AuthorTopic: The Cities That Have Risen From Ruins  (Read 485 times)

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The Cities That Have Risen From Ruins
« on: February 26, 2020, 12:01:40 PM »

File this under... "Never Let a good crisis go to waste"

Whether theyíve been leveled by wars or earthquakes, cities donít tend to stay wastelands forever.

Earthquakes have rattled cities to rubble, fires have burned them to ashes, and wars have reduced mighty metropolises to utter ruins.

Itís easy to look at the aftermath of Syriaís civil war in Aleppo, once the heart of both commercial success and historic preservation, and wonder if the city can ever return to its glory days. Reports of the mounting costs of Kathmanduís slow recovery after the 2015 quake in Nepal and of Japanís continuing struggle to rebuild Tohoku after the 2011 tsunami certainly paint a grim, hopeless picture for the future.

But ruined cities donít stay wastelands forever.

In the 1st photo at the top of the page, the city is completely gutted by "fire?" (death-ray cough/cough) and there's still a green tree in the frame.  :icon_scratch:

Further down the page, there are photos of 2 draft horses pulling 10 ton trolley cars. No way, those horses would be dead after 2 blocks of pulling.  :icon_scratch:
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