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….this time, it’s AUDIO!

Published on the Doomstead Diner on February 23, 2014

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Going back a few years when I was blogging with Jim Quinn on The Burning Platform, I eventually started an Every Other Day Blog called The Frostbite Falls Daily Rant.  I was writing a lot during this period, since it was really all I was doing each night as I cruised the Wide World of Collapse.
Times change of course, and after bidding Sayonara to TBP for a while and holing up on the Yahoo Groups on my Reverse Engineering board, like Puff the Magic Dragon, the FFDR sadly slipped into its grave in the closet, with no Little Jackie Collapse dropping in to play with him each day.

With the opening of the Doomstead Diner just about exactly 2 years ago, I revived the FFDR as a Thread inside the Diner on our Forum Software.  It’s about 65 pages deep now, with a potpourri of Collapse Errata in it, but it has never had the kind of Front Page Blog play that the old FFDR did when Jim published it on TBP.
In the last year, the Diner has expanded into Multimedia, offering up Podcasts and Vidcasts with a variety of Collapse Pundits, which ended up with me becoming more conversant with Audio Editing, Uploads and Publication.  So last week I had a Brainstorm, I could resurrect the FFDR as a regular RADIO TALK SHOW!  Not a full blown El Rushbo type thing, just a quick synopsis of some Doom Topic or Topics currently HOT in Doom-o-sphere chat by the Pundits and Commentariat of the various Blogs.
This had still more appeal to me due to Nostalgia for my roots in Pirate Radio back in the 70s & early 80s.  So now, the NEW Frostbite Falls Daily Rant is BORN, and will appear regularly on the Blog, where you will find a Widget for it right at the Top of the Right Hand Menu Bar on the Blog Homepage.  The most recent on the Chinese Shadow Banking Collapse appears at the top of the page here,  and I have produced 2 more already as well, one on Near Term Human Extinction and another one to introduce the show.  If you don’t catch them in the Blog Widget, they are also published inside the Diner in the Frostbite Falls Daily Rant thread.

The nice thing far as I am concerned is that unlike writing a decent length Blog, you can record one of these things in a few minutes, add a few minutes more for cleaning up the audio and uploading it, and POOF, it is done.  30 minutes max.  A decent blog with all the multimedia I like to include on the other hand takes 3-4 hours usually, sometimes more if it is a real big one. I don’t have time to write 3-4 of these per week anymore, frankly just getting one out for Sunday Brunch each week is a challenge with all the rest of the shit going on at the Diner and on our new SUN project. Of course, you won’t get all the detail you would in a Blog, but then lots of folks always complained I wrote TOO MUCH detail and too long, so this works for the Short Attention Span people pretty well.
Also good for the Time Constrained people who have such Bizzy Lives they can’t devote themselves like I do to hours upon hours every night researching the Latest in Doom.   Now, instead of reading about it, you can DOWNLOAD THE DOOM OF THE DAY to your MP3 player and catch up while you do your Gardening or Drive to Work or flipping Burgers on the BBQ.
Now, at around 5-10 minutes a pop here, I won’t be covering every last Doom Story of the Day, just picking out some highlights.  I always stop by all the main Doom Outlets and good alternative Media sites to the MSM, so there should be plenty of juicy Doom stories to follow up on later if you so desire.
The Internet won’t last forever here, but while it does last it provides a fabulous medium for communication anyone can access with some ingenuity.  What I am doing does NOT cost a lot of money.  Really, I spend more in a week on beer than I spend in a month on ALL the accounts I have for web space for the various Diner products (granted, my Beer Bill is not insignificant. LOL).  In fact you can do it all for free if you wanna deal with some minor limitations and 3rd party Ads.
Anybody who wants to get up a website and/or forum that concerns itself with dealing with the Collapse and eliminating Industrialization, the Bilderbergers and Capitalism from the face of the earth, me and the Database Cavalry from California will assist you in getting said website up.  I have GOBS of server space, so you can hitch a ride on my space for free too with no Ads, no Google enslavement.
The more in this, the merrier.  Power of NUMBERS.


Hey!  My Audio FFDR on Near Term Human Extinction is doing REALLY well with the publication on NBL!  Over 200 Listens in ONE DAY!  The China Rant got 40 listens so far after publication on TBP!

That is the Good Newz after the weekend of Paranoia Bad Newz here on the Diner itself.

I'll do one on Ukraine tonight.  Not a bad start.


Latest Rant on Ukrainian Economics and Political Conflict


I was speaking to some work colleagues last week about the situation in Ukraine. Now a number number of my colleagues are Polish and the one thing they noted is that the Western media has been rather tardy in reporting the conflicts in Ukraine. According to them this unease in Ukraine had gone on for a good two months and has been reported in the Polish news before the big Western media outlets became bothered enough to report. If that is true then this would bear some similarities to the Wall Street Movement were initially the media almost actively avoided the news. It also poses the question if true why would CNN, BBC etc. not want to report on the conflicts? In any case it will be interesting to see what develops from this story.


--- Quote from: monsta666 on February 24, 2014, 06:58:19 AM ---It also poses the question if true why would CNN, BBC etc. not want to report on the conflicts?

--- End quote ---
Simple... because they don't feel the audience would be interested.  Because, quite frankly, unless it affects J6P, he doesn't care.  Now, when it gets to the level of possibly developing into world war, then people want to know about it. 


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