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Diner Pocasts will be beginning in earnest here over the next few weeks.  Monsta is Producing his own Interview Show, and Haniel has sent in numerous of the Lectures from the Age of Limits 2013 Conference held over Memorial Day Weekend at 4 Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary in Pennsylvania.

The Albert Bates The Global Ecovillage Movement lecture from Age of Limits 2013 Conference held over Memorial Day Weekend is currently UP through Saturday.

Go to the Age of Limits 2013 board, the Podcast thread for announcements and discussion.

After this, I am going to more or less follow the actual schedule the lectures followed. Haniel got about 8 or so I think, including both of Gailís and Mr. Wizard's.  They'll be up 2-3 days each.


I did not get are Carolyn Baker's.  Those were exercises around the process of grief and connection, and deeply personal to those present.  It would not have been respectful to record them.

I also did not get the Doomer lodge on tape since I was busy  8) but I have a feeling the concept, structure and ritual written to date is not going away...

OK Gang, looks like all the Technical Issues have been worked out now and Monsta has 5 Podcasts in the Can here already, though full post-production has not been finished on all of them yet.  This includes a 3 part Podcast from Yours Truly and a 2 part Podcast from Surly.

I have now figured out how to Embed said Podcasts on the Diner Blog, and beginning Saturday you will see a new Button on the Menu Bar on the Diner Blog for Podcasts.

The Schedule for the Podcasts in the Can are the first 2 Parts from me this Saturday, then the first part from Surly the next Saturday.  The Saturday after that remains up in the air, may be one from WHD or LD if one of those gets recorded here.  Gail from OFW also will do a Podcast with us sometime in the near future.

I listened to the first Part from Surly, and it sounds GREAT!  Almost as good as mine!  LOL.  I think Diners will find them interesting and informative, especially Newer Rookie Diners.  Even Veterans should enjoy them, as it is slightly different to Listen to the ideas in Discussion rather than Read them on the Page.

Definitely raises the overall level of the Diner Product of Doom.  Along with the coming DinerTV, we stay at the Leading Edge of Techno-Wizardry Collapse Blogging on the Net!  :icon_mrgreen:


I created a new Podcast Board to house all discussion of Diner Podcasts.  You are now reading it.


OK!  I got the Intro Article written for the first 2 Podcasts, due to go up Saturday.  This is an Event not to be Missed Diners!  Monsta has got final files here about ready, we created a new Monsta of Doom email account and all the protocols are set.

This is gonna be FUN!  :icon_mrgreen:



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