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We are getting another snowfall here today, looks to me like it is coming down at the rate of about 1 cm/hour at the moment.  Cloud cover is thick, so it will probably persist for a few hours at least, possibly all night.  I have both my carz under the carport in front of my digs, because it appears my next door neighbors have moved out.  Officially you only get one carport spot, and are allowed maximum of 2 vehicles per unit.  I had 3 since I bought SaVANnah last summer.  The Mazda has gone to the Great Beyond for Carz. where she now sits in an honored position at the Campfire of Her People as a Chief of the Road who lasted almost 30 years before buying her ticket to the Great Beyond.  So I won't have any snow removal tasks tomorrow from my vehicles.  :icon_sunny:

DetailsRE CarzRE Carz
There was already a pretty decent snow cover on the roads here from a couple of recent snowfalls, and this bodes well for this year's Iditarod, the Dogsled race from Anchorage to Nome, which actually begins up here in the Mat-Su Valley traditionally.  They have a ceremonial start in Anchorage, and then the real thing gets underway a few miles from my digs.  The last couple of years though they had to change the route because of lack of snow around here.  They even had to ship snow down from Fairbanks on the Alaska Railroad to do the ceremonial start in Anchorage.

If the conditions are good for a Valley Start, I am going to try and get my crippled ass over there to shoot some pics with my kick ass Nikon Pocket Cam.  :icon_sunny:


Iditarod: The Last Great Race on Earth

Still more Snow coming down today, this time the dust size particles that don't accumulate much but they do fill the gaps of the prior snowfall of a few days ago with the large flakes.  Temps have remained in the 20s at the highs, 10s in the lows, so no melt off.  No wind, so little sublimation also.  More snow expected tomorrow as well.

This makes conditions for the Mushers just about ideal as long as this type of weather holds up through next week, which the long term forecast says it will.  This should be the best Iditarod in the last few years as a result.  Here's the current view off my back porch:

DetailsSnow PorchSnow Porch
Still debating whether I will try to make it to the Official Start as opposed to the Ceremonial Start in Anchorage, or either one.  They do the Official start now in Willow (which I prefer, it's more serious) as opposed to Wasilla where the Iditarod HQ is because there simply has been too much Suburban Development around Wasilla to have a decent trail for the Mushers to take without having to cross roads and go through subdivisions.  Willow is about 50 miles from me, and the road conditions are not great, although the plow boys have been mostly keeping up with it and I do have 4WD on the SUV.  I'll decide the morning of March 4th when it kicks off in the afternoon.

Ken Anderson is the overwhelming favorite this year, but I will root for the Berington Twins Anna & Kristy.  They run separate sleds of course, and I don't care which one wins, they are both HOT!  :icon_sunny:

REAL Alaska Girls!  :icon_sunny:


The Ceremonial Star for the Iditarod went off in Anchorage this morning, but I didn't have the energy to drive down for it.  Parking would have been an issue and then I would have had to walk on slippery sidewalks quite a distance to get in a position to shoot pics.  Same is true for the official start in Willow tomorrow.  I have been to these starts many times in the past, and it's a lot like the Alaska State Fair which I no longer attend.  It's pretty much the same thing every year, and without a good Cripple Cart or Ewz to carry me about, it's just too draining.  There will be plenty of good pics and vids going up on the net over the course of the week.  I am a Cyber Person now.  That and my imagination are all that is left for me now.  :'(

Nothing up yet for the real Iditarod, but here is the start for the Jr. Iditarod last week and an interview with the winner.
I will publish a full article on the Iditarod for tomorrow's Sunday Brunch.


First Video up on Utoob of the Ceremonial Start.  :icon_sunny:


--- Quote from: RE on March 03, 2018, 05:20:16 PM ---First Video up on Utoob of the Ceremonial Start.  :icon_sunny:

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I suppose a wardrobe fail would be out of the question.


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