AuthorTopic: Is NOW the time for a third party?  (Read 781 times)

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Is NOW the time for a third party?
« on: April 16, 2021, 06:23:30 AM »
I have joined the People's Party and will sign the petition in Missouri to get the Party active in elections. It is aimed at grass roots individuals not corporations and big business. I will be joining a regional Zoom meeting on Sunday afternoon to develop strategies to expand the Partie's recognition and platform.

"The Peopleís Platform emerged from Bernie Sandersí first presidential campaign platform. It was developed, voted on and adopted by our members in March of 2018. The final Peopleís Party platform will be developed and passed by members at the founding convention in 2021."

I was going to vote for Howard Dean and Bernie but the Democratic establishment knocked them both out of the running. I just read that AOC has basically denounced her Democratic Socialist agenda and has firmly embraced Biden's plans to "heal" America's multiple humongous inequalities. I don't understand how she could make such a ideological change all of a sudden. It basically leaves just a handful of real Democratic Socialist leaders in the Federal Government, and they will be powerless now to adopt the sweeping change from big money politics to a humane based politics.

Chris Hedges thinks that forming a grass roots party is needed RIGHT NOW if we are to have a chance to survive the collapse of our world. The Democratic Establishment is stuck in BAU, and will not change enough to tackle the inequities.

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Biden is already making massive compromises that are not what he promised in his campaign.

"Joe Biden has now been president for a full month. Recently, he held a town hall at CNN where he, as Joe Biden is wont to do, stuck his foot in his mouth several times. Two instances stand out immediately: Joe Bidenís claim that the nation ďdidnít haveĒ the coronavirus vaccine when he came into office and his claim that people in the Black and Hispanic communities donít know how to use the internet to find out where to get vaccinated.

Not only are both of these claims extraordinarily false, but they are equally laughable. Biden not only received his vaccine a month before taking office, but it was covered on national news. His statement regarding Black and Hispanic Americans is not only extraordinarily patronizing, suggesting we need an education campaign because these communities canít use the internet, but itís also extraordinarily racist.
This is symptomatic of a larger problem with the first month of Joe Bidenís presidency. Biden is lying and misrepresenting his agenda as president."

What do you think about the timing of going all in to form a People's Party? Is it a pipe dream? Will it be a spoiler for the Democratic party if it emerges?

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