AuthorTopic: Nietsche got it right... Virtue Signaling Indicates Dark Triad personalities  (Read 1628 times)

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Just because you are moderator doesn't mean you need to literally change other people's posts to reflect what you think. Write your own.

"going so far in places like Portland and Seattle as to literally fight the police while declaring so-called autonomous zones"

That's the only part that applies to Seattle, the autonomous zones. The rest is about Portland. Why am I teaching an elementary school English course here? Who knows.

Regarding you.  The boss trusts me.

There are only 9 paragraphs in the ZH article as quoted by you, there are 15 at the source. Are you saying it was KD who did that?

KD is editing my posts to add his own comments (like that last sentence in the post you quoted). Whatever, some people resort to childish antics when they are called out for being wrong but cannot face it. Those people are called my clients.

Gentile reminders do not seem to be effective.  You have been pig headed and insulting to other Diners.  I have been watching.  You seem to think free speech means you can do what you want here and turn our forum into the Ashvin show.  How much time in the cooler will you need to understand we do not napalm each other and actually have rules?

No Phil I did not delete anything.  Ashvin objects to me answering a claim made by him that I can't read in his own post.  He thinks I should waste scroll space instead as he planned.  The Amusing thing is because he can edit his own post he deleted my response and then complains about it. 

Being forced to deal with his BS in his own post means he can't be as disruptive.  He will have to deal with his bullshit where he shat.  No troll would like that.  It takes their power away.

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