mistakes of the past, due to the past being controlled by integrated systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence. However, obviously, those future generations can do nothing to stop the current and previous generations from having done what they already did.


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  • RE says:

    "Meanwhile, it appears to me that the only people who have really be getting prepared are the ruling classes who have used false flag attacks to start more genocidal wars, as well as to prepare to impose democidal martial law. The ruling classes have covertly prepared their kinds of responses to the observations made in the article above that: "There is no way whatsoever to engineer the death of billions of people in an equitable manner, there IS no equitable manner for such a catastrophe."' -BTL

    I do believe that the folks at the top are aware of what is coming down the pipe and are preparing in their own ways for this.  You see the evidence of that in things like Jade Helm.

    However, there are others of us also finding our own ways to prep up.  I hold onto the Hopium that in the end, Good will Triumph over Evil, and that some of us will make it through the Zero Point.  I won't be one of them, but I had a good run here through my time walking the earth, as did you.

    So for now, onward we go marching through Hell, because when you are going through Hell, the only choice is to keep going.

    Some of us will make it through the Zero Point.  They will be THE DINERS.


  • Jason says:

    Excellent summary RE. I would go around sharing it on social media and telling friends to read it, but I know they'll just roll their eyes and tell me I have too much time on my hands to think heretical thoughts. It makes me sad, actually. There are plenty of people I know who are good, but they have zero idea of what is happening 'out there' and therefore zero chance of making it through some kind of zero point.

    This also perplexes me on a practical level. Given that I'm making the investments in land and skills and all the rest of it, at what point will they start turning up and begging for food/shelter? Who do I select and who do I turn away? If I'm too 'nice' to people will I attract the attention of predators? 

    My initial feeling is that I would help those in need – if indeed I have the possibility to do so – based on their abaility to give something back in return. There's plenty of work needs doing in a seven acre forest and in the vegetable gardens and the mushroom growing area. But my past record of being a people manager in the artificial world of corporate/office life hasn't been good. I'm too lenient and I try to avoid pointless conflict (luckily, I'm not so concerned about seriously threatening conflict – pass me my crossbow). Still, I think I'd do better in a situation where the chance to eat or starve depends upon it.

    As for survivor guilt – if any of us are lucky enough to get to experience that – well, we can cross that bridge when we come to it. 

    • RE says:

      Jason, you know most people will not listen, but that does not mean you stop talking if you believe in your message.

      I believe what I say.  I write it and I speak it and I debate it with whoever will talk with me. I use every media I can, even though I fucking HATE Facepalm and Twitshit, we run those sites.

      I believe we all must be heard here and listened to, and to do that we have to work together and support each other.  I plug everybody I think writes valid stuff wherever I can, whennever I can, when I got the fucking time to do it since these days it is less than in the past because of the responsibilities for running the Diner.

      I will Publish everything you write.  You are a good voice in this clusterfuck people should hear.

      I will work as hard as I can to make the Diner as big on the web as I possibly can, using all my years of experience with running Forums and all the expertiese of my Code Jockey friends to make this happen. If you do not have readership, you are just pissing in the wind.

      In return, I ask for the same thing.  I plug you, you plug me.  I ask of every reader of the Doomstead Diner really only one thing.  Don't donate money if you do not have much.  I got enough to keep this sucker running for a while here.  Just do one thing for me, for all of us.




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In her 2020 book, How the South Won the Civil War: Oligarchy, Democracy and the Continuing Fight for the Soul of America, Heather Cox Richardson provides a history of the two opposing ideas that are rooted in US history and may be the source of the pol...

I have joined the People's Party and will sign the petition in Missouri to get the Party active in elections. It is aimed at grass roots individuals not corporations and big business. I will be joining a regional Zoom meeting on Sunday afternoon to dev...

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Both the NSW courts and NSW police are caught red-handed discriminating against Indigenous Australia [...]

In the meantime, industrialised chickens – and their viruses – have come home to roost in Victoria, [...]

Based on extensive scientific research, a fictional reminder that COVID-19 is but a mild pandemic – [...]

In other words, treat COVID-19 like a dry-run for the upcoming “big one” [...]

However don't expect strikes and yellow vests to fix underlying problems [...]

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The Great Change Week 66: Sandy deserts mottled with mosses"The trees have beards hanging from their limbs and fur on their bark. Even the rocks are cover [...]

"If a fox spends more energy to catch rabbits than those rabbits return in calories, it will no [...]

"Renewable energy is unlikely to support civilization at its present scale. We know this by loo [...]

"Our recipes for a prosperous future are a prediction of what society will be forced to conside [...]

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Climate pollution is worse than ever. So is toxic pollution in places like Cancer Alley in Louisiana [...]

Camus didn't predict Covid, but he studied enough about pandemics throughout history to depict [...]

Sarah Chayes spent decades studying networks of corruption in the Third World. Now she's findin [...]

What extinction crisis? Believe it or not, there are still climate science deniers out there. And th [...]

My new book, Abolish Oil Now, will talk about why the climate movement has failed and what we can do [...]

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We can use imperialism’s wars itself as our depth gauge of their historicdecline. Two generations ag [...]

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Kurrency Kollapse: To Print or Not To Print?

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Of Heat Sinks & Debt Sinks: A Thermodynamic View of Money

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Peak Customers: The Final Liquidation Sale

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Planning for climate change adaptation is among the most complex challenges cities are facing today [...]

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