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🌎 New Global Collapse Forum


I started a new Forum to discuss Collapse Issues on Free Space.

When the Diner goes off-air (which it will if nobody pays for the server), we can continue to occasionally chat over there.

Friday I have my Medicaid Assessment hearing to hopefully get the additional aid I need to get a prosthetic and also to get out of the prison I currently remain in, now in my 4th month of incarceration here.

Rules have changed again and now I am theoretically able to go out, however currently I have nobody to come take me out on trips.  Once I have a prosthetic perhaps I can go out myself, but not as of yet safely.  Winter also is slow letting go and there is still ice and snow everywhere.


Somebody suggested we get started at the new Global Collapse Forum early.  I'm going to start a Kickoff thread there.



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